Add 10 characters in HBD and you get a proper Happy Birthday

Writings in virtual world are getting out of hand. Okay, I could accept LOL, TTYL or BRB. But now they’ve created HBD and I’ve reached my limit. I love birthdays! I am a birthday-person!

I am writing this to declare a protest against this virtual language and other things in virtual world which are not human at all. Imagine it’s your birthday and your friend only text you “HBD!” or “HBD my friend! Wish you all the best!” hey! If you could type wish you all the best, why was it so hard to type Happy Birthday instead of HBD?

In holiday season, I received broadcast messages in my blackberry that said Merry Christmas or Happy Eid Mubarak. I didn’t celebrate both of them, but I was on their friend list, and it’s easier just to tick “to all” than to pick one by one. Sometimes I received the same broadcast messages from more than 2 persons, it was the one with pictures, cute symbols or whatever, I didn’t even see it after 5 messages. When they kept coming, I just click ‘end chat’ without opening it.

Am I rude? No.

I am not rude because:

  1. They didn’t even mean to send it to me. They just wanted to send it to other people, but I was on their contact list, so I’m the victim here. I’m not celebrating it. If they actually knew about me, they won’t send me those messages at the first place.
  2. I never treated people the way I don’t want to be treated. I always send messages sincerely to people who actually celebrate the holiday, one by one, not using broadcast messages. I know I didn’t send it to every person on my contact list, but I sent to people I sincerely care and I typed personally with their names on it.

Technology should be the one that help you, makes your job easier. Why now it’s tearing you apart from people you love? You can type hundreds of characters on your twitter, to the people you barely know, but you can’t type a nice ‘Happy Birthday’ to your friend? Shame on you.

I can’t live without my blackberry and internet. I’m not ashamed of the facts, because I need them, to keep in touch with people I love, far far away from me geographically. But once in a while, I went to post office and sent my boyfriend a card, or a love letter. That’s what makes you stay human.

I’m using abbreviation to like LOL or TTYL. It’s the kinda keyboard savvy to type those things because you type it almost everyday. But happy birthday?? Your friend has only ONE birthday in a year! How hard it is to type the complete and proper words? It’s one day when you feel like the world is yours and it’s your day, you can do anything! Just add 10 characters on “HBD” and you have a proper HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Try harder, guys.

So, seriously people, saying HBD is not cool. Stop it!


100 Reasons to keep loving you

So we’re in a long distance relationship, so the romance gets out of sight, so it’s boring just with the messenger and skype, so what?

