36 fun hours in Jakarta, involving bloggers, pork and coffee!

Fun? Why fun? Because I ATE GOOD FOOD! Hahahaha! I don’t usually review restaurant or cafe or places but today I will do that. Why? Because I had found THE BEST espresso in Jakarta, Indonesia Asia!

But more on that later, I will now talk about how fun it is to finally have a bloggers meet-up!! Woot!!! Let’s talk about this in an organized timeline.

Bloggers meet-up!

Foto wajib di depan LEKO

Foto wajib di depan LEKO

Gil and I accidentally took the same flight and I forgot how did we end up planning the meet-up. Well, I think she planned it and I took her credit. LOL. I did meet with Gil before and it was fun meeting her for the second time. She was loud, loud and loud. Hahaha. We talked on a plane like it was out private jet and some people were staring but what the heck, we didn’t care. LOLOL. Talking to Gil is like talking to an old friend, I didn’t have to filter my words (trust me I’m actually harsh and vulgar – not proud of it btw) and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I had fun. Shit, she will be like “I KNEW IT MAY I KNEW THAT YOU LIKED ME”.

We landed at Soe-Tha around 9 something and went straight to Central Perk where the meet-up was planned. She was starving so we headed to Leko once we arrived at CP but sadly the mbak-mbak didn’t let us sit because apparently, it wasn’t open yet. Gil threatened to eat her hand if she didn’t eat soon so as a very wise and kind person, I calmed her down.

Anyway… long story short, we could finally sit inside Leko at 11 am and Happy was the first to arrive. We also got to know Happy’s boyfriend, Ai later on. Dea and Utin then arrived. I did meet with Dea before and she was still as pretty as remember. (now you have to say something nice about me, Dea! Mwahahaha!) And the person who I really really couldn’t wait to meet finally arrived, DINA!!! Simply because she promised me LEMPER! Hwahahaha. Dina came with her husband, Benny and her cutey baby Raka. Raka was soooooo adorable!

We then ordered some food and I must tell the world that Gil ate like there was no tomorrow. Oh she was an embarrassment for all of us….

And then Melissa came with her husband and her cutey baby, Grace. Grace was dressed pink from head to toe and it was something I liked about girl babies. Hahaha. So adorable!

After eating Iga penyet, sayur asem, kangkung cah, etc etc, Dea still popped an idea to have dessert at Hong Tang! Jeez Dea, if I couldn’t fit my gown, I would so gonna sue you! *knock on wood*

But anyway, I kinda liked Hong Tang dessert, even though BLACK BALL IS STILL THE BEST!!! Yes, Dea, it should had been refunded! Hahahah. But I enjoyed talking with everybody lahhh

Anyway, I seriously had fun, we should really do this more often!!! :)

Foto full team di Hong Tang

Foto full team di Hong Tang. Thank you Benny for the photo!

Scrappy Saturday with my Bridesmaids

After saying goodbye with my new fun friends, I went to Fenty’s house to start the crafting thingy for my DIY wedding. I estimated 5 hours to wrap up all the tasks but guess what? We finished it at 2 in the morning. Geez…

Spill the tools!!!

Spill the tools!!! Can you see that my luggage was full of ribbons and threads?

They cut the thingy and I was QC-ing. yes, I was such a bitch. LOL

They cut the thingy and I was QC-ing. yes, I was such a bitch. LOL

No lah, when Renny and Angel (the strawberry girl) were cutting the invites’ buttons, I was writing all the RSVP names! It was quite frustrating because my hand writing was kinda ugly. :( But anyway, it was still fun because we were making fun of the fact that at this age of my life I was still seeking for approval because I asked them “Is it nice?” everytime I wrote one name, and Renny was like, “DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY IT’S NICE?” with sarcastic tone. Tsk!

And my creepy maid-of-honor took a selfie while we were slaving our asses off!

And my creepy maid-of-honor took a selfie while we were slaving our asses off!

