Project LEBAY Week 2 Meal Plan


How’s everyone doing?! I’m doing great with my project even though I did cheat for one meal! :p

Here’s the week 2 of my planned meal:



I hope it’s not too small to see cause I snapped this from the excel file. I don’t want to confuse you all by giving the whole plans.

Anyway, most of the recipe could be found on the internet. Some were written here. Or you can visit here for more clean eat recipes. It’s one of my favorite website to find recipes.

I have a #projectLEBAY whatsapp group that’s full of ladies who want to start with awesome bods and great confidence in the new year.

I’ve been saying this a hundred times, I don’t have issues with fat people as long as they’re comfortable with their skin. But once it bothers you to function as a happy and whole human being, then you know you need a change.

For me, I’ve always loved to be fit. :)

And this project is specially made for my hubby who gained so much since he got married to this great girl. LOL.

Good luck and NEVER GIVE UP!


May, enjoying the project.

5 thoughts on “Project LEBAY Week 2 Meal Plan

  1. Ci gua ga tau dari hari pertama ikutan kok gua pusing2 + cepet pegel apa krn blm terbiasa ya? Gua uda lama juga ikut pola gaya hidup sehat tp ga pernah sebegini capek/pusingnya.
    Btw gue cheat-nya di snack -______- Sama aja kya dinner (tp ga sehat) huhuhu besok harus berubah.

  2. masih stay clean eating doong~ tapi menunya beda sama menu ce may soalnya nyarinya susah di sini ato ngga harganya kena mahal #plak
    tapi lagi demen banget sama ca kangkung, muesli, sama ngeganti daging pae jamur, chicken/beef stock pake mushroom stock hihihi

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