A blink of an eye

If my life was a poetry and every chapter of the days deserved a song, if my journey was a poet’s notebook and the rest of the story was empty, how would I wanted the ending to be?

I would want a privilege to write my own ending full of whimsical doodles and possible glitters. I would not want a plain hand-written story because it’s boring. I would want ribbons, buttons, colored crayons and I would want it to be like a scrapbook of a twelve years old kid.

Another year has gone by, a beautiful one. Was it a chapter of a story or a paragraph of a poem or a line of a song? All I knew is it was written beautifully and passionately.

I closed my eyes and let the memories came to life through the back of my mind. I let the kisses reliving, the dreams recalling, the pain remembering, the hugs rewarming, the smiles reappearing.

I let my life replaying for a second.

Because it only happened in a blink of an eye.

I snorted to the funny facts when I woke up in the first day of this year under influence of some homemade cocktail. My head was spinning around and I remembered I loved dancing around. I did dance a lot this year and I enjoyed every seconds of it.

I danced and I screamed to the top of my lungs to the songs I loved. I loved bravely and passionately and I said yes to the thing I never thought I would. I was saying yes to a proposal from the most incredible man on earth. I took a chance.

I gave encouragement, I received compliments, I gave love, I earned trusts and I sadly lost a friend. I cried a little, and held back some pain and trying to let go at the end. And I moved on.

It happened in a blink of an eye.

It is the earth moving in a circle, hundred of times.

It is the milky way choreographed by the universe, the unknown, the god, the ruler.

And for it is only a blink of an eye, it would be one hell of wonderful sight when I opened my eyes.

Photo 28-12-13 10 58 04 pm

Happy new year, folks!

Be crazy tonight, because tomorrow is another year! Get ready for a sore throat, excessive drinking, bestfriend sleepover, blurred photographs, overload laundry, and lots and lots and lots of love!


May, been as busy as bee.


7 thoughts on “A blink of an eye

  1. Happy last day of 2013!!! (kan belum new year…jadi besok aja ya ucapannya…hihihi…)
    Pengen go crazy nih this year…. udah lama rasanya ga gila-gilaan…*masa keemasan waktu SMA sama kuliah… :D

  2. Fine, almost poetic, summary of a great year in your life ( that’ one was better even than “A day in the life” -http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=P-Q9D4dcYng :). And let’s join you in your wishes for an abundance of love in the new year!

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