#30daysblogging You’re vegan, not god.

Day 25

Post is an idea from Nancy, an outspoken girl who had just married the love of her life. Say congrats to her! Woot woot!

Nancy gave me a pandora box… something that she would regret because when I talk about animal welfare, I will start bitching. Are you ready?

Talking about animal welfare could really provoke me, thus sometimes I avoid talking about it. I have mixed feeling about Animal Welfare Organization (both governmental and non-governmental – oh wait, who am I kidding? No such thing as governmental Animal Welfare Org, Govt doesn’t care!).

I am of course supporting all the animal welfare org’s with all my heart. I do my best to volunteer once in a while and keep myself updated about some issue I care the most. But on the other side, sometimes the bitchy side of me can’t help the attitudes of some of the members or volunteers of most Animal Welfare Org’s. They’re mostly vegan and oh honey, you don’t want to hear me commenting about Vegan people.

I love animals, no doubt. But I’m not Vegan. Does that make me love animal less? This is the most debatable topic in every animal welfare org’s. We have to be vegan in order to join them, because being animal’s friend means we can’t eat them. Hmm… it is true when you put it that way. And I do understand about all the animal slaughter story and trust me, my heart wrenched when I read/watched it. But I am an omnivore, I can’t don’t want to delete meats from my diet.

And that is why I avoid talking to vegan people. They would debate it like my choice is wrong, like I SHOULD NOT be an animal welfare supporter when I, in the first place, still eat meats. Suddenly it does sound like a religion. And I hate it. I hate those Vegans who think they are better than anybody else just because they don’t eat meat. I mean, THANK YOU for your sacrificial selfless act, oh hail saints, but I thought since you LOVE THEM very much, you don’t sacrifice yourself. I hate their smug face when they say “Sorry, I don’t eat that. I don’t eat meat at all. Do you know how horrible they killed chicken?” and then showing their smug face and try to convert people to vegetarianism/veganism. It’s like trying to convert someone’s religion. F yourself. You’re no better.

And yes, this includes mothers who feed their children vegan food. LET THEM CHOOSE WHAT THEY WANT IN THEIR LIFE!!!

Anyone’s dietary choice is anyone’s individual choice, who are you to judge?

I understand there is some people who went Vegan because they couldn’t eat meat or they didn’t like meat (I actually have a friend who doesn’t like meat) and they don’t go around telling people how good they are. It’s their choice and they don’t shove it on your face. I, myself, did try to be a vegetarian once (because of the pressure) and I failed miserably… And I’m not ashamed to admit it that I LOVE PORK just too much I’m so happy when I eat it! My life is meaningful because of pork! Yes! And salmon! Oh god, salmon!

Can’t we all just accept that everyone’s different?! Vegan is not better than the rest of the people! Oh I hate people who thinks they are better than the rest! Everyone is equal! We’re just in different chapters of our lives!!!

Anyway…. I should stop yelling in my mind because it’s kinda noisy.

Well… Ahem, beside the “veganism” part of animal welfare, I do support all animal welfare movements. :) However I put more attention to puppy mills issue and dolphins captivity issue.

I remember when Wenwen, one of many Dolphins “purchased” by RWS, died (read here) and I started to cry like I just lost a sister or a friend. It was so sad I felt so much anger inside because it happened and NOBODY could do anything. You know it’s the worst feeling when you feel sad and helpless. I really really wished I had a genie, just to grant my wish for all the government in the world to apply a real Act for dolphin in captivity. To release them all.

I know it sounds weird for common people who are not familiar with animal welfare, but I DO care a lot. I just don’t know why. Animals can’t talk, they just show gestures. We are their mouths, so we have to talk on behalf of them. :) I was born around animals and I always have weak heart for them. :) I especially love dogs and dolphins. :)

What about you? Any thoughts about animal welfare you know?


May, didn’t mean to be bitching.


15 thoughts on “#30daysblogging You’re vegan, not god.

  1. Boleh sedikit curhat ya? ;) Terlepas dari soal gerakan cinta hewan dan sejenisnya ini, saya sekarang ini sebisa mungkin mengurangi konsumsi daging merah, tapi saya masih makan ayam dan ikan. Alasannya lebih ke concern ke kesehatan. :D Kalau mau sepenuhnya lepas dari daging, saya gak kuat, bo’! Saya masih pingin menikmati salmon. Tuh, ngebayanginnya aja saya sudah ngences. Tapi, ini bukan berarti saya gak peduli sm hewan. It’s just… we have our different ways to show our love to animals, right?

  2. ah, gue juga mengurangi makan daging sih tapi gak berhenti sama sekali, soalnya gue baca jadi vegan itu tuh resiko kekurangan vitamin yg adanya di daging-daging-an; jadinya…tetep deh makan roast-pork….(slurp).ahahahahhahahahaha…

  3. I love love love dolphines too, may! They are too cute, rite? And you’re the one who made me realize, they are not happy doing those performances when I read one of your post. Thanks for that, May!!

  4. may, nyokap gw vegan dari kecil loh, dan dia vegan karena dia ga suka, ga bisa makan daging. tapi dia makan daging waktu hamil gw, for the sake supaya bayinya sehat, dan itu dia menderita banget. tapi ya dia ga pernah maksa anak2nya buat ikutan vegan, malah dia tuh bisa masakin kita daging2an tanpa dia cobain (ato cobain kuahnya aja dikit), tapi tetep enakk. hebat yah haha.
    gw baru tau loh ada orang2 yang maksa ikutin pilihan hidupnya, just not fair.

  5. Animals shouldn’t live in captivity. So I agree with you. Not bears, not dolphins – which by the way both are very cuddly as well as very aggressive species- nor any other animal. No zoos, no circuses.

    On second thought… Don’t we animal lovers keep our domesticated pets in captivity as well?

    Damned I’m afraid we have to compromise when love, ideals, principles and life are concerned. And yes, I reluctantly admit I’m a dedicated omnivore without a bad conscience as well.

  6. That only starting from 2009 sex with animal has been forbidden by law in The Netherlands, quite shocking to know.

    I wonder do the hollier than thou vegans practice their lifestyle as a whole? I mean do they not wear leather shoes/bags?

    • Lorraine, I don’t think many Dutchmen were in the habit of bestiality before that law. Nor after 2009 for that matter. I’m sure priests trespassing sexual morals outnumbered them by far.

      • Talking about bestiality… It’s so sad that there are no strict law for this in most of the asian countries (the ones that actually have primates). In Kalimantan, people rape Orang Utan. So they can’t rape human but no law for Orangutan? No logic.

  7. 15 years without beef and lamb, because I saw them slaughtered. The image ges of them suffering linger in my head so I stopped. I also don’t eat duck because duck is cute!

    Anyway, I did crazy things for animals with PETA but I kinda stop now,couldn’t resist leather bag and shoes.

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