#30daysblogging Weird missing hangers are weird.

Day 29

Post is an idea from Arman, one of my favorite blogger!!

The thing I wanted to change from the past

I know that we have to be grateful and we have to embrace the present. I know saying “there is nothing I want to change from the past” sounds like a happy ending in Nicolas Spark movie. I know everything happens for reason. I know I know, jeez, I know.

But if course it’s so intriguing to imagine what would have happened if we changed one thing from our past… And for me, if I had the opportunity, I would like to change…

The last year of my high school.

What I did: I switched major from IPA (natural science) to IPS (social science).

What I would change: I should not switch major.

Did I regret it? Well, I kinda did. Because of that, I couldn’t become an architect. But again, we have to embrace the present (yeah yeah yeah). However I did have A LOT OF FUN in social science major and I ended up studying International Relations on my campus and IT WAS THE BEST FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE!

But of course, sometimes I was wondering what would happen if I never switch major? Was I an architect now?


The weirdest thing(s) happened on the past

Ok, enough with all the depressing what-if, let’s move to the fun one. When Arman said I should list down all the weirdest things I’ve done, I felt that it was going to be a long post. LOL. I am weird by nature, thus, I have done a lot of weird things… some aren’t supposed to be published online. LOLOLOL. And most of the things were done when I was drunk. So, don’t judge. XD

  1. I have drank the air kobokan (dirty water used to wash hands after eating rice with hands) out of DARE.
  2. I have peed on the parking lot of a club (because apparently I thought it was bathroom).
  3. I have slept beside my own puke, literally.
  4. I cried because I saw my face wash bottle was opened in the public bathroom (when I was living with 8 girls) yes, I had a weird OCD.
  5. One night I woke up and cleaned up everything.
  6. I drunk-called a guy I had a crush on. (GOD this is so FAIL!)
  7. Me and a group of friends were going to watch Thomas Cup and accidentally hit an old lady on the toll road… and the lady was FINE. (it was kinda weird)
  8. My first love died of a toothache (I know this didn’t happen directly to me but still weird)
  9. I stayed awake for nearly 30 hours at the campus cafe with friends because we wanted to conquer the record.
  10. I clamped my hand on between the car windows… (I didn’t know why I did that) ps. this happened just yesterday in Bandung.
  11. I once accidentally skipped my 1pm class because… I was overslept.

Thankfully I have never experienced any scary weird kind of things *knock on wood* even though in my current house that I rent, ice cubes and clothes hangers are missing one by one. It’s kinda weird……

So, I know this sounds lame but I think missing ice cubes and hangers is weird, isn’t it?


May, not really in the mood.

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