To be content.

Yesterday I turned 28.

I had a flashback of the last three days… My fiance gave me an early birthday card, inside he wrote that he would send me something on my phone.

It turned out to be a flight ticket for the next morning… to Bali.

I groaned, “oh… I’m so tired and I have so many wedding things I haven’t done.” I was being ungrateful, because I knew that trip for us meant an adventure.

He said, “it’s gonna be different. I promise”

And he was right! He prepared a rented car at Denpasar and we drove to Ubud and we…. did nothing. LITERALLY NOTHING. We just ate, slept drank wine and repeat. He then brought me to a spa and we had 4.5 hours spa. Holy moly, I never knew we could have so many types of indulgence and relaxation in a day! Oh wow.

It was probably the first time I was being super extra mega spoilt in a trip. I asked him why he’d done all of these for me? And he said because I needed it.

Well, he’s right. :p

Yesterday, I blew off the candles on my cake.

And to my surprise, I didn’t want anything on my birthday. I mean, yeah, I wanted to go around the world still, but at that moment, I didn’t know what to wish for myself anymore.

I had everything I need, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. I have people who loves me unconditionaly, I have food on my plate, roof over my head, happy thoughts inside my mind, so what more could I ask?

So I asked the universe…

to always bless the people I love.

I said some names, and hoped that universe would always protect them. :)

To be always happy, healthy and loved.

Because those are the most important things in life.

P.S. remember this always when you read this again, May!


May, :)

35 thoughts on “To be content.

  1. Maaaaay kelewat pas di ig pdahal mau komem bnyak tp males touchscreen. Happy happy happy biirthdaaay yaaaaa enjoy enjoy enjoy dan makjang langsing kali kau

  2. Happy Birthday, May! Seneng banget mengetahui seseorang yang mengerti kebutuhan elu, walaupun elu tidak bilang sama dia. God bless you and Bandi, and soon to be your little family.

    • Thank you Mel! Males upload nya hahaha, link to instagram aja hahaha. :p Gue nggak foto2 Mel, cuma tidur, makan, berendem, tidur lagi, makan lagi, spa, makan lagi, tidur lagi… Hahahaha

  3. May, happy belated birthday yah!
    Wish u all the best, duh 28 thn itu usia yang gurih banget gitu lho…hijihi…

    Dan lo & Bandi itu fun couple banget siiih…ikutan bahagia deh bacanyaa:)

    Dan makasih karena udah repot2 nge doain gue, biar ketemu Lee Min Ho lagi lho Maaay! Amin yah…hihihi…
    *minta ditendang kulkasnya*

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