Updates! Updates! Updates!

It’s been ageeeeees, I know!

So many things to tell so many things to share! Where should I start? Umm….

How about from the day I quit my job and I got so depressed? That would be a lovely way to start. LOL. I couldn’t write about it in detail though because I don’t want to talk too much about my work life. However, if anybody wanted to hear some dramas, just PM me. LOL.

You all know I’ve been working in a local company for a very long time (almost 4 years OMG!) I guess it was my comfort zone and I was so busy planning my Europe Trip and Wedding, so it was hard to spare time to think about changing jobs, let alone hunting for one. I was planning to switch job to a better one after my wedding but we all know what happened after my wedding… My grandparent in law’s funeral. On my first day back to work, something happened and it really hit my boiling point so three days later, I quit my job, without having a replacement job.

I was actually scared, because if I couldn’t find a new job I would be deported back to Indonesia, and would be having a long distance marriage with Bandi, :( And trust me, my major wasn’t helping so much for finding a new job.

However, since Universe loves me very very much and my luck seemed to crawl back to me, I got a job just a week after that. The job is challenging in so many ways and I’m in the stage of adapting now… the mixed feeling of excitement, fear, worries, and overwhelms. However, I have a very nice boss who keeps me motivated and I’ve been learning everyday since.

I met Tantri, a fellow blogger friend who turned out to have the same experience with me about work. You know when you believe you have to do something, even though it’s outside your comfort zone, you just have to do it and BELIEVE! Do everything you can and leave the rest to the Universe.

Ok, so let’s not talk about work. I always try to separate my work life and my blogging life. :)

Let’s talk about blessings… I met Tantri about last week and we hit it up very well because we were both health-conscious wannabes who still fell down here and then. Hehe.

The second blessing from my dear Universe was… having my Strawberry girl transferred to Singapore by her office! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt??!! YEAHHH!! I have one of my BFF transferred here as my support system!!! NO MORE WHATSAPPING IN TEARS. Hahahahaha!

So now I have to stop calling her Strawberry Girl because typing Strawberry Girl is tiring. Her name is Angel and she’s getting married in two days! Whoaaaaa!!! I will be with her throughout the wedding of course. =)

Now that Angel is here, I have a clean eat buddy. Horray! But whom am I kidding, I know how easy I am to be tempted. LOL.

Oh yeah, Bandi and I went to Maldives for our honeymoon last month. It was amazing!!! All we did the whole week was just sleep eat, sex and repeat. LOL. I came back to Singapore gaining 2.2 kgs!!! Whaaaat!! While Bandi didn’t want to step onto the scale. Hahaha.

I went to Jakarta for Angel’s bachelorette sleepover last two weeks and the most unthinkable thing happened!!! When I was about to check in, I got a whatsapp text from Dian (the awesomest typography blogger in Sydney) that she saw me at the Airport.

We were in the airport in the same time! What a coincidence!

But she was about to board to the plane while I hadn’t even checked in. I didn’t want to type the whole chats and the whole story. Just read our whatsapp chats and you will understand how the situation was.

ConvoDian1 ConvoDian2

So yeah, we ended up seeing each other for 10 seconds I think. And it was super fun. HAHAHAHAHA. I took her 100,000 rupiahs note shamelessly. HAHAHAHA.

I swear I will give it back in Sydney, ok? Take it as a promise to visit you in Sydney, ok, Di?

I’m flying to Jakarta again tonight because I’m Angel’s maid of honor and she will be taken care of this weekend. This is gonna be fun! Hehe.

Well, I guess that’s it for my update. How are things with you guuuuuuuuuuysssssss?!!!!!! I’ve been missing too many blog posts. :(((((((




25 thoughts on “Updates! Updates! Updates!

  1. May, so glad to read your updates!!
    i always love dramas and i wanna hear your dramas, so i will pm you hahaha *kepo*
    have a safe flight tonight and have a great weekend with your besties here :) anddd happy wedding for Angel ^___^

  2. ya dramanya ditulis aja gapapa, kalo perlu dipassword tp ntar gw minta passwordnya hahaha…

    Wah hoki banged lu ya, kalo ga ketemu temen gimana nasibnya, nyangkut di imigrasi krn kurang duit wakakak

  3. Two things I learned.

    First- to always get away without a scratch from wild decisions and risky situations, your name should be May.

    Second- the word and concept ‘lo’ is crucial to any conversation in Bahasa Indonesia .

    PS Good luck in your new job!

  4. I know that your honeymoon is consist of eating, having s*x, and leyeh2. We don’t wanna see the having s*x thingy, but still wanna request the pictures from Maldives hehehehe….

    Semoga kerjaan barunya bikin elu tambah berilmu, soalnya kalo new challenges itu kan justru yang bikin kita tambah maju, dan who knows betahnya bisa lebih lama dari kerjaan sebelumnya. Bos yang baik itu memang salah satu faktor utama yang bikin kita termotivasi.

  5. Kerenn banget sih seminggu lgsg dapat job baru,May? Berkat banget yakk.. :D Syukur lagi dapat boss baek.. :D

    Ehh iya dong, foto2 Maldives dan cerita detailnya.. Meski udah kepoin di fb sih..hihih :D

    Dan cerita ketemuan ama Dian sih luar biasa banget lho..hahaha :D

  6. Mana cerita Maldives-nya?

    Sukses ya Mai untuk kerjaan barunya, semoga betah dan sesuai dengan keinginan hati lo. Ditunggu updatean lainnya.

    Btw… random banget sih bisa ketemu Dian, di airport pula.

  7. Omggggg… kok ya gw baca screen capture WA kalian jd ikut deg2an yaaaa hahaaa, sebelum baca lanjutan jd menebak2 kalian bakal ketemu gk nih :D dan finally happy ending yaaaay :)

  8. ceceeeeee
    goodluck with the new work yaa
    semoga lebih santai daripada yg kemaren jam nya >.< masih inget pas taon lalu kita ketemu itu tuh huhuhu

    aku baca WA nya berasa kaya lagi dikejar2 juga nih jadinya hahahahaha!!!!
    envyyy pengen ketemu ce dian jugaaa XD

  9. Lol… klo ga ketemu dian. What would u do may…?
    Well.. ada money chamger juga sih ya bok. Cuma masa lu kluar antrian lagi gitu.. pas dian nyamperin lo, kliatan ada sayap malaikat nya donk ya.. hahahahaha..

    Kocak abis..

    Btw maldives tuh kan tersohor ama scenery nya ya.. klo siang.. g senapsaran klo malem brubah jadi lokasi horor kaga?

  10. May .. akhir nyaaa ada update blog =) … horror gimana di Maldives ? hehehe jadi penasaran .. btw stay di hotel apa ? enak ya ? more writing about Maldives dong hehehe
    btw, success for ur new job yaa

  11. May, gw juga lagi agak hiatus ga disengaja nih hahaha. Andai dari otak bisa langsung disampaikan di blog, ga harus diketik lagi, pasti blog gw lebih banyak isinya LOL. btw, si dian itu kan janji yak mau nulis lagi gara2 ketemu lo, trus dia beneran tulis ga? kayanya ga ada apdetan blog dia di email gw dehhhh..
    eh gw mau donk baca detail hanimun maldives lo! gw tu ngiler banget pengen ke maldives. lebih pengen ke maldives drpada ke europe. walo ga nolak jg kalo diajak ke europe hahahaha.

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