And another selfie, showing of her masterpieces of yellow and gray pencil that she painted.

And another selfie, showing of her masterpieces of yellow and gray pencil that she painted.

And I got “masuk angin” later on and I asked for NASI PADANG for my dinner because it was the only thing that could cure me!!! And yes, wishes granted!!! :D

Fenty found some Padang resto that had a delivery service. Thanks god it was yummy!!!

Fenty found some Padang resto that had a delivery service. Thanks god it was yummy!!!

After invitation was done, it was already quite late, maybe around 9 or 10… And then Klemens came as a bartender to mix some vodka for my drunkard maid of honor, so she could re-energized herself and crafting some bows for me. LOLOLOL.

Yes, we were up to SECOND TASK OF THE DAY: Crafting the personalized Napkins! Woot woot!!!

Photo 12-4-14 11 42 03 pm

Work work work!

It was cool because our teamwork was actually very good! Angel was folding the napkin, Renny was crafting the bow, I put on the ribbon ring onto the napkin, fenty combined the bow onto them and then QC of course. Fenty is a certified OCD freak so she was in charge of QC for both invites and napkins. LOLOL.

And what did Klemens do? He snapped photos and drank the vodka. Cih!

We finished around 1 am and then still in the mood for… gossiping! Hahaha. No lah, we were talking from heart to heart. :p Anyway I didn’t really remember what time I slept, I guess it was around 2:30 and in Singapore time it would be 3:30 and trust me, I FELT SO OLD I COULD’T SLEEP LATE ANYMORE!

New found glory on Sunday!

Now this is the part where I write my very first review… I will review noddle place in Jakarta called BAKMI AGUAN and it is non-halal guys. Sorry about that.

Foto diambil semena-mena dari Path nya Fenty

Foto diambil semena-mena dari Path nya Fenty

Now let me write in Bahasa… Ini namanya Bakmi Aguan… enaknya keterlaluan… Mie nya sing ada lawan… Baso babi nya sangat menawan… Hebat kan gue bisa berpuisi penuh ryhmes!

Baso Goreng FTW!

Baso Goreng FTW!

Yah pokoknya intinya ini enak banget, susah gue jelaskan pake kata, lo cobain sendiri aje!!! Lokasinya nggak taw dimana tepatnya, yang pasti daerah Puri. Jangan tanya gue lah, gue nggak tau jalan, tinggal ngikut doang, mending tanya google aja. Hahahaha, ini review paling sampah nggak sih?

Tapi suwer ini wajib makan bagi pecinta mie babi!!!

Habis dari sini, dengan perut yang sudah maju 5 cm, kita cabut ke kedai kopi bernama KOULTOURA. At first I though it would be just another coffee show… and then I sipped their espresso and HOLY CRAP, I COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG.


Their espresso was already double shot by default. FYI, I couldn’t just drink one shot of espresso, especially after the all-nighter… I had to have two shots at least. The guy said their espresso was already two shots by default. So, for you who could only drink one shot, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

Anyway it turned out that their two-shots of espresso had the amount of water for one shot of espresso. But the thickness was just AWESOME, especially for people who loves thick espresso like me. OMG BEST COFFEE EVER! I was so curious and I asked the Barista about the coffee blends. He spoke fluent coffee and I could only caught that he blended the coffee beans from all around Indonesia. :)

I couldn’t have enough so I ordered my second cup of espresso, asking for different blends. The waiter recommended me the one with the butterscotch smell, I was skeptic at first because I didn’t like butterscotch but again, I COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG. It was my (again) best coffee I had so far since I came back from Italy!


Best espresso ever!!!!

I’m sorry I don’t have any photo of my espresso because I didn’t snap it. Geez, I really thought it was just gonna be another ordinary espresso for me. Guess I had a nice surprise last weekend. :)

However, these are some photos…

Foto Hot Chocolate nya Fenty yang gue ambil semena-mena dari Path nya

Foto Hot Chocolate nya Fenty yang gue ambil semena-mena dari Path nya


ITU DIA PENAMPAKAN ESPRESSO NYA! Dapet bonus Lemon water pake soda pula!

