Bay Europe Adventure, Full Report: The sweet kisses, the scenic journey, and the dirty laundry.

First of all, thank you for everyone who keeps reading my blog, even though I skipped blogging for a month the stat turned out to stay consistent. I’m so grateful. I don’t know where you guys come from because there weren’t many comments posted but the traffic was good. I’m just happy to know you guys are still reading. *sobbing* *dramaqueen approaching*

Anyway, I think this post is gonna be the longest post I’ve ever made or ever will make, but I’m not sure because I love to exaggerate. Howeveeeer, I will have to write some in Bahasa Indonesia because some of the jokes are just too funny to be translated into English.

I also put soooo many pictures in this post to make sure you don’t stop reading in the middle because of the length, and of course to prevent you from falling asleep.

So this post is probably the summary/well-rounded review/story from my Europe trip. However I have already posted some of the special stories. =)

The Blueprint, Europe by Train

Let me give you the whole itinerary first to have a glance of how fun it was. I looove train trip, thus I chose train for the journey because I could enjoy more of the real Europe. =)

London to Paris / Train – EuroStar / 2 Hrs

Paris to Versailles (return) / Local Train – RER / 30 Mins

Paris to Reims (return) / Train – TGV / 50 Mins

Paris to Burssels / Train – Thalys / 1.5 Hrs

Brussels to Amsterdam / Train – Thalys / 2 Hrs

Amsterdam to Lucern (Via Basel) / Overnight Train – City Night Line / 12.5 Hrs

Lucern to Munich (Via Zurich) / Train Regional / 5.5 Hrs

Munich to Fussen (return) / Train Regional / 2 Hrs

Munich to Venice / Overnight Train – City Night Line / 8 Hrs

Venice to Firenze / Train Regional – ITALO / 2 Hrs

Firenze to Bologna / Train Regional – Trenitalia Frecciarossa / 30 Mins

Bologna to Parma / Train Regional – Trenitalia Frecciabianca / 1 Hr

Parma to Turin / Train Regional / 4 Hrs

Turin to La Spezia / Train Regional / 3 Hrs

La Spezia to Rome / Train Regional / 4 Hrs

And the train trip ended in Rome because we continued to Athens by airplane.

The drama before the departure

Remember this post where I sounded so sad and depressed? Let me tell you what happened first. I put all my original train tickets on the shoes box on the table at my house. The table was placed by the window. When the heavy rain with strong wind came, the wind opened my windows and opened the lid of the shoebox and blew my tickets away. The tickets costed me $3,000. Can you believe that happened?

I didn’t believe it to.

But it did happen. Story of my life.

Long story short (after gallons of tears and vodka) we decided to buy a new tickets, this time we picked the e-tickets (but unfortunately only available for Italian regional trains) and we must paid another $2,900. This time we could only afford second class because buying railpass wasn’t an option anymore.

I wrote in the letter (that post I mentioned):

” Dear Universe, Thank you for the lesson. I can assure you that the learning is in progress. For now I haven’t really understood the purpose of the lesson, but fear not, I eventually will.”

After the trip, I kinda understood the lesson. As Bandi said, the 3K paid off the wonderful weather and the safety and the good people we bumped during the trips. 3K meant nothing when Universe made sure we had a great trip.

We can always make more money, but not memories. =)

We almost cancelled the trip because of too many signs telling us not to go. But when I looked back, they weren’t signs to tell us not to go, but to understand that Bandi and I should be a great team.

We did everything together, through thick and thin, all for one dream. And if we believe it hard enough, it will come true. =)

And it was happening…

Changi Airport, Friday night 10pm-ish 11-Oct-2013

Changi Airport, Friday night 10pm-ish 11-Oct-2013

Doha International Airport, 8 hours later...

Doha International Airport, 8 hours later…

Heathrow Airport, London. Saturday Morning, local time, 12-Oct-2013

Heathrow Airport, London. Saturday Morning, local time, 12-Oct-2013

And the adventure began…

It all started in London

I started my journey in London, the most exciting, cheerful city. If London was a person, she would be that girl whom everyone loves. She is sexy, fun, knows what she wants, a little ambitious but yet so humble. I always felt like everyone in London were having good times. They laughed, they smiled and they never pouted. Guess Santa Claus did a great job there. LOL.

London girls were pretty! They were fashionable, confident and classy. The guys? Not so much. LOL

I had this conclusion that Singapore has copied London in soooo many ways! The CPF system, the strict rules, the CCTV’s, the subway system, the theater hypes, the London eye and the main river, and the girls. It is known that London guys are afraid of their ladies with the “what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine” logo. Hmm… Familiar, right? But of course London has the history and the culture.

The thing I like the most about London is… THE MUSEUMS ARE FREE!!! Hell yeah!!! I won’t even bother the other tourist attraction! The tower of London costs you 20 pounds, are you freaking kidding me?! I’d better revisit National Gallery! The other thing I love about London is… THEATERS ARE EVERYWHERE! It’s like every book and every movie are turned to be a play! I swear I will be back to London someday and have one week full of watching plays.

On the second day in London I woke up at 1 in the afternoon. I was sick. Not serious though, I caught a cold. I went downstairs where Bandi and Raj, my sweet and kind host started to have their breakfast. Raj cooked me the big English breakfast. Two toasts, one bratwurst, two slices of bacon and sunny side up egg. And I ate them all. Hahaha. It was raining in London the whole morning, and when we went out at 1pm, the rain stopped and Raj was like, “WTH, you really did bring the sunshine!” Awww. Yes I think I am a sun catcher. =)

Anyway, Raj is a friend whom we met two years ago in Halong Bay. We had lunch together on the boat and had nice conversation and he invited us to travel to London. Two years later, we really did visit him. I talked to his mom quite a lot too. She is just the sweetest! She likes to cook and told us funny story about her traveling. Too bad I forgot to take a photo with her. :(

First day, Hyde Park. Soooo beautiful. =)

Day 1, Hyde Park. Soooo beautiful. =)

Day 1, in front of Buckingham Palace.

Day 1, in front of Buckingham Palace.

Day 1, below us is an old English bunker! Whoa!

Day 1, below us is an old English bunker! Whoa!

Day 1, Westminster Abbey.

Day 1, Westminster Abbey.

Day 1, Raj, me and Bandi, in front of "Big Ben" whose official name is Elizabeth Tower.

Day 1, Raj, me and Bandi, in front of “Big Ben” which official name is Elizabeth Tower.

Day 1, Still, Westminster Abbey. The most beautiful Gothic Church ever!

Day 1, Still, Westminster Abbey. The most beautiful Gothic Church ever!

Day 2, practically spent the whole day in National Gallery.

Day 2, practically spent the whole day in National Gallery.

Day 2, still in front of National Gallery

Day 2, still in front of National Gallery

Day 2, Tower Bridge at night. This is the coldest moment in our Euro Trip. So windy and chilly.

Day 2, Tower Bridge at night. This is the coldest moment in our Euro Trip. So windy and chilly.

Day 3, Trying Gordon Ramsay's Maze. =)

Day 3, Trying Gordon Ramsay’s Maze. =)

Gordon's Pork Belly. OMAGAAAHHHH speechless.

Gordon’s Pork Belly. OMAGAAAHHHH speechless.

On board on Eurostar, ready to go to PARIS!!! =D

On board on Eurostar, ready to go to PARIS!!! =D

Technical stuffs!

As I mentioned, we stayed with a friend in London so it wasn’t a problem at all. Raj picked us up from Heathrow Airport and we took Tube (subway) to the city centre.

London transportation was the most expensive ever! The second was Venice.

I knew I loved Paris before I met her

Paris was just like I’ve always imagined, even better! Love was in the air, romances were everywhere! Well, if you asked Bandi, he wouldn’t say so but if you asked me…

I did fall in love with Paris! The personality that is warm, smart, sharp and strong; with an attitude that is sophisticated, creative and respectful; with history and arts and all the details in between. I love the colorful flowers, beautiful buildings, compelling language, ahh… everything in Paris is perfect.

Day 2 in Paris, Notredame. Super Beautiful from the inside!!!

Day 2 in Paris, Notredame. Super Beautiful from the inside!!!

Sitting in the park, doing nothing but kissing each other. awwww

Sitting in the park, doing nothing but kissing each other. awwww

My favorite museum!!! =D

My favorite museum!!! =D

And then we reached Eiffel!!! Hoorray!!!

And then we reached Eiffel!!! Hoorray!!!

Okay, let me tell you a story about how I saw Eiffel Tower for the first time… We had just finished eating in Notredame Cathedral area and decided to go to Eiffel by Metro because it would take around 1.5 km to walk and we should’ve walked because we wanted to lock our padlock but we forgot the padlock so we thought, “Oh never mind, we would just come here again tomorrow. Today we will spend the rest of the afternoon at Eiffel.” Thus, we preferred to take Metro.

We alighted at Champ de Mars and I think we took the wrong exit because when we came out from the metro station, we didn’t see Eiffel. I thought I would have a dramatic moment once I came out from the station, but I didn’t. We walked around some buildings looking for the tower but we didn’t find it. I was a bit annoyed and I said, “where is Eiffel?” with my annoying tone and then suddenly, we took a turn to the right and…


It was there.

And guess what? I cried.

I know, I’m such a drama queen. But I swear I cried not because of the drama, but simply because Eiffel was breathtakingly beautiful.

I’ve never admitted that human’s creation could so so beautiful that it would make me cry. I usually cried because of beaches or mountains. But goddamit! Europe has proven me wrong. There were indeed a lot of genius artsy people hundred (and thousand) years ago. Gustave Eiffel is one of them.

