Cirque du Soleil, Essena Onneil and the good news!

There are no catch from the title, they are exactly 3 things I want to talk about in this post. Circus, social media, and good news!


Bandi and I went to watch Totem by Cirque du Soleil last Friday and it was amazing!!! I seriously couldn’t express how amazing it was in words! They took insanity to another level! Just as I thought it was crazy enough, BOOM! They did another unthinkable show. Just watch it if you have a chance or if they ever come to your city!

Bandi and I, super excited!

Bandi and I, super excited!

The cast!

The cast!

Social Media

You’ve probably heard about Essena O’Neill, a girl (model?) who quits instagram because she lost the meaning of real life. Oooh… sounds pretty serious huh?

By the way I wrote the sentence you would understand my side of this quitting instagram crap. Yeah, I found her move to be a bit hypocrite. She quit instagram, blamed social media for making her doing what she didn’t want to do.

Geez, to cut my preach shot. Let me give you the same situation of her excuses:

  1. A teenager blames sex (without protection) for getting pregnant.
  2. A person blames the candle for burning her house.
  3. A police office blames his gun for shooting the wrong person.


Hey Essena, It’s not instagram, IT’S YOU.

It’s not instagram who lies, it’s you who are the LIAR.

It’s not nuclear or gunfire who created war, it’s the fucking politicians.

I know it’s easier to blame the tool instead of sitting down, thinking what went wrong with me and admit it to the world that you did something wrong and you will fix it.

You know why people say facebook is bad? Because people can’t stop comparing themselves with other people when they read the newsfeed.

Oh… my high school friend just got her new BMW car. Why couldn’t I get BMW?

Oh… even the ugliest person I know is having a boyfriend. Why am I single?

Oh… This guy went on another holiday again? I didn’t even go anywhere this year. I don’t have anything to post, nothing to show off!

And there you go, BAM! You become depressed when you were actually perfectly fine, single and happy.

It’s not the facebook, not the instagram, not the tool that you should blame! It’s YOURSELVES, people! Yes, you can blame instagram if that will make you feel better (temporarily) but we know it won’t solve your problem.

In this very very vague yet transparent life, I know it’s not easy to be true to yourself, to be authentic, but try your best to be honest. Honesty is like a jewel now and be that jewel. :)

You will never be happy being somebody that you’re not. Be the real you, even though the real you is narcissistic and vain, just admit it… at least you’re being honest.

We all love to see ourselves in the mirror and adore ourselves, what’s wrong with that? It gives us happiness, confidence. As long as we’re not trashing people down, who cares about being vain?

You can be whoever you want, as long as it’s not fake.

Now you know I’m pro social media. Of course I’m pro! What’s not to like? You gotta be kay-poh on other people’s life leeeh! Xp You can stalk Cristiano Ronaldo’s instragram or your ex-boyfriend’s facebook. LOL.

Good News

I have a good news I couldn’t wait to tell you guys!!! I’ve held it for so many months now I will officially announce that…

Bandi and I are…

finally official resident of Singapore!


We’ve been waiting for the verdict for a year and last September it was finally approved. :)

It’s been five years since I moved to Singapore for good. It’s been one hell of amazing ride, looking forward for many more of amazing things happen in this life. =)

Now, I’m sharing one of my favorite quote that always gets me excited about life:


May, always excited.

Snakes, Nanoblock, Rainbow Hair and Chir Chir

Surprised! I’m blogging!

That’s supposed to be sarcastic coz I’ve been so lazy to blog, but I pushed myself today to open the laptop and just write whatever I feel like writing.

This post may not be in good quality, I warn you, but at least I write something.

I even had one dream about my blog when somebody screaming to my face “you’re a bad writer! your blog is rubbish!” and I woke up feeling really really sad. Yeah I mean I know I’m not a published writer or anything, but I always thought I’m a decent writer laaahh. This is the only thing I love constantly throughout my life. No matter which boyband I was obsessed with, which Final Fantasy game I was playing, which hobby I was into, I’ve always loved writing.

So when I had that dream, it was like a wake up call. Going back to writing, May! You don’t have to write a comprehensive feminist article (which is my favorite kind of writings of all btw), at least just post something!

So anywaaaay….. here I am.

Talking about dreams… Last night I dreamt I was bitten by snakes (yes plural) and it was really scary and painful. I woke up feeling so scared and insecure. I looked up in google and it turned out if you dream about snakes, there are 2 possibilities:

One: You’re scared about something. Your subconscious is afraid of some commitment.

Two: You’re healing from a fear.

Well… Guess what happened last night? Bandi and I argued about kids. He didn’t want kids right here right now but at least he wanted to know if I ever wanted to go somewhere. Sigh… I don’t want to talk more about this on my blog, it could go on and on and on for 10 pages of my excuses of why I’m not ready and trust me it’s annoying.

And just after that argument, I had nightmare about snake. Bummer! Bandi went to Jakarta for 2 weeks for business trip and thankfully we made out this morning. He promised not to be pushy about kids and wait till I’m ready and I promised not to give him mixed signal (talking about little Cahayas and stuff – yeah yeah yeah my bad.)

Anyhow… let’s switch topic to…. nano block!

Current Hobby

I’m currently loving nano blocks! I first bought one Tokyo Tower nano block from Japan for my friend as a gift. He asked me to build it for him and I became addicted!

They have other designs beside buildings.

They have other designs beside buildings.

Then I told Bandi I wanted build more and the next thing I knew, he found a toy store that carried nano blocks, and so the craziness continued…

I built them on the top of Cristiano Ronaldo fan book to cheer me up. LOL

I built them on the top of Cristiano Ronaldo fan book to cheer me up. LOL

Neuschweinstain Castle!

Neuschweinstain Castle!

Eiffel Tower!

Eiffel Tower!

I will build more this weekend! :)

If anyone of you knows where to get this in Jakarta for cheap price, let me know. I got it for $25 per box in Singapore. Please leave a comment if you know I can get cheaper in Jakarta. I know it’s much cheaper in Japan but I didn’t buy more. Hiks. :(

Current Hair Color

Since Singapore had a very long SG50 weekend I had free time to do my hair! I think I accidentally dyed the pink color permanently to my hair. I don’t know why but the pink color never fades even just a little bit! So I had an idea to add purple and blue to make it as a simple rainbow blue>>purple>>pink.

Not bad, huh?

Not bad, huh?

I even did this instagram-material-shot. LOLOL

Bought the flower headband in Japan for $3!!! a steal!

Bought the flower headband in Japan for $3!!! a steal!

For this look, I use Special effects semi-permanent dye.

The colors are Virgin Rose, Purple Smoke and Fish Bowl. See below:

You can buy them online! I did!

You can buy them online! I did!

Just take one very important note: The color won’t appear if you don’t bleach your hair.

So take the risk. :) It’s worth it.

Current Favorite Food Place

Korean fried chicken!!! Not an ordinary korean Fried Chicken, this one called Chir-Chir!

