No matter what

This is the happiest moment in my life, right here right now, in your arms, she said. She tightened her grasp on his back and felt warmth in her heart. Nothing would ever feel as good, not even close to what she was feeling then. And then she kissed his lips and everytime it felt like the first time, which happened eleven years ago. She couldn’t understand, every single day of her life, she kept wondering, how could she love someone this much? How was this even possible, to keep loving someone so hard so extreme every single day?

Isn’t something like this crazy won’t last long? Isn’t it too good to be true? She thought to herself. The ecstasy of being in his arms wiped away those questions. We will stay like this forever, her illogical side told her.

She tilted her head to see his eyes, closed. He smiled cheekily and rubbed his stubble beard on her forehead, something that she always complained about. She touched the stubble and asked him to shave the next morning and she said, I’m very proud of you, randomly.

He was her star, her inspirations.


This is awful, why do I have to feel this sadness, she said. She tightened her grasp on his back and felt warmth in her heart. You have one bad day down, he said and then kissed her forehead. She looked up, his face was blurry covered by her own tears. He slurped her tears and she chuckled, it was something that he did to cheer her up whenever she cried. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was, to have someone who would always fight alongside her. No matter what happens, no matter how hurtful people could be to her, she would always have him, as her sidekick.

He took a glass of water and asked her to drink up, replenished the energy, re-hydrate the frustration. Yeah it was sad what happened to her, but sad won’t last forever, just like joy, anger and other hundreds of adjectives in the dictionary. But I bet this will last forever, she thought to herself. Right here right now, the moment when she was feeling grateful to have someone to share burden with, to vent frustration to, to just be with.

She loves him whenever she’s happy, she loves him whenever she’s sad. She loves him no matter what.

From now til the end of time.IMG_7852.JPG

Should you tell your spouse EVERYTHING?

I bet a lot of people who are newly married have this question in their mind. Because I did too. You might notice I use past tense because I have found the answer, thus I am no longer questioning.

But for those who are questioning about the answer…. let me start a (quite) long post.

Like usual, let me give a cute GIF to start the post!

Let me tell you a story first about my conversation with my mom that happened long time ago. It was when I was 15 or 16 years old and I didn’t have many relationship experiences, most of my experiences were bad, in a way that I was mostly hurt.

My mom and I were not close, however on that particular day, she decided to have a little talk about relationship and marriage. She said, “when you get married someday, keep some of your secrets for yourself. Don’t share EVERYTHING to your husband. Always keep some secret.” She even emphasized the word don’t share everything. She even said it twice.

Do you think I agreed with her?

Answer is so obvious!

If you know me well, you would know by now that I never agree with my mom about everything. LOL.

I didn’t agree with her on that very moment, but I knew I didn’t have any arguments to defend myself so I chose to shut my big mouth up.

Now that I’m married (tough luck, eh, Mom? LOL) I still disagree with her. But I don’t think she’s wrong.

I don’t think it is wrong not to share everything with your spouse.

But I know for a fact that for me it’s not gonna work. If I didn’t share everything with my spouse, my marriage would fail. That’s me.

So, let’s come back to present moment. I am happily married for 8 months now. I’ve been living together with my husband for 4 years and been together for almost 9 years now.

I do tell my husband EVERYTHING. Seriously, EVERYTHING. So to you, my good friends, when you told me “Don’t tell Bandi!” after you told your story… I never promised. If it was a very secretive thing and I did promise, there is a very small chance I didn’t tell Bandi. (But if someday Bandi asked about it, I would tell him in a heartbeat.)

The thing is…

I’m not good with secrets. Secrets tend to be tied with lies and I am a TERRIBLE LIAR. Seriously I prefer to do anything other than lying. Lying is like a snowball. Once you lie, you have to cover your lies and so on and so on. (I don’t have spare rooms in my brain for this kind of thing!)

Not enough brain cells to lie.

The biggest lie in my life is probably when I live together with Bandi. We have to cover the situation to some people and it was THE WORST! I hated it so much so in some point, I decided to just tell my parents that I lived together with Bandi. There, out of the chest.

For you, male population, who read this, you’re probably wondering how stupid I am, that I am so delusional and I might not know that my husband actually doesn’t do the same thing, which he is NOT telling me everything.

Well… Truth be told, what I’m saying is purely from my side of coin. Yes, I won’t know the fact if Bandi did the same thing to me. But dear… if you don’t trust your spouse, you might as well call a lawyer now and get divorced. Marriage won’t work without trust. This one, I’m 100% sure.

So, I trust him. I trust Bandi is also telling me EVERYTHING.

Bottom line, we tell each other everything. We always thought that healthy relationships have the same thing with us, that the couples tell each other everything, until one day… we found out that it was not the case.

I found out that very moment that the husband lied to the wife about something, even though from my personal opinion, the lie wasn’t even that important! It was a silly lie but he lied anyway and he insisted us not to tell his wife.

Eh, wait! Blackmail idea!

But then after a long conversation with Bandi, we realize that… There is not such thing as a rule of thumb for a perfect relationship. Everyone can design their own relationship and feel perfect about it.

I was so judgy I didn’t know maybe he was protecting her feelings, maybe he knew it better that his wife was better off with lies.

So, let’s go back to the question that made you guys click this blog at the first place. So…


The answer is Yes and No.

It goes back to the purpose of your marriage. This is something that you should discuss with your spouse before you actually got married. So let me put on Dr. Phil mask and do some analytic.

