#30daysblogging Where to, next?

Day 13

Post is an idea from El Tandiono

After the amazing-tiring-moneysucking Europe Trip, Bandi and I had been some kind of travel immunity movement… We tried to ignore all the emails from airlines flashing about their promo prices, until… we couldn’t handle it anymore. LOL. We got a very very good price for only $200+ (I didn’t remember how much exactly) per person to explore Darwin, Australia. And we impulsively bought it. It’s for next August. Come to think of it, we didn’t really know what to explore in Darwin, we didn’t know whether we would have the approved leave, the time to apply visa and the money by then, but we did buy it anyway. LOLOL. So let’s see what’s gonna happen.

Our  next ambition is actually to resign and backpack across Indonesia. We planned it for 30days but if we ever had the guts to quit our jobs, we probably would do it for 2 months. But well, we have house mortgages and everything, we don’t know if we’re really gonna do it. :p

Remember this plan?

Remember this plan?

I’ve always had this imagination in my mind that someday we’re gonna do it. Now it’s just either we have the guts or not.

If we really couldn’t leave our responsibilities for that long, maybe we’re gonna shift to plan B: which is take different short trips for different destination. But honestly I like the long trip better. I love to be on the run, to be constantly moving everyday. It’s tiring, but it’s ADVENTUROUSLY AMAZING. :)

But it’s still a dream now. I hope it’s coming to be true one day. :) But for this year, we’ll just settle for a week at Darwin. (oh, and a possible honeymoon :))

What’s your travel plan for 2014? I hope it’s exciting!


May, si kaki gatal.

10 thoughts on “#30daysblogging Where to, next?

  1. Tetangga gw tuh setelah married, resign kerja, condo nya disewain, trus pergi travel around the world ama suaminya for 1 year! Gile ya. Hahaha. Bulan lalu Udh balik sini lagi.

    Gw mau memotivasi lu untuk take your guts may… Soalnya ntar kalo udah ada anak bakal gak bisa dah kayaknya. Hehehe

  2. Setuju sama Om Arman. Kalau lo ada planning kayak gitu…jalanin aja. Tapi ttp dihitung-hitung dulu. Mumpung belum punya anak. :D *ambil kaca*

  3. Gw ngilerrr sengiler2nya waktu lu posting ini May.. Pengenn juga… 2014 tahun menabung, jadi ga ada jalan2..hehe.. Boong deng.. Gw juga ga betahan kalo ga jalan. Kalo yg gedenya, maksudnya sampe naik pesawat, september ke sing sama kl. Dapet tiger cuma 700rb pp :p hihih..

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