They said I’m different

Since I was a little girl I got used to be called different. I was different because I had tanned skin as a Chinese girl, I was different because I dared to say no to teachers when she was wrong. I was different because once I led a group of my teenage girlfriends to protest to a priest because I believed he treated us wrong. I was different because unlike my friends I didn’t agree with my mom. I was different because I didn’t do what other people do.

I was accused to be different, which is negatively set in our minds. To be different was wrong.

I grew older and I started to realize that being different is cool. That it is what makes me cool. I met some people who thought I was cool, to be different. I made friends, who later became my best friends. They proudly said, “that is so you.” of certain things they found that proved me that I had found my identity.

I was complimented to be different, which made me a unique individual that assured me if I died, the world would lose one special person.

Today, someone was laughing at me before my eyes and mocked me, “You’re different. You’re like alien. We will never understand what you think.”

Let me tell you how it happened…

There’s this guy in my office, let’s call him asshole. I did argued with asshole once because he said I’m a hypocrite. Asshole talked bad behind my back saying that I don’t really work for SPCA and that if my boyfriend worked as a coolie, I would never get together with him. I didn’t know why he did that to me. Probably because when the first time I joined the office he had a crush on me and giving me stuffs and made me Milo for breakfast. I told him I had a boyfriend and I really loved my boyfriend and then he started to talk shits about me. WTF. I didn’t know that such sad loser existed until I knew this guy.

I stood up for myself and shouted at him so the entire office would hear, “YOU ARE ONE PATHETIC LOSER. I feel sorry for your unhappy life but please don’t spread it to other people. You can live sad forever alone and nobody cares.”

yeah yeah I know it’s rude. But I don’t care. You stabbed me, I’d stab you back.

Anyway it happened like 2 years ago. Since then I never gave a shit about this guy. Then yesterday his long relative died and my colleague collected compassionate money. I swear to god I didn’t want to chip in. I didn’t feel I needed to. Why should I? This guy is an asshole and I don’t wanna waste my money on him. I think I’m being hypocrite if I say I gave the money willinglly. Crap, my heart is not that big. However I chipped in a little, unwillingly.

And then a girl said to me, “it’s called manner, you know.”

Then I replied, “well, it can be also called hypocrisy. Depends on how you wanna see it.”

She then talked about my other colleague’s upcoming wedding and how he spent almost 1/3 of the guests from our office. Some of them, he doesn’t even know. I told her that’s CRAP. “I will never invite anyone who is not close to me to my wedding. NO! Not even my relative.”

She then preached me of how wrong that was. We argued for a while but then I realized that I wasted my time because certainly we think differently. So I told her, “Let’s just say that we are two different people.”

And the words came out, “You’re different. You’re like an alien.” with a very degrading tone.


It’s been SOOOOO LOOOONNGG since I was offended being called different.

Let me tell you, lady. YES I am different. I am the kind of girl who will not say “you’re pretty” when you look like shit! It’s not called manner, it’s called hypocrisy. I am the kind of girl who will not untag my photo on facebook just because I look ugly. Well, sorry if you think you look ugly, that’s because you never appreciate your true self and of course because you’re aiming to the wrong standard of beauty. I am the kind of girl who will never understand why I must invite someone I don’t like to my wedding, pay for their meals and have a bullshit chit-chat with them. Hey! It’s my wedding day! MY WEDDING MY WAY!

If you don’t like it, that’s your problem, not mine!

Yes, I’m selfish, I’m stubborn. That’s just how I live my life and guess what, somebody fell in love with that, for REAL. I don’t give a shit about what people say if they’re not invited to my wedding. Why should I? They don’t feed me, do they? If I had to care of whatever people say about me, I’d be dead by now!
I am so sorry if in your life everyone has the same thinking, I’m sorry if in your world nobody gets to have their own opinion or even do their own things alone. I’m so sorry if having different thinking is wrong for you. I’m sorry that being fat and ugly is so sinful in your world because apparently nothing really matters inside because everyone is the same. I’m sorry that it’s so hard for you to live up to everyone’s standard and expectation but I don’t wanna live my life THAT WAY.
I let you know something:

Do what you want, Say what you mean because those who mind don’t matter and who matter don’t mind.


I know you think a lot of people don’t like me, but HATE is a strong word. I know you don’t hate me, you just hate my guts. And that’s totally understandable. Because I know you secretly want my guts.

Well, did I tell that girl all of that? Nope. Guess the psycho-sotoy-analysis is too complicated. :p

I just told her, “I’m different, huh? Well, I’ll take that as a compliment.”


May, who seriously needs to chill. LOL

Mumpung masih jadi pacar

Katanya kalo udah menikah itu si laki bakal lebih cuek dan nggak se-attentive waktu pacaran, so sekarang mumpung Bandi masih pacar gue, mau gue eksploitasi dulu ah kelucuannya, ketololannya, kesotoy-annya dan penderitaannya menjadi pacar seorang May yang super demanding.

Kemaren ini gue lagi pencet-pencet remote TV trus berhenti di satu channel dimana lagi ada credit film berjalanan di layar dengan lagu Can’t smile without you nya Barry Manilow. Gue langsung “Ih, film apaan ih? Pasti film romantis niiih! Yah udah abis dong!”

Trus Bandi staring at the screen for about 10 seconds ngeliatin nama beberapa cast nya kayak Selma Hayek (cuma itu yang gue inget) dan take note yah ini cuma nama cast aja yang muncul bukan nama role nya. Bandi tiba-tibe nyeletuk “Hellboy 2.”

Gue bales, “Sotoy!!!” terus langsung google jadwal film channel tersebut dan guess what, ternyata bener dong!!!

“You’re such a nerd!!!”

Gue suka bertanya-tanya, sebenernya si Bandi tuh ganteng nggak sih? Perasaan waktu gue pertama kenalan sama dia, dia nggak ganteng sama sekali, kenapa sekarang jadi ganteng? Ganteng banget malah! Ternyata benar, teman, cinta itu buta! Hahahahah

Gue sering tanya ke Bandi, “Ban, lo sebenarnya ganteng nggak sih?”

“Enggak kok, aku gak ganteng.” Dia jawab sok humble.

“Kok di mataku kamu ganteng banget?! Jawab kamu pake pelet apaaa?!!”

Terus kemaren gue lagi sleepover sama si Strawberry, dia nunjukkin gue foto kolega nya sambil bilang, “eh kolega gue yang ini mirip Bandi deh.”

Gue langsung semangat dong liat fotonya trus protes dalam hitungan detik. “ENGGAK MIRIP SAMA SEKALI!!! Kok jahat banget sih lo, encek2 gini lu bilang mirip Bandi?!”

Lalu Strawberry pun membela diri, “Yeee.. dua puluh tahun lagi Bandi bakal jadi gini, saat dia udah tua dan gendut.”

“Eh, jangan-jangan Bandi emang penampakan aslinya kayak gitu ya? JANGAN JANGAN GUE UDAH BUTA?! Tiiidaaaaakkk!!!”

Terus gue cerita ke Bandi dan Bandi komen, “Hmm… Either kamu emang udah buta atau Strawberry yang kurang ajar.”

Pasti deh si Strawberry kurang ajar. Pasti. Pasti. *meyakinkan diri*

Tapi beberapa hari yang lalu ada teman message gue dan bilang, “Setelah bertahun-tahun gue penasaran, kalo Bandi tuh terlihat mirip seseorang, akhirnya gue temukan. Bandi mirip itu tuh, yang main At the Dolphin Bay waktu jaman kita SMA!”