Yes, if you…

  • Are the type of person that value honesty and openness.
  • Are better hurt knowing the truth than not knowing at all.
  • Think it’s about the journey, not the destination.
  • Are a risk taker.

No, if you…

  • Are a goal oriented person.
  • Think ignorance is a bliss.
  • Are practical.
  • Are the type of person that value pride and privacy.
  • Are easily insecure.

So, at the end of the day, it goes back to what type of person you are and what kind of relationship you want. Both are perfectly fine. I have only one thing to underline here… if you have doubts with your spouse, ASK. Never assume. Assuming is the most stupid thing you do in marriage.

When you ask, always believe what your spouse tell you. That’s just how it works.

If you don’t trust your spouse, again, please seek professional help. Something is very wrong.

I hope this post clears any doubts because Valentine’s day is coming!!! I love Valentine’s day! It’s a one-day pass to be mushy mushy in social media! :D

>> What’s your Valentine’s day plan?! Let me know! I love sweet stories!<<


May, assisting Dr. Phil. :p

Top Ten Moments in 2014

All moments are special on its way. Sure, I can’t compare one to another as they might have different variables. So this post is for fun purposes only, ok?

I kinda got the idea from facebook, because facebook made a summary of your  life for the year 2014 and I was like… I want to create a Top Ten Moments my version!

I know it’s quite late now but I’ve been either too busy or too lazy. Haha

So here it is…

10. Getting onto a national newspaper

Photo 15-1-15 2 36 02 pm

It was in Media Indonesia. A reporter apparently followed my instagram and we have a mutual friend so I was interviewed about clean eating


Come on, it’s pretty awesome! :D

I was overwhelmed though because I didn’t know much about clean eating and I was scared to give wrong ideas but then I thought… What the hell? Since when I think about other people? I just wanna be in the paper! LOLOLOL.

9. Angel moved in to Singapore

The photos was taken on her work achievement celebration. :)

The photos was taken on her work achievement celebration. :)

It was one of the best surprise from Universe! Now I have my support system all around me. :)

8. watched Bandi open his Christmas present

If you haven’t watched it. Watch it! He was acting like 5 years old kid cause he was so happy. This is super worth every penny!

7. Be passionate about clean eating

Photo 11-1-15 12 06 20 pm

I’ve only known clean eating for ten months now… so it might be a phase, but however, I feel much happier and content now to know that I’m eating right and healthy. God knows how obsessed I am about my body, how I’m so conscious about it (I know this sounds so lame or vain or whatever-I admit this) and clean eating has changed my body so much to be more fit, more toned and of course lighter.

I’m so happy to finally learn for good that you can eat delicious food which is also healthy for you. I’m finally fine. :)

Read more about my clean eating journey here and here.

6. A Surprise birthday trip to Bali

Hubby surprised me with a trip to Bali on my birthday. That was the first time I visited Ubud and I loved it! :) The journey and the moments were unforgettable.

However, not so many photos were captured apparently.

5. Started working at Schneider

I can’t imagine how lucky I am to join one of the best company on earth. It’s been 5 months since I joined Schneider and everyday it gets better! I love my boss, my colleagues and my work. I love the fact that I can always develop and learn and excel in career. I’m excited with my work life now. (Also the reason why I blog less now-sorry :p)

One of my colleague threw a get-together party on Christmas

One of my colleague threw a get-together party on Christmas

Selfie during a forum!

Selfie during a forum!

4. Honeymoon-ing in Maldives

Photo 5-8-14 11 37 45 pm


Although it was postponed for about a month (because of the funeral) I guess when good thing supposed to happen, it will. :)

More photos here!

3. The Bachelorette’s Night!

And then the scavenger list is wrapped up!!! And I ended it with showing off my arms! HAHAHAHA! "I'm strong!" LOLOLOL

And then the scavenger list is wrapped up!!!

Hands down one of the best night in my life. H.A.N.D.S D.O.W.N. It was EPIC.

2. Dancing with my dad

Photo 15-1-15 3 28 50 pm Photo 15-1-15 3 30 38 pm


I can’t even– :”)

1. Married my bestfriend

Heck yeah we did!

Heck yeah we did!



of course, duh! BEST DAY EVER! Read about it here and here.

Ahhh… now I feel so nostalgic… :)

What are your top ten moments in 2014? Care to share? Probably create one post about it! It’s so fun for reminiscing! :D

I wish we knew we were in the good old times so we would cherish the time more.


May, feeling nostalgic.

Visiting Maldives 101

Two months have been passed since Bandi and I had our honeymoon in Maldives and somehow the beautiful feeling still lingers everytime I hear the name “Maldives”. Maldives is such a truly beautiful country with literally thousands of beautiful islands.

I might have promised some friends about the Maldives posting, so here it finally comes. But please take note that this post is not my story about my honeymoon in Maldives. It’s merely about process to book your dream holiday to Maldives, some tips and tricks and budget perspective as well.

So let’s begin the class of Maldives 101!

How to go to Maldives?

The answer is so freaking easy! By plane! The international airport (the only hub that you need to remember) is at Male, the capital city of Republic of Maldives. Male is a small (tiny) crowded city that you won’t want to explore after your dreamy heavenly holiday in one of the Maldives Island. Take note to that!