It’s located at B3 somerset 313. I heard they open at East side too but never been there.

So Bandi and I were accidentally passed this place on Friday and was surprised because there was no queue at all. Bandi told me that he read online people queued for 2 hours for this place. (Bandi uses an app called Burple, that informs him everything about food in Singapore – It’s like Bandi’s best friend now, whenever we wanted to go eating he said, “Let me ask my best friend where we should go” LOL)

Maybe because it was SG50 holiday so a lot of people were out of Singapore so Singapore was pretty empty in some places, so we went in and….

OH MY GOODNESS, Best fried chicken ever!!!! It made Chicken-Up takes like a joke, seriously!

And you know what, Bandi and I went back again on Monday to close our SG50 holiday with more fried chicken! Ahhhh! Guilty!

And that's how it's done! LOL

And that’s how it’s done! LOL

So yeah, if you happen to pass by this place, give it a try! It’s super yummy! :)

What about clean eat, you say? Well…….

*turn off laptop*


May, guilty. :p

Top Ten Moments in 2014

All moments are special on its way. Sure, I can’t compare one to another as they might have different variables. So this post is for fun purposes only, ok?

I kinda got the idea from facebook, because facebook made a summary of your  life for the year 2014 and I was like… I want to create a Top Ten Moments my version!

I know it’s quite late now but I’ve been either too busy or too lazy. Haha

So here it is…

10. Getting onto a national newspaper

Photo 15-1-15 2 36 02 pm

It was in Media Indonesia. A reporter apparently followed my instagram and we have a mutual friend so I was interviewed about clean eating


Come on, it’s pretty awesome! :D

I was overwhelmed though because I didn’t know much about clean eating and I was scared to give wrong ideas but then I thought… What the hell? Since when I think about other people? I just wanna be in the paper! LOLOLOL.

9. Angel moved in to Singapore

The photos was taken on her work achievement celebration. :)

The photos was taken on her work achievement celebration. :)

It was one of the best surprise from Universe! Now I have my support system all around me. :)

8. watched Bandi open his Christmas present

If you haven’t watched it. Watch it! He was acting like 5 years old kid cause he was so happy. This is super worth every penny!

7. Be passionate about clean eating

Photo 11-1-15 12 06 20 pm

I’ve only known clean eating for ten months now… so it might be a phase, but however, I feel much happier and content now to know that I’m eating right and healthy. God knows how obsessed I am about my body, how I’m so conscious about it (I know this sounds so lame or vain or whatever-I admit this) and clean eating has changed my body so much to be more fit, more toned and of course lighter.

I’m so happy to finally learn for good that you can eat delicious food which is also healthy for you. I’m finally fine. :)

Read more about my clean eating journey here and here.

6. A Surprise birthday trip to Bali

Hubby surprised me with a trip to Bali on my birthday. That was the first time I visited Ubud and I loved it! :) The journey and the moments were unforgettable.

However, not so many photos were captured apparently.

5. Started working at Schneider

I can’t imagine how lucky I am to join one of the best company on earth. It’s been 5 months since I joined Schneider and everyday it gets better! I love my boss, my colleagues and my work. I love the fact that I can always develop and learn and excel in career. I’m excited with my work life now. (Also the reason why I blog less now-sorry :p)

One of my colleague threw a get-together party on Christmas

One of my colleague threw a get-together party on Christmas

Selfie during a forum!

Selfie during a forum!

4. Honeymoon-ing in Maldives

Photo 5-8-14 11 37 45 pm


Although it was postponed for about a month (because of the funeral) I guess when good thing supposed to happen, it will. :)

More photos here!

3. The Bachelorette’s Night!

And then the scavenger list is wrapped up!!! And I ended it with showing off my arms! HAHAHAHA! "I'm strong!" LOLOLOL

And then the scavenger list is wrapped up!!!

Hands down one of the best night in my life. H.A.N.D.S D.O.W.N. It was EPIC.

2. Dancing with my dad

Photo 15-1-15 3 28 50 pm Photo 15-1-15 3 30 38 pm


I can’t even– :”)

1. Married my bestfriend

Heck yeah we did!

Heck yeah we did!



of course, duh! BEST DAY EVER! Read about it here and here.

Ahhh… now I feel so nostalgic… :)

What are your top ten moments in 2014? Care to share? Probably create one post about it! It’s so fun for reminiscing! :D

I wish we knew we were in the good old times so we would cherish the time more.


May, feeling nostalgic.

Year-end giveaway! Another reason to be Jolly!

Original post: 15 Dec

Updated: 18 Dec

The LAST 48 HOURS to win Shopping Voucher for Zalora!! Year end giveaway! Woot woot!

Tiiis… the season to be jolly~~~ Lalala lalaaa~~~ lalaaa~~ lalaaa~~ I’m not talking merely about Christmas, but New Year too!!! I’m such a sucker for year-end festivity, I make so many excuses for year end. “It’s year end, I can eat whatever I want” *chomping potato chips* “It’s year end, it’s not a good time for exercising!” *chomping perkedel* And then when my waist line grows and some of my dresses couldn’t fit anymore, I made another excuse, “I need to buy new dress!” HAHAHAHA! First of all, let me show off my current favorite racerback dress from Zalora. I purchased this for New year’s party. I love the back design and the flare. (Psst! Because I have such a big butt, I always go for the flare dress.) :D

Racer-back Flare Dress by Zalora :) Super pretty in the side-detailed flowery pattern

Racer-back Flare Dress by Zalora :) Super pretty in the side-detailed flowery pattern

Among the other online shops, gue pasti bakal ngacir ke Zalora duluan kalo lagi butuh cari baju dengan theme tertentu. Misalnya untul all-black party, terus karena excuse gue diatas, gue bakal bilang ke Bandi, “I need a new dress!” so gue langsung ngacir ke Zalora. Dan yang paling oke lagi, nyampe nya cepet bo! Dua hari kemudian ada yang ngebel rumah. Sialnya gue, yang buka pintu si Bandi… Yah… Ketauan deh. XD Yang amazing nya lagi, gue bisa return bajunya kalo gue gak suka atau ukurannya gak bener! :D Biasalah kalo belanja on-line permasalahannya pasti di ukuran kannnn! And since Zalora carries their own tags, their price goes even cheaper! :D And our looks have to be as good as our brain, ladies!!! So I will promote my favorite online bookstore, which is bookdepository! Ini online shop udah jadi andalan gue sejak dahulu kala deh! Sejak ada Bookdepository, gue kagak pernah lagi beli buku di took biasa. Selain karena harganya miring, bookstore favorit gue ini menyediakan free shipping worldwide! YOI Banget kan! Photo 12-12-14 2 32 44 pm So yeah, these are 2 online shops that I really really love. Personally, when I’m satisfied with a service, gue akan berkicau ke seluruh penjuru dunia dan gue bakal jadi pelanggan setia. :) And because this is a season of giving, I will give away some shopping vouchers to shop in my favorite online shop, Zalora! Hip Hip Horray!