Setelah di-google ternyata nama doi Ambrose Hui dan gue ngakak setengah mati, plus bela-belain bikin foto ini:

Makanya jangan suka bilang nggak suka orang cina.

Kena batunya kan ngatain cowok cina.

Gue kirim ke temen deket dan sambil ngakak bareng gue inget dulu gue sering bilang gue gak demen cowok-cowok cina di drama-drama Taiwan ini dan selalu ngarep suami gue orang Italia yang tanned dan sexy. Apa daya dikasihnya begono sama universe. Hahahaha. Setelah disadarkan sang teman kalo Bandi penampakan aslinya seperti cowok-cowok cina Taiwan/Korea gitu barulah gue sadar, cinta itu emang buta! Karena di otak gue Bandi tuh se-ganteng Henry Cavill! HAHAHAHAH (Nah ini mah udah jelas sodara-sodara… Gue emang buta.)

Jadi pesan moral dari cerita ini adalah…. Cinta itu memang buta sodara-sodara!

Berlanjutlah ke cerita beberapa minggu lalu ketika Bandi dan gue lagi ngomongin wedding lalu gue nyeletuk, “Eh katanya wedding itu adalah hari dimana I become princess for a day. I don’t want that.”


“I don’t want to be a princess for a day! I wanna be your princess for EVERYDAY in my life. Camkan itu Bandi! I am a princess for everyday in YOUR LIFE.” Huwahahaah! (lalu diikuti dengan tawa menggelegar cetar membahana)

Bandi was like… “what the hell have I got myself into?”

Sebagai pacar, Bandi cukup kreatif dan maksimal dalam menggunakan LINE sticker.

I asked him to go home after football because I already made him breakfast.

I asked him to go home after football because I already made him breakfast.

Asked for a permission to play football on hazy day.

Asked for a permission to play football on hazy day.

I have one more funny story but this would only be funny if you have LINE’s sticker yang Cony and Brown Secret date. (Never mind, I snapshot and post it here)

Jadi waktu itu di Singapore semua orang dapet gratisan sticker ini, terus Bandi langsung panggil gue di LINE, dengan noraknya dia kirimin gue semua sticker yang ada.

Page One

Page One

He said, “Basically I have already done everything Brown has done in page one.”

Page Two.

Page Two.

Then he sent another batch of stickers. “And also page two.”

Page Three.

Page Three.

Another batch of stickers, “And some in page three.”

Page Four.

Page Four.

Another batch of stickers, “And page four.”

And then he stopped. I asked him, “What about page five?”

He replied, “Hmm… Intriguing. But I won’t go there.”

HAHAHAHA. One hell of smart guy!

Wanna know what is Page Five? Here it is!

Page Five.

Page Five. LOL

Jadi, selesai sudah posting-an saya yang cukup tidak berbobot. (Salahkan pledge gue untuk post a week!) Lumayan buat keketawa-an dan jadi bikin pengen buru-buru pulang ketemu si Bandi yang lucu, sotoy, dan super ganteng (refer to bacaan kedua.)

Tha Tha for now!

May, who is blindly in love.

Let me introduce you to the kiasu society…

This is just gonna be a very short post shouting my frustration about kiasu people.

What is kiasu, you ask?

Kiasu is literally translation of “scared of being lost.” In this context often used for people who go follow certain trend just because other people do that.

If you went to Singapore, you would likely see so many queues, usually in the food stall. Is the food guaranteed to be delicious because of the long queue?


Kiasu people tend to follow crowds. They don’t have identity or personal preference. They just follow crowds.

I have never been bothered about this until… TODAY!

I planned to have lunch at McDonald’s this noon, because obviously I want the cute minions. But they were SOLD out in the first 10 minutes because apparently people started to queue since morning and the queue was damn long!

I saw it before my very eyes some people who didn’t even know what minions are or even knew there was a movie named Despicable Me went to buy three sets of happy meal. They just wanted the minions! To take photos of them and then upload it to facebook and maybe after that they will never touch the minions again.

I WANT THE MINIONS! I want to play with minions!!!

Don’t be so kiasu until you make other people’s life more difficult, lah!!!

If you think I’m exaggerating, let me ask you to go to Tim Ho Wan, or Sushi Express, or go to McDonald’s in Thursday 11 a.m. then you’d understand.

Look how kiasu he is? Does he have 20 children for god's sake!

A friend sent me a photo. Look how kiasu he is? Does he have 20 children for god’s sake!

The Queue for Happy Meal at McDonald's today.

The Queue for Happy Meal at McDonald’s today.

This also could apply to Liverpool vs Indonesia all-star football match. I read it in soc-med that a lot of real liverpool fans couldn’t get the tickets because A LOT OF KIASU people went to buy the tickets and I could bet that THEY CAN’T MENTION EVEN ONE FIRST NAME from the liverpool team. They bought the ticket just so they could take a photo, checked in on facebook and then live-tweeting during the whole game, without even enjoying the game.

I HATE THOSE PEOPLE!!! I HATE THEM!!! I hope they get kicked in the nuts (for guys) and get the most horrifying stomach cramp ever in their periods (for girls)!

I don’t understand why they would do that.

Are they satisfied by the feeling of exclusivity? importance? Feeling that they get it before other people? Is it because they don’t have life? They don’t feel important themselves they need to do those things to make them feel important?

Why are they so scared if other people have something that they don’t have? That’s fine if you don’t need the things, isn’t it?

I even see a kiasu person buy things just because she saw her friend bought that. In the end she didn’t even use the thing. Wow. Just wow.

It amuses me how people could be so insecure about stupid things.

Whatever, this made me so angry so it deserves am angry post!!!

P.S. talking about Minions, anyone here playing Minion Rush? I would love a challenge! =) add my game center ID: MAYELLOW or my facebook for a minion rush challenge! =) It’s more fun with more people. Right now I’m stuck at 477,452 while the number 1 score at my board is 1 million something. Tsk, I was thinking to unfriend him. Hahahaha.


May, the angry minion.

Wednesday on Friday Night

Yes! You got it right!

I’m talking about watching Wednesday singing a love song with Lucas in Friday night!

It’s the dark-soul skinny little girl from The Addams Family, wanting to get married to the love of her life, Lucas Beineke and in instant I fell in love with this Broadway musical. YAIY!

The most famous and bizarre family in musical!

I was so happy when Bandi said he would love to accompany me to watch this. I know he’s not a fan of going to a theatre. So far he’s done that only for me and he always fell asleep even before intermission.

At first I didn’t have the heart to ask him wasting his money again for theatre unless it’s special occasion. So when Phantom of the Opera announced to come to Singapore, I tagged along with friends to watch it. But nobody seemed to want to watch The Addams family because it comes from comic and it’s not an award winning musical like Phantom of the Opera obviously.

I have never watched broadway musical before. I watched Laskar Pelangi musical and it was AWESOME! Then I watched some musical like into the woods played by local people. It was quite good but never once watched a broadway quality musical.

AND THEN there was 40% discount promotion and Bandi told me, “Do you want to watch The Addams Family?”


So last Friday when the day finally came I was super excited!!! I met Bandi at Marina Bay Sands around 7:30 (the show was on 8pm). I was a little confused because everyone was bringing Phantom of the Opera posters, buying Phantom of the Opera merchandise etc. I knew that Marina Bay Sands Theatre also held Phantom of the Opera which was opening last week but isn’t it weird that nobody seemed to be exciting for Addams Family.

