The night I dyed my hair purple

It’s been so looonnng since the last time I blogged and I come back with a purple hair!

I'm Evil Minioooon!

I’m Evil Minioooon!

It’s a BIG DEAL for me!

I know for some people dyeing hair is not a big deal, but for me it is. I just had my 29th birthday last week and you know how many times I dyed my hair? ONCE! Yes! Even though I’m pretty vain, I didn’t play with hair a lot, which is soooo confusing for me now why because playing with hair turned out to be FUN!

3 days before my birthday, I went to salon and permed my hair. The next day it went almost flat and I was pissed. That was the second time I permed my hair and I know my hair is not the friendliest but I thought this time it would work cause the hairdresser promised that digital perm will work, and the blah and the blah.

I assumed the perm didn’t last long because they permed it to the inside while I asked them to perm it to the outside. I told them I wanted the messy sexy look, not the cute korean look, but then the hairdresser was being stubborn and sotoy.

Long story short, I felt blue because my hair didn’t work. Perming my hair was the step one of my dream hair.

Dreaming for this kind of hair.... (taken illegally from pinterest)

Dreaming for this kind of hair…. (taken illegally from pinterest)

Yes. I always wanted to have a long curly colorful hair.

Now that the perm is gone, let’s just forget about the dream hair… And then I thought to myself, I’ve always wanted a colorful hair (purple/mint/pink hair) and now I’m wondering WHY THE HELL I HAVEN’T GOTTEN ONE?

What stopped me?


If cannot have the beautiful curly purple hair, then at least have the purple hair only laaaahh. XD

So on last Friday, I chatted with my friend who is a crazy rainbow color hair lover (and did some serious colorful thingy on her hair) and talked about my plan to dye my own hair. I asked her if my plan was do-able and she said yes!

So I went to 4 different beauty supply stores to gather the things I need. Now… if you have the same plan with me, read this blog carefully.

What I want:

A purple ombre hair. The top part will be brown-ash like and the bottom part is purple with some purple highlight.

What I bought:

  1. Purple Dye (I bought the Manic panic: Electric Amethyst) – Cost $19.90
  2. Bleach: Bleach powder and the Developer (I bought the 40 vol instead of 30 vol – to make it stronger) – Cost $4.90
  3. Purple Shampoo (Optional) – Cost $25.00
  4. Gloves, mixing bowl and aluminium foil (Optional) – Cost $1.00, $1.50, $1.90 respectively)

Step by Step Guide:

First Step: Bleaching the bottom part of my hair

Because I wanted Ombre look, I only bleach half of my hair (the bottom part only). Please take note that 1 day before I just dyed my whole head with Lorea’l Nude Brown color so you can see that the top of my head is already brown, so now I only work for the purple ombre. To be honest, it was a mistake, it was just an impulse act because I felt like doing something to my hair. So now I can’t return back to the black color cause the pigment has been removed.

Anyway, moving on… this is how I bleach my hair. Bandi helped me too! Haha. If you never bleach your hair, this is how to do it: Mix the bleach powder and the solution. If you’re not sure how much just mix them all, usually the store will sell it in pair. Once mixed, never store it! Finish it or throw it.

Looks like Putri Huan Zhu, hah?

Looks like Putri Huan Zhu, hah?

I basically just divided my hair by small sections, dyed it and wrapped it with foil. Then I waited for about 45 minutes. I washed it with cold water (brrr.. I did it on around 10 pm!) and made sure all the excess bleach gone from my hair. Because I’m a bit over-paranoid with my hair, I bought the purple shampoo and washed my hair with purple shampoo. Please take note DO NOT WASH your hair if you don’t have purple shampoo cause it’s not worth it! After bleaching you hair will be dry and washing it will make it even dryer. I washed it cause I had purple shampoo. Purple shampoo helped to reduce the yellow tone of the hair so instead of yellow, it became more white. I didn’t really see it anyway. Hahaha

Then this is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF BLEACHING: CONDITION YOUR HAIR!!! Never skip to put conditioned!

And this is how I looked like after the first bleaching (wait- first? Yes! there is a second one).

Photo 22-5-15 9 55 50 pm

As you can see there is still some brown part and the hair isn’t blonde enough to take in my purple color, so…. I decided to do the second bleaching, in the same day!!!

