Where do you wanna get married?

Bandi and I came from different city in Indonesia. He grew up in Palembang and I grew up in Jakarta. I then spent my high school in Bogor and moved to Bandung, where I eventually met him.

During (almost) eight years together, we have spent (almost) half of it in Singapore, a quarter of it in Bandung and another quarter in a Texas-Jakarta Long Distance Relationship.

So, where should we get married?

It is of course a rhetorical question since we’ve known all along where it is.

We would love to get married in Bandung. It would be questionable for most of our friends because hey, it would be easier to my friends and family if we would just get married in Jakarta, right?

But, Bandung…

It is a city where we first met, where we had our first fight, our first kiss, our first dream, our first dance, our first breakup and make up, the first time we claimed “our song” and the other thousand memories. It is true that we have so many sweet memories in Singapore too, however we first moved in together when we were in Singapore, but why Bandung left such a great impact in our life?

The breeze of the wind when we stepped out from the plane brought us back to the days when all we did was dreaming. We didn’t know the real world back then. We just knew that we would change the world. Well, we didn’t really change the world, but we’ve changed each other’s worlds.

It was a night in October 2006 when we had our first kiss. I was having a very bad flu and almost a fever. The first kiss was anti-romantic, but extremely unforgettable. We didn’t have social media back then, so I texted only to my three bestfriend, “I just had my first kiss.” I wouldn’t want the moment to be happened in any other way. It was imperfectly perfect.

It was November 2006 when we had our first dance, literally under the moonlight, with The Blowers’ daughter played at the back. It was supposed to be a party for my campus and I thought it would be the crazy one but they played a romantic song instead. Bandi wore Giordano pink shirt and a pair of jeans and I wore a simple white top embroidered with black flowery pattern. Bandi put his arms around my waist and I rested my head against his shoulder and I swear the world stopped for a moment. He’s been owning my heart pretty much ever since.

We had our very first adventure in Bandung, where we learned to grow up together. We were different people back then. We were restless, fearless, so alive and full of dreams. We initiated our dream to conquer the world together.

We said, we could be anything.

And we believed in it.

We are now still as alive as we were then, but we’ve grown into adults. We have responsibilities and baggage. We had responsibilities and baggage too back then, we just decided not to care.

Oh how I loved you then… And I love you still now. I’m just loving you in a more growing up way now.

We might only send each other love letters every once a year now, or we don’t initiate romantic act as often as we did, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love as much as we did. We know for fact that we can only love more. It is impossible not to love you more each day.

And Bandung… is not only a city. It reminds me of our youth, the time where we were happily crazy, where we opened our heart, letting someone in.

Bandung is the place where I fell in love, not only to you, but to myself too. It is where I started to live to the fullest and where I decided to make my dreams come true.

So yeah getting married in Santorini sounds fun too but hey, Bandung has the memories that are just too priceless to ignore.

Bandung is magical. And if there’s only one place I could always go back to, then Bandung is the one.

I will marry you, in our favorite place on earth… just because.

I guess you can’t agree more. =)


May, going to Bandung soon!

27 thoughts on “Where do you wanna get married?

  1. Wah, kayaknya komen pertama….Yeeyyyy!!! *Norakmodeonsecarabloginibanyakfansnya:D*

    And hoping you and Bandi will have a wedding celebration that will have a full of memory too in Bandung :-) Aameen…

  2. Aku juga suka Bandung, May jadi kayaknya udah pas kalau kalian pilih kota itu *gak ngaruh Noniiii hahaha* . Dimanapun menikahnya asal sama orang tercinta pasti seneng ya apalagi kalo bisa nikah di kota yang emang punya banyak cerita untuk kalian kayak Bandung itu :) . Ditunggu foto2nya deh May, posting yang buanyak

  3. Hai May… Pilihan oke menurut gue akhirnya kalian menikah di kota yang penuh kenangan buat kalian, itu terdengar jauh lebih tulus dan romantis loh, congrats!!! :)

  4. Halo kak may lama gak main kesini.. Uuuu aku juga suka banget sama Bandung.. Kota yang banyak sejarahnya juga buat aku hihihii.. Intinya mau nikahnya dimanapun yang penting sama orang yang paling spesial, dan dlm hal ini kak Bandi, pasti seneng yaaa.. :D

  5. I agree that bandung is somehow is a beautiful and romantic city. walo gw ga pernah tinggal di bandung, dan gw ga sering ke bandung juga, tapi somehow bandung hold a piece of my heart. mungkin gara2 gw prewed di bandung ya, walaupun prewed jg di studio, tapi kenangan dan memori2 nya itu yg sweet hahaha *apasih. btw, you’re lucky to have your dream wedding comet true, because not everyone has that previledge you know :p

  6. What a romantic post..loving it. But i think it’s because you are marrying the Mr. Right then everything seems just perfect and romantic.

    I like the paragrapah you wrote above:

    “We are now still as alive as we were then, but we’ve grown into adults. We have responsibilities and baggage. We had responsibilities and baggage too back then, we just decided not to care”

    I had the same thing :p


  7. dakupun memulai kisah cinta bersama Mr. Pit di Bandung may…and our favorit place is Roemah Kopi di dago pakar…hihihihihihi…pernah denger kah??
    Wah kalo pesta kebun d Bandung pasti seru yaaaa…udaranya enak…
    Menyenangkan banget bisa throwback banyak kenangan di hari spesial bersama someone spesial di tempat yang spesial…

  8. Bandung itu… adem2… jadi bawaannya pengen pelukan melulu. Udah gitu banyak makanan enak pula hu hu hu…. Sukses ya Bu persiapannya. 2 minggu lagi gue juga ke Bandung ada cousin merit di situ.

    Kalo cita2 gue dulu itu simpel, gue mau nikah di Katedral Jakarta, karena tempat itu yang menyimpan kenangan masa muda belia gue. Kalau soal tempat resepsinya, itu sih blakangan, yang penting gerejanya dulu. Toh nikah di gereja, bukan di tempat resepsi hihi. Ya untungnya pas resepsi tempatnya lumayan juga, jadi bonus tambahan selain dapet gereja idaman.

  9. Ah so sweet! It’s so great that you can convince both families to have a wedding in Bandung. Kawinan di Indo kan rempong bo, rempong ngurusin keinginan keluarga.

  10. it is always a blessing to read your posts and this one is not an exception either. you are so sweet and I wish all the best for you and your wedding prep Ci May ;). *now that I am back in Singapore we might probably meet somewhere with our luck :D*

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