#30daysblogging Knowing yourself and motivate yourself.

Day 27

Post is an idea from Kimi.

The title of this blog is Sanguine’s Journal, of course all the posts sound so energetic and positive and motivated, but if you know me in the real life, I do wallow to sometimes. I do binge eating because I’m stressed with my work, or I cry the whole night because I fight with my mom, or I bang some things… I do like to bang things (not sexually).

It’s just that I always filter what I say on my blog. I always write motivational things, full of spirit and super positive because that’s the person I always wanted to be, and I always reminded myself to.

I have so many bad qualities, but thank goodness I’m a person who is willing to change.

How to be motivated?

I wrote a draft for this post with a question, “Is everyone motivated?” This is a tricky question, isn’t it? Do you think everyone is actually (deep deep down) motivated?

Kimi asked me to share tips to be a motivated person and OMG, I am so flattered but I don’t have any tips. It’s just who I am. I personally love goals. Goals keep me motivated.

I wanted to lose some weight, so I set a goal and sucked it up whatever happened. And I did.

I wanted to travel to Europe so I set a goal and followed it. And I did.

I said I was gonna finish my marathon and I freaking did!

The only time I quit was when Bandi and I were in LDR (Long Distance Relationship). We were doing fine for 2 years and I’ve always always looking forward to the goal but suddenly he erased the goal. He didn’t come home in time he promised, and I quit. So I’m pretty sure the only thing that keeps me going is the goal.

I am motivated because I have goal. And I looooooooovvvvvvvvveeeee the feeling when I tick off my goal. It’s super awesome.

So I guess, you just have to get to know yourself better. When you REALLY know yourself, it would be easy to improve. Let’s say your a lazy person but you like to please people, then you have ask your family or loved ones to expect some things from you, and you will automatically achieve it because you’ll do it to please people.

Everybody is different. How to be motivated is such a broad topic. What I’ve done would probably never work on you. So… get to know yourself. This is very very important. Not only to motivate yourself, but also for everything in life… You’ll see that life is actually easy peasy once you know yourself better. :)

How to get to know yourself?

Hmm… Step 1 would be… spend more “me time”, analyse all the things that make you happy and things that make you sad, angry, disappointed, etc. Observe yourself… give some time, don’t rush it. And don’t spend time with people you actually don’t like to be around with. Sometimes society is very twisted, you had to hang out with people who actually are not comfortable for you. Always put your happiness above everyone else. I know it sounds selfish, but trust me, this is the right way to live.

Once you know yourself, and you’re happy, every other thing around you that used to look dull will look bright. And you will start to want to make other people happy, automatically.

So I guess all the “deep” and “secretive” question in life will be answered with… SIMPLY BEING HAPPY.

How to be happy?

Arggghhh here we are again! These questions are never ending! And now I sound like Paulo Coelho! You take care of your own shits lah! I’m outta here! *throwing tantrums*


May, acting up so philosophical. 


5 thoughts on “#30daysblogging Knowing yourself and motivate yourself.

  1. Not a bad strategy at all :). Soon another goal has been reached; This formidable thirty daily posts at a stretch is almost done. Well done actually. Then another goal has been reached and you will tick it off.One more shot of satisfaction.

  2. bwahahahha a twisted ending!! a really motivated beginning ended with a ‘bitching may style’ hahaha.
    eniweiii just want to let u know that most of your post make me motivated, so, thank you :)

  3. I always write motivational things, full of spirit and super positive because that’s the person I always wanted to be, and I always reminded myself to.

    >> ho oh banget.

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