From Singapore, there are 2 direct flights to Male; by Singapore airlines or Tiger Airways. I chose the later one because of budget constrain. :p

The cheapest plane you can find is Srilankan Airline and Malaysian Airline, but both will have to stopover in Colombo and Kuala Lumpur respectively. I don’t like waiting in the airports, so layover was not an option for me that time.

Srilankan Airlines offered around S$600 for round trip from Singapore to Male and Malaysian Airlines offered slightly cheaper.

Which Maldivian atoll should I go?

Here’s the thing. You probably can’t do island hopping in Maldives. Why? First, because it’s super expensive! Second, why would you do that? You suppose to relax and have fun!

And from this sentence forward, I will have to switch the word island to atoll. Atoll is a (much) smaller version of island. Maldives has thousands of atoll. If I’m not mistaken only 10% is habitant. The rests are inhabitant. I’m not sure about the number though, you can always google them.

Some habitant atolls are public atoll, meaning there are Maldivian living there. But most of the habitant atolls are owned by… Private Resorts.

These private resorts will become your home during your holiday.

Now, let’s talk about how you choose the atoll/resort to go. You have to do the research! Read from travel blogs, tripadvisor, agoda, anything that has honest reviews from real travelers!

Bear in mind that the hotel/resort/atoll you pick will be your home during your holiday. You will be stuck there! It’s impossible to go out from it unless you want to swim across Indian Ocean. :p

I stayed at Kuredu Resort, and I can say I’m truly pleased with everything. :)

Types of rooms and types of boards.

Hotel/resort in Maldives are a bit different from the rest of the world. First, you have to choose a room between Beach Villa and Water Villa. Beach Villa is the small house located on the beach, while Water Villa is the small house that was built on the water.

The water villa where we stayed for a week. Sunset was the most beautiful time.

The water villa where we stayed for a week. Sunset was the most beautiful time.

One of my best shot from Maldives.

One of my best shot from Maldives.

After you picked your room, you have to pick your boarding types: Half board means your breakfast and dinner are covered. Full Board means all breakfast, lunch and dinner are covered. All Inclusive means All meals plus alcoholic drinks are covered.

What would you do over there?

I thought I would be bored, but how wrong I was! The resort I stayed offered so much, I could never get bored. There are a lot of activities to do such as Swimming (of course), snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking, golfing, soccer, jogging, games (billiard, chess, and other stuffs), and other sporting games. They also offered excursion trip to nearby Maldivian public island.

But then again, remember the main purpose for your Maldivian Holiday: to relax and unwind. :)

Hubby. Relaxing.

Hubby. Relaxing.

Can we go backpacking to Maldives?

As a budget traveler, this might be my first luxury trip. I usually backpacked with Bandi, but then it was our honeymoon and it was Maldives, so we decided to splurge. However I think it is possible to have a budget trip to Maldives but you maybe only explore the nearby atolls around Male. It won’t be as serene as those atolls that’s organized by resorts. But when there is a will, there is a way!

How to go to the Atolls from Male?

Don’t worry, the resorts representative will pick you in Male and they will put you on a small seaplane (operated by Trans Maldivian Air) and it will transport you from and to the atolls. Well, with a charge of course, varies from US$250 – US$500 (round trip) depends on the distance. The further your resort, the more expensive it is.

Mine was US$330. Bummer.

The aerial view from the seaplane.

The aerial view from the seaplane.

But our eyes will be spoiled by the beautiful scenery along the way. So I guess it’s worth– it?

Money matters.

Once you arrive in the resort, you will not need to pay anything. You can drink in any bar as you like, buy whatever you want… But then on the day you check out from your room, the bills will wait you there. Hahaha!

That’s the great thing about Maldives, they made you forget about money for a while! :D

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner will be in buffet style (no wonder I got fat) but they also have some premium ala carte Restaurant. We managed to have our romantic honeymoon dinner by the beach. We were having lobster, drinking some champagne, and got carried away. It was beautiful. Surely a moment to remember.

Great food, surprisingly. :)

Great food, surprisingly. :)

Drinking water throughout our stay was free but I read reviews from other travelers who stayed in different resorts, some charged drinking water as high as $10 per bottle! And since you’re stuck in the atoll, you don’t have any other choice than buying it. (Unless you’re willing to drink salt water for days).

That’s why it’s important to get a wonderful resort.


  1. Regardless of you nationality, you don’t need Visa to enter Maldives.
  2. You are not allowed to bring in any kind of alcohol into Maldives.
  3. If you arrived late (after 5pm in Male) you will have to spend the night in Male and fly to your resort the next day. Same goes if your departing flight from Male is very early in the morning, you better spend your last night in Male.
  4. The currency of Maldives is Rufiyaa, however resort would only accept US Dollars. I only use Rufiyaa when I was in Male.

Any Other Questions?

Just hit me up in comments. I’ll be glad to help to plan your next dreamy holiday in Maldives!!! Woot Woot!

Photo 29-7-14 2 20 25 pm

Cheers always,

May, loving the good life.




“The rest of our life”

It was a warm evening on the bus ride from a local Supermarket to our hdb flat when Bandi suddenly said, slowly and dreamily, “Do you realize it? We’re finally living the rest of our life…”

You probably don’t get it. At first I didn’t get it either. What did he mean by that?

“You see, I’ve been saying I wanted to marry you for so long, I’ve been striving to the day I could finally marry you and I’ve been wishing to spend the rest of my life with you… And now it’s happening… You’re already my wife. And we…”

“We are already spending our lives together. We’re already there.” He lifted up the grocery bag on his hand, smiling happily.

