#30daysblogging Why oh why would I trouble myself?

Day 1

Post is an idea from Mandhut.

I’ve been wanting to do the 30 days blogging challenge for… ever! But my lazy bones were stronger than my will. So why I finally decided to have such a commitment?

1. I won’t travel on this month. Ok, I have a plan to go to Bandung on 29th for 24 hours but it won’t be a problem.

2. I will be anti-social for 2 weeks this month, because…. I’ll be doing the “mayo diet” again! Yaiyyy… NOT!

So yeah, with my social calender emptied, I believe I have more time to blog and I WILL push myself to blog/write everyday so I can put back the writing habit. I really have to finish my Eloise novel this year! It’s been too long. :(

Anyhow… At first I wasn’t really optimistic about the idea of 30 days blogging because it’s a huge commitment to write an equally interesting post for 30 days consecutively. It sounds like a big deal, right? I hope I won’t lose the idealism of writing for the next 30 days. =)

But what is it for me, really?

Well… I want an increasing hit stats of course, duh?! LOL I told you I’m shameless.

And also for the…. um.. the uh…. um…

(paused for 5 minutes)

(went to the pantry and brew a cup of coffee)

(looking for inspirations)

(back to my computer)

Who am I kidding? I do this only for the hit stats!!!


Hope you enjoy the awesomeness in the upcoming month!!!


May, giggling.

19 thoughts on “#30daysblogging Why oh why would I trouble myself?

  1. =)) emang hit stats itu menggoda sekali ya, gue juga jadi kepengen bikin blogging challenge atau giveaway biar laris manis tanjung kimpul. Kapan2 deh :))

  2. Kalau rajin update, biasanya hits juga bakal naik. Saya juga sering banget punya niat rajin update biar hits naik. Gpp… Gak dosa ini. :lol:

  3. ya elah May…jujur amat siiiiih…hihihi…

    Iya yah, kalo blog kita banyak yang nge klik suka berasa seru yah :)

    sayang banget jumlah hit stat nya gak bisa dituker sama cilok atau seblak gitu yah…hihihi…

  4. bener tuh kalo ngeblog tiap hari, stats pasti naik.
    sejak ngeliat banyak orang yang bikin 30 days challenge, sebenernya gua juga pengen ikutan. tapi belum berani. kayaknya gak bakal kekejar dah. hahaha.

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