Today is a very special day and I’ll tell you why keep loving you is very easy…

  1. You let me switch the porridges, when I bought the bad one and you bought the yummy one.
  2. You let me name your motorcycle.
  3. You always give me the last bite.
  4. You got me a glass of water when I coughed.
  5. And you took a tissue when I sneezed.
  6. You were there when I was sick; never let me out of your sight, even though my mom was also there.
  7. You bought me my favorite book.
  8. You bought me a dog; even though you didn’t like dogs.
  9. And you took care of my dog, and you call her our dog.
  10. You let me trim your eyebrows.
  11. You remembered the shirt I wore on our first date; it doesn’t fit me anymore though.
  12. You always bring me strawberry milks.
  13. You are never not saying “I love you” in one day.
  14. You came to my place at dawn when I said I miss you.
  15. You wrote me a letter, a nice one.
  16. You always washed your feet before came to my room.
  17. You accept the fact that I have OCD.
  18. You printed my thesis first, before yours.
  19. You always picked me up at work.
  20. You brushed your bathroom tiles when you knew I was coming.
  21. You gave me a nickname, a sweet one.
  22. You printed me a personal T-Shirt.
  23. You always say good night before I sleep
  24. .And you say good morning when I wake up.
  25. You always kiss me when we meet.
  26. You never forget to hold my hand while we walk.
  27. You sent me magazines when I said I was bored.
  28. You let me switch the TV.
  29. You let me pick the movie.
  30. You kept all the things I gave you, even it’s only a post-it.
  31. You read a Mars and Venus book I gave you, and remembered it for almost 2 weeks.
  32. You made everything hard to be easier.
  33. You are a fun person to be with.
  34. You are a good kisser.
  35. Your bum is so sexy.
  36. You’re so hot when you’re sweaty.
  37. You’re smart. You really are.
  38. You really nail the map.
  39. You don’t like other girls but me.
  40. You eat a lot.
  41. You’re counting stuffs without calculator.
  42. You have an irritating voice, and we matched in the karaoke room.
  43. You taught me to play pool.
  44. And you taught me to swim in the pool. So it’s two pools then.
  45. You have very nice teeth.
  46. You always laugh at my jokes.
  47. You always say I’m cute, even when my face is oily and I have a bad-haired day.
  48. You remember my PMS period.
  49. You know exactly where my moles are.
  50. You didn’t notice when I gained weight.
  51. But you noticed when I lost weight.
  52. You love my dishes and you cooked for me too.
  53. You wash the dirty dishes with me.
  54. You complete my sentences… correctly.
  55. You are my truly best friend.
  56. You made me eat the spinach.
  57. You made me do things I thought I won’t… like bungee jumping.
  58. After we bungee jumped, you said, “See? there’s nothing to be afraid of as long as you’re with me”
  59. You watched me sleeping.
  60. You read every post in my blog.
  61. You never let me go out at night without a jacket.
  62. You bought me cajuput oil, coz it makes my tummy warm.
  63. You brought me souvenir from every cities you’ve visited, I knew you were thinking of me all along.
  64. You bought me 3 different rings until I said “I like it.”
  65. When I lost that ring I really liked, you bought me another one.
  66. You booked Eiffel Tower for next 3 years.
  67. You made my birth date as your ATM pin number.
  68. You love to dance with me.
  69. You learned chess for me, so we can play it together.
  70. You count the exact amount of the distance between our cities, and the number is amazing: 10276 miles (1:02 am, 7th of June, it’s the day when we got together).
  71. You made me a mixed CD, and I love it.
  72. You never ask me to choose between you and my dream. (and now my dream is to be with you)
  73. You bought me a book about going around the world and wrote it inside, “Let’s!”
  74. Even you were having a seasick; you asked me whether I’m okay with the high tides.
  75. You bought me a cupcake a year after I asked you one. (and you still remember you promised me)
  76. You watched Glee, even you don’t like musical drama, just to have a conversation with me.
  77. You let me name our future children.
  78. You asked me what kind of dogs I want in our future house.
  79. You always put me on your imaginary future.
  80. You made me eggnog.
  81. You let me use your paypal account.
  82. And you weren’t mad at me when I overused it.
  83. You like to say nice things about me. Those really make my days.
  84. You miss me every single day. I just know it.
  85. You brought me to the zoo and accompany me all day to explore it, even I knew you were bored with zoo.
  86. You flew a thousand miles for celebrating my birthday. That’s the sweetest thing everyone had ever done to me.
  87. You always always always support my dream, even though it seems impossible.
  88. And when it became clearer, you told me, “See, I knew you can do it.”
  89. You always trust my guts, even when I don’t trust myself.
  90. You always say “Mmm, comfort!” everytime you hug me.
  91. You like my hair, you said it smells good.
  92. Your internet cookies automatically lead to my name when you type ‘twitter’.
  93. You kissed me on the sea.
  94. You believe in god, though I don’t, you’re okay with it.
  95. You said your god is nice and he will look out for me too.
  96. You never change, you always love me.
  97. You made a facebook account just so I could put “in a relationship with… YOU”
  98. You still treat me as sweet as on our first date years ago.
  99. You are one gorgeous god’s creation, I bet he really put some serious thought when making you for me, since he knows I want a lot of things.
  100. You love me, unconditionally. Enough said.

Still wondering why I said I’m very lucky? :p

god's gorgeous creation

Have a very happy birthday cupcakes. I’m sorry I can’t fly there. But you know I’ll always love you no matter what.

Love, May.

How cyber sex made everything unfriendly

Things are getting really out of hand, lately. Mutilation of human’s body, Politician’s public afair, High School Students’ sex video, (fuckin) terrorists, children been raped, blah blah blah.

I noticed that this world is getting crazier everyday!

Since I’m activately onlined everyday, I also see that the insanity is not only in the club everynight,  watch two strangers making out, or even having sex.

It’s all over the Y! Chatroom and MIRC.

I was a chatting freak when I was late junior high and in early high school. Everyone was friendly (world wide!) and we learned each other’s culture, language and shared every possible experience. I even had cyber boyfriend in Canada, we were virtually dating for 3 months. =)

When I entered the chatrooms these days, the only thing I get was a webcam invitation involving pussies and penises.

They’re becoming wayyyy too friendly!

I took a sample by chatting with two of them.

One is a 34 years old man, married, have one child, live in USA. He whined about the unsatisfaction with his wife.

Hello!!! Cyber sex doesn’t have the answer!  The Psychiatric has!

I aksed whether he feels guilty about the cheating, and he said it’s not even a cheating. And when I asked more about it, all he’s talking about is how big his dick is! Yucks!

He doesn’t even know who I am, and he shared his deepest secret with me. I might be a bearded man!!!

