When this blog returns to its blabbering habit

Hey cherry pies! Happy new year!

Photo 1-1-14 7 51 02 pm

Today I woke up in the morning thinking to write one honest post in my blog. I guess it’s been a while since I blabber about my crappy awesome life, that’s weird because I love talking about my life! Lol

I think I’ve been so busy with post-europe stuffs, wedding prep, xmas and new year (both real new year and chinese new year) oh well, I’ve just been busy with life actually. I didn’t really have spare time to write anymore. I read some blog posts from my favorite blogger on my phone inside the mrt train and didn’t leave comments because writing comments in mobile phone sucks.

I hope after all the year-end fiesta ends, I could live my slacking life again. I kinda love it being a lazy ass. I did write some stuffs inside my drafts but I didn’t know why I didn’t publish it. I guess I want to have a clean posts in 2013 that don’t suck. 2013 was actually a good year for my blogging life. :)

But from today, I guess I will revert back this blog to be full of craps again. Lol. Just kidding, I will try to write some unedited honest post some time.

How’s your countdown and your first morning in 2014? Mine started exactly the same like last year… Cleaning up the house full of spilled alcohol, confetti and crashed m&m’s, not to forget to brush off toilet full of pukes. Eww… what a glamorous way to start a new year, right?

Talking about new year, people like to tell about their new year’s resolution. I think I’m one of those people who is goal-oriented so my resolutions were usually well done in the past years. My 2013 resolutions were to sit up everyday and I’ve done it until I went to Europe, so I’d been doing sit ups everyday for 10 months.

What about this year’s resolution? Well, I decided not to make one. I will stick to that “sit up everyday” thing but I won’t call it a resolution because I want to make it my permanent lifestyle. I really want to have a great abs again. And to complete that… I think I have to stop drinking. I hate the feeling of waking up remembering blurry night and having spinning morning. Ok, that’s crap. I won’t totally stop drinking, but I will drink less. I promise I won’t drink during weekdays anymore because it was so tiring to wake up early and work the next day. I also promise not to do any excessive drinking at least until my wedding, or my bachelorette party (if that’s happening-ahem, hint to the bridesmaids!) But well, promise is a big word….. Hmm… Ok now I’m being indecisive. But I do really want to drink less! Ok but maybe not a promise. :p

Anyway, I don’t want to leave an impression as if I’m a loser drunkrad. I’m not, ok? It’s just that last year I had a lot of drinks maybe because I was stressed out and tense. Hmm… That’s a lie, I wasn’t stressed out! I just like to drink! Lololol.

Photo 1-1-14 7 04 53 pm

I should start being serious, shouldn’t I?

Ok, enough talking nonsense, let’s talk about what has been going on in my life lately…

Well life’s been good. I made peace with my brother and that fact put a smile on my face everytime I remember it. I’ve been missing my friends so much but now that Strawberry is visiting, it cheers me up. :) I don’t have any travel plan for 2014, I guess Bandi and I are focusing the funds for the wedding. Oh boy wedding is costly! But again, that depends on who spends it. Some people spent 10 times more and they would probably think it was a cheap wedding. Well for me, I would want to spend my wedding funds for another Europe trip, but Bandi always reminded me that the money will be well spent because he promised that it’s going to be the night when we celebrate love. And that sounds pretty awesome.

I try not to write my wedding prep in my blog because the wedding is very very small and I don’t invite a lot of people (bcoz it’s small, duh!) so I don’t wanna be like those annoying kids who show off their new toy but wouldn’t share to play together. LOL.

I just want to say that everything goes according to plan, yeah of course there are some hiccups here and there but hey who doesn’t, right?

Thank you for the kind encouragements I’ve received, I didn’t know before that planning a wedding took times and energy so an encouragement did cheer me up. :)

Hmm, what else… Oh! 2014 will also be full of bandi’s friends’ wedding so I will need to travel back and forth to Indo a lot of times. That’s tiring but Bandi always say yes to invitation, he’s a people pleaser. So I guess I have to tag along.
For me, I usually don’t go to friend’s wedding unless they’re very close to me. It’s not that I’m rude or anything but I would want to come to a wedding where I know the love story of the people who weds, I’m a romantic! But in my inner circle, I’m the first who get married and that’s pretty annoying because I’m the one who always said “don’t get married too fast” but here I am, 27 years old and freaking engaged! (Just kidding bandi! You know I love you, right?)
Did I have the regret to be engaged young? Hmm, sometimes I do think about it… I think 28 years is too young to be married (my opinion) but then I always tell myself that I’m marrying a very wonderful man whom I’ve known so well and he wouldn’t abuse me or sell my kidneys once we got married. Lol.