I will be so going back!

I will be so going back!

My old friend, Azhim then picked me up and sent me off to the Airport. Too bad I didn’t snap any photo with him, but he was too busy curhat that we didn’t even bother to take photos. LOL

And then the flight took off…

Oh it was surely the most fun I had since this year started. :)

I kinda had a little tear when the flight took off… I used to hate Jakarta so so damn much, now I hurt my heart a little everytime I left. Sometimes we had to be separated with the people we love so we knew how much they meant to us. :)

I miss my dear friends already. I love you guys… so so so much, words could never express it.

See you next month! :)


May, the coffee addict.

58 thoughts on “36 fun hours in Jakarta, involving bloggers, pork and coffee!

  1. Aww, seeing you making all your bffs works for your wedding totally reminded me of my own wedding 7 years ago *LOL*, i totally worked my bitches to the ground LOLOLOL, that’s what’s BFFs are for right???? I did some payback on #Undecided’s wedding…

    • LOLOLOLOL! Yessss!!! A lot of people dont get it but BFF will do anything with you! They’re the kind of friends when you bring dead body to their house in the middle of the night and they would take hoe and help you bury, no questions asked. Lolol

  2. Menurutku Hong Tang biasa aja. Tak seheboh reviewan orang, apalagi pas aku ke situ tempatnya jorok banget, kamar mandinya bau kemana-mana, pegawainya udah keliatan capek banget dan gak semangat ngelayani.

  3. BWAHAHAHA si gill di bully.. pasti ngamuk anaknya kalo baca hahahaha. btw gw juga agak nyesel kenapa itu hong tang kaga sharing aja yak, mengingat baru membabi di leko. tapi kl diinget2 lagi kayanya gw kesian sama lo takut ga cukup kalo sharing hahaha. *alesan.

    eniwei, gw sering denger tuh bakmi aguan, tapi lupa dimana. will google it later and try it!

  4. Huahahahaa… itu makanan daerah deket rumah gue semua itu!! Kalo lu suka Bakso Goreng Babi, cobain Santhao punya yang di Jalan Pesanggrahan. Itu so far paling sadis di antara yang gue pernah makan enaknya. Sekitar 30rb buat 4 buletan…endang bambang… *ngeces*. Mie babinya juga enak, tapi beda style, kalau dia babinya babi cincang n kecap. Kalo kopi gue ga bisa ngomong karena kan gue ga minum kopi hihihi. Koultura itu di Taman Ratu deket Grenville situ, dan di situ kan deretan makanan endang banyak tu.

  5. oh jadi loe visit path gue cuma bt grab foto doank.. cih!! hahahaha…

    foto nasi padangnya ganti!! kurang mengiurkan noh…

    next month kesini, kita ajak bandiceuy yah ke KOULTOURA
    bener kan ajakan gue kali ini. dengan sok egois mau kesini, dan gak menggubris ajakan
    nongkrong di mall (puri or cp), and minum coffee shop spt biasanya like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc

    masi banyak tempat yg gue mau ajak loe kesana. loe harus membuka mata kalo Jakarta ga cuma PIK and PIK and PIK lagi.. hahaha..

    Satu yang kurang, i missed karaoke with u and others T.T

  6. bakmi aguan emang enak may, gua ud lama ga makan disana, soalnya belakangan lebih suka ke mie alok hahahaha….

    koultura ini tinggal ngesot dr rumah tp belom pernah mampir sama sekali… kapan2 cobain ah… mungkin nunggu gua lahiran kali ya hehehehe…

    • Gak apa kok Mel minum kopi. Udah baca n tanya dokter. Asal gak berlebihan aja. Ato ya lo icip2 aja laaaah. Hehe. Gw waktu hamil ampir tiap hari minum kopi kalo gak ga kuat kerja. Cici gw malah waktu anak kedua ngidamnya kopi. Efeknya…cuma anaknya sekarang kecil2 udah maniak kopi. haha

