#30daysblogging Garuda on World Cup, someday.

Day 21

Post is an idea from Jerry.

So, today I have to write about the puzzling reality that though football is immensely popular in Indonesia, Indonesian players and clubs never excel. It’s kinda difficult, isn’t it?

Well, the easy way is just to blame our Youth and Sport Minister, Roy Suryo. LOL.

But of course blaming only one person sounds so shallow, so I think I should blame the whole government instead. Anyway, I would make points of the reasons why Indonesia doesn’t excel in football.

  1. No government support. Obviously, our government is that kinds of government who doesn’t think about future. Everything is about how much money I can corrupt now. I sound like a cynic don’t I? But seriously, money is needed to support sporting facility! Yes, we have the love for football, the culture, but without practice in a well-managed and well-established facility, what can the athletes do?
  2. The sad reality that in Indonesia being an athlete is like volunteering your life to poverty. Come on, in Indonesia social status is so damn important and when two men wanted to propose to your daughter; when one was an athlete and the other one was a banker, you’d most likely choose the later one.
  3. The sad reality that most of the good footballers chose to play overseas and then change their nationality. :( I mean, it’s perfectly fine to play overseas, it is even GOOD to play overseas, so you can improve and grow, but then usually they will never come back. :(
  4. We don’t have the mentality to win? Ok, this might be controversial because a lot of people might not agree, but we DO not have the mentality to win. Or maybe we haven’t had it yet. You see some team were born to win, like Brasil, Italy or Germany. Brasil is poor and most of the footballers came from poor villages but somehow the winning blood is within them! Well, Italy has one long history about winning in football, so it’s within them, same with Germany. We, Indonesian, tends to lose the mentality when we were not leading. I don’t know, I think this is part of the moral lesson when we were kids, to always be selfelss? (ngalah)
  5. Been thinking for minutes but nothing came up… so I think we’re done

But however, I still do believe, I DO, I DO BELIEVE, that someday Bandi and I will watch World cup when we sing Indonesia Raya on. The dream will be much better if our kid was the on the field, with Garuda on his chest. :) What a dream.

But well you know… Universe tends to make my dream comes true.

So can I hear amen?


May, will be forever in love with football.

5 thoughts on “#30daysblogging Garuda on World Cup, someday.

  1. The good news is that the future is bright :).

    My of course extremely talented 4 years old grandson Kris started his promising career to be a future Messi, on Jakarta’s pitches this year.

    “But he’s Dutch”, you’ll ask. Yes, but Wisanggeni Dewa Kishnahatma – which is his official name- is Indonesian as well. Actually overwhelmingly Indonesian: genetically 62.5%, socially 100%. So I expect Bandi and you singing Indonesia Raya for him and his team mates in due time….

    (O, by the way since FIFA, the international football organization, has a notorious reputation for corruption, corrupted authorities will be at ease in that environment. Corruption really hardly is a handicap for authorities to help football with facilities and financial support. )

  2. Hm. Seinget gue ada pemaen Belanda (campuran sih, bokap Indo nyokap orang kulit putih) yang ganti kewarganegaraan demi bisa maen di timnas Indo. Sekarang dia lagi maen di J-League. Namanya Irfan Bachdim. Jadi ya ga semua ‘anti’ passport Garuda, hehe…

    Btw, itu menteri si Roy Suryo itu yang dulunya demen muncul di infotainment kasih komen2 ga jelas tentang foto2 dan video2 artis itu bukan sih?

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