Visiting Maldives 101

Two months have been passed since Bandi and I had our honeymoon in Maldives and somehow the beautiful feeling still lingers everytime I hear the name “Maldives”. Maldives is such a truly beautiful country with literally thousands of beautiful islands.

I might have promised some friends about the Maldives posting, so here it finally comes. But please take note that this post is not my story about my honeymoon in Maldives. It’s merely about process to book your dream holiday to Maldives, some tips and tricks and budget perspective as well.

So let’s begin the class of Maldives 101!

How to go to Maldives?

The answer is so freaking easy! By plane! The international airport (the only hub that you need to remember) is at Male, the capital city of Republic of Maldives. Male is a small (tiny) crowded city that you won’t want to explore after your dreamy heavenly holiday in one of the Maldives Island. Take note to that!

From Singapore, there are 2 direct flights to Male; by Singapore airlines or Tiger Airways. I chose the later one because of budget constrain. :p

The cheapest plane you can find is Srilankan Airline and Malaysian Airline, but both will have to stopover in Colombo and Kuala Lumpur respectively. I don’t like waiting in the airports, so layover was not an option for me that time.

Srilankan Airlines offered around S$600 for round trip from Singapore to Male and Malaysian Airlines offered slightly cheaper.

Which Maldivian atoll should I go?

Here’s the thing. You probably can’t do island hopping in Maldives. Why? First, because it’s super expensive! Second, why would you do that? You suppose to relax and have fun!

And from this sentence forward, I will have to switch the word island to atoll. Atoll is a (much) smaller version of island. Maldives has thousands of atoll. If I’m not mistaken only 10% is habitant. The rests are inhabitant. I’m not sure about the number though, you can always google them.

Some habitant atolls are public atoll, meaning there are Maldivian living there. But most of the habitant atolls are owned by… Private Resorts.

These private resorts will become your home during your holiday.

Now, let’s talk about how you choose the atoll/resort to go. You have to do the research! Read from travel blogs, tripadvisor, agoda, anything that has honest reviews from real travelers!

Bear in mind that the hotel/resort/atoll you pick will be your home during your holiday. You will be stuck there! It’s impossible to go out from it unless you want to swim across Indian Ocean. :p

I stayed at Kuredu Resort, and I can say I’m truly pleased with everything. :)

Types of rooms and types of boards.

Hotel/resort in Maldives are a bit different from the rest of the world. First, you have to choose a room between Beach Villa and Water Villa. Beach Villa is the small house located on the beach, while Water Villa is the small house that was built on the water.

The water villa where we stayed for a week. Sunset was the most beautiful time.

The water villa where we stayed for a week. Sunset was the most beautiful time.

One of my best shot from Maldives.

One of my best shot from Maldives.

After you picked your room, you have to pick your boarding types: Half board means your breakfast and dinner are covered. Full Board means all breakfast, lunch and dinner are covered. All Inclusive means All meals plus alcoholic drinks are covered.

What would you do over there?

I thought I would be bored, but how wrong I was! The resort I stayed offered so much, I could never get bored. There are a lot of activities to do such as Swimming (of course), snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking, golfing, soccer, jogging, games (billiard, chess, and other stuffs), and other sporting games. They also offered excursion trip to nearby Maldivian public island.

But then again, remember the main purpose for your Maldivian Holiday: to relax and unwind. :)

Hubby. Relaxing.

Hubby. Relaxing.

Can we go backpacking to Maldives?

As a budget traveler, this might be my first luxury trip. I usually backpacked with Bandi, but then it was our honeymoon and it was Maldives, so we decided to splurge. However I think it is possible to have a budget trip to Maldives but you maybe only explore the nearby atolls around Male. It won’t be as serene as those atolls that’s organized by resorts. But when there is a will, there is a way!

How to go to the Atolls from Male?

Don’t worry, the resorts representative will pick you in Male and they will put you on a small seaplane (operated by Trans Maldivian Air) and it will transport you from and to the atolls. Well, with a charge of course, varies from US$250 – US$500 (round trip) depends on the distance. The further your resort, the more expensive it is.

Mine was US$330. Bummer.

The aerial view from the seaplane.

The aerial view from the seaplane.

But our eyes will be spoiled by the beautiful scenery along the way. So I guess it’s worth– it?

Money matters.