Was that contentment I saw in his eyes? I hope so.

Yes, it’s true that we’ve only been married for 3 months but we’ve lived together for the past 3 years. But somehow… I know that he needs security. He needs to title husband to feel content, to know that he is living the rest of his life now.

The phrase “The rest of my life” sounds very long, forever even. It is until the day you die. When we said “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, we didn’t really realize that the “rest of the life” could actually come.


The rest of the life is now.

Now is already part of the rest of the life.

The rest of our life has already started.

It contains of sharing dreams, cooking meals, cleaning the house, traveling on new adventures, visiting family, working for personal growth, and a lot of grocery shoppings.

It didn’t start merely on the day we said “I do.” It wasn’t like in a movie where there’s a grand orchestra as the background on the first day of the rest of our life.

It was on a bus ride, with sweats on our shirts and grocery bags on our hand… when we finally realized “We are living the rest of our life.”

And he finished it with a happy smirk on his face while saying, “Oh my god, you are finally my wife.”

MayBand 002-RCheers,

May, the wife.


Best Day Ever (Part 2)

Finally!!! I have time to continue the story of the best day of my life. Part One here! So yeah, after we played the video to the audience, it was time for us to come in!!! And this is how we went in! :D

Basically we Bandi and I tore down the “Heck Yeah We Did” paper and Fenty supposed to ignite the fireworks and place them around us, but unfortunately the firework didn’t work. Hahahaha. Angel, Renny and Tannia put the words “BEST DAY EVER” below us and it also didn’t really work because somehow we all laughed for no reason.

After that Bandi and I supposed to kiss each other hot and wet and they supposed to look grossed and left us alone. However only Renny acted seriously grossed (or was she really? LOL)


It started very smoothly

_DSC0024a _DSC0026a _DSC0025a DSC_5067a

But everything was just so fun, or we were a little high, I don’t know. Everything just seemed so right. Hahaha. I was in the happiest moment of my life.

After that, We were all seated and Bandi began his welcome speech.

Huuby <3

Hubby <3

It was funny and sweet, and pretty long for a speech. Who knows now he loved to speak in front of public? LOL

Here's to today.

Here’s to today.

And for the rest of our lives. :)

And for the rest of our lives. :)

So here’s to today. The best day ever. And may we remember this day forever. :) Now let’s start dinner!!! I’m starving!

Parents and close family's table! =)

Parents and close family’s table! =) Guess which one is my mom which one is Bandi’s mom?

DSC_5090a DSC_5092a DSC_5095a After the starter course, it was time for Ricky (One of Bandi’s groomsman to deliver his speech) Oh thanks god he delivered the speech in English because there were a loooott of things not supposed to be said in front of parents on that speech. LOLOLOL.

His stupid face when he got a call from somebody on his phone while he read his speech. "Somebody please stop calling my phone" LOLOLOL

His stupid face when he got a call from somebody on his phone while he read his speech. “Somebody please stop calling my phone” LOLOLOL

And again!

Cheers again!

And again! Bandi couldn't stand to finish them all!

And again! Bandi couldn’t stand to finish them all!



Let’s continue dinner! =D But Bandi decided it wasn’t the time to eat but to drink instead, so he shared drinks with everyone. Awww, my cute hubby… so selfless. :) DSC_5112a _DSC0132a _DSC0136a _DSC0147a _DSC0139a _DSC0150a While I… liked to be on the spotlight! So I took photos!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF PHOTOS!!! :D DSC_5128a DSC_5124a _DSC0167a _DSC0166a DSC_5120a DSC_5132a DSC_5134a And then it was time for the bridesmaids’ speech.

It was started with Renny showing to the world how fat I was as a baby. LOL

It was started with Renny showing to the world how fat I was as a baby. LOL We even took photos together when we were 3 months old. :) Left baby is renny, right cute baby is me.

And how we grew up as "remaja galau". XD

And how we grew up as “remaja galau”. XD

And even galauer teenager. Hahahaha

And even galauer teenager. Hahahaha

And she told me about the first time she, I and Bandi hung out together. It was an instant click. :)

And she told me about the first time she, I and Bandi hung out together. It was an instant click. :)

What a ridiculously funny and extremely sweet speech from my maid of honor, my cousin and my forever bestfriend. :)

What a ridiculously funny and extremely sweet speech from my maid of honor, my cousin and my forever bestfriend. :)

And then Fenty continued the speech.

And then Fenty continued the speech.

Fenty telling stupid things. haha

Fenty telling stupidly funny things. haha

Angel carried on...

Angel carried on… And I was already sobbing out of happiness. :”)

And then Angel was telling something people shouldn't know. LOLOLOL

And then Angel was telling something people shouldn’t know. LOLOLOL

Tannia finished the speech beautifully.

Tannia finished the speech beautifully.

I remember she said, “we were friends for so long we didn’t even realize how much changes we’ve been through and yet we’re still friends now. :) We were friends when my hair was still like lion, when Fenty was still super fat, when Renny was still crying every 5 minutes and May was still so tanned.” LOL

And then Tannia said about things happened on my bachelorette party! OH NO!!! Look at Bandi's face! XD

And then Tannia said about things happened on my bachelorette party! OH NO!!! Look at Bandi’s face! XD

Let's cheer one more time!!!

Let’s cheer one more time!!!