I can’t describe or explain why Eiffel Tower is so beautiful. I think this has something to do with feeling. It’s like falling in love in the first sight. I never believed in it before but I indeed fell in love.

Typing this brings back that sweet memory. That very day when I saw Eiffel for the first time. We were connected instantly and I knew it was love. =)

Three of us, posing in front of Eiffel. By three of us I meant with Brownie. :D

Three of us, posing in front of Eiffel. By three of us I meant with Brownie. :D

My favorite, of course.

My favorite, of course.

Dozens of selfies!

Dozens of selfies!

Another favorite. =)

Another favorite. =)

After that we went to Arc de Triomphe and sat for a while to eat macaroons. :9

After that we went to Arc de Triomphe and sat for a while to eat macaroons. :9

From below of the Arch.

From below of the Arch.

The underlined names were killed during the war while others died after the war.

The underlined names were killed during the war while others died after the war.

Tribute for the heros.

Tribute for the heros.

And we climbed all the way up (270-ish steps of stair!) and saw the city of Paris 360 degrees. =)

And we climbed all the way up (270-ish steps of stair!) and saw the city of Paris 360 degrees. =)

The short trip to seventeenth Century in Versailles

On the third day, we took a short trip to Versailles to visit the palace and the garden. Please take note that you should not visit the palace without booking the entrance ticket first or if you don’t have the museum pass. I’ve read some people complaining in TripAdvisor saying that they went back home disappointed because they couldn’t go in to the palace.


You know it’s a very famous palace and you want to walk-in?! BE A SMART TRAVELER! Nowadays it’s very easy to book the ticket online and the price is the same (some attractions cost booking fee but it’s WORTH your time). Trust me, you don’t want to queue for two hours and when you reach the front line they tell you it’s sold out.

For me, I bought a Paris museum pass. It’s a good deal for me because I visited so many museums in Paris. If you didn’t want to visit museums, just buy the ticket online.

Anyway, the chateau was built for 300 years during Louis XIII-VI era (if I’m not mistaken and I’m too lazy to google). The palace was abandoned during the French Revolution. You will find out why French people was angry because OH MY GOD, only god knows how much money was spent to built that such GRAND PALACE?!!! The palace was too much for me. Everything was covered by either gold or silk.

From the palace you can walked out to the garden which is beaaauuuutiful!!!! Heads up: The garden is HUGE! Don’t come here with high heel, you’d die! And don’t go around the garden unless you spare 3 hours before the closing hour.

Bandi and I spent a lot of time in the garden. We were picnicking, doing romantic photo-shots and some stuffs you shouldn’t know. LOL.

Don’t forget to visit Marie Antionette estate, even though it was so faaaarr away from the palace, it’s worth the walk. It’s so freaking romantic and beautiful!!!

Reached the chateu!

Reached the chateu!

The main gate's key. Holy crap, that's one giant key! (I put my hand for comparison)

The main gate’s key. Holy crap, that’s one giant key! (I put my hand for comparison)

It was pretty much the same grand ceiling all over the palace

It was pretty much the same grand ceiling all over the palace



Look at that chandelier!

Look at that chandelier!

And the king's bedroom!

And the king’s bedroom!

This room supposed to be the dancing ball, that's why I looked like I was dancing. Yes it's dancing, though I admit it did look a little idiotic.

This room supposed to be the dancing ball, that’s why I looked like I was dancing. Yes it’s dancing, though I admit it did look a little idiotic.

What up, May? Umm, nothing much. Just hanging around in my palace. LOL

What up, May?
Umm, nothing much. Just hanging around in my palace. LOL

One of the romantic photos we made in Versailles garden. Trust me I got lots of them!! I chose the most "decent" to be published. LOLOL

One of the romantic photos we made in Versailles garden. Trust me I got lots of them!! I chose the most “decent” to be published. LOLOL

Ohhh I loooveee the leaves!!!

Ohhh I loooveee the leaves!!!

Marie Antionette's estate. It took one hour walking here from the palace!

Marie Antionette’s estate. It took one hour walking here from the palace!

Marie Antoinette's houses.

Marie Antoinette’s houses.

Another one.

Another one. This place is sooo romantic, when bandi asked me “Do you want to drink?” I said, “I do! I do!” with meaningful stare. LOLOLOL

We finished exploring Versailles around 2 pm and it was drizzling. Bandi and I walked back to the Versailles train station and it was soooo freaking romantic! We used only one small umbrella and it was cold so we had excuses to snuggle all the way back. It was so freaking romantic I could die!!! Arrrghh!!! >,<

Anyway, we took train back to Paris and went straight to Louvre. I wanted to pee so bad I felt like crying!!! I held the pee since I was on the train and when we entered Louvre, I straightaway looked for toilet. Guess what? The queue was super long!!! OH NOOOO!!!! But nothing I could do beside queuing and prayed to god that I would not pee on my pants. Thank goodness I didn’t.

Bandi, enjoying Louvre.

Bandi, enjoying Louvre.

Under the pyramid!

Under the pyramid!

One of the Louvre's wing, taken from the other wing when I was so freaking tired walking.

One of the Louvre’s wing, taken from the other wing when I was so freaking tired walking.

The magnificent one. =)

The magnificent one. =)

The rain has stopped when we walked out from Louvre so we decided to just walk to Pont de Arts and lock our love forever. =’)

From now on until forever and beyond. Amen... universe hear hear!

From June 7th 2006 until forever and beyond. Amen… universe hear hear!

I locked the padlock and gave the key to Bandi. He kissed the key (didn’t know what it meant) and then threw it into the Seine river. It was romantic. I felt like we were in some kind of movies. But then I realized, it wasn’t. Because movies have endings and I hope Bandi and I don’t have ending. I want to just keep walking with him forever. Walking to anywhere, through sunny days or rainy days, as long as we’re together. Walk to a new adventure, new places, forever just us. I hope nothing will ever change. Because on that moment I didn’t want anything to change. I wanted everything to be exactly like what we had.

Of course I know it’s not possible. Apparently, things change. I thought I couldn’t love him more. I was wrong. I loved him more.

So I guess love is not permanent. It’s evolving. I hope ours keep evolving to be higher, better, more and more and more… =)

Merci, Paris. For the sweetest memories. See you soon! à bientôt!

On the fourth day, we took a day trip to Rheims which I wrote about in this post and the fifth day we were off to Brussels. =)

Now, technical stuffs!

I stayed in a vintage apartment at Montmartre area, a place where Van Gogh, Renoir and all the artists used to hang out. It wasn’t far from the city centre but far enough to chase away the tourists. The apartment itself was soooo charming. Anyway, we booked the apartment through airbnb. Here are some pictures!

The tiny hallway

The tiny hallway

The tiny foyer

The tiny foyer



The cozy corner

The cozy corner

Kitchen area

Kitchen area

Cutest herb container

Cutest herb container

Kitchen knick knack

Kitchen knick knack

Recipes on the corkboard

Recipes on the corkboard





For the transportation, we took Metro everywhere because Paris only had Metro. It costed €1.70 per ride but if you bought carnet tickets (1 pack of 10 tickets) it would only cost you €13.

No buses or trams and don’t ever take cab unless it’s urgent! We took cab once from Gare du Nord to Rue Custine (our apt) it was soooo near (go check it on google map) and it costed us freakin €7! It was worth though because the cab driver looked like Jason Statham. :p

Metro system is Paris is soooo amazing! It’s impossible not to adore their metro system. Cheap, easy, fast and reliable. If you’re lucky you would also watch free entertainment from street artist in Paris’ Metro!

Four hours in Brussels

We didn’t have Brussels map so when we arrived at Bruxelles Midi Station, we just went straight to the subway station and bought return tickets to Grand Market. When we got out from the station, we didn’t know which road to go and we ended up lost! LOL. So after arguing, we bought Brussels map for €3 and we were back on track!

Honestly, I didn’t feel very safe in Brussels. I felt much safer in Paris. It felt like my own home (yeah I wish) but it was probably because I spent 4 days in Paris and only 4 hours in Brussels. My friend, Yofie, was pickpocket-ed in Brussels so I guess I was more aware of everyone who went close to me.

Manneken Pis was overrated. He was just tiny boy who behaved poorly in the middle of the town. LOL.

He was wearing a robe that day so we couldn't see the pee-pee. So disappointing. LOL

He was wearing a robe that day so we couldn’t see the pee-pee. So disappointing. LOL

I think this one is way cooler! :p

I think this one is way cooler! :p

But the waffle, on the other hand is not underrated at all!!! Brussels waffle is so good it would ruin all other waffles in the world!!! OMG!!!

The best waffle on earth. Do google "Maison Dandoy" and visit them if you're in Brussels!

The best waffle on earth. Do google “Maison Dandoy” and visit them if you’re in Brussels!

Brussels is a photogenic city. =)

Brussels is a photogenic city. =) It looks pretty in every angle.

It was just too pretty to be ignored.

It was just too pretty to be ignored.

Ahhhh!!!!! Flowers!!!! I could die!!!

Ahhhh!!!!! Flowers!!!! I could die!!!

Chocolate stores everywhere.... *drooling*

Chocolate stores everywhere…. *drooling*

Bandi drinking his soup before we took off to Amsterdam.

Bandi drinking his soup before we took off to Amsterdam.

The cool kid named Amsterdam!

So when I asked “can I jay-walk?” (jaywalk = cross the road without following signal) to Jerry, my Dutch friend, he laughed. “Of course you can! You can do everything in Amsterdam!”

