Cirque du Soleil, Essena Onneil and the good news!

There are no catch from the title, they are exactly 3 things I want to talk about in this post. Circus, social media, and good news!


Bandi and I went to watch Totem by Cirque du Soleil last Friday and it was amazing!!! I seriously couldn’t express how amazing it was in words! They took insanity to another level! Just as I thought it was crazy enough, BOOM! They did another unthinkable show. Just watch it if you have a chance or if they ever come to your city!

Bandi and I, super excited!

Bandi and I, super excited!

The cast!

The cast!

Social Media

You’ve probably heard about Essena O’Neill, a girl (model?) who quits instagram because she lost the meaning of real life. Oooh… sounds pretty serious huh?

By the way I wrote the sentence you would understand my side of this quitting instagram crap. Yeah, I found her move to be a bit hypocrite. She quit instagram, blamed social media for making her doing what she didn’t want to do.

Geez, to cut my preach shot. Let me give you the same situation of her excuses:

  1. A teenager blames sex (without protection) for getting pregnant.
  2. A person blames the candle for burning her house.
  3. A police office blames his gun for shooting the wrong person.


Hey Essena, It’s not instagram, IT’S YOU.

It’s not instagram who lies, it’s you who are the LIAR.

It’s not nuclear or gunfire who created war, it’s the fucking politicians.

I know it’s easier to blame the tool instead of sitting down, thinking what went wrong with me and admit it to the world that you did something wrong and you will fix it.

You know why people say facebook is bad? Because people can’t stop comparing themselves with other people when they read the newsfeed.

Oh… my high school friend just got her new BMW car. Why couldn’t I get BMW?

Oh… even the ugliest person I know is having a boyfriend. Why am I single?

Oh… This guy went on another holiday again? I didn’t even go anywhere this year. I don’t have anything to post, nothing to show off!

And there you go, BAM! You become depressed when you were actually perfectly fine, single and happy.

It’s not the facebook, not the instagram, not the tool that you should blame! It’s YOURSELVES, people! Yes, you can blame instagram if that will make you feel better (temporarily) but we know it won’t solve your problem.

In this very very vague yet transparent life, I know it’s not easy to be true to yourself, to be authentic, but try your best to be honest. Honesty is like a jewel now and be that jewel. :)

You will never be happy being somebody that you’re not. Be the real you, even though the real you is narcissistic and vain, just admit it… at least you’re being honest.

We all love to see ourselves in the mirror and adore ourselves, what’s wrong with that? It gives us happiness, confidence. As long as we’re not trashing people down, who cares about being vain?

You can be whoever you want, as long as it’s not fake.

Now you know I’m pro social media. Of course I’m pro! What’s not to like? You gotta be kay-poh on other people’s life leeeh! Xp You can stalk Cristiano Ronaldo’s instragram or your ex-boyfriend’s facebook. LOL.

Good News

I have a good news I couldn’t wait to tell you guys!!! I’ve held it for so many months now I will officially announce that…

Bandi and I are…

finally official resident of Singapore!


We’ve been waiting for the verdict for a year and last September it was finally approved. :)

It’s been five years since I moved to Singapore for good. It’s been one hell of amazing ride, looking forward for many more of amazing things happen in this life. =)

Now, I’m sharing one of my favorite quote that always gets me excited about life:


May, always excited.

17 thoughts on “Cirque du Soleil, Essena Onneil and the good news!

  1. I totally agree with you on the whole Essena O Neil crap, i mean… You don’t even have to use social medias if you don’t want to, who’s putting a gun on her head anyway? I happen to love social media and i won’t lie that i am happy that i get paid to post stuffs from now and then ahahaha. COngratz on the residency!

  2. The more stories emerged about Essena O’Neil, the more I started to see her as a teen throwing tantrum. Now she has been raising a fund, begging money from her followers because she barely makes ends meet.

    And congrats to you and Bandi for the permanent residence permit.

  3. Ah gw blm pernah nonton cirque de soleil. Mereka ada keluar yg baru, lupa judulnya apa, bikin kayak di avatar gitu keren banget ngeliat clip nya.

    Congrats ya buat PR nya.

  4. Duh si Essena itu mah cari sensasi.
    Lu dah nonton video enci ade yang kebetulan kenal ama si Essena ini blom? Klo dr komen mereka sih kayanya si Essena rada2 punya masalah psikologis..labil abis.

    Brenti dr sosmed tapi masih pake sosmed buat nyebar2 videonya…bahkan minta pity org2 kalo skrg tanpa ‘menjual diri’nya jadi endorsement , dia jadi ga berpenghasilan. DUUHHH !!!

    Anyway..congrats buat PR nya may n bandi!!!

  5. Diaz itu selalu speaks highly about Cirque du Soleil. Terus dulu pernah ada tuh Cirque du Soleil di PP, tapi sangat mengecewakan, biasa banget. Kayaknya cuma pemain cadangan, terus nggak full show & full effect gitu. Gue langsung ilfeel, mana tiketnya juga mahal. Mudah-mudahan nanti bisa nonton Cirque du Soleil yang beneran.

    Agree on Essena, cari sensasi banget sih nih ABG.

    Congrats for your PR!

  6. wah pengen juga nonton circue de soleil, kapan ya ada di indo? lagian baca atas gw, kok ga bagus yg di indo ya

    essena gw baru denger, tp gw setuju. Selama kita make instagram dan damai2 adem2 aja hati kita ya enjoy aja. lagian berguna juga kok bwt promosi kerjaan :P
    Kalo misua gw gamau punya sosmed fb maupun insta, krn katanya dia org yg easily compare klo liat newsfeed orang (n also he s too busy with work enough), so he choose to live a peaceful life by not kepoing other people’s life. So I think this is right, if you are not feeling okay with sosmed, just dont have one. If you are okay, see others people life and you are still feel content with yourself, then it doesnt matter if you have sosmed.

    congratsss for the PR!!

  7. Congratulations on being the residence ya, May! Semua hal indah pada waktunya.

    Eh iya soal si Essena, gue totally sependapat sama lu, pluuuuusssss… menurut gue yang dia lakukan itu bukannya “mengubah persepsi” tapi sebenernya dia sendiri tuh open herself even more to the public, self publication gila-gilaan. Faktanya, foto2 lama dia masih dia pajang kok yang super seksi, despite dia ganti kek captionnya. Pas gue kemukakan soal itu, eh malah ada yang belain si Essena panjang kali lebar huahahah, katanya dia adalah victim. Plis dong ahhhh…. *selepet pake karet kolor*

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