A girl could change the world

During those times when Bandi and I used to talk about our imaginary kids, I always addressed our imaginary kid as a “she/her”, such as “She’s gonna be whatever she wants” or “That’s what I wanna give her” and so on.

I was wondering why I wanted to have daughter so much more than I wanted a son. Aren’t society mean to women? Won’t my girl face challenges more than if she was born a boy?

Hmm… But… A girl could change the world.

I don’t mean to be sexist that men can’t change the world. Turns out that a lot of great men did.

But, let me put it this way…

I’ve always thought that a well-read educated woman could change the life of any men they want, thus she could change the world. They could inspire their partner. It is true that:

Behind a great man lies a great woman.

Men no matter how great they are, could always fallen apart if they had the wrong support system, the wrong partner. But for strong women… they would always find a strong partner; and turned him to be even stronger. See what I mean?

This is not stereotyping. This is generalizing, trying to see a pattern of some life phenomenon.

I want to parent a small little girl and I want to watch her grow to be a strong independent woman that  not only has dream but also follow it. I want her to strive and achieve and I want her to change a life of one boy, and if she might, change the world as what she pictured it to be.

That’s why I always wanted a girl.

But that only if Bandi and I decided that someday we’re gonna have kids. For now, we’re happy with our imaginary daughter. :)

And the reason why I wrote something feminist today is because this happened yesterday:

A 17 years old girl named Malala won a Noble Prize for peace.

A 17 years old girl named Malala won a Noble Prize for peace.

That’s why I’m writing this now… because…

A girl has changed the world.

P.S. google her to know what happened to her, how much she suffered but she turned out to be stronger than ever and stands up for what she believes: education for all.


May, always the feminist.

6 thoughts on “A girl could change the world

  1. Right! 50% women in the household, 50% women in the ICT branch, 50%women in the boardroom, 50% in government, 50% women in academic institutions, 50% women of global game changers. And an ovation for Malala.

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