Well, Amsterdam suddenly sounded very cool already! If Amsterdam was a person, he was definitely the cool kid everyone dying to hang out with.

We reached Amsterdam in the afternoon and went straight to our host’s house in Javakade island by taking bus from Amsterdam central. Our host was so niiiiceee! We had the whole upper floor of her house and sometimes her cutie cat visited us. :p

After freshening up, Bandi and I went to Anne Frank’s house. I read the Anne Frank’s diary before so I was interested to go in, but surprisingly for Bandi, who didn’t know anything at all about Anne, it turned out to be interesting as well. He said, “It is by far the coolest museum I’ve ever gone into.”

There were some disturbing pictures at the end of the museum about the holocaust victim during the video and I almost threw up because I didn’t think it would be that disturbing. So if you have weak heart, skip the holocaust video at the end.

From Anne Frank House, we walked to the red district area and accidentally stumbled upon a street fair!!! OHHH I LOVE FAIR! There I also found the best fench fries I’ve ever had in my life!!!! And the fries were soooo big, thus they were called “XXL Fries”.

What kind of sorcery is this??? LOLOLOL

What kind of sorcery is this??? LOLOLOL

The best and biggest fries ever!!!!

The best and biggest fries ever!!!!

Bandi felt a little feverish at night and even worse the next day. He swallowed some pills but he said he only needed “Lo Han Kuo”, a traditional chinese medicine that has a function to reduce the heat from your body. Where the hell in Amsterdam I could find Lo Han Kuo?!!

You know what? My host had it! What a coincidence, right? It turned out the previous traveler before us gave her Lo Han Kuo! She also offered to cook soup for Bandi. So when I knew Bandi was in a good hand, I left him. LOL.

I went to Van Gogh museum and Rijksmuseum. I saw the “Iamsterdam” statue in front of Rijksmuseum and I sent the photo to Bandi, “you said you wanted to take photos in Iamsterdam statue? Be healthy and come out!”

The "I amsterdam" statue in the morning.

The “I amsterdam” statue in the morning.

Around 1.30 he came to the statue and it was already crowded. So his mission failed. LOL.

WTF is this? It doesn't look like this in the picture you sent me?! LOL

WTF is this? It doesn’t look like this in the picture you sent me?! LOL

Yaiy! I finally visited Van Gogh Museum!

Yaiy! I finally visited Van Gogh Museum!

This wax sculpture was borrowed from Madame Tussaud. :)

This wax sculpture was borrowed from Madame Tussaud. :)

We then went to Vondel Park and Chinatown area and guess what? We found Lo Han Kuo! It was freaking cheap! Only €1! Even cheaper than in Singapore! Woot!

Yaiy! Got it! Bye bye fever!

Yaiy! Got it! Bye bye fever!

Vondelpark. Another place to have a romantic photo set-up. Unfortunately, Bandi was ugly as hell. LOL. He hasn't showered and his hair was as sticky as kid's hands on halloween. LOL

Vondelpark. Another place to have a romantic photo set-up. Unfortunately, Bandi was ugly as hell. LOL. He hasn’t showered and his hair was as sticky as kid’s hands on halloween. LOL

Bandi loves Amsterdam. He thinks the food was great and cheaper than the rest. And one more thing, there were wifi everywhere! :p

The last day in Amsterdam was planned very nicely by Jerry. You can read about it here.

Technical Stuff!

Going around in Amsterdam is pretty easy. The 24 hours pass was relatively cheap (€7 if I’m not wrong) for trams, buses and metros. The transportation mapping was also very easy to follow, very simple and well organized.

We planned to go biking in Amsterdam but too bad, Bandi was sick so we cancelled that plan. I saw biking was very common and safe and probably the main transportation in Amsterdam and bike rentals were so easy to find. So I guess next time I’m in Amsterdam, I’d definitely try biking.

Lodging? We stay with a very friendly host via airbnb. Please take note that Amsterdam lodging is a little more expensive than any other European city.

The sleepy Lucern and the mighty Titlis

Bandi has been talking about Lucern for so long. He said that Lucern is his favorite European town. When I found out the best way to reach Mount Titlis is from Lucern, I got excited because I could finally see Bandi’s favorite town.

I reached Lucern very very early (took overnight train from Amsterdam), so early that nothing has really opened yet. I took the midnight train the night before and I was desperate for a shower. I was so shocked that I needed to pay 18 Swiss Francs (S$25) to take a shower in train station! WTF! I could buy one big plate of good sushi with that!!! NO HELL WAY!! I better be stink and dirty then.

Thankfully our host was so kind because when we reached her house too early, she let us taking shower and freshen up, otherwise all my Titlis photos would be covered with our greasy hair. LOL.

Thank goodness, I've already washed my hair. :D

Thank goodness, I’ve already washed my hair. :D

Kiss kiss! =*

Kiss kiss! =*

Bandi was right, Lucern was beautiful!

Bandi was right, Lucern was beautiful!



Here in Lucern also happened our first big fight during the trip. I forgot why we fought but I remember we ate McDonald’s angrily and didn’t talk to each other. And while Bandi was mad I put a camera and a timer. LOLOL.

As a momento of our first big fight. LOL

As a momento of our first big fight. LOL

That’s Bandi face when he’s mad at me. Hahaha! After the photo we made up and laughed about it. I didn’t remember what we were fighting about. But because we fought, we decided to eat McDonald’s and Bandi gave his wallet to me and said, “order whatever.” I ordered the food that costed CHF 17 and he was like WTF?! And I said, “you said whatever.” He got angrier. HAHAHA!

From Mc Donald’s we went straight to meet our local tour in the town area and we went to Mount Titlis!!! Woot!!! Best times of our lives! The full story about Titlis was done here.

We came back from Titlis around 6 pm. Bandi and I were starving but we decided to go back to our host’s house for a shower. That, my friend, was a bad idea! Why? Because once we got out again, everything was closed! There were two restaurants opened near the host’s house but the place looked expensive so we walked around and damn it, nothing was open! We walked further more to the central station and when we found a Burritos kiosk we went in straightaway!

Looking around.

Looking around.

Almost sunset. =)

Almost sunset. =)

Technical Stuff!

In Lucern we practically walked everywhere but we also didn’t spend that much time there. Lucern also is more expensive in the terms of living than any other European cities.

And now for the most-asked questions: How to go to Mount Titlis from Lucern?

You can take train from Lucern to Engelberg (1hr ride) and would cost around 20CHF and then from Engelberg station you will have to walk to the Titlis Rotair Cable car. You will ride two different cable cars and will stop three times. Just keep riding to the very top. The price of the cable car return journey is 86CHF.

Did I do that? NO.

I booked a tour. Hahaha! The half day tour only costed me US$150 and I didn’t need to walk plus free Titlis Ice Flyer (which we didn’t use LOL) So it was a good hassle lah!

Absolutely No Clue in Munich

The first hour in Munich, we were already lost. Not only because the road name was difficult but also because we didn’t have map. Of all the cities in our European plan, I only didn’t research for one city, that’s Munich! Why? Becaue the initial plan was to arrive late in Munich, sleep and then hop into the next morning’s train to Fussen. However the plan changed because we got shorter waiting time in our transit time in Mainheim and long story short, we already reached Munich at 1 in the afternoon! It means we had half day to explore Munich!

The first thing came up in my mind was, “I have to go to see van Gogh’s sunflower here!” So I googled and it was said to be housed in Pinakothek. I asked Bandi to google the transportation and taa-daa 30 minutes and 1 gelatto later, I was in Pinakothek.

I asked Bandi to wait outside because he did prefer to enjoy the garden view and played his Candy Crush game than following me inside the museum.

The things about Munich’s museum: (1) It’s cheap! I only paid €7 and it was already included the audio-guide! Holy moly! Try in other European Museums where the audio guide itself already costed you €5! (2) It’s not crowded at all! While European Museums are usually crowded and full of tourists, Munich’s museum was sooooo quiet.

I browsed around and I felt funny because all the paintings were from 1700’s and below. How would an impressionist painting fit in here? And then I asked one of the museum staff, “Where is Van Gogh’s paintings?”

“Van Gogh’s are in the New Pinakothek. This is the Old Pinakothek.”

And then I saw my entrance ticket and it was written “Alte Pinakothek” so I figured Alte means Old. #%^*@!!! I got into the wrong pinakothek.

“May I know where is the New Pinakothek?”

“It’s just around the corner from the exit of this building. But it’s closed for today.”

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! And then I broke down on my knees and cried. Ok, Not really. I was exaggerating.

I went out the museum and approached Bandi with that stupid grin on my face. He was like, “what did you do?” LOL.

After I told Bandi, he said “let’s just see the building since it’s very near.” So yeah I went to the New Pinakothek which was closed that day. Darn it!

And then the Munich Fiesta began!!! I loveeee food in Munich. They are tasty, relatively cheap and in big portion. Munich also has some kind of mall in the interchange of the subway. Felt like Singapore actually. But the good news is, there were a lot of snack shops! Yaiy! Happy tummy happy Bandi!

The clock tower near Marienplatz

The clock tower near Marienplatz

Marienplatz, the centre of the Munich Market. Let the hungry games begin!!! XD

Marienplatz, the centre of the Munich Market. Let the hungry games begin!!! XD

Pork knuckle! Super Haram!!!

Pork knuckle! Dan besoknya asam urat gue pun naik…. T.T

Photo 22-10-13 4 53 17 pm

Bandi’s choice of fiesta!

