#30daysblogging Being an adult.

Day 23

Post is an idea from Irny.

Being an adult means being responsible of your own decision; and mistakes.

Being an adult is paying your own bills.

Being an adult is living your own life, separated from the life you used to know.

Being an adult is taking care of your parents, instead of being taken care by.

Being an adult is having the bigger heart, saying “I’m sorry” first.

Being an adult means no longer sweat the small stuffs.

Being an adult is ignoring what other people say or comment about you.

Being an adult is not having enough time for yourself; because you’re too busy worrying other people.

Being an adult means dare to admit your wrongdoing.

Being an adult is letting go your childhood, though once in a while you’d like to visit it.

Being an adult means more work, more responsibilities, heavier luggage and longer list of expectation.

But let me tell you the privilege of being an adult…

You’ve got to make your own decision!

You have your freedom! you can LITERALLY do whatever you want to do, without people telling you.

You can finally don’t give a fuck, you can actually ignore what other people say.

You will have finally found YOU. The real you.

And you can either see you being an adult as a burden or a blessing. :)


May, still on the process of growing up.

5 thoughts on “#30daysblogging Being an adult.

  1. Do I agree? Are adult people free? Potentially free? Do whatever they want? Ignoring the law, the boss, the client, the kids?

    Well, I agree. In principle. A necessary fiction. Because an adult is responsible for what he/she does and doesn’t do.

  2. sometimes I don’t like being an adult, when I feel like sleep-in on lazy mornings…but you got to get up and get ready for work instead….hahahahahahahaa…..

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