The prize is…

Voucher belanja ke Zalora Indonesia! There will be 3 winners who will get… Voucher Belanja di Zalora @ Rp.100.000,- Lumayan banget kan buat belanja baju baru. Yeehaw!

How to win the voucher?

For blogger: Simply put comment below sharing with me about your online-shop experience with Zalora (if there’s any) or share about what you will buy from Zalora Indonesia kalo lo dapetin kortingan 100 ribu ini! Jangan lupa mention nama dan link ke blog kamu yaaaa! :) For instagrammer: Follow my instagram @jaunemai and comment on this photo I posted a couple of minutes ago:



Please regram this photo and you can say whatever you want. You can tell me what dress you want to buy for new year etc etc… Please also comment on the photo jadi gue bisa tau siapa aja yg nge-regram fotonya. :) This giveaway is only for those residing in Indonesia. Soalnya vouchernya diperuntukan Zalora Indonesia.

When is the deadline?

I will close the giveaway on Saturday, 20 December, 9 pm (Jakarta Time). I will select:

  1. One person who has the best story sharing about Zalora (if there is any)
  2. One person who has the quirkiest dress choice (from instagram comment or blog comment)
  3. One person will be chosen randomly by number

Masing-masing akan menerima voucher Rp.100.000,- dari Zalora Indonesia! Voucher ini akan expired tanggal 31 January 2015, jadi buruan belanja buat new year yahhhh! :) P.S. If this giveaway is a huge success, I will do another giveaway for the books! :D Cheers, May, feeling festive!

One super fun weekend and one failed diet plan

It’s eighteen days to Christmas!!!

How’s everyone doing in this joyful festive season? I wish everyone’s planning for fun and joyous things to do for this holiday! :)

This December, I promised Bandi that we’re staying in Singapore. This is because this year is the most tiring year for our passport; we have been traveling all year long, December would be the first month without traveling at all! We’re gonna dining in for Christmas’ Eve together with our housemates and then we’re gonna go to the midnight mass.

What’s your Christmas plan?

Anyway… following up my #projectLEBAY, well…. let’s just say the project failed miserably. HAHAHA. Maybe it’s a very wrong timing. I have so many feast invites in the office, bonding with new friends, new activities, and don’t forget the rainy season got me lazy to exercise. :D Yadda yadda yadda, those are all excuses I know.

I even received email from reader about this project and here I apologize sincerely for the unfinished meal plan. I will resume the project on 2015. I promise. :)

One of the reason why this project failed is because I’ve been enjoying cafe hunting lately. I have a new favorite neighborhood in town. It’s in the Upper Thompson Road.

Upper Thompson Road houses a road length stretch of cafes and restaurants. You can find dimsum place, kopitiam, Korean Bbq, but the ones I love are the cafes! Upper Thompson offer variety of independent cafe. My current favorite is Habitat Cafe, but the best coffee belongs to Pacamara Cafe.

This espresso is awesome!

This espresso is awesome!

Upper Thompson is also very near to my house and my office, so I plan to visit often and try new cafes. I even have a plan in mind to make one post specially for Upper Thompson Road. :) If you notice, I have never written about restaurant reviews ever! The reason is because I found Food Blog is opinionated and sometimes overrated. How would you rate food? It’s almost like rating a pretty face.

But I will write more about Upper Thompson Road. After I collect enough researches about it. :p

I know there is another hipster area beside Upper Thompson in Singapore, such as Tanjong Pagar or Duxton Hill. But I personally prefer Upper Thompson simply because it’s near to my house. :)

If you like coffee, be excited about this, because I’m on a quest to try as many coffee as possible! My preference for Coffee is the Ristretto (easily defined as Espresso, but with half amount of water). I found Ristretto in some of coffee shop (like Pacamara and Koultoura in Jakarta), but they usually would just call it Espresso. You can actually easily see the difference by the amount of water.

Even though I prefer Ristretto, Espresso is also fine for me. Basically any concentrated coffee is fine for me. I don’t really like American Coffee or what we call it Long Black. I feel there’s too much water in there.

My first choice will always be black coffee, but sometimes (very rarely happen) I would want some milk on my coffee. Even though I usually went for Latte, I actually loved cappuccino better, but the sad thing is… I rarely found cappuccino to be done properly… That’s why I would just go for Latte.

I have so far 3 most memorable coffee I’ve had in my life:

  1. Koultoura Coffee – Jakarta, Indonesia.
  2. The Coffee Academy – Hong Kong.
  3. Pacamara – Singapore.

The reason why they’re so memorable is because they have good blends. I love the coffee blends to be aromatic and tangy.

Talking about good cafes, me and my girlfriends decided to have a cafe day out last Saturday.

We started with my personal favorite, Habitat. Here’s some picture!

Photo 6-12-14 12 36 29 pm

Gossiping with my girlfriends.


From Habitat, we continued to Little pancake.

Photo 6-12-14 1 36 18 pm

Literally little. :p


I actually read a lot of good reviews about Little Pancakes, but even though it was pretty decent to eat and it actually tasted good, I found nothing really special about it.

We continued to the next cafe, called TCC, which is a franchised cafe-chain in Singapore (probably in some other country too, I’m not sure). Here we played some board game because one of my friend, Fefe had a friend who is soooo crazy about board game. It was FUN!

One of the board game, which name I forgot. :p

One of the board game, which name I forgot. :p

My Saturday turned out to be very very active. It was ironic because I came home very late the night before. I had the most fun Dinner and Dance ever! It was the Schneider Electric Dinner and Dance event with Fabulous Fifties theme! It turned out to be super fun!

A simple collage

A simple collage

I wish I had more pictures, but my phone wasn’t with me that night, so I only relied on other people sending me their photos.

It’s amazing that a lot of fun thing could happen in just one weekend. My weekend usually starts with playstation and ends with PC games. LOL. This weekend I had so much fun.

To continue on what happen after the board game… Angel and I went back home to eat dinner and met Bandi and Ricky (both Angel and Ricky are very close friend) and we spontaneously decided to do Capsa Night!

When one of my housemate, Felik heard word “capsa” he joined us. And this is what makes the Capsa more fun!



Five hours later, after rounds and rounds of Capsa game, we finished a bottle of tequila! Can you imagine that!?! I thought it was physically impossible but we actually finished it.

You guys could pretty much picture the idea of what happened next, right? XD

It was 3 am in the morning and a group of drunk people walked to 24hrs McDonald’s. HAHAHAHA. Gosh it was fun.

Annndddd…. the fun still continues on the next day, Sunday.

We had a birthday bash! yaiy! And we didn’t cut cake. We cut tumpeng! :D

Photo 7-12-14 10 40 31 pm

We played another game called “WEREWOLF ULTIMATE”

Photo 8-12-14 8 18 02 am

The birthday girl is the one holding flowers!