And to compliment the good food is good drinks!

And to compliment the good food is good drinks!

Toko yang jualan cabe doang. Lewat situ pun gue bersin2.

Toko yang jualan cabe doang. Lewat situ pun gue bersin2.

How cute is the market?! =)

How cute is the market?! =)

Technical Stuff!

Transportation: Tram and Subway. Pretty easy and not so expensive.

Take note: If you dare, you don’t need to buy the subway ticket and just hop in to the subway train. If nobody checks the ticket then you’re fine. We did that once. LOL

Lodging: We stay with a host via airbnb.

The Amazing Neuschweinstain Castle

The next morning we rushed to the Muenchen HBF and took the train to Fussen. It took about 2 hours train ride full of farm animals scenery so I enjoyed it very much. :)

In every 5 minutes I would shriek, “Kyaaa~~! Fat cow!” or “Sleepy cow!” or “Dalmation cow!” And Bandi would pretend to sleep. Tsk.

We arrived in Fussen around 10 and looked for the bus stop nearby. We rode the bus to Hohenschwangau village for about 20 minutes and when we finally reached there I fell in love instantly! The village was sooooo beautiful and homey! I could even see the castles from a far. I couldn’t wait to go up to the hill and go inside!

Remember this!!! You must book the tickets online and book your slot. You will pay the tickets in the ticket counter but if you didn’t book online, you will suffer by the never ending queue!!! One more time: BOOK EVERYTHING ONLINE!

The slot to visit the castle is every 30 minutes and it is compulsory to follow the timing. You will only be allowed to enter the castle 5 minutes before the tour begin. There will be a guide for every tour and it is already inclusive with your ticket price so don’t worry. What you have to do is just enjoy the awesome castle and jaw-dropping along the way.

That's the castle! Let's go up!!!

That’s the castle! Let’s go up!!!

Up! Up! Up!

Up! Up! Up!

Don't forget to take photos along the way! :D

Don’t forget to take photos along the way! :D

40 minutes later... yaiy!

40 minutes later… yaiy!

The entrance of the castle. So fairy tale-like!!! Kyaa~~~

The entrance of the castle. So fairy tale-like!!! Kyaa~~~

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside but seriously this place is soooo terrifyingly beautiful!!! Not only the castle, but also the surrounding. The foliage, the rocky mountains, the hills, the river, the village, they all collide into one and become one amazing place that really really took my breath away.

Here’s a little interesting fact about the castle. This castle is actually not finished. Can you imagine how awesome this would be if it was actually finished??? King Ludwig II was found dead drowned in the lake with his psychiatrist (*ahem* lover) thus this castle was never finished. Ludwig had also never sat on the throne because before the throne was finished, Ludwig was already deemed psychologically unstable. Oh… how ironic.

People perceived Ludwig as the mad king… well I think he’s a genius king. He also looked quite handsome though. But we all know most gay guys are handsome right?!

The view from the castle's balcony.

The view from the castle’s balcony. I will never forget this ever, in my life.

The unforgettable view. Ludwig could see this everyday. =)

The unforgettable view. Ludwig could see this everyday. =)

We took a horse carriage back to Hohenschwangau because I seriously couldn't walk anymore!!!

We took a horse carriage back to Hohenschwangau because I seriously couldn’t walk anymore!!!

Germany is so underrated. I am sooo going back to Germany and explore more!!! It’s such an amazing country! It’s beautiful, the food is great and the people are nice! I will so come back!!!

At Starbucks Munich. The barista could write my name but couldn't write Bandi's. LOL

At Starbucks Munich. The barista could write my name but couldn’t write Bandi’s. LOL

Love-Hate Relationship with Italy

We spent most days of the trip in Italy. We started from Venice and went south to Firenze, went north up again to Bologna, Parma and then Torino, went to south west to Cinque Terre and then all the way down south to Rome.

Actually there are so many places in Italy I want to visit but I only had so limited time so I could only cover just a little bit. I still want to come back for Pompeii, Naples, Sicily, Lake Como, and of course come back to Cinque Terre.

The Veneto Region

A lot of people questioned me why I didn’t like Venice. Well, it’s not that I didn’t like it. I just won’t be coming back there to stay. I will probably come back to Veneto to visit Burano, but not Venice.

For me, Venice is waaaay to touristy. Yes, it is a very VERY VERY pretty town. You can shoot any photo with any angle, without even trying and it would still turn up to be a wonderful photo. Venice is photogenic.

The small alley of venice. You'll definitely be lost in Venice at least once!

The small alley of venice. You’ll definitely be lost in Venice at least once!

Boats were like cars. Everyone must have one.

Boats were like cars. Everyone must have one.

Cutey couple hand in hand.

Cutey couple hand in hand.

The famous gondola

The famous gondola

Sunset in Venice.

Sunset in Venice. HDR.

The most beautiful shot of Venice. It looks 100x better in sunset.

The most beautiful shot of Venice. It looks 100x better in sunset. (Edited)

But Venice doesn’t have personality. I couldn’t find a personality for Venice. I couldn’t read it. Everyone were tourists. I couldn’t hardly spot local people. Even the waiter/waitresses were Indian people with very thick Indian accent.

True Venetians kept leaving Venice and the population had becoming lesser and lesser. There were dark alleys with abandoned empty houses with a strong smell of urine, while the bigger path along the canal was so lively, packed with overpriced restaurant offering tourists a “venetian experience”. I don’t think there is anything venetian about that.

I’m sorry for all the Venice lovers out there, Venice is just not my cup of tea. =)

But of course my trip to Venice wasn’t totally screwed since I found the hidden gem called Burano. It’s an island located northeast from Venice.

Venice is the "A" point while Burano is the "B" point.

Venice is the “A” point while Burano is the “B” point.

The population is only 2 thousand people. I saw little kids buying football star cards from the kiosk after school, they bought gelatto too. Their mom picked them up from school. After school they had their lunch and then everyone had siesta, which meant napping time. When the household was napping, the house’s curtain would be closed. When the siesta was finished, they opened the curtain again. Oh man… I forgot when was the last time I had a nap. What a good life.

I walked around Burano for an hour. It was a very slow walk with some stops at Gelatteria and dozen times for taking photos. Can you imagine how small it is?

Small and serene. I fell in love with Burano.

Photo 24-10-13 8 02 46 pm

Photo 14-11-13 1 20 48 pm

Photo 24-10-13 8 34 25 pm

Photo 24-10-13 8 43 40 pm

Photo 14-11-13 1 18 37 pm


I wish I could live here. =)

I wish I could live here. =)



Bandi and his weird face

Bandi and his weird face

And he always said, "Mana tangannya?" =')

And he always said, “Mana tangannya?” =’)

Impressive clouds

Impressive clouds



Ahh… basically I easily fell in love with small town.

Florence, Calenzano, Bologna, Parma, Turin.

From Venice, we took the morning train to Firenze (or known as Florence). We had quite an experience when we took the morning train. The train was early and we needed to go out from our host’s house at 6 am. The thing was… the alley from the house to the bus station was dark and kinda scary. I swear to god, if I was alone, I would just prefer missing the train than walking on that dark alley. We waited about half hour in the bus stop, with our backpacks on and were scared that some drunkards or mafia would come approach us.

Thankfully there were no such things. The bus came and we hopped on. 30 minutes later we reached the Venezia Mestre train station and heading to Firenze.

Firenze was… err….


Let me just say this. If David wasn’t in that city, I WOULD CURSE ALL OF YOU who asked me to go there! David is the only good thing from Firenze. There is no way I would come back again!

Do I sound angry? Wait until you hear Bandi’s version.

No lah, just kidding. Firenze wasn’t that bad. I was exaggerating.

But honestly it was quite boring. Firenze was full of tourists, scammers, shits (literally) and angry motorists.

A friendly dog with a scary face I met in Firenze.

A friendly dog with a scary face I met in Firenze.

NO GPL = Gak Pake Lama

NO GPL = Gak Pake Lama

A cool street artist

A cool street artist

Bandi orderin a cup of cappuccino for me.

Bandi orderign a cup of cappuccino for me.

Bandi dan Meitri pergi ke pasaaaarrr!

Bandi dan Meitri pergi ke pasaaaarrr!

Bandi jajan di Pasar

Bandi jajan di Pasar

Piazza Duomo where the cool artists hang

Piazza Duomo where the cool artists hang

Going to Uffizzi Galery

Going to Uffizzi Galery

Impersonating "David." LOL

Impersonating “David.” LOL

But David… was just so mindblowing. I don’t understand anything about sculpture but seeing David standing tall so relaxed yet ambitious somehow mesmerized me.  And did I mention his butt was damn hot?!

Illegally snapped inside Accademia.

The original “David” by Michaelangelo, housed at Accademia, illegally snapped. :p

From Firenze we stayed a night at Calenzano, a small new-built town full of block apartment but no restaurants in sight. We were biking around trying to find any pizzeria but couldn’t find any. So we went to Carrefour and bought the food court’s pizza. So sad…. :(

Where is this pizza place!!! I'm so hungry!!!

Where is this pizza place!!! I’m so hungry!!!

The next morning our host, Francesco drove us to Senso Fiorentino train station where we took the train back to Firenze Santa Novella and hopped onto another train that took us to Bologna.

Somewhere in Bologna, on the mission to find pasta fresca, but in the end we ate frozen pasta. Bummer.

Somewhere in Bologna, on the mission to find pasta fresca, but in the end we ate frozen pasta. Bummer.

The free dessert from a nice waiter.

