If you don’t like to travel, IT IS OKAY.

So you read about how people have got an epiphany when they went to Nepal.
So you heard about how two people shared the same car in a train to Moscow and fell in love with each other.
So you watched the epic Eurotrip movie.
So the whole world said traveling is the only way for you to find happiness…
So what?
If you don’t like to travel, if you think it’s too much hassle to pack, if you like to be domesticated, if you hate foreign land, if you’re comfortable where you are and happy about it, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TRAVEL just because it seems cool.
Just because your friends do that, it doesn’t mean you have to.
Good news! You can find happiness in your everyday life if you treasure it. No, it’s not only found on the top of Eiffel tower.
Another good news! You don’t have to go all the way to the peak of mount Fuji to understand the meaning of life, you can see it in your children’s eyes.
In this point, you would probably think there is some trick and sarcasm in this post. Nope, you’re wrong. I say it from the very bottom of my heart:

If you don’t like to travel, IT IS OKAY.

Why do I write this post? Because I’m so fed up with all the comparison people making, especially about people who loves to travel.
And I’m so fed up with you, travelers! Yes you! You think you’re so hipster just because you travel? Geez.

Comparison will eat you alive

Comparison is the thief of joy

Yes you heard it. So don’t be surprised if I’m bitchin today.
Just because traveling is embedded to my soul and I feel the ecstasy when I landed at a new place, I don’t think everyone else will feel the same thing.
Let me make 1 thing straight first:
Traveling is my hobby, traveling is part of my life. Call it whatever you like.
It’s just like nanoblock. I got hooked up just after I did it for the first time. I wanted more and I enjoyed doing it.
Yes, in my past posts I might encourage people to travel because I found traveling is good for your soul, it helped you distress, gave you new perspective and I was encouraging with a very genuine intention. I did not and never mean anything bad.
I’ve never felt I’m way cooler than other people just because I traveled to some places. No.

No 1. You don’t have to like traveling because everybody was born differently.

Universe created people unique. Some love nanoblock, some love cooking, some love cross-dressing, so love posting cute kitten videos on facebook. Some are attracted to female, some to male, some to both.
Can’t we all just get along and stop bitching about each other?
Why would you bitch about people traveling somewhere when they don’t bitch about your hobby?
If you’re happy living your life, doing whatever you’re doing now, then good for you.
You don’t need to travel if you don’t like it, same as you don’t have to play nanoblock if you think it’s a waste of time.
Other people like nanoblock. Do they hurt you when they play nanoblock? No? Then don’t bitch about it.

No 2. Some sees traveling as trend now and you don’t have to travel to follow trends.

Peer pressure, huh?

So you see your facebook timeline is full of your friends’ trip photos and you want it too because it seems cool. Those humble-brag wisdom quote a’la tumblr on a picturesque background. You want that? Tell you what… Visit @socalitybarbie on instagram and you’ll get what I mean.

My point is… So many people follow trends to travel and end up not enjoying it. Maybe they travel because they want to have awesome photos to be put up on facebook and some of them is even more stupid, carving their names on historical wall. However, don’t force yourself to travel if you don’t like it.

No.3 Don’t compare Traveling VS Having Baby.

This is the MOST STUPID ARGUMENT ever and yet it happens all the time.
“Jalan jalan terus lo! Kapan punya anak nya?”
Literal translation: “Seems like you go travel so often, huh? When will you have kids?”
It’s basically the same sentence with “eh, you have a tennis racket and tennis ball? Let’s go fishing!”
It doesn’t make sense.
Statement A = go travel
Statement B = having baby
Are. Not. Correlated. Period.
You know how to get pregnant is by having sperm attached onto your uterus, right? Not by staying IN the city?
You can actually have unprotected sex in Paris just as wonderful as you have unprotected sex in… I don’t know, Bekasi? You know that right?
Ok, enough with the sarcasm, I promised not to be sarcastic, you get my point already.
So you think it’s good to have kids.
Other people have their own mind too you know?
They’re born with a set of brains that function and they can make their own decision.
So point number 2 is: FUCK OFF. Mind your own life.

No.4 I actually love travelling but I can’t afford it. It’s expensive.