Once you arrive in the resort, you will not need to pay anything. You can drink in any bar as you like, buy whatever you want… But then on the day you check out from your room, the bills will wait you there. Hahaha!

That’s the great thing about Maldives, they made you forget about money for a while! :D

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner will be in buffet style (no wonder I got fat) but they also have some premium ala carte Restaurant. We managed to have our romantic honeymoon dinner by the beach. We were having lobster, drinking some champagne, and got carried away. It was beautiful. Surely a moment to remember.

Great food, surprisingly. :)

Great food, surprisingly. :)

Drinking water throughout our stay was free but I read reviews from other travelers who stayed in different resorts, some charged drinking water as high as $10 per bottle! And since you’re stuck in the atoll, you don’t have any other choice than buying it. (Unless you’re willing to drink salt water for days).

That’s why it’s important to get a wonderful resort.


  1. Regardless of you nationality, you don’t need Visa to enter Maldives.
  2. You are not allowed to bring in any kind of alcohol into Maldives.
  3. If you arrived late (after 5pm in Male) you will have to spend the night in Male and fly to your resort the next day. Same goes if your departing flight from Male is very early in the morning, you better spend your last night in Male.
  4. The currency of Maldives is Rufiyaa, however resort would only accept US Dollars. I only use Rufiyaa when I was in Male.

Any Other Questions?

Just hit me up in comments. I’ll be glad to help to plan your next dreamy holiday in Maldives!!! Woot Woot!

Photo 29-7-14 2 20 25 pm

Cheers always,

May, loving the good life.




23 thoughts on “Visiting Maldives 101

  1. We demand more picturesss!! Lu ambil yang full board ya May? Jadi tiap kali mau makan lu kudu ke beach and ke resto yang di beach ya. Mayan nih kl mau bikin anak hwhahaha… *nyari alesan jalan2*

    • Kaga le, ada sekitar 8 resto disana. 4 utk buffet nah ini yang inclusive dr full board gue. Yg the beach ini ala carte resto, bayarnya beda lg. Tiap hari menu buffetnya beda2 sesuai theme gitu. Malam pertama gue disana menunya Indonesian Theme dong hahahaha. But again, ini balik lg soal resort nta

  2. Itu pasir kayanya putih banget ya. Tapi entah kenapa ya, sampe sekarang, gw ga pernah kepingin ke Maldives sekalipun seneng ngeliat foto orang-orang yang keren-keren. Mungkin someday, kalo gw udah ke Eropa, Amerika Utara, Afrika, Dan Australia lagi, baru gw mikir ke Maldives *itu pun masih mikir* hwahahahaha

  3. Wooowww whadda luxurious honeymoon trip! ♥
    Ih currency-nya lucu amat mirip2 rupiah, IDR 1 = x Rufiyaa, Ci?
    Itu serius ga pake visa sm skali, bahkan VOA gt Ci? Ga takut teroris masuk kali, ya….

  4. It’s extremely beautiful and tempting. And I’m really envious we didn’t have such a great, heavenly honeymoon like yours. (Well Scandinavia is not bad either :)). Moreover I don’t want to be a spoilsport. Yet the Maldives’ environmental record (Thilafushi) and it’s oppressive religious system can’t be overlooked.

  5. Aaaa kereeenn banget viewnya yg dari pesawat, may!! ‘No wonder I got fat’ –> gendut dr mana? you have such a flat tummy (last pic)!!! ;)

  6. waktu lo akhirnya posting ini gw excited banget, sampe siapin waktu buat baca postingannya, berharap bakal baca semi novel gitu.. ehh ternyata ga ada ceritanyaaaa :((
    mau donk may cerita honeymoon nyaaa hihihihihihi
    anw, thanks buat info maldives nya, sembari baca ini gw sambil google harga tiket maldives :))

  7. May, akhir akhir ini blog lu rasanya makin kayak es campur aja. Mulai dari inspirasi, komedi, sampe tips traveling, semuanya ada di sini. Bener bener “One Stop Reading” di saat gua lagi suntuk. Keep writing, okay? You’re one of the few inspirations that I had left in this blogging universe

    Makin semangat nabung, ga sabar pengen bawa calon istri gua ke Maldives suatu hari nanti dan I’ll do the same thing like what you did…eat sleep s3x repeat…hahaha

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