After I came back from the toilet Bandi asked to see the tickets and BAM! I did a very stupid mistake.

It was written Grand Festive Theatre, Resort World Sentosa.

(I know, I know, I was so stupid I deserved to be slapped.)

Bandi was furious I could see from his face. He asked me, “How did you not know it’s in Sentosa?”

“Well, I only read the Grand Theatre so I figured it was in Marina Bay Grand Theatre…” (Why are they so freakin NOT CREATIVE naming all the theatre with same names!)

I showed Bandi my cutest minion face but (obviously) it didn’t work.

Bandi stormed out from the Theatre (yeah the amazing thing is, we managed to get into the theatre!!! Weird huh?) and found taxi. By the time we rode the taxi it was 8 pm straight. It’s almost impossible to make it.

The taxi driver promised me to reach Sentosa in 12 minutes and holy cow he kept that promise!

Bandi and I both ran like mad cow to the Theatre and yeah, we missed it. (OF COURSE, DUH!)

We missed the first act. We were let to go in when the second act started. After that it was pretty much awesomeness. =)

I have never seen Bandi enjoyed musical before (unless Laskar Pelangi because he’s a hardcore nationalist) but we did have a great time watching The Addams Family. The lyrics are rhyming and beautiful, the songs are catchy, the characters are funny and the sense of humor is so dark and witty. And the choreography oh my!!!! SUPER AWESOMENESS.

This post might be a little exaggerating because this is my first broadway musical, and I must tell you, I AM HOOKED!!! I want more!!!

Here are some of the images taken from internet:

Pugsley loves to be tortured! I know, bizarre right? XD

The whole family was playing “Full Disclosure” game.

Morticia (Wednesday’s mom) did the final dance with all the Ancestors.

I love how this simple story could be so meaningful and no matter how weird Morticia and Gomez are, they love each other. And that love conquers all.

There is also one scene between Morticia and Mal talking about marriage and I found it to be true. Morticia said that in marriage, there should be no secrets ever. You have to share every thing with your spouse. ( I agree)

There is one more memorable scene between Wednesday and Lucas when Lucas refused to run away with Wednesday. Lucas is the kind of guy who thinks logically and Wednesday is so impulsive. She said “your problem is that you’re not crazy enough” and Lucas replied, “I can be impulsive… I just need time to think about it first.”

I laughed on that moment understanding that Lucas is so like Bandi. He tries to be more impulsive and it’s fun to see that but in the end, Wednesday would listen to what Lucas says. That you need balance in a relationship. You can’t be too crazy and you can’t be too dull.

I love how I bring the craziness into the relationship and how Bandi calms me down. I love us. =)



“Right and wrong, who’s to say which we should refuse. All we know, love survives either way we choose. Here you are at the edge, go ahead and fall. Don’t resist, I insist. Love still conquers all.”



Gordon is fucking awesome!

So before you all get confused, let me tell you how it started first.

Bandi and I love to watch Masterchef USA since the very first season. Not Masterchef Jr, Not Masterchef Austalia, Indonesia, UK or anywhere, but Masterchef USA, because the three judges are so awesome. They are Chef Graham Elliot, Restaurateur Joe (an Italian guy who is so fierce and has the ice cold eyes) and of course our favorite guy… The one and only…

GORDON RAMSAY! (the right one, just to clarify)

Although Ramsay is known of his habit of swearing the F word, we just couldn’t help to love him. He’s so honest and original. Bandi loved him so much so he started to watch Ramsay’s other shows like Kitchen Nightmare, Hotel Hell, Gordon Great Escape and of course his cooking show. I personally love to see him cooking! He just seems so passionate about food. And of course… he is a Michelin star chef!!!

And and and, he once was being held gunpoint in somewhere around south America because he was spying on Shark Fin’s transaction. He defends animal rights! (Even though he’s a chef, isn’t that ironic, yeah yeah, here goes the animal activist. I am an animal activist too but let’s not get so dogmatic okay?) I liked him more and more lah!

Bottom line is… Bandi and I love Gordon Ramsay!

We planned to visit Ramsay’s Michelin star restaurant in London and even though Ramsay is no longer the head chef for his restaurants, we’re still excited for the fact that he trained the head chef and he was the one who approved the menu, so this must be good.

Bandi always said, “We trust Ramsay too much, we approved everything he said, have you ever wondered if he really has a good palette?”

Yeah, the only thing that can answer that question is if we eat in his restaurant… or eat his cooked food. The second one was almost impossible so we figured to just eat at his restaurant.

But then….


He came to Singapore accepting challenge from Singaporeans to cook off against three favorite hawker cook. The three dishes are Chilly Crab, Chicken Rice and Laksa.

Here’s how: Gordon Ramsay has three days to perfect his personalized version of Chicken Rice, Laska dan Chilly Crab. The three dishes will go head to head to the most famous Chilly crab in Singapore (Jumbo Seafood), Laksa (Katong Laksa) and chicken rice (Maxwell’s Tian Tian Chicken Rice).

For the Laksa itself, I don’t think Katong has the best Laksa in Spore, I still prefer Yishun’s. For the Chilly Crab, I still think “No Signboard” seafood has the best Chilly Crab in Singapore. But hey, it’s Singapore’s decision.

To make the story short, Bandi and I voted for the dish, and decided to… QUEUE TO TASTE GORDON’S COOKED DISHES FOR SEVEN FREAKING HOURS.

The cook-off started at 6 pm, and I started to queue from 1.30 pm. The luckiest thing is…

Lucky Number 936

Lucky Number 936

If only I was late 5 minutes, I wouldn’t get the ticket. Phew! What a lucky bitch. Bandi, me and my friend Elisa fot the last 100 tickets. There are about 700 other lucky persons queuing in front of us, and the other 800-ish people went home disappointed behind us. The other 200 tickets were for VIP’s.

Brought Gordon's cookbook just in case...

Brought Gordon’s cookbook just in case…

I picnicked in the park, sat in the rain and sunshine, watched my iphone battery died, and finally mati gaya. I finally could taste Gordon’s dishes at 8:30 pm.

Bandi was sleeping and stress in the same time. LOL

Bandi was sleeping and stress in the same time. LOL

And here it goes. The moment of truth.

The moment I didn't even dare to dream.

The moment I didn’t even dare to dream.

Here’s the verdict…

Gordon's Ramsay Chicken Rice

Gordon’s Ramsay Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice: This is the non-guilty version of Chicken Rice. The rice is not oily (like any Hawker’s), the fragrant is extraordinary, something new! (I think Gordon put a new herb that’s never used in chicken rice before). It smelt foreign, but seriously aromatic and appetizing in the same time. The chicken is super tender and tasty. And the most surprising is the chilly, holy crap Gordon fucking nailed it! I LOVE IT.

Gordon Ramsay's very first Laksa

Gordon Ramsay’s very first Laksa

Laksa: Soup is very Laksa-like, but hotter and spicier. Shrimp is really REALLY delicious. I mean, how could you master cooking perfect shrimp? This guy really knows how to cook. The shrimp is perfectly cooked, not one second less or more. It’s just perfectly well done. Fish cake is just fine, Taupok is tender. It smells delicious also and the best things is… the laksa noodle is gooey. Remember that he only had 3 days to practice mastering the dish. And this 100% kicks Katong Laksa’s ass!

