#30daysblogging LAST DAY!

Day 30

Post is an idea from Chelle, the cutie kid in blogsphere!

Last day! Woot woot!!!

Even though I supposed to talk about characters from movie TV series, I think I would blabber too… I’m just not in a good mood (PMS maybe?) so I feel a little stressed.

But first of all, let’s talk about the characters from TV series who I love the most…

Carrie Bradshaw

Who doesn’t love Carrie? She’s romantic, sweet, free and the greatest friend you could possibly have! She has good taste of shoes and she’s a WRITER! She’s just perfect! I love Carrie! I know sometimes she seems weak because she’s a romantic, but she is actually a strong confident woman! Even though she’s not a proclaimed feminist, I always got the feeling that she is one. :)


Monica Geller

She’s my favorite “friend”!!! She’s a freak like me! She loves things organized, she’s bossy and so weird! And I looooveee her! I know she looks crazy and obsessive and annoying with all her rules, but she’s the glue of the “friends”! She always hosts the thanksgiving and she’s actually sweet and caring. Monica knows she’s obsessive and crazy and she embraces her flaws. :) I love her.

So let’s put down some GIF fiesta of Monica Geller!


And if you want to know more why I love Monica, this girl named Kim wrote it all on her blog. :)

Who is your favorite TV series character???


May, forgotten what to blabber about.


9 thoughts on “#30daysblogging LAST DAY!

  1. I dont like Monica but I have to admit she is so human and my ocd tendencies are the things I can relate myself to her lol. I like to watch Girls and love Lena Dunham in the series. Really admire her success too! Jessica Day on New Girls is also loveable. Yeah Carrie Bradshaw either you love her or hate her….

  2. First of all I want to congratulate you on your writing challenge. I know this is not an easy challenge. In fact dari bbp Blogger yg gw follow yg ikut challenge ini, so far cuma lu satu2nya yg berhasil sampe kelar dan gak bolong2. Hebat may! You’re very dedicated. Salut gw! :)

    Ttg karakter tv ya, gak ada spesifik sih, asal filmnya gw suka ya pasti gw suka karakter nya. Jadi Carrie dan Monica termasuk yg gw juga suka.

  3. yeayyy last day!!! congratulations for finally finishing your own challenge hahaha.
    gw suka sama si robin nya how i met your mother. she is sooo cool!!! udah si itu aja ga ada alesan lain hahaha

  4. Woot wooott!! Congrats on completing the challenge, May! karakter yg gue suka, si Jess (new girl)…goofy,agak tomboy, kadang gak tau malu,..hahahahaha….dan Dr.Brennan from Bones…Cool and smart

  5. Hm. Harus tipi character ya? Baiklah. Joan Watson. Alasannya she’s smart, is not willing to take any shit from Holmes, and she’s independent. Entah kenapa gue lebih demen Elementary daripada Sherlock. Ini menyebabkan gue in the minority masalah adaptasi buku Sherlock Holmes. Pokoknya ranking-nya tuh Robert Downey Jr > Johnny Lee Miller > that Cumbersomething.

  6. conratulation for finishing the challenge ceceee <3
    and thank you for calling me the cutie *blush* (padahal seneng)
    karakter TV yang aku paling suka… jengjengjeng Ricky dari The Secret Live of American Teenager HAHAHA
    he is a badboy and a very bad one (my sister calls him the jerk of jerks) but I just like him somehow… except how he /was/ before I can say he's kind of my style… so much calmer (later on only tho), honest, being a really good father, hardworking :')
    okay, I think I will rambling long if I continue this on~ lol

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