#30daysblogging Why Sanguine?

Day 28

Post is an idea from Josephine.

She asked, “Why Sanguine?”

I answered, “Why not?”

… and case closed.


Calm down!!! I’m just kidding.

Why Sanguine’s Journal? Why not Taurean’s Journal or Pretty Girl’s Journal or The Romantic’s Journal?

Well first of all, nobody will follow a blog called “Pretty Girl’s Journal” unless it’s a beauty blog. Second of all, The Romantic’s Journal sounds like a soft porn web.

Taurean’s Journal sounds okay but still sound a bit masculine for me.

I decided to call my blog “Sanguine’s Journal” because I am a total Sanguine. If there was a task, “Explain yourself in one word!” I would definitely go for “SANGUINE”.

That’s why it is a Sanguine’s Journal. :)

Sanguine is cheerful, outgoing, talkative, messily organized (paradox), like to influence people, like to be on the spotlight, self centered, that’s all me! ME! ME! ME!



May, obviously sanguine. 

13 thoughts on “#30daysblogging Why Sanguine?

  1. kalau romantic’s journal berasa kaya soft porn web ini ngakak banget may hahahaha.. sama may gue juga sanguine tapi ada phlegmatisnya hehehe..

  2. remon sempet protes, may! sanguine ga mungkin plan trip detail katanyaaaaaa hahaha .. kata dia sanguin lebih kayak bininya yang ga bisa baca peta sama cuma modal nekat dan hore hore haha ..

  3. Iya I think your blog name is very self explanatory.

    Me in 1 word? Hmmm apa ya… Gak bisa cuma 1 word May because gw selain ganteng juga baik hati, tidak sombong, suka menolong, ramah tamah, rendah hati, sopan santun, adil dan bijaksana. :p

  4. I can’t describe myself in 1 word, malahan i can’t describe myself in any word. lagi krises jatidiri soalnya hahahaa…

  5. wahh loe masa sih sanguin murni, tapi bisa bikin perjalanan ke eropa detail bgt pasti ada melankolisnya deh hehehe….
    gw melankolis sangunis berarti judul blog gw harusnya melancholic’s journal hahahha

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