I think that’s enough for the first blabber in 2014… I wouldn’t want to spill all the craps now. I will go to KL tomorrow with Strawberry and will be back to Spore on Sunday, so until then, be good! =D

But one thing for sure... 2014 will be the awesomest year ever because I can't wait to marry my bestfriend. =)

But one thing for sure… 2014 will be the awesomest year ever because I can’t wait to marry my bestfriend. =)


May, isn’t really sure if she’s sober.

40 thoughts on “When this blog returns to its blabbering habit

  1. 1. foto2nya lucu. yang pertama itu keren karena ferris wheel nya jadi angka 0. yang tengah lucu aja ekspresi2 kalian. yang bawah juga lucu fotonya… hehehe.

    2. about drinking… yah yang penting not too much, especially ntar pas udah pregnant. huahaha. kejauhan ya mikirnya? :P

    3. moga2 wedding nya lancar2 dah ya…

    happy new year!

  2. My first comment on ur blog on 2014!! *gapenting haha.
    I always love your post dear, whether it’s (only) blabbering or full report trip or depp thoutful post, because i love the way you write. so i will always be your faithful reader hahaha *ciee romantis ga gw???
    happy new year may and bandi! may 2014 be an awesome and full of memories year!!!

    btw, lo uda foto prewed ya? yg foto terakhir itu, sm gw liat ada di path gt? liat donkkkkk hihihihi.

    • Hahaha deaaa kamu makin romantis deeehh aku sukaaa :”)
      Hahahaha bisa dibilang prewed lah kalo di indo. Benernya gue foto buat “save the date” card gue, tapi jadinya going an extra mile, beli bunga dan veil trus kawin lari gitu deehhh hahahahaha xD

  3. Yay…keep on blabbering…it’s alright May! Are you still drunk? :p Anyway, Happy New Year!!!! and way to go with the permanent lifestyle change…you can still drink, just moderately. Me too here…no traveling to faraway countries this year, different priority..it’ll go down somewhere else *u know what i mean, and it’s still a bit swollen;( hix…enjoying my off day though…Hope your wedding prep goes smoothly and enjoy the ride! Oh yes, what about that one resolution u mentioned last week? Have you started? Good luck with that yaaa!! :)


      • ohoho…sure, after CNY then! i can’t believe that it’s 2014 now..think the whole January i’ll just float around dreamily…waiting for the next (chinese) new year to come…after that, then I can go back to business! hahahaha…

  4. Ciee udah ada foto Pre wed. Ngga apa-apa May blabbering, suka kok pembaca bacanya. Dan gw suka kok ngikutin cerita enthousias loe urus Europe trip tahun lalu, apalagi cerita wedding preparations. Tapi kalo itu keputusan loe untuk ngga sharing, gw respect.

    All I want to say is: Have a happy, healthy, prosperous new year full of love and laughter. May all your plans & wishes come true!

    • Amen to the wishes! :D
      Hahaha kalo cerita eropa memang menyenangkan yen, tapi kalo soal wedding prep kayaknya banyak hal sensitif nya yaaaa, you know lah takut ga enak krn nggak ngundang banyak orang. :) maybe after the weddings (yes with s) happened i will tell all the dramas (yes again, with s) :D
      Anyway, same to you for all the wishes in the new year yen! :)

      • Iya bener juga ya, kawin di Indonesia maunya pengantin ngga penting, lebih penting keluarga. But I know this one doesn’t apply to you two. I can hardly wait for the wedding dramas. Do tell all! ;-)

  5. Most intriguing sentence in my opinion: ” not to do any excessive drinking at least until my wedding”…Which implies existential issues like what is “excessive” drinking [is that binge drinking, say twenty drinks, or more like our national alcohol permillage limit for driving( 0.5), which equals a maximum of two] and the possible exuberant state of an alcohol driven marriage [I see images of George and Martha in Albee’s play ‘Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf’ :)]

  6. Iiihh kamu masih muda yaaa ternyataaa.. saya sudah tuaa..hukshukshuks

    G tiap taon selalu gagal bikin resolusi. Cape2 mikirin resolusi, baru beberapa hari jg udah lupa resolusinya apaan..hahaha
    Taon lalu ada bikin resolusi sih g jadiin wallpaper laptop. Coba ah ntar g liat g tulis apaan..taon ini gausah resolusi lagi lah..