We played another game called “Werewolf Ultimate”, which is very very fun. You can actually create the game without buying it. Just google it! It’s great for group fun activity, no matter if they’re strangers or close friends.. :)


It’s been soooooo long since I made a personal post, isn’t it? I just feel that last weekend deserves a post. It was seriously one of the best weekend I’ve ever had. It was mix of everything I love doing, dancing, partying, meeting new people, playing games, coffee drinking, wine drinking, spending time with close friends, celebrating birthday, went on a shopping spree (yes we actually had time to go to the Fossil for the 30% disc!), eating good food and good cheesecake, and lots and lots and lots of laughter.

A weekend to remember.

Thank you for spending time with me, friends! There’s a saying: home is not a place, it is people. Indeed it’s true. :)



having fun, always.


#30daysblogging Surviving Singapore

Day 15

Post is an idea from Rinta Dita, Si males mandi.

Hey ho! I finally have the time to unwind and open my blog today. It’s been a very hectic day at work and it’s such a coincidence that we’re gonna talk about working and surviving in Singapore.

Gue bakal tulis dalam bahasa Indo karena mungkin lebih enak nyablak nya kali yaaa.

I must thank Rin-Dit to give this topic so I can finally write it because actually a lot of people have asked me about this and ask me to write some tips of working/surviving in Spore, but I guess I’ve been too lazy. Now that I have a challenge, everything is easier. Hahaha. So competitive, LOL.

First of all, kerja dan tinggal di luar negeri itu selalu terdengar enak. Apalagi dengan iming-iming bayaran dollar, rasanya nggak pake pikir dua kali, pengen langsung sabet aja tuh kesempatan. Let me tell you first. Nggak semua orang bisa sruvive kerja di luar negeri, sebutlah USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore. Gue sebut empat negara ini karena empat negara ini paling mungkin didatengin sama foreigner dari Indo untuk kerja. I mean, bener-bener didatengin untuk tujuan cari kerja yah. Kalau cuma mau tinggal di luar negeri untuk jadi ibu rumah tangga dengan cara cari suami bule, gue nggak bisa kasih tips. Ini totally tujuannya cari kerja dan tinggal sendiri (SINGLE).

Gue gak tau teknisnya gimana untuk kerja di tiga negara lain di atas tapi kalo buat Singapore, gue lumayan expert (karena ini kerjaan sehari2 gue). You have to be at least bachelor degree from an Indonesian well-known University, atau kalo kamu lulusan US/Aussie/UK yah lebih enak lagi lah. Terus apa lagi? Nggak ada. Yang penting lo punya degree, sisanya tinggal urusan lo sama yang diatas, alian LUCK. Yes, we need luck.

Step by step applying jobs in Singapore

  1. Have a degree, a passport (of course, duh?!) and a fearless gut.
  2. Apply jobs online di jobsdb dan website2 serupa. Kalo bisa lo taruh alamat dan nomor telepon Singapore. Kalo lo masih di Indo, you can always borrow your friend who lives in Spore.
  3. Interview via skype/interview langsung. Kalo company nya mau ketemu langsung, yah lo beli tiket lah, emang mesti modal dikit ini.
  4. If you finally find a company that wants to hire you, the company will apply for you an employment pass. Employment pass itu ada dua macem: EP dan SP. EP itu nggak pake quota tapi lo harus master degree atau lulusan uni keren atau uni luar negeri lah. SP itu ada quota nya makanya lebih susah, tapi ini buat orang2 lulusan Indo yang punay bachelor degree.
  5. Setelah si company apply employment pass buat elo, lo cuma nunggu dan berdoa sebanyak2nya supaya pass elo di-approve sama MOM (Kementrian Tenaga Kerja).
  6. Kalo nggak di approve, ulangi langkah nomor (1). Kalo di-approve, lo mesti pergi medical check up terus nunggu kartu SP/EP elo di-issue sama MOM. Lo harus submit beberapa dokumen tapi HR dari company lo bakal jelasin semua ke elo. (Nah ini lah kerjaan gue sehari2.)
  7. Setelah kartu SP/EP lo muncul, barulah lo legal untuk kerja di perusahaan itu selama periode 1 tahun/2 tahun. CONGARTS! you’re starting your new adventure!

Jelas nggak tuh penjelasan gue? Singkatnya adalah:

Apply kerja –> Interview –> Diterima kerja –> Apply Employment Pass –> Approval –> A new adventure!

Kalau misalnya Pass lo ditolak, apakah alasannya? Nah jujur aja, gue juga nggak ngerti, kadang gue bisa apply dua orang yang particulars nya hampir sama dan dari Uni yang sama, dengan gaji yang sama, tapi salah satu bisa di-reject. MOM emang punya hak untuk reject elo kerja disini. Makanya, gue bilang LUCK berguna juga disini. Banyak-banyak lah lo beribadah. LOL.

Working in Singapore

Apa iya kerja di Spore itu pace nya cepat dan bikin stress? IYAH. BENER. SUWER DAH. Gue pernah kerja di Bandung, Jakarta dan Singapore. I must say, pace dari tiga kita ini bener-bener beda. Kerja di Bandung itu menyenangkaaaaan banget (atau mungkin dulu gue cinta kerjaan gue) terus di Jakarta gue pernah kerja jadi Jurnalis dan gue komplen karena jam kerjanya terlalu lebay, sekarang disini gue komplen karena boss gue rada gila. Yah, rata-rata boss di Singapore emang rada gila, dalam artian mereka tuh bisa maki-maki elo blak-blak-an di depan elo. Nggak jarang ada adegan nangis2an segala.

Selama gue kerja di indo, gue nggak pernah dimarahin boss, palingan juga dikritik lembut, tapi nggak pernah dimaki. Disini? Udah biasaaaaa.

Terus disini biasanya lembur nya gila-gilaan, khususnya kalo elo adalah salah satu dari: Arsitek, Auditor, IT, Designer. Selamat deh yaaaaaaa!!! Dijamin lembur melulu. Gue pribadi NGGAK PERNAH lembur. Hahahah. pernah lah tapi paling sekali dalam setahun. Hahahah. Sedangkan si Bandi itu termasuk dari kategori occupation di atas jadilah dia tiap hari jadi penunggu kantor, temenan baek sama Pak Satpam.

Disini juga jarang ada maen-maen kayak di Indo. Dulu gue sering banget maen-maen di kantor sama temen-temen kantor gue, malah bisa maen bareng sama Boss pas jam kantor pula!! Disini? JANGAN HARAP!

Intinya, kerja di Spore emang dibayar dollar, tapi kerjanya tuh beneran lebih berat lah, yah kembali lagi ke diri lo lah, lebih demen kayak apa? Kalo gue sih jujur lebih demen kerja di Indo, tapi gue butuh duitnya, gimana dong? (jujur)

Anyway, semua yang gue tulis ini berdasarkan pengalaman dan opini pribadi yah, mungkin ada beberapa temen gue yang cinta mati kerja di Spore. Well… Setiap orang beda-beda yaaa!

Surviving Singapore!

