#30daysblogging Introduction to my family

Day 20

Post is an idea from Debhoy.

Debhoy’s comment made me realize that I seldom talk about my family. I didn’t really have any particular reason, it’s not that I did that on purpose. I just didn’t have a lot of things to talk about. First of all, I love faraway from them and I only exchange messages with them once every two weeks or a month sometimes. I don’t call. Lack of contacts create no story whatsoever so I never talk about them. If I compare with Bandi whom I communicate with daily or my friends whom I text with or facetime with daily, of course the portion of the story is a lot smaller.

I love my family. I grew up with them. There’s nothing wrong with them, really. :) It’s just a normal family with dysfunctional parents and brother and sister. I mean, aren’t all families dysfunctional?

My dad is a loving and humble man. He loves animals so much, including cockroaches. Yes, he doesn’t wanna ever kill cockroaches. I’ve got my animal lover trait from him, obviously. He’s artsy, good with pencil. When he got his first heart attack when I was 7 years old, he lost control of his right hand, so he stopped drawing. But then he learned how to use his left hand. After he recovered years later, he was able to write and draw with both hands. So I guess I’ve got my artsy and never-give-up trait from him too. :)

My mom is a neurotic, OCD-freak and unstable. She didn’t love my dad when she married him, and she still doesn’t. Thus, I always remember to never marry someone with the wrong reasons. I’ve seen the outcome for the first 18 years of my life living with them. My mom loves art too. She loves painting, reading and writing. She writes a lot! We used to share books and novels when we still lived together. She was the one who introduced me to the most delicious drink in the whole world: coffee. Yes, she was a coffee addict. When I was in high school, we used to hang out in the afternoon drinking coffee together. :) I’ve got her writing talent and her love for arts, and also her caffeine addiction. :)

They were both great people, but they married the wrong people and with the wrong reason, and they weren’t happy in most of the times during their marriage. I learned a lot that marrying the wrong person could turn your life upside down. No matter what, love has to be the foundation of the marriage. Other things could follow.

I have one big sister who is a kindergarten principal. She’s easy going and fun. She’s married with two awesome kids. The oldest is Kimiko, my favorite one! (Ssst! I shouldn’t pick a favorite. LOL) In the middle between me and my sister is my brother. He was a rebel and a big trouble for the family, but anyway, things have been better. He is actually a person with a good heart. And guess what is he doing for a living? He’s a game master! It’s like MY DREAM JOB! He works for Indonesian based game company as a game master, somebody who test the game before it’s being launched to public! Whaaaat?!

So, that’s my family. Twisted, troubled, yet fun and warm.

I’m not mentally close with my family, maybe because we didn’t love together for so long. My sister went to Bandung when I was 10 years old, after that I’ve never lived with her anymore. My brother went to China when I was 16 years old and then when I was 18, I moved out from my house. Now my mom and dad lived with my brother and 7 dogs (and counting!) Yes, my dad likes to have a looooooooot of dogs. Not that my house is big, but he feed all the stray dogs daily so all the stray dogs guard our house every night. :)

But I go home once in a while and visit them. I keep in touch with them too, of course. :) Blood is thicker than water, so I never worry that time or distance will drift us apart. :)


May, the emotional one.

7 thoughts on “#30daysblogging Introduction to my family

  1. May, belum tentu loh papa dan mama lu don’t love each other. Kan love itu seringkali bukan yang keliatan di luarnya. Terkadang kalau di luar sering berantem, atau ngga menunjukkan kasih sayang di depan orang banyak, justru itu karena ada rasa segan atau malas nunjukkin kemesraan. Berdasarkan pengamatan gue dan beberapa ibu2 lain (kita belum lama ini ngebahas) justru orang yang di luar itu keliatan sangat mesra dan menujukkan banget kemesraan, justru ternyata dalamnya malah depresi dan (maaf) pasangannya selingkuh. Kalo bokap nyokap lu udah berhasil bertahan sekian lama dalam pernikahannya, itu udah lebih dari sekedar cinta, tapi juga komitmen yang luar biasa.

    • Hmmm that’s sweet of you Le… But they did tell me they actually weren’t in love. And trust me, it’s true. :) sbnrnya ini bukan sesuatu yg menyedihkan sih, mnrt gue they just made the wrong decision, that’s all. :) and people makes mistakes, that’s what makes them human. :)

  2. Aaa… terharu aku May. Krn postingan yg kuusulkan dan keunikan keluargamu . Bener May.. sampai skrg aq jg percaya cinta mengalahkan sgalany dan pernikahan mutlak butuh cinta sbg dasarnya. Gw bs liat itu sampe skrg lwt kluarga gw. pernikahanlu dan Bandi udh pasti bakal jauuuuuhhh lebih bahagia May. Bukan sok cenayang ya.. hahaha. Tp liat ekspresi cinta lu lwt smw tulisan yg ada disini udh ckp buktiin ada cinta luar biasa di antara kalian.. Happy Loving!!!

  3. Yep, it does really help if real love is the foundation of marriage. But love is a strange bedfellow. And who can tell what love is to fellow human beings – parents included? So…

    Anyhow going by your description I think I would love to share most of your father’s personality traits.

    (Perhaps even the character in Randy Newman’s song “You can leave your hat on” tells about a viable variant of love : “… I know what love is/Sweet darling/You can leave your hat on …”)

  4. nyambung ama komennya leony… kadang buat memasuki kehidupan pernikahan ga cukup cuma modal cinta doang, tapi juga komitmen karena kan itungannya seumur hidup… cinta itu cuma sekejap, tapi yang bikin langgeng itu justru komitmen… bukannya cinta ga penting, tapi cuma sebagian kecil aja dia peranannya… nah, org tua lu mungkin ga ada cinta, tapi mereka punya komitmen, buktinya tetep awet kan ampe sekarang…

    itu yang diajarin pas gua ikut bina pranikah hahahaha….

  5. wah bukan hal yang biasa orangtua bisa secara terbuka bicara sama anaknya, khususnya kesalahan masa lalu. Tapi hebat ya May, bahwa mau keputusan yang diambil salah tetap harus bertanggung jawab sama pilihannya

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