This time is for friendship!!! For how wonderful our lives are with friends. :)

This time is for friendship!!! For how wonderful our lives are with friends. :)

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

IMG_0342 IMG_0343 Some friends from the guest tables also delivered speeches. Thanks to Angita (the apple pie from a story here.) Cuanda, my frenemy. Yoan, the most romantic girl I’ve known. And Uman for the dadakan speech! :) You guys completed my BEST DAY EVER with all of your sweet and funny words! :D

Angita, the "Apple Pie" A girl with her own fairy tale that made me believed in true love. It's an honor receiving your speech. :)

Angita, the “Apple Pie” A girl with her own fairy tale that made me believed in true love. It’s an honor receiving your speech. :)

My sweet and bitter Cucu. :)

My sweet and bitter Cucu. :)

DSC_5157a DSC_5161a

And Yoan who wrote a  story about a boy named "Light" and a girl who's not afraid of the sun and doesn't bother to apply sunblock. :)

And Yoan who wrote a story about a boy named “Light” and a girl who’s not afraid of the sun and doesn’t bother to apply sunblock. :)

DSC_5166a Yoan’s short story about Disney’s version of Me and Bandi really moved me. I promise I will copy it on a post right after I unpack all the wedding cards from my friends. :)

And Uman who didn't even prepare a speech and he did deliver one! =D

And Uman who didn’t even prepare a speech and he did deliver one! =D

Now it’s time for kisses, hugs and photos!!! :) So many beautiful moments captured on the lenses. I cannot pick my favorite, they all meant a lot to me. Each one of them. :) All of my friends who drove and flew from all over the country, thank you couldn’t express how grateful I am having you guys… :) _DSC0255a _DSC0249a _DSC0271a _DSC0274a _DSC0284a _DSC0262a _DSC0303a _DSC0296a _DSC0295a _DSC0293a DSC_5184a And now it’s time foooorrrrrrrrr…….. DANCING!!!! =D WOOT WOOT

First it was a Father and Daughter Dance. :)

First it was a Father and Daughter Dance. :)

My dad taught me 2 important things: Always be grateful and always love animal. He never kills any animals even it’s only bugs or ants, even cockroaches. He’s a very loving person… And it was my honor to have him dance with me on my wedding day. :”)

Always be the daddy's girl. :)

Always be the daddy’s girl. :)

And then it was time for him to give me away to my husband. :)

I love this photo.

I love this photo.

And then Bandi and I had fun! :) _DSC0318a _DSC0326a _DSC0322a _DSC0325a _DSC0333a _DSC0334a And then it was time foooorrrr….. choreographed dance by the wedding committee!!!! Wooottt!!! Please do watch the video!!! hahaha

Super LOL!!! After the treasure dance, the dancefloor was pretty much packed! See a video below, captured and edited by one my the great Journalist today, Lukman Soedarbo!

These are some of the photos that aren’t blurred from the dance floor!

DSC_5222a DSC_5219a DSC_5210a

Everything after the crowded dancefloor was a bit blurry for me and Bandi. I remember when friends started to leave the party, saying goodbyes to Bandi and me, and then Bandi drank with his close friends and he was so drunk I remember he ran around Burgundy like mad man. Hahahaha. And then he went to cottage and pass out for a while.

Here are some of the stupid after-party photos from my friends…

I helped Bandi who was trying to puke. My make-up was still on!

I helped Bandi who was trying to puke. My make-up was still on!

Bandi passed out on the top of all the wedding stuffs. He actually slept til morning.

Bandi passed out on the top of all the wedding stuffs. He actually slept til morning.

Me dancing around on a plastic clothes. Tannia made this for me because she was afraid I got "masuk angin". LOLOLOL

Me dancing around on a plastic clothes. Tannia made this for me because she was afraid I got “masuk angin”. LOLOLOL

And..... I passed out.

And….. I passed out.

I didn't remember taking this photo. That man on the black suit is Burgundy staff. My friend was too friendly and they got drunk together hahaha

I didn’t remember taking this photo. That man on the black suit is Burgundy staff. My friend was too friendly and they got drunk together hahaha

I told Tannia, "Quick get me out of this dress!" and replied, "SHUT UP!" Hahahaha

I told Tannia, “Quick get me out of this dress!” and replied, “SHUT UP!” Hahahaha

Looking back… so many funny inside jokes that wouldn’t fit on this post, but seriously I couldn’t ask for a better wedding day for me and Bandi. The friends that we have are truly our treasure. People can change but memory lasts forever… When I’m sad, I will look up at these photos and remember how grateful I am, to have all of you as my friends. :)

And guess who spent the night on our “kamar penganten”? Klemens and Vigar!!! Hahahahah!!! Bandi was sleeping on the top of random stuffs while Renny and I slept on another room. Well… the weirdest thing was… Angel passed out on the car! Hahaha Thank goodness she didn’t die! XD

And this is us the next morning... Fully sobered up and ready for nasi goreng!!!

And this is us the next morning… Fully sobered up and ready for nasi goreng!!!

Some photos from the “Behind the Scenes”

DSC_4986a DSC_4987a DSC_4988a DSC_4985a DSC_4990a DSC_5003a

And here comes for the most epic photo………

My wonder bridesmaids lifted Bandi up! Hahahaha!!! And they were wearing high heels!!!

My wonder bridesmaids lifted Bandi up! Hahahaha!!! And they were wearing high heels!!!