Menanggapi pertanyaan beberapa teman, “Kok lo tahan sih hidup di Spore?”

Gini gini… sebenernya tinggal di luar negeri itu sama halnya kayak traveling. Ketika lo pergi atau tinggal di suatu tempat baru, lo harus adaptasi kan? Kalo lo cuma travel/visit, lo harus adapt dengan cepat tapi cepat ditinggalkan juga. Kalo lo harus tinggal, lo harus adapt pelan-pelan dan diresapi lah.

Gue suka heran sama orang yang pergi traveling terus komen, “Ih gue nggak suka deh ke Kuala Lumpur, abis berantakan dan MRT nya lama, beda banget deh sama Spore. Di spore mah nggak kayak gitu.” (jelas lah ya ini komen dari orang mana.) Gini toh mbak… namanya juga kita traveling yah, kalo lo selalu banding-bandingin, yah lo ga usah pergi kemana-mana… Selamanya aja di Spore, kan enak tuh segala-gala ada. Tujuannya traveling itu kan untuk gain experiences, good ones dan bad ones. Waktu gue ke Halong Bay tuh gue benciiiiii banget! Gue tuh kesel banget karena Halong Bay jelek mampus, sumpah deh semua yang pada bilang bagus dan foto-foto menipu di internet tuh rasanya mau gue maki-maki. Gue sempet banding-bandingin sama Lombok atau Phuket, but then gue sadar, I was wrong. Gue ke Hanoi karena gue mau tau, gue mau gsin experiences, so let it one bad experience, at least sekarang gue bisa ketawain.

Begitu juga dengan tinggal di Spore. Di spore kita nggak bisa punya pembantu (bisa lah, tapi mahal yah bok). Pulang kerja udah malem capek-capek lo masih harus cuci baju, nyetrika, sapu pel lantai, sikat kamar mandi, terus nggak ada yang masakin nasi dan sayur (huaaa! Masakan mama gue.) Belum lagi rasa lonely tinggal sendirian di negeri asing. Beli makanan juga rasanya nggak enak, tapi kalo mau makan di restoran melulu yah bangrkut dong… Kalau mau masak mesti repot ngebersihinnya. Pokoknya tinggal di negara orang itu nggak cuma enak-enak aja. Tapi yah… once kita udah adaptasi dan menerima kenyataan kalo makanan sini emang nggak lebih enak dari makanan Indo, dan menerima kenyataan kalo orang-orang sini tuh selfish nya nggak kira-kira (main terabas terobos di MRT) lama-lama kita nggak misuh-misuh lagi tapi yah just accept it as our new life.

Semua hal itu kan bisa dilihat dari bagusnya atau jeleknya. Kembali lagi ke gimana lo mau liatnya.

Soal bahasa.

Orang Indo ini agak tricky… Mau ngomong melayu sama orang Malay juga agak susah, mau ngomong chinese nggak bisa, so kita cuma bisa bahasa Inggris aja, padahal kalo di hawker/kopitiam gitu pasti mereka demennya nanya pake bahasa Mandarin (apalagi kalo muke gue begini. Sigh.) Terus tiap gue bilang gue nggak bisa bahasa Chinese, mereka pasti look down on me. Muka cina kok nggak bisa bahasa Cina. Murtad.

Dulu yah, gue sering banget nyolotin balik, yeh, elo tinggal di Spore nggak bisa bahasa Melayu?!! Bahasa Nasionalnya apa nyeeet?! Tapi yah sekarang sih udah mulai bisa terima lah… Kadang-kadang suka ngebales si Aunty jualan kopi pake Mandarin juga. Lama-lama bisa karena terbiasa lah.

Soal duit.

Nih yah, pada nanya, sebenernya bisa nabung nggak sih kerja di Spore? Secara kan Spore itu the most expensive city in earth. Jawabnya adalah: BISA. Yah, balik lagi ke lifestyle lo kali yaaa! Kalo lo beli tas LV setiap bulan sih nggak akan bisa nabung, adanya ngutang.

Soal peer pressure.

Menurut gue ya, beban mental paling parah untuk tinggal di Spore sebagai cewek adalah…. PEER PRESSURE. Cewek-cewek sini tuh langsingnya luar biasa. Kayaknya dosa banget kalo gendut disini. Buat orang-orang Spore asli yang udah modern, cewek-ceweknya suka kulit tan, tapi buat para foreigner dari Malaysia dan China dan aunty2 Spore yang jadul, mereka suka kulit putih banget. Jadilah gue selalu kena ocehan dari colleagues gue “Aduh, May… putihin kulit lo dong… Aduh May… kurusin badan dong.” Padahal gue udah ratusan juta kali bilang ke mereka, “I love my skin color just the way it is.” Tapi menurut mereka gue menyedihkan…. SWT BANGET KAN. Awal-awal gue marah-marah melulu kalo pulang ke rumah, sekarang sih gue udah ketawain aja. Ya udah sih, buat elo gue nggak cakep, tapi yang penting buat diri gue sendiri gue merasa cakep. Yeeee!

Soal apa lagi ya?

Gue nggak tahu lagi mau nambahin apa nih… Yah pokoknya survive disini tuh gampang lah asal lo bukan tipe cewek-cewek anak mami yang kemana-mana dianter supir dan nggak bisa naik angkutan umum dan mesti ada pembantu, yang nggak bisa nyuci panci abis makan indomie, yang nggak bisa bersihin kamar sendiri. Kalo kayak gitu sih, yah susah banget boook!!!

Okay then, segitu dulu aja deh yaaa… Maaf ya kalo gue nulis nya kayak nenek-nenek kebakaran jenggot, terus pasti gue langsung publish nggak pake edit lagi, soalnya beneran hari ini sibuk luar biasa. Ini gue paksain ngeblog demi challenge sialan itu. LOL.

If you’re serious to try a new adventure in Singapore, I wish you GOOD LUCK!!! And you can always email me for anything! :)


May, busy bee.

It’s all how you see it.

I know we heard the terms “it’s all how you see it” millions of times but how many times do we really use it for our own perspective? Really?

Everything you see in this world is up to you to define. It’s all how you see it.

Here’s the most famous optical illusion. It is a picture of duck… oh wait, it is a picture of rabbit. Oh wait, a duck? a rabbit? It’s both.

Just like life. We can always have so many ways to see.

You can argue until the world ends whether it is rabbit or duck and nobody will win, because both are right. Nobody is wrong because it’s a matter of perception.

What do you think about Soft Lens? Hmm, that’s quite random. Let me start over…

I’ve been ignoring to wear my eyeglasses because I hate wearing them, so when I went back to Indo last month and checked my eye, I had my degree increased. I was frustrated because I started to feel dizzy when I see things with my naked eye. Bottom line: I HAVE TO wear glasses.

But I hate them. So my cousin advised me to wear soft lens instead. I told her I couldn’t put anything on my eye. She said she would teach me. So she did. And shockingly I was pretty comfortable with it. But I haven’t worn any soft lens to office because I was just too lazy to do it in the morning and I always woke up late. But somehow this morning I managed to pull it off.

