One of the moment when you feel like going away from real life.

I sit alone at the coffee shop in an airport, when my flight back to my temporary residential address is still four hours away. I love it, the feeling of going away from home, the only home I’ve known. I sipped my second cup of espresso today. Nothing in this world could fill my mind better than coffee.
The ceiling of the departure terminal is high, the windows are bright and the crowds are fine. Suddenly I had a crazy idea. I opened the browser on my phone and google a ticket to phuket. There was a flight available tonight on 8 pm but then I remembered about how far Phuket airport with the beaches so I turned off the browser. I’ve been wanting to go on an impulse trip alone. And now I bailed out. Why?
Why did I have to think about the technicality? I should have just purchased the ticket. Since when I turned to be this person? I should just go. Should I?
I have one hour to decide…


11 thoughts on “One of the moment when you feel like going away from real life.

  1. There was this renowned and humorous Flemish poet Elschot who once wrote a famous poem (Het Huwelijk - with this even more famous line: “want tussen droom en daad staan wetten in de weg en praktische bezwaren” (which kind of tells: you can’t always ‘follow your heart’ because of laws and practical objections).

    So true.

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