#30daysblogging Will you be my wife?

Day 6

Post is an idea from Dea.

As a romantic, I’m soooo up to this challenge when Dea asked, “if you were a guy, how would you propose to your girlfriend?”

Wow, I sooo enjoyed thinking about this, making an imaginary plot of the awesomest proposal ever.

First of all, I would definitely go for public proposal, because duh! It’s me! I looove being the center of the attention. And who knows I’ll end up viral on youtube as “the sweetest guy ever!” Hahahah

If you’ve watched Bon Jovi’s video clip “All about loving you” then you’ll understand what I’m going to say.

Yep. I would jump off the building while my girlfriend waited for me below. She would scream and cry because she thought I committed suicide (for no reason at all?) and then I pulled out my parachute that’s been written “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”


And that’s not it! When I finally landed in front of her and got rid off my parachute, there would be people coming with her favorite flower (preferable yellow rose). We then later would be standing surrounded by so many yellow roses, and I would get on one knee and ask her, “will you do the honor to be my wife and to make me the happiest man on earth?”


(Bandi said this sentence too. >.<)

And she would say yes of course! :D (Don’t disturb, this is my imagination)

So yeah, if I didn’t die in the free-jumping stunt, I would be one happy groom. LOL

If I were a guy, I think I would be a great boyfriend. Hahahaha!


May, man up.

18 thoughts on “#30daysblogging Will you be my wife?

  1. A very courageous and virile way to propose indeed. Wonderful and romantic. But it’s not people with vertigo’s cup of tea.

    But there are alternatives.

    In my next life I tell her that I love her so much that I will plan to kidnap her from her parent’s house, elope to small island in the Hebrides together and secretly marry there.

    If she agrees, I will know she is a romantic also.

    If she says no, no sweat. I will just say: there are girls, great girls and angels. But they all can’t do what you can do. If you will marry me you will create heaven on earth to me. And I will create heaven for you.

    And if she isn’t persuaded by then, well my ultimate bid, after I draw my gun, will be “this is an offer you can’t refuse: marry me”.

  2. Klo gue digituin cowonya g gampar dulu kali may..
    Sialan bikin g sport jantung dulu baru bikin hepi..klo g mati jantungan dulu gimana cobaaa.. hahaha
    *membuyarkan imajinasi romantis lu ya guaa*

  3. May, itu yg v-clip bonjovi itu lanjutan dari v-clip di lagu sebelumnya.
    Ceritanya yg cowok lagi tidur telanjang sendirian (jgn tanya kenapa aku ga tau) terus tiba2 langit2 apartemen dia jebol. Jatuh cewek yg lagi telanjang juga. Jatuh pas dg posisi WOT. Yang sinetronnya PAS pacarnya masup kamar.
    Tapi eike lupa judulnya euy.

  4. wkwkkwkwkwkwk gw rasa cewenya nanti terlalu shock buat jawab apapun, atau terlalu lega karena akhirnya si cowo ga bunuh diri akhirnya jawab ‘yes’. pinter banget deh ahh hahahaha.

  5. duh…
    itu romantis tapi rada gokil gitu yah May..hihihi…

    Kalo ada postingan tentang ngelamar2 gini gue suka rada sakit ati lho May…
    Masa si Abah ini gak pernah officially ngelamar gue gitu lho…

    Jadi dia mikirnya, ya udah lah kita udah pasti nikah kok, pokoknya lo harus nikah ama gue!
    Semacam kurang ajar gitu yah, taking me for granted…trus gue nya mau lagih…hihihi…

    Makanya sebagai pelampiasan, si Abah selalu gue jadikan objek penderita di blog gue ituh May, pokoknya dia kena bully terus sama gue deh…sang Istri Tiri…bhuahahaha!!

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