The stationaries! :)

The stationaries! :) By: The Bridesmaid United

So yeah… that sums up the super fun and super yellow wedding that I’ve claimed as THE BEST DAY EVER in my life! =D

I’ve had so much fun and I’m so grateful for the memories every single day. :)


  1. Burgundy. For the sweetest, most romantic venue ever!!! And for the great team! Mega, Kiky and Wiwin. You guys are awesome! Thank you for putting up with all my bridezilla requests!! hahaha
  2. Rosa Hidayat. (fb: Rosa Hidayat) My make up artist and my friend. Hire her here, people!
  3. Carmelita. (fb: Carmelia Renatha) You exceeded my expectation for a GREAT florist!!! You grant my wish to have PEONIES for my wedding bouquet!!! I’ll be forever grateful!!! :)
  4. Bridesmaid United (OFCOURSE!!!) We’re in charge for decoration, invitation, souvenir, concept making, photobooth props, everything really! We’re not only keen for weddings but also for birthday parties! Basically, we just love all kind of celebrations! Please follow our instagram on @bridesmaid_united ! Our website is on progress! Yaiy!

And for my bridesmaids and groomsmen, Renny, Fenty, Angel, Tannia, Ferric, Piter, Ricky, Gery…. And my officials, Klemens, Yofie, Vigar… Thank you for going on this beautiful one year journey, thank you for the funny and stupid comments on our whatsapp group, for the endless and stressful meetings, for the fun road trip to Bandung, for the very sincere hardwork tanpa pamrih, I’m sooooo grateful. All… is just for that day to happen. I owe guys BIG favor, really. If one day I could repay this favor, please… :”)

I love every one of you. I do. :”)

07.06.2014 = Best Day Ever.

P.S. @bridesmaid_united now is open for hiring! Contact us for details! =D


May, the happy wife.

Photo 10-6-14 10 12 01 pm

Two weddings and one funeral

I don’t remember having a normal night when I don’t have any plans for the next day. My life has been in a fast lane this past one month.
I don’t remember waking up late because I have been putting all my energy for the most important day in my life: wedding days. In my case I have two wedding days. So please double all the rempongness and the energy consuming.
7 June was the best day ever in my life and then followed by the hangover and the prep for the next wedding (exactly one week after that)
Then, 14 june was a blast for both of our family. They called it as the happiest wedding of their lives. Well, Bandi and I were under influence of course and we went along with it. It was a typical Chinese wedding with so many people we didn’t know, but well, as long as both parents were happy, we were happy too. The next day after the second wedding, I woke up at 5 am in the morning to watch Azzuri’s first match against England and we won!!! I thought to my self, could my life be anymore awesome?! Yes it could!!! Because we were flying to Maldives in 2 hours!!! Woot woot!!!
Bandi had prepared our honeymoon: one week in Maldives.
Our route was: Palembang – Batam -Singapore – KL – Male – Maldives (Medufushi Resort)
It was still a long way and we were so tired, but we sucked it up because we knew we would have one week to just lazying around in our private water villa. I already packed sunglasses, sunblock, novels, and new bikinis. I was sooooo thrilled that we could finally spend some alone time together and oh how I planned to f**k hard. Lol. (FYI I was on my period on my wedding day 7th june and all along we always spent the night with either friends or family, so yeah we never had sexy time)
When we landed in Batam at 10am in the morning, Bandi called home because he had a bad feeling. And he was right…. His grandpa just passed away. 12 hours after the wedding.
I’m a bad person because the first thing crosses my mind was… I was upset because obviously the honeymoon was cancelled.
Bandi told the cab driver to return back to Batam airport after we dropped Angel (my bridesmaid) to the ferry harbor. We bought a ticket back to Palembang later that night.
He told me that he was sorry that we had to cancel our honeymoon and that he knew I was physically super tired and obviously needed rest and we both know how tiring Chinese funeral could be, but he said we had to do the right thing. Life is only once, and if we do it right, once is enough.
It took me only a couple of minutes to remember why I married him in the first place. I married him because he’s kind and wonderful and I realize I just wanna be with him, whether it’s in maldives or in a funeral home. I married him because he puts people he loves first before himself, and I love him for that.
So we flew back to Palembang that night and we went straight to the hospital. He broke down and cried. I just held his hand and I thought to myself, from this day forward I would dedicate my life just to make sure he’s fine and he would never face anything alone anymore.
Suddenly losing Maldives didn’t feel so hurtful anymore. Because I would never lose this amazing man beside me, who would sacrifice anything and do anything for his family.
Maldives will always be there. But we can never turn back the time to the day we say our last goodbye to the people we love. To the day he say goodbye to his grandpa, a man who technically a father figure in his life since Bandi’s dad passed away.
Life is short and it is funny and ironic sometimes.
We just danced happily on our wedding, and we received so many flower arrangements saying “congratulation on your wedding” and now just 24 hours later we cried and received another flower arrangements saying “deep condolences”
Ain’t life funny?
We could laugh sarcastically, but why should we be bitter, when we could just laugh along with it?
Yesterday afternoon his grandpa was finally buried and he said his last goodbye. It was very emotional for him and all I could do just be there… Just to hold his hand.
Tonight we will fly back to Singapore to take Bandi’s brother to hospital because he’s sick.
I hope everything will be fine eventually. So we made a vow to always be with each other for good times and bad times, and the bad times stroke first, so what?
As long as we’re together, nothing seem so bad anyway. :)

Death ends life, not relationship – Mitch Albom

May, Palembang 19 June 2014.