Gordon Ramsay's Chilly Crab

Gordon Ramsay’s Chilly Crab

Chilly Crab: I didn’t eat the Crab meat, simply because it was so crowded by the time I got into the eating area (we were the last batch). Gordon was about to enter the room and everybody was screaming like hell. So I just tried the soup and took home the dish afterwards. The soup was okay, tasted more like Tom Yum for me but Bandi loved it! I brought back the Chilly Crab and gave to my neighbor Ricky and his brothers and sister, they all prefer Ramsay’s version. So I guess this dish is a winner.

Matter of fact, Ramsay only won the cook-off in the Chilly Crab dish. He lost Laksa and Chicken Rice. WHAT A BULL CRAP. I just feel that Singaporeans are too pride to admit Gordon cooked it better, or they just couldn’t open for ‘new flavor’ that Gordon brought into the dish.

Let me give you my honest opinion.

Gordon is not only a good chef, he is surprisingly humble, funny and outgoing. He jokes around with people with his witty sense of humor. He gave around his autograph, he took photos with people and made sure the photos were okay. He’s just so thoughtful! He slept on 4 am the night before for practicing, can you imagine how tired he is (consider cooking in the hawker center is damn hot and stuffy!) But he’s still very humble and thoughtful.

I didn’t have the heart to chase him for photo or autograph not because he’s tired and I pity him lah (of course I don’t care what?) I was so freaking tired I thought I would faint and passed out. Hahaha. So I left as soon as I saw him and watched him do funny things. =)

From cooking point of view, this is my opinion:

THIS GUY CAN COOK! He has a good palette (at least I approved his palette) and he’s revolutionary in the kitchen. He’s total, perfectionist and professional. He gives 100% for every dish he prepared. I was the last 15 people he served and my dish still looked pretty.

From now on, he’s not only Bandi’s Kitchen Hero. He’s mine too. =)

Here’s some photos I took from random internet (just because my phone was nearly dead by the time Gordon entered the room and I didn’t even have the energy to fight over hundreds of people around me).

Gordon was cooking just like a hawker cook.


Gordon prepared the tray of food for us. =D

I was somewhere there if you could find me. :p

He was eating in Katong Laksa a couple days ago.

So that’s it.

After 7 hours of queuing, ate the amazing dishes, Bandi and I went home and he said, “what the fuck just happened?”

“Huh? What?”

“We queued for 7 hours? WHO DID THAT?”

And then we laughed stupidly. Yeah, what a meaningless 7 hours. We could’ve… I don’t know, saved the world instead?

But minutes after we stopped laughing and blabbering, we high-five-ed, “WE JUST ATE GORDON’S FOOD!” And IT’S FREE!!!

What are the chances for that to happen, riiiggghhht??!!!

So yeah, another bucket list is crossed.

Gordon you are fucking awesome!!!!!


May, #TeamGordon all the way!

Bonus Photo of Bandi's dish, from Gordon's cookbook: Honey Glazed chicken with Shrimp Pilaf and Potato Fritata. Yum!

Bonus Photo of Bandi’s dish, from Gordon’s cookbook: Honey Glazed chicken with Shrimp Pilaf and Potato Fritata. Yum!


The beauty in everyday life

This morning I went to work with Bandi because he needed to go to his client’s office which coincidentally located near to my office. We spent one hour in the train talking about stuffs. When we finally got seats and sat I took out three postcards from my bag. He asked me what those are and whom those are from.

I told him it’s my postcrossing hobby. He knows about my postcrossing but only this time he read the postcards together with me. I showed him the three postcards I received the day before and one of them is the Neuschwanstein Castle that we will visit this October.

The postcards pictures from Germany, Shanghai, and Thailand.

The postcards pictures from Germany, Shanghai, and Thailand.

My favorite part: reading what strangers say!

My favorite part: reading what strangers say!

Bandi laughed when I showed him the stamp from the Thai postcard. “It’s so cuteee!” I shrieked. Then he asked me whether I knew all of the flag and you know what? I DIDN’T!! Lol.

Bandi, in the other hand, always likes to be mr. smart-ass so he was like, “This is Brunei, Myanmar and Laos.”

The cutest and the longest stamp ever!

The cutest and the longest stamp ever!

Then I realized, I only forgot the flags of the places I never traveled to! so it’s true that traveling does make me smarter! Hahaha. Another reason to go traveling, riiiight?!

So we talked and Bandi asked me, “Why do you still have time for things like this?”

“Like what??”

“Like sending postcards to strangers and creating stupid games?”

(Stupid games refers to this: see below picture)

Photo 2-7-13 10 11 51 AM

Then I realized, WHAT THE F? I’ve been wasting to much time for….


I love to host and create games like this. For me, it’s having fun. And yeah, I spent time to find nice postcards according to the stranger’s request and also paid for stamps but I enjoyed it. :)

Since my life is pretty much flat, go to work, saving money and loving the same person over and over again, I figure I must make some fun and excitement along the way.

I was asked why do I have such a boring job, well… because I need the money. HAHAHAHA!

I did work as a journalist for 4 months but didn’t enjoy the non-stop working hours and I couldn’t write things I wanted. Then I worked as a teacher that I LOVE but then yeah, the money is not that good. Passion versus money right?

I’m the least materialistic person you’ll know but I feed my parents and I want to go travel around the world. So I put my priority over my passion. That’s just my decision.

Anywaaay, back to the little beauty in everyday life, I enjoy postcrossing so much. Basically I love snail mails and writing with my hand. You know what’s the most excited thing about my wedding? WRITING the save-the-dates and invitations! It would be so fun! Haha.

I put some of the postcrads I received from postcrosssing before…

From Miami, USA.

From Miami, USA.

From Sydney, Australia

From Sydney, Australia

Postcards from Ukraine and Finland.

Postcards from Ukraine and Finland.

Postcard from Netherland, but on the same day I got my Anne Frank book delivered so I took it together because they are both are from Amsterdam! =D

Postcard from Netherland, but on the same day I got my Anne Frank book delivered so I took it together because they are both are from Amsterdam! =D

The latest postcard. This is Montmartre, the neighborhood I'm about to live in Paris later. The sender Angie wrote it in French! And I totally got it! (Guess my French Tutor did a good job!)

The latest postcard. This is Montmartre, the neighborhood I’m about to live in Paris later. The sender Angie wrote it in French! And I totally got it! (Guess my French Tutor did a good job!)

So yeah Bandi, I wasted too much time doing stuffs like this, and spending money for those stuffs but I live every seconds of my life laughing on simple things too.

And you love me for that, don’t you, don’t you!!!

Admit it laaaaaah!

Don’t put your life on hold, no matter what.

Either you must do the work you don’t like or you must live in the city you hate… you can always find a little part of the beauty in everything. Don’t waste even one day being grumpy. (well unless you’re on PMS)

Live everyday happy and grateful.


May, sticking stamps.

Look at the bright side, all the roaches are dead.

Actually I don’t want to post about this since the post will be useless and I don’t like seeing this post five years from now and think that my past self complained a lot, afterall I am the miss Sanguine, I shouldn’t bitch around unless it’s entertaining… But I guess I just need to be heard.

I don’t need to tell the details about the Haze situation because there are thousands of news about this and after 4 days of constant coughing and short breathing, yesterday PM Lee Hsien Leong went down to Jakarta to find the solution for this issue.

