Winner announcement of #30daysblogging

Hey ho!!!

Sorry I’m late for the announcement. Please bear with me… It’s been the busiest time of my life with work (post-CNY is the WORST for HR) and wedding stuffs (been going back and forth Indo), wedding crafts (trust me it’s harder than I imagined), General Election (volunteering and it was fun–stories later) and cooking (yes, been loving back to kitchen lately).

However, I spared an hour today for writing this post. :)

The #30daysblogging was fun… and of course challenging! The challenge actually pushed me to write whether I was in a mood or not. In some days I swore I didn’t want to write at all, but when I read the topic and this magic started to work on my head I just started to type like my hand was automatic machine. It also gave me a good habit to continue working on “Eloise”. I know it seemed like it was going nowhere, but trust me, it is. I’ve been writing “Eloise” and a new novel, actually. :) I just haven’t posted new chapters for “Eloise” because of some reasons.

Anyway… let me tell you how I decided the winner. At first I counted from the hits of individual posts, as seen below:

Post Hit

However, I felt like it doesn’t make sense! How on earth the highest post only got 328 hits altogether, when daily posts were varies from 100-500 hits? Actually I don’t really understand how wordpress calculate the post hits, is it only when someone click the title of the post? If so, it’s not a very fair game. I actually don’t really understand how the hit stats work. Hahaha. All I know is when wordpress told me my hit stats are booming, I was happy. :D

Thus, I add another variable for this. I add the day hit when the post was being posted, such as below:

Daily Hit

You see from the table that the highest hit happened on March 24th when I posted “The planned wedding night” but based on the post-hit stats, it only received 186 hits. Hmm.. somebody please explain this.

So…. I think the only fair game is when I combine these two stats. So here’s my calculation:

Total calculation


And the winner is…. *drumroll please*

ICHA FELICIELO!!! Here’s her blog link.

Hi Icha, if you read this, kindly drop me an email and we’ll talk about what you want for the online shop spree! :D Please contact me before Friday, because I will be on Indo this weekend and I could do some banking there. (my key bca is broken so I can only use ATM for transferring stuffs)

And for Fitri, the Bagina Ratu, if you read this, don’t hate me, you almost won. I promise when we meet someday I’ll buy you lunch! =D

And last but not least….

Thank you everyone who has been reading my non-sense rambles these past 30 days although some of the posts were soooo messy and lazy. LOL. I probably will post a lot less now that I’m not in the challenge anymore and I will try to blogwalk more, especially during my commute, it’s just that sometimes internet signal sucked when the train was underground and I couldn’t comment anything on bloglovin. Geez, May, first world problem?

Anyway… I’m getting married in two months!!!! OMG!!! I CAN’T WAIIITT!!! WOO HOOO!!!! It’s gonna be awesome!!! Hahahahahah!


May, staying in touch. =)

10 thoughts on “Winner announcement of #30daysblogging

  1. congrats buat the winner.. hehe… jadi berasa ada yang hilang deh May, biasanya tiap hari dikantor kalo suntuk pasti ada bacaan. :(
    ayo bikin lagi 365days blogging. hahahaha

  2. iya may, kalo post nya gak diklik, gak diitung statsnya. itu diitungnya homepage karena orang bacanya dari homepage. makanya ada beberapa orang yang pake sistem nunjukin postingannya cuma sebagian, trus orang harus klik (read the rest of the entry) untuk baca seluruh postingnya. nah kalo kayak gitu baru diitung. tapi gua terus terang personally suka males baca kalo mesti ngeklik lagi buat baca seluruhnya. huahahaha. :P

  3. Congratulations to the winner and most of all to the over-prolific and energetic bride. But these weeks I sometimes wondered shouldn’t she hold your fire and save it for the honeymoon???

  4. Maaayyyy…! Aku kok baru liat postingan yang ini, siiihhh? Huhuhu….
    aku manyun dulu ah. kok bukan aku yang menang, sih? *kompetitif* LOL
    Btw, manaaaa password buat postinganmu yang baru publish ituuu?

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