Best Day Ever (Part 1)

I don’t know where to start… I’m so overwhelmed with this great feeling. So many nice gestures from friends, so many efforts and so many love from everybody. And for the hundredth times, I’m telling the world this: I have the best bridesmaids in the world.

… and the best groom, of course.

The journey began exactly 24 hours before “I do”

I had just arrived at Bandung Airport and I straightaway gave up my luggage to Renny, my bridesmaid whom already waited for me at the gate. Bandi and I took Gery’s motorcyle (Gery is one of the groomsman) and Bandi rode the bike like craaaaazy because our appointment was at 12 pm and it was already 12 pm when we started to move. 15 minutes later we arrived at the church and thankfully the father was okay with us being late. (The father who would be marrying us was famous to be the fiercest among them all. :p)

We did rehearsal for a while and then we were heading to the hotel to check in. And then the first drama began… We got a mix cancellation email from Changi Airport about some of the liquor orders from us. Long story short, Bandi solved the problem.

The second drama would be Ricky arriving at the airport later and forgot to bring his Indo number so he texted us late, and we drove back to hotel again to pick him up.

There were some family drama involved after this, but yadda-yadda-yadda… Anyhowww, we all arrived at Burgundy (the venue of the wedding dinner) at last!!! It was about 7 pm when we started to decorate the venue, the tiffany chairs, the chalkboard and everything. We also managed to rehearse our grand entrance and “treasure dance”.


And enough time to pose for some stupid photo session

And enough time to pose for some stupid photo session

12 hours before “I do”

Bandi and I had a big fight in the hotel that involving door-slamming and bridesmaids+groomsmen panicking. Come to think of it, it was so silly. We were probably stressed so we had a super bad mood. Anyway, it was part of the drama too. LOL.

5 hours before “I do”

I woke up too early, maybe because I was excited. I went down with Renny to have breakfast and then started the make-up and dress-up thingy, and then… the time was starting to crawl closer and closer to the moment!!!

My sister kept bugging me while I was having my make up.

My sister kept bugging me while I was having my make up.

Super multi-tasking maid of honor who could do hair-do too! Lol

Super multi-tasking maid of honor who could do hair-do too! Lol

Tannia, brushing her teeth on the bed. LOL

Tannia, brushing her teeth on the bed. LOL

Not to miss, bridesmaids posing for photo!

Not to miss, bridesmaids posing for photo!

And me too!

And me too!

1 hour before “I do”

And then…. the time has come! We all were ready to move!!!

Start from this, I could explain to you by pictures… However all pictures were taken fully by phones/non-SLR camera, so don’t expect too much. I haven’t got the pro-pictures.

Let's do this!!!!

Let’s do this!!!!

Selfie inside the lift!!!

Selfie inside the lift!!!

30 minutes before “I do”

Ohhh aren't we cute! XD

Ohhh aren’t we cute! XD

And then Renny took out her tongsis!!!

And then Renny took out her tongsis!!!

And this is the product of the tongsis!

And this is the product of the tongsis!


And then the sweetest thing happened… He gave me a letter. It was a love letter with a writing on the envelope “To my bride to be…”

He asked me to read it privately so I walked further down a little bit and read it. Somebody snapped the moment though.



Oh isn’t he just the sweetest… I lost words of how I should thank him for everything… He has been a wonderful boyfriend, awesome fiance and now… he’s my husband… I can’t believe this… So surreal. :)

And then... showtime!!!

And then… showtime!!!

The moment we said “I do”

That's me being nervous and Bandi being excited.

That’s me being nervous and Bandi being excited.

Anyway I didn’t walk down the aisle alone or with my dad beside me. After the talk with Father Bogartz, we decided to walk down the aisle together, as a symbol for Bandi and me being equal. Nobody was being given away or being taken away from any family. It was two persons’ decisions to walk down the aisle together. :)

Heck yeah, I do!!!

Heck yeah, I do!!!

And then we kissed!!!! =)

Hip Hip Horray!!!

Hip Hip Horray!!!

I still haven’t got any more photos, so that’s it for the church wedding now. Will upload more in part.2

3 Hours after “I do”

While I was panicking and fingercrossing in the cottage, my bridesmaids and groomsmen were working their asses off to make sure Bandi and I had our dream wedding.

They didn’t let me come out from the cottage, and I was under a heavy-make-up-construction that time (LOL) so all I could do was waiting.

And look what they did. :)

Setting up wish jars. :)

Setting up wish jars. :)

Making props...

Making props…

Setting up my very personal entrance table. :)

Setting up my very personal entrance table. :)

All stuffs on the table was my personal stuffs. :)

All stuffs on the table was my personal stuffs. :)

Look at them :)

Look at them :)

Oh look at them being so professional with the HT. Hahahaha

Oh look at them being so professional with the HT. Hahahaha

Even the details... :)

Even the details… :)

5 Hours after “I do”

A good day to LOVE. =)

A good day to LOVE. =)

Oh Pretty....

Oh Pretty….

Table setting

Table setting

And the pretty tiffany chairs, decorated by us!!!

And the pretty tiffany chairs, decorated by us!!!

The wish jars... instead of guest book.

The wish jars… instead of guest book.

These two jars will be opened on our 1st wedding anniversary and 10th anniversary. Isn’t it cute?!!

The yellow and gray macaroons!

The yellow and gray macaroons!

Dessert table! =D Pretty!

Dessert table! =D Pretty!

The whole seating. =)

The whole seating. =)

Head table!