Just FYI, the latest news showed that PSI (Pollutant Standard Index) has reached 401, the highest in Singapore’s history. Thank god it went down again to 360. Oh but god knows how high it will be tonight.

Here’s a report from NEA (National Environment Agency for the last 5 days.


Jakarta pollutant air is usually rated 120 in PSI, and the air is already harmful and uncomfortable for people, can you imagine when we, breathe the 200-300 PSI air these three days??? And even reached 400?!!!

Let me illustrate of how bad the haze is… Yesterday night I went home to see a lot of cockroaches laid around dead below my HDB building. When I went up to 15th floor and entered home, I found 4 dead cockroaches in my kitchen just beside the trash chute.

Yes, even the cockroaches couldn’t survive the haze. (But umm… At least now all the roaches dead.)

You know how you can never sleep in the forest area where you don’t find any bug? Yes, because if there’s no bug in the area, high chance it is not a safe area to live.

If the haze could kill the roaches, do you think it won’t kill me for the next three days??? Okay, kill is a strong word, but there is a high chance that I will get a lung cancer!!! AND I DON’T WANT THAT!!! I want to live long! (and prosper! Right, Spock?)

Oh I am feeling so helpless now!!!

Today’s morning

I feel so sad when I saw Bandi last night coughing non-stop and he said his throat was very hot and itchy. Like I told you, Bandi didn’t fall sick easily. I had to rub him a vapo-rub all over again and I just hate it to see him suffering. :(

This morning I received email from SPCA, saying that the animal shelter will be closed until Sunday for the whole afternoon session, that means there will be no adoption until the haze is over. I felt like punching somebody! Not only this haze made the people sick, it has caused animals so much trouble too!

I don’t want to blame any government in this issue, even though I did swear on my own govt in some social media, because seriously, I’ve been suffering dizziness, nausea and burning eyes. And I so miss fresh air. Oh trust me, if we all can choose between 100 million dollars and fresh air, we’ll choose fresh air.

Singapore Govt had asked Indonesian govt to name the company and Singapore govt will fine them ASAP but I don’t know why Indonesian govt didn’t release the list. (Hey we all Indonesians understand this lah ya… You know how easy to bribe our govt.)

Oh dear greedy people who gain money for the palm plantation…

I don’t know what made you choose the slash and burn pattern to clear the land, but if it’s for maximizing profit, let me tell you this….


All the money in the world will not buy you a new set of lungs!!!

One third of orang utans in Sumatra are predicted dead because of the fire. They are suffocating and lost because their homes are burnt down.

Orang utan is an endangered animal. Do you want to make them extinct too??



I tried to find any flight from Singapore to any city that’s not affected by haze like Jakarta, Bangkok, Bali or Phuket and guess what? Jet star tickets to Bangkok and Bali are sold out! Jakarta is selling fast and reaching $700 per flight! WTF!!! I checked the other budget airlines and got the same outcome. T.T

I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m sad, scared and sick at the same time.

I can only pray now that everything will only be better from now on.


May, choking up.

A Bonus picture of Brownie, who also suffocated.

A Bonus picture of Brownie, who also suffocated.

If I were a food blogger

First of all, I sincerely apologize for those who are on diet. I, myself, wrecked my diet too for doing this thing (and I’m not even sorry!) But if I’m going down, you’re all going down with me. Muwahahahah! *evil laugher*

I never label myself as what kind of blogger. There are food blogger, beauty blogger, fashion blogger, design blogger, DIY blogger, artsy blogger, etc and I think I’m the kind of dramatic blogger. LOL. I love to write dramatic things and philosophical things, epiphany, dream comes true and stuffs like that.

Today, I wanna have fun by being a food blogger for one day. Fortunately yesterday I went to the event called World Street Food Congress 2013, which is a perfect event for me to be a food blogger. Who doesn’t love street food? And from all around the world! Yum! There are 10 participating country which are: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, Mexico, USA and Denmark for the total of 37 street food stalls. Hungry already???

The list of the food in the entrance, who doesn't want to go in?

The list of the food in the entrance, who doesn’t want to go in?

I remember I read the article about World Street Food Congress about three months ago and Pak Bondan (a street food culinary expert from Indonesia) promised that he would bring the best of street food vendor from Indonesia to this event. I WAS BOUGHT instantly. I must go to this event. Period.

The event finally came, unfortunately during my no-fries diet because of my cough. But the hell, I thought, this event only comes once in a blue moon, so f*ck coughing!

I went there with Bandi and my friend, Frida. We were so exciting we kept talking about it all day. The event itself costed $28 per entry, with $8 for admission fee and $20 turns to be a food voucher. (But trust me it’s not enough so Bandi purchased another $20).

First stop, Kue Pancong.

At once I knew that the man who cooked the kue pancong is originally from Indonesia, probably Bandung. I was so freaking happy that the food congress does really bring everyone from their country so the food is totally original!

Original Kue pancong makers!

Original Kue pancong makers!

Kue Pancong is a cake made from coconut and sprinkled with sugar. As simple as it sound, this tastes heavenly good.

Bandi and I, loving the kue pancong.

Bandi and I, loving the kue pancong.

Next stop, Nasi Kapau.

Holy mother of god! No words can describe how happy I was to see this stall. Happier I was when I saw the namecard that this stall was brought from West Sumatra, the original home of Nasi Kapau. OH MY GOD! Could this be any better!!! Bandi was undoubtedly queuing in line at once and he, with his charm, flirted with the Nasi Kapau Lady so he got extra rice and super extra chilly!!! YEEHAAWW! (You know how we, Indonesians like to flirt with food seller to get extra things, right? Haha)

The amazing Nasi Kapau!

The amazing Nasi Kapau!

The Nasi Kapau contains rice, beef rendang (which is very tender oh my) with crispy fried cassava, sayur nangka (cooked jackfruit with curry), and loads of green and red chillies!!! We ate and we ate and OH MY GOD HOLY GOODNESS! This tasted like heaven!!!! My friend Frida actually captured the moment when Bandi and I ate the Nasi Kapau but I’m too embarrassed to post it here because it looked like I hadn’t eaten for a year. Haha. Pardon my extreme love for Nasi Kapau.

Bandi kept mumbling, “Oh my god…” and “holy shit!” while eating, I feel like he’s having sex with the Nasi Kapau and I was the third wheel.

Anyway, Nasi Kapau is basically Nasi Padang, FYI. Because some of my friends didn’t really get what Nasi Kapau mean. (WTF?) They are just slightly different with the way they were cooked but for me it’s the same lahh!

Another Indonesian main dish: Nasi Manado.

Even though this doesn’t taste as good as Nasi Kapau, it’s still one of the best of course. (Come on, we all know it’s all going downhill from Nasi Kapau, ok?!)

Nasi Manado.

Nasi Manado.

Originated from South Sulawesi, Nasi Manado contains rice, spicy cakalang fish, extra pork satay (because again, we flirted with the seller LOL), bakwan jagung (corn fritters), and sauteed eggplant with some leaf I didn’t know (tasted so good!)

And Frida came along with this: Soto Tangkar with Sate!

Savoury Soto! Yum!

Savoury Soto! Yum!

Soto tangkar is well-known in Jakarta as soto betawi, tasted similar too. The different of Soto Tangkar from any other Soto is that it’s cooked with coconut milk and oh my god, tasted so freakingly delicious.

