Friendships are like wine.

As usual, every Thursday I dig in old photos for the Throwback Thursday. This is something that I’ve been doing since twitter had #followfriday. I’m a soc-med whore (it’s not a secret) so I like to do this kind of thing. Throwback Thursday is my favorite of all hashtag in instagram, because it made me dig old memories and I love reminiscing old memories. =)

This morning I opened one of my dropbox folder named “Seraphine Hangover”. It was full of inappropriate blurry photos but I managed to find the most decent one.

This one.

This is the most decent photo I could find. =)

The two girls with me are my bridesmaids and the three guys are the unofficial chauffeur for the wedding. :p

This photo was taken on September last year, not so long time ago. It was just a casual hangout with my best buddies in Jakarta. Everytime I come back to Jakarta, we always hang out together, some ended without voice because we sing like there’s no tomorrow in the karaoke room, some ended with endless KFC chicken in our tummies, some ended up drunk.

The photo above doesn’t represent the full team of my best buddies. Let me give you another photo:


Wait, wait... this is a very old old OLD photo. :p

Wait, wait… this is a very old old OLD photo. :p

This might do!

This might do! Don’t mind Bandi. :p

So yeah, we’re best buddies. We all hate and love each other at the same time. We’ve fought, we’ve made up, we aren’t always together but when we meet, we rock on!

We’ve been friends since kindergarten. Yap! It’s been… what?! 20 years of friendship??? Holy moly!!!

We got very very close when we were in the fifth grade and then during our junior high we’ve written a diary together. There were 13 diaries in 3 years school-span. And trust me, everytime I read those diaries, I would crack my butt up for laughing too hard!!! LOLOLOL. How stupid we were. LOLOLOL

I watched a movie “Las Vegas” last Wednesday, it was about 4 best buds who have been friends since they were kids and they’re still friends in their sixties.

Bandi and I went to Bandi’s bestfriend’s wedding last Saturday. We went to Palembang for one day just to attend the wedding. After the wedding we hung out and Bandi could always act like a kid around his bestfriends. They don’t see each other so often but when they do, it’s just so cute seeing them calling each other names.

Anyway, what I was about to say is…

I just can’t imagine how my life would be without my friends. They’re like my family, my brothes and my sisters. We’ve been through so many things yet we’re still friends. No matter if we’re rich, poor, ugly, pretty, fat, skinny, no matter what race we are, no matter whom we love or what we’re doing, and no matter what we turned out to be, we are still friends. We were friends before we knew money, before we even got our period, before all the ugliness in the world tried to invade.

Just hanging out all night, singing our hearts out with one guitar.

Just hanging out all night, singing our hearts out with one guitar.

We just love to sing!

We just love to sing!

It was probably Avril's or Kelly Clarkson's song.

It was probably Avril’s or Kelly Clarkson’s song.

I love every one of them. =)

Friendships are like wine, the older the better.

(and also, they make you drunk. LOLOLOL)



May, who misses her friends so bad.

P.S: My previous post involving a wedding received hits tripled than usual. Whoa! Are people loving my bitching, or loving the wedding talks? Xp

20 thoughts on “Friendships are like wine.

  1. So, this is proof: great people maintain great friendships :) Keep them up, even at the times babies and nappies exhaust you :).

    (Oh, and I think an extensive and thorough scientific study of ASF ( the Asian Karaoke Fascination) is necessary and urgent, in order to safeguard public health.)

  2. senangnya bisa punya sahabat. aQ karena pindah-pindah ga ada yang namanya sahabat , belum begitu dekat udah pindah ^^
    tp jadi banyak kenal orang meski kadang karna lama ga ketemu suka ragu, masih kenal gag ya mereka sama gw ^^

    • Hi Debby, aku juga pindah2 kok tinggalnya. Sejak umur 15 tahun aku udah tinggal beda kota sama mereka, dan baru satu kota lagi waktu aku umur 23, itupun hanya 1 tahun lalu aku pindah jauh lagi. Tapi untungnya kami tetep temenan deket. Thanks internet for that! =D

  3. Suka bgt quotenya, prsahabatn itu mmg brharga bgt ya;)
    Sy jg prnah bla2in ke kendari PP jaraknya 186km cm buat ke pesta kwinan shbat jaman kuliah. Rsnya ini mmg worth it to do bgt dech klu dmi shabat baik.. ;)

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