The free dessert from a nice waiter.

They said Bologna has the best fresh Pasta in Italy but I couldn’t find any because all the Pasta Fresca Ristorante were still closed. So after we walked around in the center area we ate a frozen pasta in some coffee bar.

We had the worst train delay in Bologna. We were waiting for almost 2 hours. for our train to Parma! %^#$!!!

Delay again....

Delay again….

While waiting for the “ritardo” (delay) announcement Bandi and I learned a lot about numbers in Italian. I’m pretty fast at grasping language while Bandi is more ignorant. So I asked him, “Uno, duo, tres… And then?”

He replied, “un pasito padelante Maria!” lengkap dengan nada Ricky Martin!

I was laughing my ass off! My boyfriend is so adorably stupid! XD

But of course like Indonesian proverbs said “bersakit sakit dahulu bersenang senang kemudian” (same meaning as there is a rainbow after the rain) I had a great time in Parma. The twelve years old may’s dream came true. Full story here.

The next morning, we took a very early train on 5 am in Parma station that brought us to Turin. On the train, we shared the coach with so many Juventus’ fans, came all the way from different parts of Italy just to watch Juventus vs Genoa. Bandi had already given up that he won’t watch the match live because all tickets were sold out. It was kinda strange because it wasn’t usually like that. It turned out it was because there was some kind of tifosi “meeting” that so many buses from all around Italy visited Juventus stadium.

Bandi, happy like a 5 years old kid.

Bandi, happy like a 5 years old kid.

The experience was so amazing though. It was my first time to be surrounded by thousand of people wearing juventus attribute. Bandi was smiling all day.

Bandi, in front of Juventus stadium.

Bandi, in front of Juventus stadium.

Going to Juventus Museum!

Going to Juventus Museum!

Bandi, taking photo with the real champions league cup!

Bandi, taking photo with the real champions league cup!

Most caps: Alessandro Del Piero.

Most caps: Alessandro Del Piero.

2006 world cup... a very emotional moment for both of us. =)

2006 world cup… a very emotional moment for both of us. =)

Bandi and the cut-up board of his lifetime hero. I hope someday he could meet Del Piero for real. =)

Bandi and the cut-up board of his lifetime hero. I hope someday he could meet Del Piero for real. =)

He loves the wording. =)

He loves the wording. =)

Bandi in Juventus store. This is his wonderland. ;D

Bandi in Juventus store. This is his wonderland. ;D

The tifosi.

The tifosi.

I could totally feel the different between a winning team like Juventus and a “small” team like Parma. First of all, about stadium. In Parma I could go inside the stadium free, nobody was there! I could snap hundreds photos without people giving a fuck; while in Turin, we should pay €25 to go on stadium tour plus Juventus museum. Holy crap! Thank god Bandi was buying.

Second of all, the tifosi (supporter). Of course Juventus has muuuuch more tifosi than Parma dan you could feel their desire to win. I could see it from Bandi. Everytime I saw him watching Juventus match, or talking about Juventus, I fell deeper in love with him. He was so passionate about it, he loves it. I only see his eyes sparkling when he talks about two things: Juventus and me. (awwww).

Third of all, the store. Juventus was sponsored by Nike and Parma was sponsored by… no particular contract for the outfit I think. So Juventus store was soooo big and crowded and the tills kept cha-ching while Parma was so quiet.

It was kinda sad actually. I remembered I cried a lot back then when I was still actively supporting Parma. But it is about history really. The winning team is the one that has history. And now I realize Parma doesn’t have that. :(

Cinque Terre

Are you guys still reading? Good.

This one’s a great story.

This is a story when we hiked from Vernazza to Monterosso. It might sound simple but seriously it was more adventurous than it seems. It wasn’t a normal hike. It was that type of hiking that if you made a wrong step or if you *knock on wood* slipped, you could die. Okay I might be exaggerating a bit but you would at least suffer a serious injury.

We started the hiking from the sea side of Vernazza

We started the hiking from the sea side of Vernazza

Ohhh the sound of the waves. =)

Ohhh the sound of the waves. =)

But it’s not the danger that made it exciting (although sometimes it is), but it’s the view, the experience and the fact that Bandi and I looked for each other. I have never felt so aware of someone else’s safety til then. I was watching his step and he was watching mine. We kept worrying about each other and kept saying, “Watch your step, sweetie…” or “Look out for the rocks.”

The trail

The trail



We had a crazy beautiful view from the top of the hill, watching the ocean below us. We were singing the “rain rain go away song” and then the rain did stop! Bandi sang “Maju tak gentar” to cheer me up, I was almost fainted then. LOL. It was just so fun and crazy at the same time. I mean, we didn’t want any serious physical pain then because of the long walks and the long trip and the heavy backpack, we didn’t know the hiking trail was that serious! But we did it and it was incredible.

Yaiy! We reached the top! Now all we have to do is going down to the next village. Arrghh

Yaiy! We reached the top! Now all we have to do is going down to the next village. Arrghh

I was pretty much dead once we reached Monterosso. LOL

I was pretty much dead once we reached Monterosso. LOL

I also never thought of Bandi as a nature loving kind of man. He gets rashes near trees and grass but that day he told me, “I didn’t know I could really enjoy it. And I did enjoy it so much!”

We spent 3 days in Cinque Terre and we had a good life there. We had dinner at 6 pm and we were already relaxing at 7 pm, either talking or eating snacks. There were no TV or internet so we did have intimate times talking and sharing our feelings. =)

Ah… I left my heart in Cinque Terre. I’ll be back someday. I WILL!

Bandi, in Vernazza

Bandi, in Vernazza

Finally find a beach in Monterosso

Finally find a beach in Monterosso

Found a heart-shaped pebble so I made that. ;)

Found a heart-shaped pebble so I made that. ;)

Monterosso, the pretty little town.

Monterosso, the pretty little town.

And it is A SIN not to take advantage of the romantic setting by taking cheesy photos, riiighttt?

And it is A SIN not to take advantage of the romantic setting by taking cheesy photos, riiighttt?

Eating a good pesto sauce there!

Eating a good pesto sauce there!

Manarola, my favorite town of all five.

Manarola, my favorite town of all five.


Rome is hands down the most beautiful city in Italy. I’m serious.

Photo 1-11-13 1 29 03 am

I have the love-hate relationship with Italy. I’ve been intrigued by Italy since I was a kid. At the beginning, I fell in love with its football, and then with its language, and then with its pop accapella group, Neri Per Caso, and then I kept falling in love more and more when I read about all the beautiful things in Italy.

But then I hate it too for its bad reputation of racism, lack of humanity and dirty politics.

Stepping my foot in Italy was surreal at first. I had just traveled to the other European countries, the better, the richer, the more stable countries. Italy was considered much poorer compared to them. It felt like Indonesia  compared to the neighbors. But somehow, the culture and the feeling were so different too. Italy has the passion to live, urge to win, and this magical vibe that is impossible to explain with words.

Bandi swore a lot when we were in Italy. Every 200 meters, we encountered cute dogs and every 500 meters we encountered dog’s shits, and if we’re lucky, people’s shits too. What? Bird’s shits? Bird shits are everywhere.

But every 500 meters we also encountered beautiful buildings, genius architectures and enticing history. I encountered delicious gelatto and to-die-for espresso in every bar I stepped in.

One thing I will never miss from Italy is the way Italians smoke. They smoke in every possible (even impossible) conditions! In the scooter, inside the car, walking the dogs, hugging their friends, eating their gelatto, queuing for restaurant, anywhere, anytime! They have this habit to put cigarette on their lips just one stop before the bus/train reached their destination. When the bus/train finally stopped and they stepped on the road, they lit their cigarette. They couldn’t wait even one more second to delay smoking.

This fact is so ironic with their regional trains, which are always delayed! Do you know what is the first word I learned in Italy? Ritardo, means delay. It only took 5 days for me to understand completely the full Italian train announcement. “In treno regionale (insert number) destinazione (insert city name) blah blah blah cinque/dicci/venti (five/ten/twenty) minuti ritardo.” There it was, the delay announcement I faced almost in all my regional trips in Italy.

Now let’s talk about my other love for Italy. Coffee. Bandi used to ask me “what time is it?” and I replied, “It’s espresso o’clock!” Yes! you can drink espresso anytime you want in Italy! Go to any bar, make sure you stand in a bar (DO NOT SIT DOWN unless you want to be charged double!) and then say “Vorrei un cafe.” It usually costs €1.00 or €1.20 for a single espresso. If you want macchiato or cappuccino it costs around €1.80 to €2.00. I didn’t say please in Italy (not like in Paris where everything ended with sil vous plait) simply because Italians are rude that way. Sometimes they didn’t say “Grazie” too! I’m being serious.

But my most favorite Italian culture is of course the football culture. :) Well, I must say that Italians take football too seriously. “What is your religion?” go ahead try asking a guy in Turin and he would answer “JUVENTUS! FINO ALLA FINE!” “What is your religion? to a guy in Rome and he would answer “ROMA PER SEMPRE!” It is most likely to change job, to change wife or to even change your religion, but in Italy it is IMPOSSIBLE to change your favorite football team. When you love a team, you’d stuck with it forever. Because it’s an unconditional love.

I went to Juventus stadium when there was a match between Juventus and Genoa. The atmosphere was sooooo passionate and burning! It wasn’t even my team but it was sooooo amazing! Everyone sticks together for their team! The ambience, the euphoria and the feeling… just WOW. They have the desire to win, they need to win!