Two, is a 25 years old Australian boy. He said he liked to have sex with his friends when he’s horny. (WHAT?) And he said cyber sex is the same with watching porn. It’s not a sin and it’s legal and it’s everybody’s needs.

I think what he meant about the similarity is both of them ended with masturbation.

What’s wrong with people and this daily cybersex?!!! They do it almost everyday!!! Don’t they have life?!

And virtual connection (like friendster and the others) also get some of the impacts. Everything about meeting new people in the net seems very dirty and slutty. and it’s not friendly anymore… I personally hate it!

I’m not a saint, but at least i won’t do anything like it with a total stranger. But even though we do cyber sex with our boyfriend/girlfriend,, is it a pre-marital sex???

Because cyber sex means we’re involving other people in our sex activity. And if we do it with our boyfriend/girlfriend, is it a SEX however???

My boyfriend said, “We have to stay sane in this crazy world, baby!!!”

Keep on believing honey!

Every comment about this thingy is very welcome!!


The desease you never thought you had, but you (might) do have!!!

Gw anak kost,, dan seperti anak2 kost lainnya, kadang gw makan ngasal, tidur malem, gak jaga badan meski sbnrnya gw orang yang aware sama kesehatan.. Tanggal 4 juni lalu, gigi gw sakiiiiit bgt. pokoknya the best pain that I’ve ever felt deh… pertama gw cuekin aja,, gw pikir radang gusi, jadi gw makan obat en tidur. Besoknya di tempat kerja, gw gak tahan banget,, so gw cuma ngajar 1 anak truz pulang. Sakit yang teramat sangat gw rasain dari gigi graham kecil ge sebelah kanan bawah. Sakiiiiit banget sampe gw harus nangis kayak bayi. Jam 10 malam, nyokap gw dateng,, nemenin gw dan ikut panik.
Besoknya gw ke dokter,, rontgen, blah10x… ternyata you know what? di dalam gusi gw ada KISTA! Gosh! I knew that such a deasease exsited but I never thought I’d have it! Dokter bilang gw harus jalanin operasi kecil di mulut untuk ngangkat seluruh kista gw,, padahal hari itu adalah jumat,, dan hari senin gw harus sidang skripsi!! Besoknya gw minta tolong cowok gw buat ngundurin sidang,, dan hari itu juga, tanggal 7 Juni 2008 (Yang sebenarnya anniversarry 2 tahunan gw!) gw harus operasi. sdihnya lagi,, gw mesti kehilangan satu gigi…
Gw pernah pake kawat gigi selama 4 tahun,, dan itu adlah perjuangan sangat besar dan menderita demi mendapatkan gigi yang rata. Dan skrg gw harus kehilangan satu gigi itu! Anjir,, pertamanya gw gak rela,, tapi truz gw sadar,, semua hal tuh emang harus ada pengorbanan. Kata nyokap,, justru gw harus terima kasih krn kista gw di gigi,, bukan di tempat2 lain yang lebih serem…
Gw buka web tentang kista,, kebanyakan cewek yang lebih rentan terserang kista. Ada yang di rahim,, sehingga rahimnya harus ikut diangkat,, ada yang di payudara, dll…
Kista itu sendiri diakibatkan oleh bakteri dan daya tahan tubuh yang kurang. So, lesson learned, guys… sering2 lah check up kesehatan! Gak cuma gigi,, tapi juga bagian2 tubuh lo yang laen,, karena kalo kista didiemin terlalu lama, bisa jadi tumor. hiiiiy!!!!
Gw cuma maw share pengalaman ini sama kalian,, supaya kalian bisa lebih aware. Jangan nyesel kalo udah kejadian,, mending cegah dari awal. Okay?!!

Love, Peace,,

Why do people depend on each other?!

Soerjono Soekamto di buku "Sosiologi" nya bilang, kita ini makhluk sosial… and that’s why we depend on each other,, but He didn’t tell us how to deal with the consequences if the person that we depended on once is now gone. Coz we’re gonna be scared, faithless and we forget how to be independent.
I hate the way you taking it too easy, asking me to live without you. As you’re asking it without any emotion. As you’re asking it without knowing it is someday would be real.
And as I’ll live it eventually, I stop depend on you.
and stop loving you,,


But I bet I can’t stop missing you.
That’s.. I’m sure.

I hate myself for the way you died

I knew it when the first time I saw you that I had fallen in love with you.

You were so damn cute with your rounded fatty belly and your so-adorable whiny face and the way you kept licking my nose.

It still hurts me now just to remember how real those all were.
How I took you to the place that soon you called home. How I really touched your face, how I really rubbed your belly, how I really kissed your head every night, how your crying woke me up in the early dawn just to accompany you to pee.