Finished with the Indonesian food, we went hunting internationally.

All the way from Thailand: Hoy Thord

A zing taste of Hoy Thord!

A zing taste of Hoy Thord!

I don’t really know what is exactly Hoy Thord, so forgive me if I explain incorrectly. For what I caught from my taste buds, it was some kind of Oyster Omelette (but not the Singaporean kind of Oyster Omelette) with lots of beansprouts and some big prawns. It also had a strong taste of lemon and the sauce was a little sour.

What’s the verdict? I love it. But this comes from me, a girl who who worships Thai food and will eat anything cooked by Thais. Haha.

All the way from India: Indian Fried Chicken.

Herbs Fried Chicken!

Herbs Fried Chicken!

I didn’t remember what was the exact name of this dish because it wasn’t so special. I didn’t find the Indian street food appealing because in Singapore there are a lot of original Indian restaurants (and I love Indian food) so I didn’t really crave for the Indian food. This was brought by Frida and I took a bite and I didn’t really like it. It tasted like Shilin snacks. LOL

All the way from Mexico: Shrimp Tostada!

I already had my eyes on this dish since the first step inside the food arena but because it had a very long queue, I skipped it for other stalls. When the euphoria turned down, I went straightaway and ordered the Shrimp Tostada. The Mexican lady asked, “which level of hotness do you want?” and I answered cockily, “the highest you can get.”

She laughed and shouted something in Spanish and one of the crew rang some kind of noisy bells so I screamed along with them. LOL.

This is the lady who made my super hot Shrimp Tostada.

This is the lady who made my super hot Shrimp Tostada.

So I brought back the Tostada to my table and took a bite. HOLY SHOOT! I LOVE IT! And yeah, It was freaking hot! I felt like my mouth was about to explode.

A mix made in heaven.

A mix made in heaven.

The tostada was actually cold tacos consist shrimp, sour cream, (god knows how many types of) chillies, nuts, avocado and other herbs my tongue couldn’t catch. All I knew was it danced synchronously in my mouth and it was amazing.

Now I’m definitely craving for more Mexican food!

All the way from Copenhagen, Denmark: Porc Sandwich.

Busy kitchen in Danish Stall!

Busy kitchen in Danish Stall!

This is the one dish I didn’t really get. First of all this is the most expensive dish of all, which is $14 while the other ranged from $8.50 to $12.00, second of all, the combination just didn’t work for me while Bandi loved it.

Porky Pork! 100% sinful!

Porky Pork! 100% sinful!

The sandwich contained a slice of tender pork, slices of fresh apples (yes, you heard it right, apple!), sauteed beet, pickles, and roasted pork skin. The Danish lady told us that this sandwich mean to mix the fatness (like pork skin) and fresh healthy ingredients like apples and beets. For me it just didn’t work, but again worth trying for experience lahh!

All the way from the USA: Smothered Chicken with Mashed Potato.

Shaking butts while cooking!

Shaking butts while cooking!

These two guys were literally cooking while rock-and-rolling. They put a radio on and cooked like there was no tomorrow. Oh I love how Americans act sometimes, like they just didn’t care.

Anyway, this is our last stop in the Food Congress, simply because my stomach would really explode if I didn’t stop eating. Thankfully the last dish turned out to be my personal favorite. I then asked Bandi to find the recipe and cook one for me later. (Bandi is better in cooking American food than me, so yeah, it’s not because I am lazy, ok?! LOL)

Surprisingly good!

Surprisingly good!

The smothered chicken is a comfort food so yeah it’s definitely fattening. It is actually cooked chicken with savory gravy and mixed with mashed potato.

I didn’t try any of the dishes from Malaysia (no points to try it here), Singapore (come on, should I?), Vietnam (I don’t like Vietnamese food), and China (because the stalls weren’t really appealing). I did try a tester from Malaysian Mee Siam (noodle) though and err, it wasn’t that good. :p

Anyway, sorry for the bad quality photo, I forgot to bring my camera and there were no good lighting because it was an outdoor event with a dim lighting. *excuses*cough*excuses*

Happy tummy, happy soul!

Happy tummy, happy soul!

Last night I surely had a very good night sleep with my happy tummy. =) Bandi was really really happy I could tell. I always knew that making him happy is easy, just get him a good food. Oh how I’m so lucky to have a guy that’s easily pleased. LOL.

So, how’s my one and only food blog post? I think I know why I shouldn’t be a food blogger, because it makes me hungry again and it would really really ruin everyone’s diet and also the fact that I could only explain “OH MY GOD” for all the delicious food I ate. But you really should see me eating. Haha.


May, already hungry again.

3 awesome things on last weekend

1. We found the polka dot cow and submitted the photos and we won!

For the past one month, there has been so many plywood-made cows all over the town. This is actually a movement to raise awareness for liking outdoors and environment. The advertisement also mentioned that if we found the polka-dot cow who surfs, we could win a prize!

Guess what, when strawberry visited last weekend, I literally walked kilometers everyday with her, going around Singapore and we found the polka-dot cow!!!



My friend Ricky was with us and submit this picture of me and my two besfriends, quoting “Reunited with old friends.”

The submitted photo

The submitted photo

And guess what again, he won the lucky draw prize! Here’s the proof.

I never won anything in my life!

I never won anything in my life!

Well, it wasn’t me who won, but technically I won too. Haha!

The funny thing is… last Saturday Ricky and I talked about those times when we used to go to the movies for free. Ricky used to receive free tickets from his brother and would bring me to movie theater. I said “Oh how I miss the times of going to movies for free.”

And the lucky draw prize is… a pair of Gold Class movie tickets!!!

GEEZ!!! How words could really turn into prayers that easy!!! Now you know you REALLY can’t talk about bad things cause it could happen!!! I remember this quote I’ve read long time ago…

“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.” —John Greenleaf Whittier

So yeah, that also works for saying good things, it might happen!

Ah awesome, I’m going to a Gold Class cinema for freaking free!!! I went to Gold Class before and it was free too (Bandi got a free pair as a gift for being the most likable colleague on his company’s dinner) and it was AWESOME! I’ve tried the 21 Premierre in Bandung before but seriously this is much much more awesome! I think there was only 40 people per cinema and the barcalounger chair is so great and the screen is also. The ticket costs $38 per person if I’m not wrong.

I remember I told Bandi I don’t think I will ever purchase a movie ticket this expensive, so if it wasn’t free I would never go. But yeah, I’m kinda lukcy. =)

2. I FINALLY ate syomai abang-abang after one and half year!



Yeah!!! FINALLY!!! Even though the photo doesn’t look appetizing, trust me, it was very VERY GOOD! (Well, even the worst syomai still tastes good for me. I LIKE SYOMAI like crazy!) My strawberry is so criminal minded she smuggled the syomai into the cabin!!! Hahaha. Worth the risk, mi amigo!

3. This photo! And the fact that I spent my weekend with my bestfriend.

This photo is priceless and editless. =)

This photo is priceless and editless. =)

I have never laid on the grass like this before (I always wanted though) and even though we both had a problem with ants, we did it. Of all the hundreds of photos we had taken that weekend, WE LOVE this photo the most!!! And trust me, it took so many effort to open the eyes because the sun was just too bright! We finally found a wide tree and laid down beneath the tree. And this is the first shot ever! =D

And anyway, this photo was taken at the park of Vivo City’s balcony.


May, physically exhausted.

Err, Let me have one bonus collage photos of Strawberry and me. =D



How do I get here?