Bandi’s motto in Italia was “live like local” which means crossing the road as you like, and ride public transportation without paying. Seriously, after a week of paying public transport, we stopped paying because Italy is messed up that way. We rode anywhere we wanted and anytime we wanted. How much? We didn’t know anymore! LOL! We had this inside joke “ini negara bapak lo yah?” because we didn’t pay for bus/tram inside the city and even one time for a regional train!

The most remarkable building in history. Pantheon. 2000 years old and succeeded to make me cry because of its beauty.

The most remarkable building in history. Pantheon. 2000 years old and succeeded to make me cry because of its beauty.

Inside Pantheon. MUST MUST MUST Visit while in Rome. and it is FREE ADMISSION!

Inside Pantheon. MUST MUST MUST Visit while in Rome. and it is FREE ADMISSION!



Trevi fountain, sooo packed with people. But it was truly one sweet memory I had. =)

Trevi fountain, sooo packed with people. But it was truly one sweet memory I had. =)

Vatican City. Amazingly beautiful.

Vatican City. Amazingly beautiful.

The must have picture inside Vatican Museum. :p

The must have picture inside Vatican Museum. :p

In front of St. Peters Basilica. The greatest, biggest church in the world, where a lot of masterpiece of artworks  belong.

In front of St. Peters Basilica. The greatest, biggest church in the world, where a lot of masterpiece of artworks belong.

The ten days journey in Italy ended in the most beautiful city in Italy, Rome, and in a sweet way with the sweet champagne. If you can only stop in one city in Italy, make it Rome. It has more history in square meter than anywhere in the world! Stepped into pantheon and I shed a tear because it was just too damn beautiful!!! And the Sistine Chapel… OH MY GOD!!! It was surreal! You will wish that Michaelangelo would live another 70 years to make more arts. And St. peter Basilica… Holy mother of god! You’d lost words…

I hated some things from Italy, but the love was just too strong it won’t fade away.

Italy, you will always have a special place in my heart. =) Forza Italia!

We saved the best for the last

We reached Athens around 3 pm and had the next morning flight to Santorini. Athens wasn’t in our plan because it was only meant to be a transit, but after talking with the hotel’s receptionist, it was just so wrong not to explore the city a little bit, so we did.

We had a great meal, found out that Greek people are friendly and Athens is surely a beautiful city. I will definitely come back for a real holiday someday!!!

But of course the spotlight for this trip was stolen by…



It was soooooo amazingly surreal you would actually think you were inside a desktop wallpaper!!! Santorini was so freakingly beautiful, I lost words!!!

In Santorini, the color of the building collides with the skies… The sea breezes together with the singing bird and the wind… The crazy beautiful sunset blends the colorful wild flowers… And the happy people drinks the delicious wine… And they all are mixed together into one magical paradise.

I couldn’t tell many stories from Santorini. What we did was only laying down, smooching, eating, smooching again, riding a donkey, lazying on the balcony, smooching again, eating again, and repeat.

Bandi, just lazying around everyday

Bandi, just lazying around everyday

Snacks, drinks, and on the phone screen.

Snacks, drinks, and on the phone screen.

Waiting for the beautiful sunset. =)

Waiting for the beautiful sunset. =)

So Bandi could take an awesome photos like this.

So Bandi could take an awesome photos like this.

So that we could take this amazing "accidental" photo of sunset behind us!!! Hands down! Best photo ever!

Or this amazing “accidental” photo of sunset behind us!!! Hands down! Best photo ever!

Santorini was the most romantic place I’ve ever visited. While Paris is historically and dramatically romantic, Santorini was more sexy-kind of romantic. It was secluded, passionate and magical.

With this kind of view, I didn't really care what the food tasted like. LOL

With this kind of view, I didn’t really care what the food tasted like. LOL

I rode a donkey once!

I rode a donkey once!

The pedestrian path in Santorini was built with marble?!! OMG!! Heaven!

The pedestrian path in Santorini was built with marble?!! OMG!! Heaven!

Keep calm in Santorini? DUH!! OF COURSE!!!

Keep calm in Santorini? DUH!! OF COURSE!!!

The bay to cross over to the Volcano island.

The bay to cross over to the Volcano island.

The last sunset in Santorini. I will surely see you again!

The last sunset in Santorini. I will surely see you again!

Hands down, I think this is the best honeymoon destination. Even two straight guys coming here together would definitely turned out to be gay. It’s that magical!!! =)

The other interesting things

Did we bring Brownie? to answer this post.

Yes we do! Here’s a proof!



Was bringing Brownie a good idea?

YES! He was the reason I could sleep comfortable on the train and plane! He was also so damn cute. But that’s another context.

Did I throw some clothes?

Yes I did! Our policy was… eye for an eye. I bought two t-shirts, so I threw two shirts as well. Bandi bought one shirt and one sweater but he didn’t throw any. BECAUSE HE IS ANNOYING that waaaaaaay!

Did we shop?

Yes, if buying magnets and postcards as souvenirs considered shopping. But do we shop, like really SHOP? No. Unfortunately no. I love my back… and my bank account. :p

Does it change our perspective in life?

Change is a big word. It did give me new perspective, it did teach me more things and broadened my perspective, which I think is a good thing. I become richer in value and experiences. But change? No. I am still the same person with a bigger perspective. =)

What was the ultimate proof that Bandi and I were made for each other?

Hmm… I think it was when I realize I could take him the way he is. I could finally laugh on his annoying habit and accept his flaws. Honestly, backpacking is not that easy. There were times when we were both tired, hungry, itchy (for not taking showers) and a little comment would make us wanting to kill each other, but somehow  we ended up laughing.

We always looked out for each other. When I was sick, Bandi brought both backpacks, one on his chest and one on his back and he still made sure one of his hand was free to hold my hand.

But the ultimate proof was… we could read each other’s mind. Maybe because we talked a lot to each other, in some point we could read each other’s mind. We used to see something and then “are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and then laughing for the reasons that haven’t been said.

I think so. I am pretty sure we were made for each other. =)

If I ever revisit Europe where I would go for sentimental reason, re-experience the joy of beauty, and explore the unknown?

First of all, “If I ever revisit Europe…” GOD WHAT IS THAT “IF”?  I WILL DEFINITELY REVISIT, like hundreds of times! I even plan to visit Europe every year! Hear hear Universe! LOL

A) Sentimental reason

Cinque Terre, for the sweet memories.

Paris, just to check on our padlock.

B) Re-experience the joy of Beauty

Germany and Switzerland. AMAZINGLY beautiful!

Reims, I’m seriously planning to stay there for a month or two. =)

C) Explore the unknown

Prague! Vienna! Berlin! Istambul! Naples! Athens! Barcelona! Norway!

What do I loath the most?

Bandi will shout at once, “FIRENZE!” Oh man… all the shits were lying around on the streets…

For me, I dislike Venezia.

What is our craziest (happy) moment during the trip? Skinny dipping in Santorini?

Hmm, I wish I skinny dipped in Santorini!!! But I think the ocean was too cold for a dip, with our without clothes. However, I would like to skinny dip with Bandi someday, that would be fun! But of course preferable in summer time.

The crazy happiest moment was… (I actually give time to think like for a minute)

when we crossed the suspension bridge in Mount Titlis.

So here’s a fact. Bandi and I are a wimp when it comes to height. Bandi didn’t always show his fear because he always wanted to keep me calm but I know he’s also not a big fan of height.

We skipped the Titlis flier even though we had a pass because we’re a couple of wimps. Boo us!

Anyway, the suspension bridge is quite long and when I first stepped on it, I didn’t know it was scary (and long). Honestly I didn’t do research for Mt. Titlis because we took a half-day tour from Lucerne so everything was taken care of, I thought. Little did I know, the bridge was wobbling whenever you crossed it, and what was below you? clouds and snows. HOLY CRAP. I thought I could die of heart attack!

I almost peed my pants and I talked to Bandi with my squeaking voice, “I can’t move! I wanna go back.” But he held my hand and said, “Don’t look down! Just keep walking!” And then I did keep walking. I walked faster and faster and finally reached the other side of the bridge and I caught a breath. Bandi then was laughing, “HOLY CRAP wans’t that scary?”


It wasn’t that CRAZY-crazy but it was the highest adrenalin during the trip and I swear I almost peed my pants. T.T If you don’t believe me, see the suspension bridge photos here.

Why didn’t I take picture in suspension bridge? YOU TELL ME!!! Groooaaagh!

So what’s the moral of the story? If you can’t stand heights, next time do your research before step into any bridge!

Which continent will we conquer next?

Well, I humbly say I haven’t conquered Europe at all. I still want to go back to Europe, explore the south part of Europe like South France; Avignon, Provence, Arles; South Italy; Sicily, Naples; and of course Greek Islands and Turkey (if I can call it South part) After south part, I plan to explore the upper east and east like Czech, Hungary, Austria, Poland and on… And then there’s the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland if it’s possible. =) I still want to come back to Europe again and again and again and again… I left my heart there anyway. ;)

But if I should say, what continent I am willing to explore after Europe, it would be America of course!!! South America with their beautiful beaches! Oh yeah! Someday I’ll go there too. =)

But for the short term plan, Bandi and I have already planned the ultimate Indonesian adventure! Wooott! I’ll write about it at the end of this post. =)

How do I pee during the trip?