Even though I cursed a lot, even though I complained a lot, I really enjoyed all those things.
Kamu yang selalu tidur di atas t-shirt-ku sehingga semua bajuku jadi bau kamu.
Kamu yang jadi ‘gila’ kalo nyium bau ayam cabe ijo-nya bu aryo.
Kamu yang malas di kala siang dan sangat aktif di kala malam, membuatku harus bangun jam 1 pagi cuma untuk nemenin kamu main.
Kamu yang sering gigit2 jari telunjuk-ku.
Kamu yang selalu bunyi kerincing2 ngikutin aku meski aku cuma pergi ke kamar mandi.
Kamu yang cuma bertahan satu jam tidur di atas ranjang karena kegerahan.
Kamu yang akan menggonggong sekeras-kerasnya kalo denger lagu Mission Impossible.
Dan kamu yang langsung tidur kalo denger lagu Raindrops keep falling on my head, dan gara-gara kamu aku jadi hafal lirik lagu itu.
Kamu yang sangat doyan Spaghetti, Pempek, dan Bakso Ponsri.
Kamu yang sekarang membuat kamarku terasa sangat besar, sepi dan dingin karena you’re not there anymore.

Baby, I miss you. I really horribly do miss you.


Aku kangen betapa menyebalkannya dan berisik dan rese dan bikin aku ngepel lantai kamar terus menerus dan gendutnya dan betapa adorablenya makhluk kecil berbulu itu.
You made me feel warm.
You made me feel safe.
You made me feel needed.
And it was such a true meaning of comfort.

And when the “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” appeared, I was thinking, I should’ve came back real soon, so then I could bring you to the doctor sooner, and you would still be here right now.
I hate myself for making you wait.
I hate myself for the way you died.

But I just didn’t know what to do, coz I always thought that you’re such an unbeatable kid.

Iorek-ku,, be safe in heaven. I know that you’re always gonna be there, sleepin’ tight upon my t-shirt in the corner of my room, your favorite spot. And you’re also always there in the corner of my heart.
You, sweet little adorable puppy,, I’m so gonna miss you like your never-ending footsteps when you were running.
Iorek,, mommy and daddy are gonna miss you like hell!

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin’ seems to fit
Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

So I just did me some talkin’ to the sun
And I said I didn’t like the way he got things done
Sleepin’ on the job
Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

But there’s one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me won’t defeat me
It won’t be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red
Cryin’s not for me
‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complainin’
Because I’m free
Nothin’s worryin’ me



Saya dapat anak anjing!!!

Kali ini judul postingannya gak akan ambigu karena gw bener2 dapet anak anjing!!! Welsh Corgi yang super hyper lucu dengan perut mega gendut!!! Masih sekitar 6-7 minggu tapi sudah bisa maen2 dengan lucunyaaaa! aduuh,, Iorek lucu sekaleee. Ohyah,, namanya Iorek Bernyson,, persis kayak polar bear-nya Golden Compass,, mengingat kebiasaan anjing kecil ini membuka mulutnya lebar2 kayak maw mencaplok orang. Hahahah
Memang bener kata Dissan,, pelihara anjing itu tanggung jawabnya besar,, and of course cost a lot juga,, tapi this is our decision setelah segitu lama mikir,, gw dan Bandi memang maw punya anjing. Iya sih,, di malam hari dia ‘sedikit’ berisik,, tapi ya sudahlah,, dibanding puppies lainnya, Iorek sudah cukup ‘diem’ kok,, truz gw juga SANGAT sering ngepel lantai… hahahah…
I know it’s hard, tough, and stressing sometimes,, but also a very interesting and fun thing to do.
Iorek!!! Cepat besar yah,, biar gak poop sembarangan lagih!!! Hwahahaha!


I’m working my ass off for a “B”?!!!

yang ngebuat gw kerja mati2an buat paper, bikin baju sidang, informal meeting, cari sepatu, nge-lobby sini-sono, tarik urat kepala, di-backstab temen sendiri, makan ati sama anak2 se-delegasi, ngeluar duit banyak banget buat baju, anting, stocking, sepatu, baju dalem, pulsa, kertas, DAN LAIN-LAIN yang banyak banget,,, dan semua kerja keras gw pas prakdip,, dibayar TUNTAS oleh sebuah huruf "B" di transkrip gw!!!

I have no idea what’s  the "director" thinking?!!!
Kalo gw dapet B,, truz apa bedanya gw sama orang2 yang gak peduli sama prakdip,, yang cuma numpang duduk doang di Hyatt sambil ngadem??? I’m working my ass off in the assembly!!! And i really deserve to get an "A"!!!

