My First love died today

Dear my first love,

This is not a goodbye letter because I know you will live forever in my heart. It might sound a little pretentious but we both know it’s true.

You taught me how to love. Not just how to love-love, but how to love unconditionally, and sincerely. It was the feeling which you just want to give without asking anything back. But most importantly, you taught me how to believe in something and how to keep the faith.

You stood against all odds. You broke down and you raised back up.

I have cried for you, prayed for you and had the happiest laughter with you. You were my everything.

I took you for granted because I thought you will live forever. I thought you have all the time in the world and it didn’t matter when, I just had to keep the faith.

But then…

You don’t live forever.

You died. Today.

And the worst thing is… the solution of this problem is money. My worst enemy: money.

So I think I set you free. And believe me… you will still live forever in my heart. All the good memories I had about you will live forever.



I will hold onto memories. Because no matter how sad and heartbreaking the present time is, memories will stay true and will never change. I have indeed witnessed a dream team.

I’ve loved you and I will always love you forever, my yellow and blue.

Grazie Ragazzi. For all the memories we had together. I am forever grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team.

The memories stay forever to infinity.



6 thoughts on “My First love died today

  1. :( aku juga sedih banget baca berita ini
    merindukan liga italia yang seru kayak dulu
    dengan komentator bung rayana jaka surya
    *tua banget aku yaaaa*

  2. Don’t despair. You’re way to pessimistic. Well, the club is broke, but not finished yet. They will continue at least till the end of the season. In the meantime solutions may be found. In the worst case scenario they may delegate ( and in due time will come back stronger than ever), in an even worser than worse case they will continue as amateurs (and in a much later due time will come back stronger than ever) or they, the best case scenario, they will find a kind of Berlusconi or filthy rich Russian, Arab or Chinese to save them in time and next season it will be as this disaster never happened..

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