    Happy new year ya may n bandi..
    Smoga wed prep nya sampe d daynya lancar jaya.

  7. May, I always enjoy your writing….
    About resolution, I think that’s great that you will continue to do the sit up as your permanent life style. btw boleh nanya ga may., lu kalo sit up ada yag dampingin ga? buat nahan kaki? gw ga bisa euy senidiri.
    Happy New Year May and Bandi! semoga lantjar djaya wedding preparationnya

    • Thank you joey and happy new year to you too! ;)
      Soal sit up, gue biasanya sit up dipegangin bandi kakinya, kalo ga ada gue tahan pake besi ujung ranjang gue. Kalo sit up perut pawah gue taruh tangan diatas kepala buat nahan. Nanti kapan2 kalo gue ga males gue video-in deh hahahah

  8. Untuk ukuran sinciapo 27 masih muda ya May hahahaha. Btw, itu foto elu, lari2an di rumput, gue jadi inget pilem Sound of Music, which happened to my my favorite.

    Semangat terus buat Wedding Plan-nya. Gue juga males spill wedding plan gue di blog. Just didn’t feel like doing it. Kayaknya mendingan pas udah lewat hari H, lebih afdol. Intinya sih, semua dinikmati aja termasuk bete2 dan keki2nya. Selama2nya kita kenal, pas wedding preps biasa ada extra2 yang baru kita pelajarin dari pasangan kita yg bakalan bikin kita surprised hihi.

    Happy New Year May and Bandi.

    • Iye le, 27 itu itungannya masih muda (buat gue) but anyway sudah kelanjur basah juga (lho?)
      Iya wedding prep nya seru dan pengin spill out tapi berhubung mesti jaga perasaan bbrp orang jadi lebih baik tidak di spill krn gue orangnya suka nggak bisa nyaring omongan hahahaha

  9. gua malah jarang loh bikin resolusi… sekalinya bikin resolusi, ga pernah kesampean… tapi kalo ga ada resolusi, malah tercapai… jadi biarkan hidup mengalir apa adanya aja hahahaha…

    happy new year may and bandi… lancar2 ya wedding plannya…

  10. Happy New Year May & Bandi! Its going to be a big year for you guys yaa. I enjoy your blog and read it daily (yes including when you were in Europe. Okay maybe not daily then but quite frequently,haha) Whether it be rant, romantic blabberings, travel plannings.. I enjoy all equally. Anyway! To me you are def. not too young to be married. I was married at 24. hahaha. So long as you’re happy and having fun, right? And it seems that you both are always having a blast.
    Awaiting for more great daily reads from you in the coming year.

  11. Happy new year May..
    Suka foto2nyaaaaah.. :D

    Semoga tahun 2014 makin ok yaa.. Persiapan weddingnya juga lancar.
    dan gw ngakak pas baca bagian lo udh ga khawatir bandi bakal abuse or sell your kidney..LOL

  12. yuhu kamu yang disana!!! happy new year!! to you and bandi!!!! :)
    asik asik yang mau kawin .. uhuy uhuy prikitiuw!!!! gw doain lancar semuanya … duit lancar, cuti lancar, kesehatan lancar, .. jalan2 lancar juga amin!! pokonya semuanya .. termasuk sit up juga lancarrrrrr ….

    cup cup muacks!

  13. selamat memasuki tahun 2014, May-Bandi!
    Ehem, jadi nggak mau pamer mainan baru, karena nggak mau bagi2 nih, yaaaa…? LOL
    Anyway, kudoakan lantjaaaarrr semua urusannya nanti ya, may. Ya kawinannya, ya bulan madunya, ya hamilnya, ya punya anaknya…. huahahaha…. (ini ketawa setan pengen liat orang lain sibuk juga ngurus anak) LOL

  14. Justru blabbering lo yg bikin gw balik2 lagi kesini, May :D

    Gw sekali2 nya dulu pernah mabok waktu minum bareng tante2 gw,,hahaa… :D Setelah itu yah minum2 biasa aja.. Gpp, yg penting ga banyak2 kan? :p

    Ciyehh.. Yg mo nikah tahun ini ciyehh..uhuyy.. Lancar preparation nya yah May..

    Sukakkk foto terakhirr!! Keceee..

  15. Happy New Year, May and Bandi!! Have an exciting year ahead!! hahahaha

    gue nyerah duluan dah kalo urusan alcohol,…hahahaha…1 gelas aja udah bikin gue tipsy…2 gelas udah pasti mabok!…..hahahaha……

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