Sejak kecil, gue selalu pengen pindah dan tinggal di luar negeri. Kenapa? Simply karena gue mau actively speaking English. (Because I love love love English)

Pengennya sih milih negaranya, mau tinggal di UK (gara-gara Enid Blyton) terus ganti Amrik (gara-gara semua bukunya Francine Pascal) dan akhirnya jatuh cinta sama Prancis (tapi nggak bisa bahasanya) Hehe. Tapi waktu jaman kita remaja dulu, hanya ada dua cara untuk bisa meng-eksport diri ke luar negeri:

Satu: Lo mesti pinter banget, so dapet beasiswa untuk sekolah di luar negeri dan ujung2 nya kerja di luar negeri juga.

Dua: Lo mesti jadi anak orang kaya, so bokap nyokap lo bisa sekolahin lo pake Dollar (atau Euro)

I was neither. Nggak dua-dua nya.

Ada satu lagi sihh caranya, Lo mesti cantik banget dan tinggi so bisa di-rekrut jadi model. Hahaha ini lebih impossible lagi. So, gue cukup sadar diri, gue nggak cakep, nggak pinter dan bonyok gue kagak tajir. Satu-satunya cara untuk gue bisa cabut hidup di luar adalah dengan kerja keras keberuntungan.

Banyak temen2 gue yang bilang gue itu hoki, tapi nggak ada yang bilang gue itu hard-working, karena emang I am not. Hahaha. (Gue mesti cari temen baru nggak sih?)

Gue itu pemalas, tapi mau banyak hal. Untungnya I am very lucky.

Sebenernya luck is a state of mind. Kalo mau gue liat dari sisi buruknya, gue bisa bilang shit hidup gue crappy banget. Ortu gue better be divorced aja deh daripada perang tiap hari, abang gue on crack all day dan nyusahin hidup gue banget, cowok pertama yang gue cinta meninggal pula! But then entah kenapa, gue grew up with a lot of great friends, yang membuat my teenage years (yang penuh dengan kegalauan kalo kata abg jaman sekarang) turned out to be quite awesome. Entah kenapa juga gue grow up to be a very cheerful girl. Gue lupa sejak kapan, tapi gue selalu consider myself as the lucky one (selain of course consider myself as the sexy one. Hahaha shameless).

Mungkin ini bawaan bokap nyokap gue yang selalu bilang “Ya udah untung kamu nggak kenapa-kenapa” setiap kali gue kenapa-kenapa. Kalo dompet gue ilang, nyokap bilang gitu, sepeda gue ilang dia bilang gitu, gue jatuh ke kandang ayam trus jidat dijait juga bilang gitu. (Woy padahal gue kenapa-kenapa bo!) So I ended up always saying “untungnya…” dan gue selalu merasa gue hoki.

Ke-hoki-an gue ini mencapai puncak nya waktu gue SMA. Waktu itu gue, nyokap dan abang gue tinggal di Bogor dan Bokap gue kerja di Jakarta. Dia pulang tiap weekend doang. Abang gue mulai balik lagi ke addiction nya dan nyokap takut dia masuk penjara jadi nyokap mau kirim dia ke China. Di-ekspor lah jauh-jauh biar nggak berurusan sama polisi. Karena jatah uang abang gue udah abis (dia pindah lima biji SMA bo! Bayangin tuh berapa puluh juta abis buat bayar uang pangkal) nyokap gue pake jatah uang yang mestinya my college fund untuk ship him off to China. Walhasil, I don’t have college fund. So, how am I going to go to College???

Disinilah pertama kalinya I believe in miracles. Gue dapet PMDK dong. Hahaha! Gue kagak pinter deh, sumpah! Gue cuma masukin application itu sekali dan cuma satu Uni, and I am accepted to the only Uni I applied!!! Hahaha hoki abis. Jadi deh duit masuk gue ke College waktu itu cuma bayar sks doang. Hahahaha. Waktu semester 2 akhir, bokap gue kena heart attack, terus dia nggak bisa kerja lagi. Dia balik ke Bogor dan stay sama nyokap di Bogor. Ini artinya both of my parents nggak menghasilkan uang dan I had to quit college. I was so broken hearted and devastated.

Again, my luck has never left me. Sejak semester 3 gue dapet scholarship sampe gue lulus. Again, GUE KAGAK PINTER deh, sumpah! Gue bisa dapet beasiswa karena gue aktif di kampus dan gue jadi ketua organisasi Kakak Asuh gitu. Gue bilang ke admin Jurusan gue kalo parents gue stop working dan gue applied for a scholarship and I got it! =) Sebenernya the whole process is complicated. I make it sound so simple, aren’t I? Yah maksudnya gue mau menceritakan tentang luck-nya dulu nih.

Intinya, gue lulus. Nyokap gue berderai-derai air mata deh waktu gue lulus. Dia bener-bener nggak nyangka gue bisa graduated, jadi sarjana!!! Hahaha. I was so happy too. I reached a phase in my life that I believe in miracles. Faith. And pure luck.

Gue masih tetep mau tinggal di luar negeri, tapi again, gue kagak pinter, tajir atau super cantik. So I hold that thought. Apa gue hook up sama bule aja yah di Bali terus bilang gue hamil biar gue dikawinin terus diboyong kesono? Apa gue jadi flight attendant aja yah? Apa gue jadi imigran gelap?

Banyak deh ide gue buat bisa cabut dari Indo. Bukan karena gue gak cinta Indonesia, tapi simply because gue mau ngerasain hidup abroad (and the fact that I don’t wanna live with my mom). Hahahaha. Nyokap gue sih orangnya asik, kagak pernah ngelarang2 gue, mau gue nggak pulang semaleman juga dia nggak pernah nanyain, terus nyokap kalo lagi lempeng asik diajak ngobrol, dia suka baca buku so kita suka tuker-tukeran buku dan bahas buku. Tapi nyokap gue rada sangat neurotic, jadi gue bisa ribut besar sama dia untuk beberapa hal dan because I love her, I can’t stay with her.

Long story short, gue memulai karir sebagai freelancer di Jakarta. Gue ngajar Phonics ke murid-murid international school dan I was paid quite well, enough to financially support my parents. Ada lah sisa sedikit untuk ditabung.

Mau tau nabung untuk apa? Untuk kabur ke Singapur! Haha. Semua orang bilang gue gila. Lo mau kerja apa woy? Lulusan ilmu politik pula, experience nya cuma pernah ngajar dan jadi jurnalis tiga bulan. Gue sendiri juga kagak tau.

Gue cuma bilang “I believe in my luck.” And they said “Don’t push your luck too far.”

Setelah 2 tahun gue nabung, gue kantongin duit $2000 dan cabut ke Singapore! CAN YOU IMAGINE IT? Tempat tinggal gue pertama kali gue hijrah ke Singapore horrible banget deh! Gue tinggal serumah sama uncle-uncle genit yang suka nggak pake baju! X(

Untung roommate gue baik jadi kita watched each other’s back. Gue denger cerita-cerita anak Indo yang juga mencari peruntungan disini, mereka nunggu 2 bulan atau 3 bulan untuk dapet kerja. Emang duit segitu cukup buat gue? Mereka sih enak dapet suntikan dana dari orang tua nya, nah gue? Kalo gue nggak dapet kerja, emak bapak gue mau makan apa bok? Apa, hah? Apaaa? (jum in jum out)

Gue sempet mikir sih, kalo dalam sebulan gue nggak dapet kerja, gue bakal balik lagi aja ke Jakarta dan mulai freelance gue dari nol lagi. (Saat itu gue udah hand over semua murid gue ke orang lain) Waktu gue bilang ke nyokap gue soal rencana gila gue itu, nyokap gue kagak worried sama sekali loh. Gue bilang ke dia, “Tapi entar kalo aku gak dapet kerja, kita makan nasi pake garem aja ya!” Dan dia cuma ketawa. Nyokap bilang gue itu anak hoki, jadi pasti berhasil dapet kerja.

