#30daysblogging The soundtrack of my life

Day 2

Post is an idea from Arman, the father of two cuteys!

Well… well… well…

I was so excited when I read about this topic idea from Arman. He’s right. Everyone must have one song that they really REALLY love, so much that once they hear the intro tune, they’d go “THIS IS MY SONG!!!” and started to dance like idiots.

Without further ado, let me present to the world, the soundtrack of my life…

My hopes are so high, your kiss might kill me!!!

So won’t you kill me, so I die happy!






And this song brings me back to one night when I was screaming my lungs out with my girlfriends. We were sitting on the rooftop of someone’s house, I guess. I don’t remember where, but I remember how we laughed and we sang and we screamed. We were having the time of our lives.

It was infinite. Maybe the kind of feeling that Charlie felt when he was going through the tunnel. INFINITE. (ref: The Perks of being wallflower)

Hands down wasn’t merely a love song. It is a soundtrack of a very perfect day, which somehow always brings me back to the good old days and it never fails to make me smile. I would practically hum the tunes whenever I feel like having a good day. And everytime I receive a good news or those times when I’m relaxing at home, drinking coffee and reading books, I feel the hands down intro is starting to fade in… just like in a movie. =)

I also love the band, Dashboard Confessional which only consists of one guy named Chris Carraba. Chris is cute, funny and friendly. Yes, I’ve met him. =) And I’ve watched his concert three times, twice in Jakarta, once in Singapore. Yes, that’s how much I love him.

I fell in love with the song at first without knowing about the guy who wrote it, but after I knew the band, I love the song(s) even more. =) You can check out the other Dashboard’s songs. They’re all awesome.

Hands down! it’s the best song ever! For the best day ever! And yesss I will want the song played on the after-party of my wedding where we all can sing it to the top of our lungs, “BEST DAY EVER!!!”

What is your soundtrack of your life?


May, singing hands down over and over again.

17 thoughts on “#30daysblogging The soundtrack of my life


    dari dulu sampe sekarang, dari gw kenal apa itu cinta-cintaan sampe cinta beneran, suka banget sama lagu Extreme yang satu ini May. mungkin karena musik akustiknya juga ya buat hati bergetar kleper-kleper, dan mungkin karena ini juga lagu pertama yang bisa gw mainin pake gitar di jaman SMP dulu, haha ^^

    • Inih kenapa lagu gue bisa samaan ama Debby yah?
      perasaan kita beda angkatan deh..hihihi…

      Lagi ini emang happening banget waktu gue SMP sih May…
      More Than Words nya Extreme
      Bukan soundtrack of my life juga sih sebenernya…
      tapi kalo denger lagu ini inget ama kecengan kakak kelas waktu jaman SMP…
      Waktu karyawisata *entah kemana gue lupa* kita duduk sebelahan di bis gituh..hihihi…
      *sinetron sekali hidup gue pada masa ituh*

      • Aah… kok sama sih Teh? Hahahaha
        karna kita suka drama Korea kali yak? hohohoho

        itu lagu dikenalin Tulang (Paman) aku Teh. Karena dia yang ajarin aku main gitar gitu deh ^^
        Dan aku yakin, Tulang aku itu seangkatan sama Teteh deh, hahahaha

  2. It’s my life
    And it’s now or never
    I ain’t gonna live forever
    I just want to live while I’m alive

    It’s My Life – Bon Jovi..

    Langsung kebayang memory graduation semua anak2 seangkatan sejingkrakan sambil nyanyi lagu ini. Precious!

  3. trio kwek – kwek kutakut mamaku marahhh hiiihihihihi ;D
    begaya sambil pegang sisir dijadiin microphone hahahahaaha ..

    honestly may, mungkin gw orang yang ga punya soundtrack of my life kali yaaaaa … aha! jadi kepikir buat ngeblog! ;)

  4. yah kok ga bisa reply diatas ya :))
    Gara2 lu posting DC gua jadi dengerin lagu2 dia lagi, nemu performances dia di Java Rocking Land, keren yaaa gua nyesel ga dateng tuh :( Tapi udah cukup puas sama yg Ponds, 18 lagu mennn :)) Macem konser solo hahaha.

    Dan baru tau juga dia buat band baru Twin Forks :)) *download albumnya*

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