You know,, after what I’ve been through with all this prakdip shit,, I know that you’ve changed my perception of one word. "Fair" is not on your dictionary.

and how could I hope you understand. This is soooo lame!

-The head of Switzerland Delegates-

You’re the best one from the best ones.

Udah empat hari
ini, ada yang beda dari gw. Bukan baru potong rambut, bukan menggendut, bukan
juga pake anting baru. Hanya aja… gak ada dia di samping gw. Hanya? Ternyata
tidak hanya.

Dia lagi pergi
jauh, dan gw senang karena dia sangat excited dengan trip-nya kali ini. Selama
11 hari gw gak akan ketemu dia
, gak akan telponan sama dia, dan hanya terima
sms dari dia 2-3 kali sehari.

At first, yah…
gw memang takut bakal kangen dia dan meraung2 di kamar, gw menjadi menyebalkan
dengan merengek-rengek supaya dia jangan pergi. But then, I’ve found this
interesting because ada hal-hal yang bisa gw lakukan sekarang yang hanya bisa
gw lakukan kalo gak ada dia,
kayak nari2 di kamar cuma pake panties, nulis
diary dan curhat seharian,
dan gw jadi lebih rajin beresin kamar. Hehehe.

Gw juga merasa
hal ini romantis banget. Gw bakal kangenin dia selama (masih) 7 hari ke depan.
Dan gw sangat amat excited setiap HP gw bunyi, gw selalu berharap itu adalah sms dari
Dan jika iya, gw senang banget kayak ngerasain fall in love all over

I must admit that
i’m missing him to the details. Ke setiap hari-hari yang gw jalanin. Kayak apa
yang gw rasakan, yang tadinya gak kepikiran sama sekali. Gw mesti nutup jendela
mesti nuang air dari galon aqua sendiri, dan harus ngusir laron
He used to do all that to me. =) Gw jadi sangat menghargai hal-hal
kecil yang dulu sering dia lakuin buat gw.
Gila, ternyata dia sangat amat
mencintai gw.
Iya, gw emang udah taw dia segitu sayangnya sama gw, tergila-gila
sama gw, jatuh cinta sama gw, you name it!
But this time,

I really REALLY
feel it.

Ironically it’s happening when he’s far away and i can’t kiss him and say, “thank you
for everything you did to me, honey.”

happens for a reason.
Itu bener banget. Kali ini dia pergi jauh banget, we’re
world’s apart,
tapi gw gak pernah ngerasa perasaan gw sedeket ini sama dia.

reallytotallydefinitelyhappily fallin for him!

So, honey,, if
ever you read this blog di sela-sela your amazing trip,,
 i just want you to

I’ve never felt such
a feeling
like this before.

You always wanted
to do the best to me.

You always

You’re the best
one from the best ones!

And I know a
thousand thank yous won’t be enough.

So give me the
rest of your life for me to fill.

You don’t have to
worry a thing about me, coz I’m gonna be ok.

I’m waiting here,
so then when you’re coming back, you know where to find me.

And when that
time finally comes, you and I don’t need to say anything.

Coz we know that
kisses tell everything. =)


You’re the best
thing that ever happened to me.

i mean it.

I love you so
damn unbelievably much!
(even though there’s no such word unbelievably!)

Nobody’s gonna
take me higher, I’m a stickwithyou! =)



I’m a LOSER with capitals

Bulan november yang breath-taking itu finally over. And sometimes I feel I was a loser. Still I am now. a LOSER with capitals. even a L.O.S.E.R. with capitals and dots between.
I was such a strong woman, or at least what I think I am. I’m falling down often, but I always try to get up on the same day. But now… I just whine all day, don’t even feel like getting up from my bed, or getting out from my room. Hanya ingin masuk ke dalam bed cover, dan tiduuuuur yang lama.
Thinking of you is not a new thing for me to do. But insanely missing you would be much harder to me. especially when that damn hormones come up, and I would do ‘impulsive’ things that I will regret later that day.
I know the pattern. But this time is much more pathetic, since I did that once.
I really wish this time I will be much stronger, but I can’t promise you that I won’t do any stupid things. It’s not like I don’t have any control with myself, but missing you without hearing your voice at all, would kill me so damn hard!
I know this is like the hundredth times i give myself a chance that I always I blew off. That’s why I feel like a LOSER with capitals.
I miss you now. I’m gonna miss you tomorrow. Gonna miss you more next week. I’m sorry for counting on you too much.
I’m soooooo hopeless right now. So I guess it’s not relevant to say what I want right now.