#30daysblogging The Prologue

Wow. This is a huge commitment, especially for a lazy bum like me. Writing daily for this month is such a scary challenge yet exciting. (sounds like marriage huh? :p)

But it’s me! I loooove challenge! And I love how it feels when I beat the challenge up! yes, yes, I’m competitive, it’s not a news. I love setting up goals and achieve it. I’m not ambitious, seriously. I just love having goals, and my goals mostly are those silly ones. =D

Anyway…. I want to say thank you for everyone who contribute topic (and questions) for the blogging challenge. But I’m sorry that I will only need to pick 30 topic. There were also some who seemed to give questions rather than topic, so I would try my best to turn them into an interesting post. However, questions/topic about kids won’t even go to my considerations because it’s something foreign for me. The “kid talk” is kinda outside my territory. :)

So here are the topics for the 30 days blogging challenge! Woot woot!!!

  1. March 3rd 2014 : Behind the scene of #30daysblogging challenge! – Mandhut
  2. March 4th 2014:  The soundtrack of my life – Arman
  3. March 5th 2014: The spookiest moment of my life – Epi sapi
  4. March 6th 2014: My gay friends – Icha Felicielo
  5. March 7th 2014: If I hit Lottery for 100 Millions dollar! – Yeklin
  6. March 8th 2014: How I would propose my girlfriend. – Dea
  7. March 9th 2014: My most favorite dish recipe! – Erina Astri
  8. March 10th 2014: What painting means to me. – Joey
  9. March 11th 2014: Dear God, these are my suggestions… – Aina
  10. March 12th 2014: Tips Keuangan – Icha Felicielo
  11. March 13th 2014: Bestfriend turned enemy – Baginda Ratu
  12. March 14th 2014: Is everybody capable of raising a child? – Nancy
  13. March 15th 2014: My next travel plan – E Tandiono
  14. March 16th 2014: Death sentence wish – Tantri
  15. March 17th 2014: How to find job, live and survive in Singapore – Rinta Dita
  16. March 18th 2014: Living in Singapore, the bad times – Shinta
  17. March 19th 2014: Regretting those things we didn’t have the guts to do. – Melissa
  18. March 20th 2014: If I could choose my superpower – Gillian
  19. March 21st 2014: The turning point of my life, my epiphany – Eri
  20. March 22nd 2014: Why I never talk about my family? – Debhoy
  21. March 23rd 2014: The puzzling reality that though football is immensely popular in Indonesia, Indonesian players and clubs never excel. – Jerry
  22. March 24th 2014: What Bandi and I will do in our “malam pertama”? – Icha Felicielo
  23. March 25th 2014: Being an adult – Irny
  24. March 26th 2014: Dengan kekuatan bulan! Gue mau jadi sailor apa? – Dea
  25. March 27th 2014: What I want to change about animal welfare – Nancy
  26. March 28th 2014: Do I judge people when I first met them? – Lia
  27. March 29th 2014: Motivated people and unmotivated people – Kimi
  28. March 30th 2014: Why “Sanguine”? – Josephine
  29. March 31st 2014: The thing I want to change from my past and the weirdest thing I’ve ever done in my life. – Arman
  30. April 1st 2014: Characters from movie – Chelle

Sorry I miscounted the days. I supposed to start blogging yesterday but I forgot. Yes, I literally forgot that I should start the blogging challenge. LOLOL. (Doesn’t seem so promising now, huh?)

So I will finish the 30 days blogging challenge on 1st April and wait for about 3 days to calculate the hit stats to announce the giveaway winner.

Tha tha for now!!!


May, exciteeed!

21 thoughts on “#30daysblogging The Prologue

  1. salah satu topic yg gw ajuin kepilih, tadinya ga berharap banyak bisa kepilih
    but finally yeayy….
    because it is a good topic to share,
    good luck ci May,
    tantangan 30 hari ngeblognya semoga lancar dan bisa melawan rasa males/ bad mood atau apa aja yg kadang-kadang pemicu buat batal ngeblog LOL.
    good luck, i am staying here to waiting ur posting :D

  2. For a person who is about to set a new world record prolific blogging, this is the most incredible self-description ever: “a lazy bum like me” :).

  3. woooow I am in XDDDD cannot wait for the 30th day ceceee!!!
    gonna read your entries now! I am left far behind thanks to the no-checking-reader-page :’))
    ahahahaa *subs to email instead now*

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