Second Step (Optional): Bleaching my hair again so it became even blonder

To be honest I was hoping for a platinum (white) blonde after the bleaching but I guess my natural hair is just too dark to have it on my first bleaching.

Not so blonde on the first bleach. the lighting was so dim also so you can't really see it.

Not so blonde on the first bleach. the lighting was so dim also so you can’t really see it.

Important note: Everyone’s hair has different mix of pigment so the bleaching outcome might be different. After I searched online, I knew that bleaching happened on this order:

My second bleaching ends up in yellow part. The step by step is the same like the first bleaching, only I bleach more in the tip part of my hair so it will bring an ombre feeling.

Going blonde!!! It was about 1:30 am, look at my eye bag!!!

Going blonde!!! It was about 1:30 am, look at my eye bag!!!

Yikes! The color is super ugly. Now it’s time to add some color! :D

Third Step: Dyeing the blonde part with purple color dye

Finally! The fun part!!! On the time of this step it was already 1 am, my energy was a bit drained so I think I missed some of my highlight. Manic Panic is a plant based dye. It’s technically a vegan, so you can leave it as long as you want in your head, even overnight!

So sleepppppyyy liaoooo

So sleepppppyyy liaoooo

But again, I was sooooo tired so I only left it for 1 hour. So I got a bit disappointed when I washed my hair.

Wake up the whole night, why only like this, huh?

Wake up the whole night, why only like this, huh?

The purple color was only subtle. I was too tired to dye it again so I slept…. Zzz…. It was 3 am!

Forth Step: Dyeing it purple AGAIN!

I slept at 3 am and how on earth I was fully awake at 7 am?! I usually need 12 hours of sleep on weekend! I woke up because I had an unfinished business with my hair! I even dreamt about my hair!

To defeat my disappointment, I gathered my optimism and dyed my hair purple with the rest of the manic panic tub. I finished til the last drop.

I left it for about 2.5 hours this time. I wanted to live it for longer but I had to go to my friend’s housewarming party (cum a birthday surprise for me and the other 2 may babies). So I washed it and…. TA-DAA!!!

Taa-daah! Love iiiitttt!!!

Taa-daah! Love iiiitttt!!!

It looked so much better now! The purple is more striking. Here’s from the behind:

Almost close to the dream hair lahhh

Almost close to the dream hair lahhh

So yeah…. That’s what happened on last weekend… That particular night when I dyed my hair purple. :)

I love the final result and even though the color is so messy and uneven, it gives a sexy yet fun feeling. I fell in love with my hair (sounds so vain already now, eh?!) That’s the May I know! Hahahaha!

Do you ever wonder what you look like with a non-traditional color hair? Do you want to try? If you do, what color you want to try? let me know in the comments!!! Kyaaa~ so exciting!



The Girl with the purple hair in the green boots!

Photo 24-5-15 4 34 35 pm

27 thoughts on “The night I dyed my hair purple

  1. not a fan of ombree hair. ga sesuai kepribadian LOL.
    btw, perm lo bagus kok! itu yg di foto terakhir apa uda di blow lagi?
    gw jadi pengen perm lagi.. tapi kapok gara2 abis perm rambutnya rusak.. huhu

    nice hair, btw!

  2. Hard work obviously, but the result is terrific. However just now the main thing for me is apologizing to the ‘sexy purple lady’ for forgetting about her birthday. Hope you will still accept my sincere congratulations.

  3. Warna ungunya nggak begitu jelas kelihatan kalau di luar ruangan ya May. Btw, in my honest opinion, dirimu lebih cakep dgn rambut coklat sebelum diwarnai itu :D *mungkin karna gue penggemar rambut coklat kali ya* :D

  4. Rela ya…tidur jam 3 demi cat rambut… hahaha… bagus hasilnya may… rencana juga abis brojol pengen coba ombre hair… cuma masih ragu sama pilihan warnanya n agak takut kalo di bleaching ni rambut bakalan porak poranda… hahaha…

  5. Keren May! Itu curly-curly-nya akhirnya gimana? Pake mesin catok? Gue pun sebenernya pengen punya curly hair yang keren kayak dream hair lo itu. Cuma dulu digital perm juga gak berhasil.

  6. Where did you buy your bleaching things? And the manic panic?
    I want to dye my hair also, but I don’t know where to buy the proper bleaching items and hair dye.

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