      • Baru baca komeng ini…. Gue pikir hamil ga boleh minum kopi…. Nightmare bgt itu mah… Untung menurut ensiklopedia ibu dina boleh… Hahahahaha gue kan subscribe hotline ibu dina, jd percaya aja

      • ini pro dan kontra, ada yg bilang boleh, ada yg bilang ga boleh… berhubung ada bukti kalo ibu hamil minum kopi ga kenapa2, ya gua tenang2 aja hahahaha… cuma sekarang gua kurangin, kalo dulu bisa tiap hari… sekarang paling seminggu sekali… seteguk2… kalo ini ga boleh itu ga boleh, bisa stress nanti hahahaha…

  7. omg Ci May it used to be my fave bakmi too when I was in high school nearby ;). you should try Jewel coffee shop at rangoon road for the flat white and truffle fries or my landlady always bought packets of ground coffee beans from Toa Payoh/ Ang Mo Kio and it is super fragrant.




    • Ihhh apa sih lo nulis pake capslock! Ga sopan tau!!! Gue emang yang pesen sayur asem, tapi siapa yang abisin cobaaaaaa siapaaaaa hahhh hahhhhh?!!! Mana bisa lo pegang kaca stroberi orang lo gak beli! Hadohhhh pake logika dong ah gilllll

      • biarin ih! sama loe ini! gw ga ngabisin yeee tuh sayur asem. jagungnya aja masih utuh!!!! bisa donk pegang, gw pinjem sama mbaknyaaaa!! kan udah belanja di stroberi HAHAHA … kapan kita beli sepatu lagi?! HAHAHAHA ..

  9. itu pensilnya dicat manual jadi kuning dan abu? wuiiiii asli niat banget! hahaha. kok temen2 lu mau ya lu suruh2 gitu may? huahahaha :P

    btw seru banget weekendnya… makan2 plus ngumpul2 ama temen emang udah paling mantep dah… :D

  10. bakmi agoan yang di puri itu sederetan sama restoran babe gue!!! namanya Puri 88 jualan sate ayam, sate kambing muda, gule, gado-gado, ketoprak, lengko, soto2an, chinese food jugaa. harusnya lo bilang May kl mo mkan di daerah puri!!

      • Haaaaaaaahhh kalian seru sekaliiiiii…. Mau ikuuuuutan donk kalo kopdaran lagiii *dtg2 rusuh*

        May, mel itu tmn smp gw… sedangkan gil acquaintance dari tmp kuliah gw. What a small world kan kan kan kan???? MAKANYA KALO KOPDARAN AJAK AJAK GUE DONKKKKK. GW KALO MAKAN NGALAHIN KULI LAGI LUNCH BREAK MEN!!!! CENTONG SAMA BAKUL NASINYA BAKAL KETELEN BULET BULET SAMA GUEEEEE!!!

      • HUWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sumpah gue jadi mau ketemuan sama lo Fab!!! MAu menyaksikan elo makan centong nasi bulet2 terus gue upload ke YOUTUBE, siapa tau go viral! XD Nyahahahah!!!
        What a small world!!!!

    • Ya ampunnnn jadi si melissa bokap u yg Puri 88.. salah bangeeet u ngomong mel hahahaha
      Ya ampun ya may.. itu bakmi agoan emang tiada dua nya maknyusssss
      ya ampun salah banget buka nih blog ya.. Gile temen u sih super banget yaa mau ngecetin pencil 1 1 hahaha

  11. Pas May tulis bakmi Aguan, entah kenapa langsung kepikiran Bakmi Agoan (bukan Aguan) yang cuma selang beberapa rumah dari rumah gue :D Dan ternyata benar :-) *tetanggaan tapi pastinya gak pernah makan di sana lah…you know why :D* Memang kalo weekend resto itu pasti selalu rame, jadi mungkin memang enak rasanya ya :-)

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