I came to office wearing Soft lens and everyone is entitled on their opinion, but of course you know how sotoy people can be. They kept saying, “Soft lens is not good for your eyes! You can get infection, irritation, etc etc etc”

Well, I wanted to tell them I am 100% aware of the risk and I still take it, and my cousin who had been using Soft Lens for 15 years has nothing to complain.

But then I was just smiling. I told them, “It’s like if you were planning to go ice skating but then your friend told you that you might fall down and broke your spine. It’s like if you were about to drive and your friend told you that you might get into accident. Everything in life has risk.”

I mean, how silly it is for somebody not to try something new just because they’re afraid of the risk? GEEZ! Even you sit down on the couch at your house and watching TV has risk! The meteor could’ve dropped and hit you!

Life is full of risk, yet it is full with opportunity and sweet surprises.

Falling in love is as risky as ice-skating or snow-boarding or wearing contact lens in some way. But it is also rewarding, isn’t it?

We have our freedom to see the picture above as rabbit or duck. We also have freedom in life to see everything as an opportunity or as a threat, in an optimistic way or pessimistic way, with a smile or a frown.

We define life itself as how we wanted.

Make sure it’s awesome!


May, “It’s just a freaking Soft Lens for god’s sake! Look how I turned my pissed-off mood into a post!”

P.S. Blog Giveaway is still open until Monday morning!!! WOOT!

A blink of an eye

If my life was a poetry and every chapter of the days deserved a song, if my journey was a poet’s notebook and the rest of the story was empty, how would I wanted the ending to be?

I would want a privilege to write my own ending full of whimsical doodles and possible glitters. I would not want a plain hand-written story because it’s boring. I would want ribbons, buttons, colored crayons and I would want it to be like a scrapbook of a twelve years old kid.

Another year has gone by, a beautiful one. Was it a chapter of a story or a paragraph of a poem or a line of a song? All I knew is it was written beautifully and passionately.

I closed my eyes and let the memories came to life through the back of my mind. I let the kisses reliving, the dreams recalling, the pain remembering, the hugs rewarming, the smiles reappearing.

I let my life replaying for a second.

Because it only happened in a blink of an eye.

I snorted to the funny facts when I woke up in the first day of this year under influence of some homemade cocktail. My head was spinning around and I remembered I loved dancing around. I did dance a lot this year and I enjoyed every seconds of it.

I danced and I screamed to the top of my lungs to the songs I loved. I loved bravely and passionately and I said yes to the thing I never thought I would. I was saying yes to a proposal from the most incredible man on earth. I took a chance.

I gave encouragement, I received compliments, I gave love, I earned trusts and I sadly lost a friend. I cried a little, and held back some pain and trying to let go at the end. And I moved on.

It happened in a blink of an eye.

It is the earth moving in a circle, hundred of times.

It is the milky way choreographed by the universe, the unknown, the god, the ruler.

And for it is only a blink of an eye, it would be one hell of wonderful sight when I opened my eyes.

Photo 28-12-13 10 58 04 pm

Happy new year, folks!

Be crazy tonight, because tomorrow is another year! Get ready for a sore throat, excessive drinking, bestfriend sleepover, blurred photographs, overload laundry, and lots and lots and lots of love!


May, been as busy as bee.


Hidup pas-pas-an

Hari ini entah kesambet apa, tiba-tiba kepingin nulis pakai Bahasa Indonesia, sekalian berusaha memperbaiki cara penulisan Bahasa Indonesia yang sudah gue abuse habis-habisan di whatsapp dan socmed lainnya. Setidaknya nulis di blog pasti lebih presentable daripada di whatsapp dan teman-temannya itu.

Hari minggu kemarin gue posting satu foto di Path dan di-komen oleh teman gue yang membuat gue mikir, “Hmm… bener juga yah!” lalu jadi kepikiran untuk membahas ini.

Inget nggak kata-kata yang sempet nge-trend jaman dulu?

Paling enak itu hidup pas-pas-an. Pas lagi mau makan ice cream ada, pas lagi mau keluar rumah eh hujan berhenti, pas mau beli playstation 4 eh pas dapet duit, beserta pas-pas-an lainnya.

Bandi sih pasti nggak setuju dengan kata-kata itu, secara dia itu orang yang sangat paranoid dengan gaya hidup pas-pas-an. Bandi adalah tipe orang yang harus selalu punya tabungan minimal. Kalau gue? Gue sih nggak terlalu mikirin uang, bukan karena uangnya kebanyakan, tapi karena justru nggak ada. Haha. Gue merasa nggak ada uang pun gue bisa hidup. Amit-amit deh ya, bukannya mau sompral, tapi gue bener-bener pernah hidup nggak ada uang banget dan tetep survive so gue nggak terlalu mikirin uang lah.

Gara-gara kejadian tiket hilang beberapa hari sebelum berangkat ke Eropa, si Bandi harus ngeluarin extra money yang nggak ada di budget kita. Seumur hidup dia kayaknya baru kali itu angka tabungan dia mencapai batas minimum. Dia langsung keringet dingin. Gimana kalau kita sakit? Gimana kalau tiba-tiba butuh uang? Blah blah blah.

Gue selalu bilang ke dia. Hidup itu jangan suka mikirin hal kayak gitu. Toh kita punya asuransi jadi kalau sakit kan terjamin, kita juga investasi walaupun nggak banyak. Ngapain numpuk-numpukin duit? Bandi bilang “untuk peace of mind.” Yaelah nih anak peace of mind nya sama duit, cina banget deh! Eh ini nggak rasis ya. Hahaha. :p

Intinya, gue dan Bandi punya pemikiran yang sangat-sangat berbeda tentang uang. Tapi itu beberapa tahun lalu lah. Lama-lama kita ketemu di tengah. Bandi jadi nggak terlalu parno lagi dan gue juga lebih berusaha untuk nggak semena-mena sama duit lah. Kayaknya ini adalah adaptasi terberat kita selama pacaran karena kita ingin punya visi yang sama terhadap uang jadi nanti kalau punya anak kita bisa kasih visi yang sama ke si anak tentang bagaimana melihat uang.

Balik lagi ke masalah hilang tiket itu… jadi pas balik dari Eropa kan kita bangkrut dong yah pastinya, tapi karena sudah terlanjur beli tiket ke Bandung yah kita tetep cabut ke Bandung untuk urusin wedding. (Arrghh, duit lagi dah!) Setelah itu kita mikir kayaknya weekend-weekend selanjutnya nggak akan bisa kemana-mana karena nggak ada duit pisan! Dalam seumur hidup gue tinggal di Singapore baru sekali ini kena charge $2 dari Bank karena saldo gue dibawah batas minimal. Hahahaha, dodol abis!