Head table!

My personal entrance table. =)

My personal entrance table. =)

Everything on that table belongs to me and Bandi. I always felt weird coming to people’s wedding who put some stuffs on the entrance table that didn’t really connect with them, such as bird cages, old typewriters, just because they’re cute and vintage. No offense, but by looking at this table, you know it’s about me and Bandi. The globe, the train tickets, all the photos, foreign coins, our love letters when we were on LDR, our first mixed-CD, everything from our 8 years journey together. We wanted people who came to the wedding went through the memories lane. =)

7 Hours after “I do”

And then the party began… We started by calling the family into the dining area, and once all the guests seated, this video was being played…

And then… SHOWTIME!!!

And the details will be on part 2. Lol

(… To be continued…)

Peace out,

May, still swoon over the moon.


Are you with your mediocre love?

This morning, I saw a quote on my path, saying:

Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life; Love shouldn’t be one of them.

I’ve been looking for the right way to express “settling down for less” and this morning, I finally found it. From now on, I will call it mediocre love.

What is a mediocre love?

Well, I don’t know how to express this, because I have never had any mediocre love. I’m one of those persons who loves hard, even to my friends and family.

But I tell you what’s not mediocre. It’s that feeling of loving someone so deep, you could actually feel your heart crunch a little bit when you think about them. When you think about how happy they make you, you will feel something warming up in your belly, when you worry about them, maybe they’re sick or something bad happened to them, you will feel your heart aches. I don’t talk figuratively, I meant literally. Because when one of my loved ones were sick, I could worry til my heart really hurt.

When you first met a guy you liked, you would have what we call “butterflies in your stomach”. This was really exciting. It meant you liked him, there were chemistry between you two. When you talked to him, the butterflies just couldn’t wait to fly, your stomach felt funny; fun funny.

When you got together, you guys were passionate, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. You wanted to heat his heartbeat, you wanted to feel his skin, you wanted to bite his nose. You just couldn’t have enough of him. He was addictive!!!

When you had your first unsettlement, you fought, you got bored with him, anything about him looked dull and annoying. But… you just couldn’t be without him, with no logical reason explainable.

When you knew him even deeper and you knew his family and his friends and even you didn’t like some of them, you decided to stay. You found out his weird bad habit, you found out his sad past, yest you stayed.

When you couldn’t wait to see him, just to get cozy with him, wrapped your body on his arms and just talked all night. For you the best place on earth is anywhere as long as you’re in his arms. And suddenly all of the love songs you’ve heard made sense. :)

When you were busy at work and then you stopped for a while for coffee and then you caught yourself smiling thinking about him and how he was cute on his spongebob boxer dancing to a Barry White song last night.

When you received a very exciting news and you cannot wait to tell him.

When you realized that he’s your best friend in the whole world and you could count on him and he would do anything for you.


Those whens don’t always have to come in that order, but those whens are necessary for a love story. Medicore loves don’t have those things.

Why mediocre love?

Medicore loves happen when two persons have goal to get married, so they just find some candidates and whoops, this candidate looks okay, and my parents agree, oh well… let’s get married and have babies and repopulate the earth! Yaiy!

I would prefer live my life alone and happy than settling down with mediocre love. NO HELL WAY. My mom and my dad are two amazing people, but they are mediocre love to each other and for everyday in my life, I regret that they got married.

I know society sucks, they push you and you delude yourself into a made-up romanticism that you created in your head and then you settle down for less… much less… For mediocre love.


For this one person, you might be his mediocre love, but for somebody out there, that one particular person, YOU ARE HIS WORLD.

Why shouldn’t we have mediocre love? (It’s easier, huh?)

Life is only once.

You could have a mediocre house, drive a mediocre car, work in a mediocre company, watch a mediocre movie, eat a mediocre hamburgers, but.. you should not settle down with a mediocre love. NO. A gazzilion million times NO.

Love is sweet, it’s comforting, it’s liberating, it’s everything that a cotton candy should have. :)


May, the romantic one.


To be content.

Yesterday I turned 28.

I had a flashback of the last three days… My fiance gave me an early birthday card, inside he wrote that he would send me something on my phone.

It turned out to be a flight ticket for the next morning… to Bali.

I groaned, “oh… I’m so tired and I have so many wedding things I haven’t done.” I was being ungrateful, because I knew that trip for us meant an adventure.

He said, “it’s gonna be different. I promise”

And he was right! He prepared a rented car at Denpasar and we drove to Ubud and we…. did nothing. LITERALLY NOTHING. We just ate, slept drank wine and repeat. He then brought me to a spa and we had 4.5 hours spa. Holy moly, I never knew we could have so many types of indulgence and relaxation in a day! Oh wow.

It was probably the first time I was being super extra mega spoilt in a trip. I asked him why he’d done all of these for me? And he said because I needed it.

Well, he’s right. :p

Yesterday, I blew off the candles on my cake.

And to my surprise, I didn’t want anything on my birthday. I mean, yeah, I wanted to go around the world still, but at that moment, I didn’t know what to wish for myself anymore.

I had everything I need, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. I have people who loves me unconditionaly, I have food on my plate, roof over my head, happy thoughts inside my mind, so what more could I ask?

So I asked the universe…

to always bless the people I love.

I said some names, and hoped that universe would always protect them. :)

To be always happy, healthy and loved.

Because those are the most important things in life.

P.S. remember this always when you read this again, May!


May, :)