Yes, you need to pay for toilet in Europe. And please take note I pee a lot! I could pee like 10 times a day. Some toilet costs €1 while some costs €2, so if I pee 10 times a day and half of them done outside, I need to pay around €7 per day and it would cost so much! So, how did I do it? Well, in some emergency cases I did pay to go pee-pee but most of the cases, I just walked in to any bar, order an espresso which cost €1.20 and went to the bar’s toilet. Am I a genius??? LOL. I also ALWAYS pee on the train five minutes before the destination.

To complete the toilet issue, “Ada kayak tempatnya ditrotoar gitu?” Toilet booth yang di trotoar ini cuma pernah gue liat di Paris, di kota lain nggak pernah liat. Toilet yang bayar itu biasanya kayak toilet umum biasa aja, cuma ada orang yang jagain buat minta duit. Beberapa toilet chain company bikin kayak automatic gate gitu (mostly in train station) jadi kita cuma masukin coin €1 atau €2 trus gatenya kebuka so kita bisa masuk ke toilet. Hanya satu tempat dimana toilet is free… in Santorini!

Do I sleep on my way to Europe?

YES, of course! If I didn’t sleep, I’d be like zombie because I reached London at 8 in the morning so if I didn’t sleep I would be living 2 and half day full! But yeah as we know, sleeping on the plane is not that comfy, especially I was coughing and had flu when we started the journey. :(

Is it true that there are donkey shits everywhere in Santorini?

True and false.

Santorini center area, where there is market, restaurant, shops and ice cream parlor etc, used white marble as the pavement road and can only be entered by people. There is another road using asphalt for cars. So, can you imagine how pretty it would be to walk in a white marble surrounded by white houses and Aegean Sea? And no, no donkey shits in sight.

However, there is one particular road from Donkey Station to the Volcano Port that is full of Donkey shits, from the fresh shits to the dried shits. The smell was… well, unexplainable. And guess what? Bandi slipped and fell down on that road! Ewww!!! And I called him “shitty pants” and refused to go near to him. LOL.

Did I discover a new bad habit from Bandi?

Actually no, or maybe I didn’t really pay attention, LOL. We had too much fun (and too much fight) so we didn’t really pay attention for the bad habits. It’s probably also because… when you go traveling, especially on backpacking, you’re turning yourself into another mode, the easy-mode. The normal me wouldn’t survive the rashes of a three days consecutive shirt because I have very sensitive skin, but the easy-mode me didn’t mind the rashes and just took minyak kayu putih and rubbed on it.

The normal me wouldn’t survive the tangled hair, the untreated pimples, but easy-mode me did survive those. I didn’t have the luxury of time for taking care of myself, so I just let the nature ruined my skin, my hair and my nails. I’m back to Singapore ugly, broke and happy. :p

Bandi also always changed his socks everyday but during the trip it’s almost impossible to do that so he compromised the smelly socks. Some socks didn’t survive til the end, so we threw it away. Oh, don’t get me started on panties… HAHAHA

Okay I’m starting to rambling about our little secrets, I should I stop. And to answer the question, I didn’t discover any bad habit from him because we were like cave people over there, so I couldn’t tell if it was a bad habit.

What happened to our house when we came back?

The house is pretty much the same because we have roommates! It’s not fully abandoned of course. =D

How do I feel when I visited the Museums?

The first thing came to my mind was always this: “Oh how I wish I lived in this city so I could come here anytime I want.”

I loveeeeeeee all the museums I’ve visited but of course there are favorites!!

Here are the list of my favorite musems…

1. Orsay Museum, Paris.  (Musée d’Orsay)

2. National Gallery, London

And: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

These two are tight. I couldn’t decide which one I love more.

3. Gallery Borghese, Rome.

Okay, so now I’ll start blabbering about art. I came to Europe only knowing two things: I love renaissance dresses which hopefully I would see more from paintings and I love impressionism. I came back knowing (and loving) hundred things! The reason why I love Orsay the most is because it has one whole floor for impressionist paintings! I will come back again to Paris and I will visit Orsay again for sure! I saw a loooot of Monet paintings which are soooo beautiful, some from Van Gogh, Gaugin, Manet, Degas, Pissaro and I might not remember all of the title of the paintings but if you show it to me I would probably know who painted that. I love it that true artists have their own style and preference.

And I will never forget my encounter with this amazing painting named “The Circus” by Seurat, stood grand and beautiful in front of me. It was unforgettable.

National Gallery has left a very good impression for me maybe because it was the first art museum I visited during the trip. I was introduced to pointillism there and I first saw so many new names like Seurat, Signac and Pissaro. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw so many beautiful paintings there for me to enjoy and learn. It was the very first time I went to a world class art museum, ever. So I spent time there until there was an announcement that the museum needed to close. :D

Van Gogh Museum is of course one of my favorite. Having a guide is a must here if you want to get to know much more about Van Gogh and his work. The museum really showed the details of Van Gogh’s art pieces and how he did it. There was one room that has a microscope to see how the paint in Van Gogh’s art look like x1000 and some x-ray of Van Gogh’s painting to prove that Van Gogh indeed using recycle object to paint. He was that poor.

I know I’m into paintings and sculpture wasn’t really my thing, but it was changed when I visited Gallery Borghese. I encountered some of the greatest sculpture by Bernini and oh my god they are just soooo beautiful! My personal favorite is “Apollo and Daphne”, I think it’s the best sculpture ever created on earth!!!

The story about the Villa Borghese is actually interesting. There was a wealthy, powerful man named Scipione Borghese who has a great taste for art. He was later made a Cardinal by his uncle, Pope Paul V. So then he was not only rich and powerful, he was also an important man. He collected art from the great artists on the era (1600’s) and decided to open the gallery for public to enjoy. I think this could be like the first art museum ever. The story of how he collected the art pieces is interesting. Some, he got it, um.. let’s just say in an incorrect way.

Cardinal Borghese also built the gallery itself with heart and soul. Every room of the gallery has its own theme and personality. I must say, the gallery has its reason to be exclusive. The gallery doesn’t accept walk-in visitor. You must book a time slot and CAN’T enter the gallery even 5 minutes before your slot begin. You only have maximum 2 hours inside the gallery. Bandi was swearing silently, why is the gallery so arrogant?! But then, it has every reason to be.

I’ve researched some artworks I love when I saw them in the museum and then I’ve written about them on my travel journal, so whenever I forget about them, I could re-live the memory again. =)

Did Bandi and I fight?

OF COURSE!!!! We fought like… zillion times!!! First of all, we always fight when we read maps, because he acted like mr. know-it-all and I hated it. He didn’t let me read maps (which is understandable because I’m bad with directions) but then I got angry when he read it wrongly too! And FYI, I could suddenly read maps whenever I’m in my easy-mode. I was suddenly a survivor.

Second, we also almost always fight about food. Where to eat, whether we must pick the cheap frozen pizza or the expensive fresh pasta, or who chooses the next meal.

Third, we were both grumpy when we were tired, sleepy, hungry and/or on need for toilet.

Forth, sometimes taking photos could end up in fight, especially when I want to be inside the photos and I asked him to take it for me. Here’s the thing, Bandi doesn’t have an eye for art or design. He couldn’t draw a straight line. He’s just so immune of art. So he’s not really good at taking photos. I sometimes complained about my photos (taken by him) and when he was feeling grumpy he would start a fight with “Then next time I won’t take it for you anymore.”

Forth, we were fighting about money. Whenever one made a wrong decision about money, the other usually wasn’t happy about it. Arguments were always happened.

We also had one big fight at the fumicino airport when we were waiting the flight to Athens. It was a little personal but then we’re glad we got through it.

But here’s a good thing…

Bandi and I are good at arguing and complaining to each other, but we are better at making up. =) Usually after we argued, we would just laugh and then said sorry. Or if I was having a big ego moment, I would just call him his pet-name and he would know that I wanted to make up, so we did. =)

Is there anything I wish I would’ve brought to Europe?’

KOYO. I should’ve brought more koyo. I did bring some, but it’s not enough! My back… oh my back….

Is there anything I brought to Europe that I didn’t use at all?

Raincoat. But it’s kinda good luck not to have to use the raincoat. =)

Let’s talk about food!

Let’s!!! I always thought I love European food…. until I really went to Europe. European food was… bland. And it turned out it was because I love the Indonesian version of European food, the enhanced ones! OH MY GOD, my whole life is a lieeeee!!!!

Now I know for sure, my taste bud is 100% Indonesian! I love spices, I love creamy, thick, spicy, soup, I love peanut sauce, and I LOOOOVVVEEE RICE! There, Bandi, I said it. Happy?

However of course, there were some discovery I’ve made during the trip.

1. Amsterdam Fries IS JUST THE BEST!

2. German people eat like there’s no tomorrow. The portion, oh my gosh…

3. I’ve found my alcohol calling. Sparkling Wine! Not just wine, but sparkling wine! Well, preferably Champagne. :p

4. Bandi is such a sweet guy. (eh? I thought I knew it for so long? Just feel like saying it. :”>)

What about the dirty laundry?

Well, well… this is the trickiest part because we were on the move almost everyday so it was a little hard to do laundry but thankfully we were blessed with sunny weather so most of the laundry were dried fast. We did laundry twice in Paris, and then in Amsterdam, Riomaggiore and Rome.

We only brought limited amount of clothes so you will only see the same clothes in every photos. LOL.

For panties, I usually washed them right after the shower. I only brought two pair of bras but I rarely used them because it was Europe! I’ve been dying to go out braless! Just FYI, I hate wearing bra!! I wish I could live in western country where I could be braless everyday!!! :p

Some stories to remember

Lost in translation

I did something stupid in Munich. I was shooed by a cleaning lady when I was about to use the toilet. It turned out it wasn’t because the lady was rude, but because I was entering the wrong toilet. LOL. It wasn’t my fault!!! The toilets weren’t being very clear. They didn’t put any signs in front of the toilets, only word “Dammen” and “Herren”, so I went into the “Dammen” because I thought Herren was supposed to be “Homme”. Nooooo!!!!