Waktu Catching Fire keluar di bioskop gue pengen banget nonton, secara gue udah nunggu-nunggu banget. Sebenernya beli tiket bioskop masih bisa lah tapi kita baru sadar kalau kita punya dua voucher nonton Gold Class yang pernah kita menangin bulan Mei tahun lalu (pernah gue ceritain di sini) jadilah kita nonton Catching Fire gratisan, nonton di Gold Class pula, yang satu theatre isinya cuma kayak 24 orang aja. Mirip-mirip Premierre nya 21 di Indonesia lah cuma ini versi super enak nya. Gue dan Bandi cuma pernah nonton di Gold Class sekali waktu nonton Les Miserables  itupun juga gratisan (karena Bandi menang 2 voucher Gold Class of being the most loved colleague di kantornya).

Kenapa kita selalu nonton Gold Class gratis? Karena kalo bayar kayaknya nggak sanggup (dan nggak rela) deh. It costs S$76 per pair!!! *nangis darah*

Seminggu kemudian kita pun berencana untuk week-end-an di rumah, meskipun si Bandi ngerayu-rayu gue untuk nonton konser nya Glenn Fredly. Oh ya, FYI si Bandi ini fans beratnya Glenn. Kalau pergi karaoke belum afdol kalau dia nggak nyanyi lagunya Glenn satu album. Hmm, agak lebay sih ya, nggak satu album lah, at least tembang-tembang favorit pasti dinyanyikan. :p

Satu hal lagi… jaman kita masih pacaran mesra dulu (ceilah) kita pertama kali gandengan tangan pas konser nya Glenn Fredly di UnPar Bandung. Uhuy! Makanya ada nilai nostalgia nya lah si mas Glenn untuk kita. Ya ampun, dulu pertama kali digandeng Bandi deg-deg-an nya luar biasa, hampir kena heart attack deh! LOL.

Eh ada satu hal lagi deh… Waktu Bandi kasih gue video di hari proposal gue, videonya pakai soundtrack lagu Glenn yang “Kisah Romantis” makanya gue jadi gimanaaa gitu tiap denger lagu yang ini. *kedip-kedip genit*

Yah intinya si Bandi pengen nonton Glenn lah, tapi kita nggak bisa nonton karena…. MAHAL! Satu tiket harganya $58 yang paling murah. Ya udah deh, karena Bandi sedih gue bilang ke dia, “kamu boleh main bola dua hari berturut-turut deh…” Jadi cara menghibur Bandi cuma ada dua: kasih cewek telanjang atau kasih maen bola. Gampangan kasih yang kedua lah ya.

Sebenernya Bandi hanya gue kasih main bola sekali tiap weekend soalnya kalo dua hari berturut-turut nanti nggak ada waktu pacaran sama gue dong? :p Nggak lah, gue takut dia kecapekan, Dia tuh kalo main bola suka lebay gitu, bisa dua jam non-stop terus biasanya dia pasti pake jatuh-jatuh gitu ala pemain-pemain bola La Liga. Belum lagi jaman musim hujan gini, pulang-pulang ke rumah bawa kotoran!!! Dari ujung rambut sampe ujung jempol lumpur semua!!! Bikin repot aja! Sekarang sih enak udah bisa bersihin sendiri (setelah gue maki-ribuan kali), dulu mah cuma dilempar aja seenaknya.

Dulu Bandi pernah ngomong, “nggak sabar pengen buru-buru punya anak cowok…” sambil nyikat sepatu lumpurnya.

Gue tanya, “kenapa? Biar bisa diajak main bola bareng?”

“Biar bisa diajarin sikat sepatu.” MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, tadi ceritanya sampai mana ya? Kok jadi belok-belok gini. Maaf gue emang susah fokus, apalagi kalo sambil browsing-browsing foto topless nya Cristiano Ronaldo. *lho?*

Jadi hari kamis kemarin dia udah siap-siap maw packing peralatan maen bola nya untuk dibawa ke kantor hari Jumat, supaya dia bisa langsung maen bola sepulang kantor.

Tiba-tiba Phonebob (nama HP gue) berdering, “Halo?”

“May! Besok mau nonton Glenn ga? Gue ada tiket gratis nih!”

OMAIGATTT!!! Gue teriak lah “MAU LAH! MENURUT LO!!!” pake nada nggak santai. Ternyata temennya temen gue ini kenal sama promotor nya Glenn jadi tiket gratis pun bertebaran. (Emang yah orang Indo paling sering begini. :D)

Gila emang si Bandi hoki nya luar biasa! Batal deh dia main bola, jadinya nonton konser Glenn Fredly. =)

Nostalgila deh kita :)

Nostalgila deh kita :)

Di konser itu pula gue ketemu Erlia (mamanya Dex dan Sheldon) secara kebetulan. Hihihi. Nggak sempet photo karena gue kebelet pipis. Tapi semoga nanti kita bisa meet-up lagi di rumah Dex yah. Horeee!

Kembali ke posting-an Path yang di komen-in temen gue… Gue post kalau gue nonton Glenn gratis, terus dia bilang “kok lo dapet gratisan melulu sih akhir-akhir ini?” sambil dilanjuti makian-makian sirik gitu.

Disitulah gue sadar. Hidup gue pas-pas-an! Pas gue mau nonton nyaman, gue punya voucher movie, disaat mau nonton Glenn, dapet tiket gratis.

Ternyata hidup enak itu nggak perlu duit, cuma perlu hoki dan temen-temen yang baik. =)

Gue jadi inget masa-masa kuliah dulu. Tau nggak sih, duit jajan gue itu cuma 100ribu seminggu! Tapi setiap hari gue maen terus udah macam Paris Hilton aja. Nonton konser gratis (pasti ada aja yang punya tiket gratis), nggak ada duit buat dugem setel lagu di kamar trus nyalain senter digoyang-goyang, nonton bioskop bayar 50% (dulu nonton cuma 7rb perak cuy!) Akhir bulan nggak ada duit tiba-tiba Bokapnya temen gue nraktir makan Buffet, pokoknya life’s good. Pas mau apa yah ada.

Gue juga jadi inget kejadian gue pindah ke Singapore. Pas gue lagi desperate cari kerja, pas temen gue kasih koran lama dan gue apply ke kerjaan yang recruitment nya udah tutup. Eh sorenya gue langsung ditelepon, ternyata posisi yang udah diisi itu kosong lagi karena si cewek ini kena pecat dan resume gue tba-tiba nongol hari itu.

Gue juga jadi inget waktu gue kehujanan naik motor di Jakarta terus tiba-tiba ban gue pecah dan gue kagak ada duit buat nambel eh ada Bapak-bapak bayarin tambal ban gue.

Hidup itu nggak perlu punya yang lebay-lebay. Yang penting cukup. Yang penting pas butuh apa yah pas ada. =)

Jadi goal gue untuk tahun depan, semoga pas gue mau pindah kerja, pas gue dapetnya yaaaa. Hear hear Universe!

Setelah drama wedding preparation gue yang penuh air mata, akhirya hari ini gue bisa kembali have a peace of mind lagi. I feel good after writing this post.


May, yang otaknya lagi bener.