Traveling is expensive. I want to but I can’t afford.
Shut up laaaaa!
If it is a hobby, you will do whatever it takes. If you can spend $5 coffee in starbucks for rubbish talk with your friends then I believe you can afford a $100 budget airline ticket to somewhere.
Can’t afford hotel? Coachsurf or hostel lah!
There are waaaaaayyyyss!
I don’t want to waste my energy. I feel those people who said “I like traveling but it’s expensive” is actually don’t like traveling. You just simply don’t see it as one of your priority and if it’s not in your priority, it means you don’t want it that bad.
So quit giving excuses like “I actually love to travel but I can’t afford” but every weekend you go clubbing and spent a fortune. Just admit that your hobby is clubbing, lah! Having “clubbing” as a hobby doesn’t make you a bad person, same like having “traveling” as hobby doesn’t make you a cool person.

Conclusion: Don’t be hypocrite and don’t be KAY-POH

People should really stop being hypocrite and fake everything. You know with the social media and everything, people creates an imaginary life that is not their actual life. Just be real you. Do what ever you like to do. If you want to stay home and have 100 kids, go ahead! But don’t rub it on other people’s faces… The fact that you want (and love) kids doesn’t change anything in my life.

It’s the same with the fact that I travel doesn’t change anything in your life.

Never compare each other’s lives. Just be happy for yourself if you can’t be happy for other people. But to be honest, when you’re truly happy with your life, you will be happy for other people too.

Seriously. Think about that.

If you still feel jealous and envy of other people’s life and started to post about how happy your life is having kids and how people should be having kids as well, it means you’re not really happy. (p.s. having kids as the reason is just an example, ok?)

Why do you need to convince other people about how happy you are and how people should follow your path?

Who are you actually trying to convince?

Think about it. :)


May, Leaving tonight for another destination – living her life. :)

12 thoughts on “If you don’t like to travel, IT IS OKAY.

  1. You sum it up very well. I share the same sentiment. Travelling is over-rated. very, over-rated.

    It’s indeed very easy to fall into the ego-trap. we want to impress everyone through our social media accounts, but I personally think there is no absolute recipe of living an ‘authentic’ life.

    social media should be the place where we can be a better person, to be inspired by other people and to inspire other people through our interests, talents, or thoughts. Social media, ideally, must not be a source of comparison or jealousy. if more people were wiser to use it, the world would be a better place…wouldn’t it?

    ps: i am a big fan of @socalitybarbie

    • Yes!!! It is totally normal to want to be more like someone because they inspired us. It becomes dangerous when it’s envious.
      I agree with you, any kind of tool will make this world a better place if it’s used wisely. :)

  2. Always interesting, always passionate, always sanguine. And most of the time right ;-). Once again actually: let everybody choose his or her own way. Hear, hear.

  3. Hi May, welcome back! i actually missed this kind of post from you! +D

    True2, but usually the person who bitch is the person who actually LIKE-TO-TRAVEL, but have no guts to do so. Pengen spend money buat jalan-jalan, tapi duitnya TAKUT abis ntar gak bisa beli rumah. Pengen foto2 keren di menara eiffel, tapi TAKUT pergi sendiri secara gak punya partner travelling, en so on en so on.

    Kalo gw sendiri sih suka banget jalan-jalan, tapi prioritasnya jadi nomor kesekian, mungkin 10 atau 15 tahun lagi ketika cicilan rumah udah beres dan anak-anak bisa ditinggal :D *Genuine smiley*

  4. MERDEKA!!!!
    Lo kayanya kesel banget sampe nomor 3 nya keulang dua kali. Hahaha. Serius ada yang komen ke lo: “jalan2 mulu kapan punya anaknya?” logika yang sungguh aneh. Bukannya justru belom ada anak, puas2in lah jalan2. Trus emang kalo jalan2 ga bisa bikin anak? Kesian deh lo ah. *puk2 siapapun dia yang komentar*

  5. You know I love travelling too but kepentok dana juga. Soalnya kita kan ber4 ya, otomatis kemana2 juga harga tiket dikali 4. Lagian kalo bawa anak gw mau travel yg bukan ala2 backpacker gt, alias mau yg nyaman. Hahaha banyak alesan ya gw? Tp menurut gw emang klo blm pny anak ya travelling2lah yg jauh2 skalian. Mumpung harga tiket blom dikali 4 dan gaperlu cari tempat yg kids friendly

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