And she’s right. =)

On the third day in Singapore, I already got a job. (And I’m still in this job until now. Haha) Sumpah gue nggak percaya banget kalo segitu cepatnya dan segitu gampangnya gue dapet kerja! Ini nggak pake koneksi orang dalem atau gimana. Gue cuma happened to stumble on a two weeks old advertisement dan applied for the job. After I applied for the job, gue baru tau kalo itu koran lama. Eh gue langsung ditelepon sama manager nya, dia bilang orang yang di-hired seminggu lalu baru dipecat, dan dia liat resume gue masuk hari itu dan minta gue kerja ASAP.

Kalo bukan pure luck then what the hell was that? My best friend who was in Singapore that time shouted, “YOU’RE LUCKY BITCH!” Hahahaha. I am.

And it happened. I live abroad. Mungkin belum di Prancis. But I do live abroad. Bukan karena gue pinter, bukan karena parents gue tajir melintir, bukan karena gue cantik, tapi karena gue lucky. (And yeah, even though it’s more of Singlish, but I do use my English actively.)

Do you believe in law of attractions? I do. I can’t wait for universe to start another conspiracy to make the rest of my dreams coming true. Full of surprises and exciting.

There was the time when universe surprised me to make one of my dream comes true, and I didn’t even try. It just happened. So yeah, I bet law of attractions is indeed true.

Kadang gue suka duduk bengong sambil minum kopi… mikirin hidup gue yang penuh surprises. Gue suka bertanya-tanya apa hidup gue seru begini karena nyokap gue? Nyokap gue itu… gimana yah. Hubungan gue sama dia tuh aneh banget deh. Kadang akurrr banget, kadang bisa nggak ngomongan ber-bulan-bulan. Tapi satu hal yang pasti, gue seneng nyokap gue udah kasih gue kebebasan bikin keputusan sejak gue SMA. Menurut gue freedom and trust are the value that she passes to me. And I will definitely do the same to my future kids.

Sumpah deh, nyokap tuh nggak pernah ngelarang gue. Dan karena gue kagak pernah dilarang, gue nya jadi lebih hati-hati kalo bikin suatu keputusan, karena gue tau gue yang nanggung semua konsekuensi nya. Gue udah merasa gue jadi orang dewasa waktu gue umur 15 tahun. Gue hidup sendiri sejak umur 18 tahun dan I enjoyed every second of it. Emang mungkin ada negative nya karena gue jadi independent dan sedikit membuat gue cocky dan selfish. Gue selalu merasa gue bisa ngelakuin apa-apa sendiri dan nggak butuh bantuan orang lain, which is I realize now (when I grow more) that it was wrong.

Mungkin kebebasan gue itu juga yang membuat gue nggak pengen nikah. Most of my friend bilang setengah alasan mereka mau buru-buru nikah sama sang pacar karena mau keluar dari rumah. Gue nggak menyalahkan alasan itu krn menurut gue, hidup sama parents lama-lama itu nggak sehat. You have to at least nge-kost bbrp bulan untuk ngerasain hidup sendiri! Nge-kost kek waktu kuliah, home stay ke luar negeri kek, tinggal sama sodara di kota lain kek, yah gimana kek asal ngerasain hidup sendiri. (Atau ini mah gue nya aja yang iri sama temen2 gue yang keluarga nya kompak?! Hahaha)

Nyokap gue nggak pernah sekalipun suruh gue married, nggak pernah nanya-nanya juga apa gue ada planning untuk married. Gue nggak tau juga sih exactly nya kenapa gue gak disuruh married pdhal kan biasanya orang tua kebakaran jenggot tuh kalo liat anaknya pacaran lama-lama, pake tinggal di luar negeri pula bareng pacarnya. “Daripada kamu hamil, lebih baik kamu kawin!” Hahaha.

Waktu si Bandi pindah ke Singapore for good (setelah freaking 2 years of LDR) nyokap gue relieved banget. Dia nanya apa gue tinggal jauh dari Bandi? Waktu itu lumayan lah, 30 menit naik train. Nyokap bilang, cari rumah aja buat tinggal bareng biar kamu aman. Keren banget dah nyokap gue! Akhirnya gue kumpulin temen untuk sewa rumah bareng-bareng biar gue nggak usah repot2 visit each other sama Bandi. At least living in a same roof could bring us much much closer (dan irit duit MRT). Masih ada loh yang nanya, “Emang dikasih sama orang tua lo?” Hahahaha. I am freaking twenty seven years old. Think about that. Terus ada lagi yang nanya, “Eh lo ke Eropa berdua aja sama Bandi, nggak apa-apa tuh?” Nah yang ini gue nggak tau balesnya gimana… “apa-apa” tuh maksudnya apa? Emang gue mesti bayar mahal-mahal ke Eropa untuk “apa-apa”? Di belakang semak-semak juga bisa kaleeee!

Kadang gue suka mikir juga, (ah kebanyakan mikir lo May) kalo gue punya keluarga yang harmonis kayak di film-film jaman 70-an gitu, mungkin hidup gue beda. Kalo bokap gue kagak heart attack yang pertama (waktu gue SD) mungkin bokap gue udah tajir melintir banget skrg, terus kata Bandi kalo gue anak orang kaya gue bakalan jadi tipe cewek-cewek spoiled brat gitu yang kalo turun mobil mesti dibukain supir dan kerjaan gue cuma naik turun pesawat keliling dunia pake koper Louis Vitton. Hahahahaha

But then gue inget, I am a lucky person. That is why universe didn’t turn me into that spoiled brat. Hidup gue yang sekarang itu exactly the life that I wanted. All the tears and wounds had made me what I am today. =)

The luckiest moment in my life is probably the day I met Bandi. He is no doubt the best thing that had (and willl ever have) happened to me. I’ve been sharing fears, dreams and happiness with him all these years and I finally understand what true love is.

One time I sent a letter to my mom, telling that I fell in love with Bandi but I was scared that someday our relationship would turn like hers with my Dad. She said that it won’t and again I must trust her that if she said it won’t, it means it won’t. I did trust her. =)

This post supposed to talk about my luck and my journey to finally terdampar di Singapore, dan seharusnya penuh dengan filosofi2 kacangan gue. Look how nggak jelas this post turned out to be.

Whatever, what do I know, right? I am twenty seven (in a couple of days) and while other woman is planning future for their babies, I am blogging about sotoy philosophy. Hahahaha. But one thing for sure though. Sometimes Most of the times, all you need is a little luck. ;)

"LUCK" ring.

the little luck.

Cheers, May, the lucky one.

P.S: I am writing this to remind myself who has been quite ungrateful lately of how lucky I am.

P.P.S: Dear Colson who probably didn’t understand shit about this post. Don’t worry, sir, you don’t miss a lot. This is just my hormonal crap. Hahahaha!