Meet the bloggers

Blogging has brought so many great things in my life. The intention of blogging has never changed since the very first post I posted, it is a journal for the future May to read. All the idealism, the bitching, the inspiration and the sweet romantic stories packed into one hearty journal.

I’ve never intended to entertain people with my annoying rants or my cheesy love story but if you are entertained then it’s a bonus. =)

Blogging without blogwalking is like May without Bandi, it is not complete (sorry for the cheesy reference, I can’t help it) so when I started to blogwalked last year, I’ve met so many great people with so many stories. Some will leave friendly comments on my blog, some are silent reader, some can turn out to be good friends and chat occasionally with me on whatsapp. I’m so grateful knowing everyone and reading their stories.

And then I posted this post, and Dea emailed me that invitation was accepted. Meeting her was my very first time of doing the kopi darat (literate translate as land coffee) which means blind-meet up. After that, meeting other bloggers have been one of my favorite thing. =)

Meeting Dea

Dea came to Singapore last May with Utin, her husband. We had been emailing each other to plan her Singapore trip. When the day finally came, we met in Raffles Mrt because I told her I would bring her around for a day. It was a freaking hot day! And she survived! LOL.

It was so sweet of her to bring me emping and some Indonesian snacks (and those were the culprit of my sore throat later on :p). I was with Bandi and one of my friend, Klemens, who happened to visit and stayed at my place. So five of us went to Singapore walking trail in a very hot day, I still can’t believe we survived. It was a good coincidence that Klemens and Utin went to the same college and even shared mutual friends, later on we met another friend from Utin’s old University and we ended up having a big dinner. It was a fun HOT day.

Dea was sweet and really pretty while Utin was funny and cheerful. The two of them were so meant to be (also explained by how they met, such in a movie!) and Utin is head over heels in love with Dea, I can tell! (Or I’m just being sotoy.)

The four of us, somewhere in Marina Bay

The four of us, somewhere in Marina Bay

Anyway, I hope I can meet them again some time in the future. =)

Meeting Keven

Keven was my very first reader. I didn’t know about blogwalking back then and also didn’t know how he found my blog. But thankfully he’d found my blog so we could get to know each other more.

He came to Singapore last August for his surgery (and thank god it went well) so we met up for a sushi a couple of days before the surgery. The full report was written on his blog here.

Just like he mentioned on his blog, we connected instantly, like old friends. We talked about life, love, food, dreams and one unexpected topic: GHOST! LOL.

Keven and Me, at Orchard Road

Keven and Me, at Orchard Road

Keven was cute and fun to be with. We have one thing in common: we both are romantic! Haha!

Meeting Chelle

Chelle had to come to Singapore because she needed to take care of her pregnant aunty. In her busy days we managed to meet up for a dinner. I brought her to a Korean fast food because she liked Korean things. =)

From the very first time we met, I felt comfortable with Chelle. It felt like going out with my own little sister and she didn’t hesitate to hug me and snuggle with me. Awww she was so cute.

I listened to her talking about her life and her dreams. It was so good to know that this girl is full of energy and believed in dreams. Never let it go Chelle and keep striving for the best!!! =D

Chelle and Me, in Jurong Point.

Chelle and Me, in Jurong Point.

Meeting Lia

We’ve been mentioning Sushi on each other’s comments for a while and it was finally the time to have a real sushi meet-up! We decided to try a sushi bar called KOH and how shocking it was that the queue was so freaking long that we spent one  and a half hour just for queuing!!!

Thankfully Lia was such a great companion so 90 minutes didn’t seem that long. she told me her 6 years LDR story with Robby and I was awed by how she was patiently going through the LDR. But she, herself, seems so patient and matured. She also gave me a lot of helpful advice for my upcoming European adventure. =)

Later that night Lia whatsapped me that we forgot to take photos together. Geez, how did we forget about it?! I think it means we must arrange another suhsi meet up!! yaiy!

Um, you all probably wonder whether the 90 mins queue is worth the taste of the sushi… Hmm, YES IT IS!!! The sushi is awesooommmmeee!! I would gladly queue for another 90 mins for that sushi! =D

Meeting Gillian

I have been asking to meet her since long time ago because we both lives in Singapore but then Gil was so busy traveling around to Israel and then Hongkong so we postponed the meet-up a couple of times. (Yes, blaming to her, yes!) Hahaha no lah, it was also my fault too. :p

Anyway the most important thing is… we finally met!

We ate in a sushi restaurant (Yeah yeah now I realize Bandi was right saying I ate too many sushi) and she gave me this cutie bracelet. It was handmade by her friend. Thank you so much, Gil!

Gil is so loud talkative. LOL. Nah, It’s fun to talk to her. She’s like a non-stop machine gun and she never stop talking. She’s also adorably funny. =D

We talked mostly about her being a teacher and me being interested of going back to teach so I asked a lot of questions about being a teacher in Singapore. She looked so happy with her job and she looked younger than her age, both are probably the effect of being a teacher. You know, because it’s a fun job.

And of course the other thing we talked about was… TRAVELING! About the trips that she had done and her planned trip next year. I learned that Raimond has an OCD like me too (haha), he likes to organize things to the detail. You’re one lucky lady, Gil! =D

Oh and I forgot to snap photos with her, but don’t worry we both live in Singapore so it won’t be a problem. Next meet-up is probably another Japanese food. hahaha

Meeting Noni

My medan trip was almost being cancelled because of Bandi’s passport incident, but thankfully the passport came back on time so we could go to Medan. The meet-up just happened yesterday. I’ve been eating 7 meals a day in Medan and I almost didn’t make it to meeting Noni. I felt bad because I was late, so DAMN late. T.T

Thankfully Noni was very understanding. =)

After we dropped off Matt to his office, we went to a coffee shop nearby and had a chat. The topic was of course traveling. She has good knowledge about Mt Bromo thus I asked a lot (way looot) of questions. Noni is easy going, fun and pretty! She’s surprisingly small. LOL. Don’t take this the wrong way Non, I meant you’re cute, you know. Hahaha.

It’s too bad we didn’t have more time to catch up because she seemed to have a lot of interesting things to talk about. I also only met Matt a little while (because I was so damn late duh) but actually I wanted to hear him talking about his work. =)

Anyway, not to worry, Non, cause I LOVE Medan (which was frowned upon by you and Matt, LOL) and I’m so going back… for THE FOOD! Hahahah.

None and me, in... a cafe which I forgot the name. :p

None and me, in… a cafe which I forgot the name. :p

So yeah, I met new friends because of blogging and it’s been a bless. =)

I do hope I can meet everyone!!! But that would include a lot of traveling, which is a very good excuse! LOL

But if anyone of you wanted to come to Spore, I would gladly show you around with an exchange of syomai. :p Nah, just kidding. =D


May, with her extended waist line of Medanese food. WORTH IT!

Bonus Photo of Bandi carrying Brownie in Medan

Bonus Photo of Bandi carrying Brownie in Medan