#30daysblogging The planned wedding night. Uh-oh!

Day 22

Post is an idea from Icha Felicielo

Hey hoooo!!! As I mentioned on my instagram, today is my last day of Mayo Diet!!! I’ve lost 4 kg of my fats, what a relief! If you’re wondering what is Mayo Diet, it’s a 13 days diet when you have to eat clean without salt at all. The menu is already scheduled so you just follow it. You may read more about Mayo Diet here.

Anyway, today’s topic might and might not be related with the Mayo Diet. However, I do the Mayo Diet for sake of June. What happen on June? Yes! It’s the wedding, but the most important is not the wedding day itself, because wearing gown doesn’t really need Mayo diet, does it? It’s for the AFTER WEDDING. YES!!! It’s for the lingerie on honeymoon! Woot woot!!!

Icha asked, “What would you do on the wedding night with Bandi?”

Hahahaha, I wish I could give you the details, Icha! LOLOLOL.

On the night of the 7th of June, I don’t think Bandi and I will be fully sober. Yeah, so we would be pretty much having fun with our closest friends, celebrating the best day ever. :) We plan to stay in one cottage with close friends and having our after-party. So yeah, no kinky sex planned for the day. :D

However all of our friends will be leaving Bandung on 8th June afternoon and Bandi and I will stay another night and we will….. order in some Ayam Cabe Ijo and Ayam Penyet and Indomie telor kornet and will sleep in for the whole 24 hours on our favorite hotel. Hahahaha.

Disappointed? We will do the kinky sex later on. Don’t worry. LOL.

We will be having another wedding (the serious formal Chinese wedding – as requested by family) the week after that, on 14th June 2014, so yeah, we should really stay sober until then. And as we planned, we’re so gonna have our honeymoon right after that! Wooottt! So yeah, all the Mayo diet was meant for the honeymoon because it will involve some serious lingerie cosplay. LOLOLOL. (Sorry to give you all such a wicked image) XD

We haven’t chosen our honeymoon destination, FYI. We will just go wherever we can later on. :) No matter where, as long as it’s with the who that matters sound a pretty good deal for me.

So that’s it, my very first non-sense pointless post. LOL. Thanks for the easy topic, Icha! XD


May, in desperate needs for the salt.


21 thoughts on “#30daysblogging The planned wedding night. Uh-oh!

  1. may, i notice you mention ayam cabe ijo and ayam penyet quite a lot. where can i get them?? not a fan of bandung current restos which offer pretty ambiance with mediocre food.

    • Hahahahaha since we both love perkedel, I bet we have the same taste of food!!! Ayam penyet and ayam cabe ijo itu adanya di UNPAR! Makanan jaman kuliah lahh biasa, efek ga bisa move on. XD
      Ayam penyet itu adanya di seberang warkop gemboel, warkop gemboel ini yang gue bilang bisa makan indomie pake cabe ijo sampe lo mencret dahhh. Tapi the real cabe ijo adanya di jalan bukit indah (seberang unpar persis) lu mauk ke dalam dan si ibu aryo (yang jualan cabe ijo) nongkrong di depan SDN 5 (ini dl tempat gue suka ngajar) hahaha lu tanya aja ke dia “ibu namanya ibu aryo?” Kalo bener berarti bener loh. Pesen aja sama dia nasi ayam cabe ijo. Itu tuh nasi putih biasa dikasih ayam goreng tepung dan cabe ijo yg dijamin membuat lo menggila!!!! XD
      You want more bandung’s jajanans? Sini ngobrol sama gue hahahaha. Mau yg haram juga bisa

  2. Hihihihihi… sama donk. Wedding night gue…. PISAH RANJANG BO! Gue bobo di ranjang, suami bobo di sofa di sebelah ranjang, dan dia muntah2 sampe 5 kali gara2 kebanyakan minum. -_-

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