No excuses

In Zurich I saw an Asian couple waiting for the same train like us. The man was carrying a 75L backpack which was sooo huge and guess what did the woman bring with her? She was bringing a stroller with a real baby on it!!! OMG! Isn’t it sooo COOL!!!

I mean, yes, I saw a lot of Caucasian couples backpacking with their kids and babies but never have I seen Asian bringing their babies while backpacking! This is such a heartwarming view. :)

It was like a reminder for me that if you really wanted to do something, there is no EXCUSES could stop you.

Ahhh, I can’t go because I have kids… I can’t go because I have to save for mu kids… I can’t go because it’s impossible bakcpacking with kids… WHAT A BULLSHIT!

You CAN go, you just don’t think it’s convenience. So CUT THE CRAP.

I hate it when people commenting, “Ahhh.. It’s easy for your to say because you don’t have kids, you don’t have to save money for a house…” Blah blah blah. EVERYONE HAS THEIR BAGGAGE. They’re just not complaining. They’re looking for solutions.

Oh, wait, why did I bitch out? There would be a special post about bitching later. LOL

Anyway, I salute that Asian couple. ;)

Digerebek Polisi

During the overnight train dari Amsterdam ke Basel gue tidur di tempat tidur paling atas. Satu cabin berisi 6 tempat tidur, dibagi dalam dua sisi. Jadi bisa bayangin dong ribet nya gue turun kalo udah sampe atas? Gue harus lewatin dua orang dibawah gue dan karena gue nggak enteng pasti lah bunyi kriyat-kriyet. Gue kan hobbynya pipis, so menderita banget deh tidur semaleman nggak pipis, so waktu pagi-pagi gue bangun (sekitar jam 5:30) gue mau ke WC aja deh, sekalian sikat gigi, cuci muka terus nunggu kereta sampe di Basel, jadwalnya kan sekitar jam 7 kurang.

Pas gue keluar si Bandi pun terbangun. Dia nanya, “mau kemana?” gue bilang mau pipis. “Aku juga, sekalian aja yuk bawa keluar barang2.” So grasak grusuk lah kita pagi-pagi tuh… Habis semua barang udah keluar cabin, si Bandi ke WC duluan (emang kampret tuh orang! Yang kebelet siapa?) dan gue jagain tas di depan pintu cabin. Tiba-tiba….

JENG JENG JENG! Segerombolan polisi masuk menggerebek cabin gue dan cabin sebelah gue! Panik lah gue dikerubungin polisi gitu! Masalahnya bukan karena kenapa-kenapa, karena gue jadinya nggak bisa kemana-mana, padahal gue mau pipis bangeeeet!

Ada kali tuh 30 menit si polisi menggerebek barang2 bawaan roommate gue. Herannya barang gue kaga disentuh sama sekali. Mereka udah tau target mereka siapa, soalnya emang bener, tiga orang yang digrepe-grepe maksimal ini ternyata bawa ganja. Oalaaaahh pantesan semalem kok bau ganja beneeer! Makanya tidur gue pules! *lho?*

Ya udah intinya si polisi baru selesai menggerebek pas kereta udah mau sampe Basel. KAMPRET!

Tapi untungnya gue sempet pipis kilat sebelum turun di Basel! Phew!

Tante2 take advantage of my Bandi

Jadi ini cerita soal seorang tante yang dari awal hobi nya ngeliatin gue dan Bandi.

Pas sampe Roma, si tante nunjuk-nunjuk koper nya dan minta Bandi bawain! Udah gitu kopernya banyak bener… Si tante nggak pengertian banget, lah masa gue bawa bakcpack dua biji?! Mana bandi nggak dateng2, dan akhirnya jiwa kuli gue keluar lah, gue angkat deh tuh backpack dua biji…. for the next 2 seconds. Hahaha! Terus si Bandi balik deh, thankfully.

Ini setan bukan?

When we walked back from Villa Borghese to the subway station, we forgot one thing, it was already dark and we had to cross over this huge garden inside the villa. Ini pernah kejadian sekali waktu kita pergi ke Gili Trawangan ketika Gili masih sepi dan malem2 nggak ada listrik. Kita jalan kaki pulang gelap-gelapan dan ketakutan. Bandi takut rampok, gue takut setan.

Nah, I can’t believe ini kejadian lagi, padahal gue udah sumpah-sumpah untuk selalu mengingat masalah ini kalo traveling. JANGAN LUPAKAN JALAN DATANG, inget selalu apakah ada lampu, supaya kalo baliknya malam-malam, nggak serem-serem amat.

Lagian tuh Villa Borghese aneh banget! Masa garden segede gitu kagak taruh lampu banyakan dan terangan!!! Walhasil pas gue jalan kaki cepet-cepet mau keluar garden eh tiba-tiba ada yang gerak di deket bangku taman!!! Bandi langsung kaget kan. DEG! Gelaaaapp banget! Kalo feeling sih berasanya manusia gitu. Tapi ngapain dia berdiri sendirian malem-malem buta gitu?!!! Bandi langsung tarik gue setengah lari. Dia takut itu rampok… Dan gue masih sama… gue takutnya itu setan!!!

Who’s mapping?

This one is a compilation of Bandi’s photos, candid, when he was studying the map.

Photo 25-10-13 8 38 49 pm

Photo 16-10-13 5 53 44 pm

Photo 18-10-13 7 09 59 pm

Photo 18-10-13 7 56 46 pm

I really can’t imagine how awfully lost I would be without you, sweetie pie. (both literally and romantically)

The sweet ending from a dog in Santorini

Photo 2-11-13 9 30 12 pm

So I was sitting down on the stairs when suddenly this dog sat next to me very closely (no boundary huh?) And then I played with him for about ten minutes. We watched the sea and talked about stuffs. I even told him that I stayed in Alexander hotel and he could visit me if he wanted. And then I left him.

Two days later when I was waiting for a pick-up to Airport back to Athens this dog came to my hotel!!! OMG!!! It was quite far from the place I met him and he found where I stayed?!! Isn’t it amazing!!?!

I was surprised yet kinda happy. He was like saying goodbye to me and I got s very sweet ending for my adventure. =)

Don’t worry, doggie, I will come back to Santorini. I can promise you! =)

The aftermath

So what happens now after the biggest adventure in my life has ended? Well, It was surreal at first. It feels empty not to have something to look forward to but surprisingly it wasn’t that depressing. I mean, I thought it would be depressing and I would be so dramatic and all, but it wasn’t.

The annoying thing is… Bandi and I had always procrastinated some plans to be done after the Europe trip. We were like “I promise I’ll do it after the Euro trip.” So when the “after euro trip” time has come, we have TONS of things to do on the list, like repairing air-con, cleaning out the closet, trying our luck in a new destination, translating a friend’s book, some project with a friend, and the wedding. ooohhhhh the wedding. How would the wedding be happening when we’re so broke. Damn it. Anyway, that’s why this post comes out so late and you are not allowed to complain because I have so many problems. LOL

The Inspirations

I received so many emails after the Eurotrip ended. Most of them were really inspired and would like to do it. I’m wondering why this happened while I was on the trip and after the trip? Then I realized… It’s because they didn’t believe it happened until it really happened.

Bandi’s little brother has already told Bandi that he wanted to go backpacking to Europe too after he saw our photos. Even though actually we asked him whether he wanted to come along when we planned the trip. I got the idea that people didn’t really believe we would actually do it when we told them about the plan.

So when it actually happened, they were like “Man! So it’s possible to do that!”

Of course it’s possible!

Come to think of it, backpacking to Europe is not that difficult.

You just need money, time, and brain.

Money. Don’t give me the excuses about not having money again. Cut that crap and read this post. I don’t wanna bitch about people and their priorities anymore. If you think you don’t want to “waste” your money on traveling, then SHUT UP.

Time. I saved my leave for the Eurotrip. If I can do it, then you can too. If your company didn’t allow you, then quit the job! Haha.

Brain. This is very important. If you’re dumb, then find a friend who’s smart enough to do the plan.

In the end, it’s about how bad you want it. If you really want it, then you’ll make it happen. If you don’t want it that bad then you’ll find excuses.

One more thing: traveling is not for everyone. You don’t have to travel just because everyone’s doing it. Remember that everyone has their own priority. I don’t watch Kpop even though everyone did, because it’s not my thing. So if traveling is not your thing, stop saying “Ohhh how I wish I could go but I–” cut the crap! I’m a pretty straight up gal. I don’t buy craps.

The next adventure?

Let’s just say we plan something like this awesome…

Bay Indonesian Adv

If the plan can’t happen next year because of the wedding (ooghhh the wedding) then we’ll do it in 2015. Will post later for the Ultimate Indonesian adventure preps!!! Woot woot!!! So excited!!! =D

So, this is it. I don’t have any “hutang” anymore so I can sleep well and play my playstation peacefully. :D


May, achievement unlocked!

75 thoughts on “Bay Europe Adventure, Full Report: The sweet kisses, the scenic journey, and the dirty laundry.

  1. postingan terlama yang kubaca, hampir 20 menit ajeeee, dan ngilerrr liat semuanya May. Dan aku pengen komen segala galanyaaaaaa!!! Liat pemandangannya, baju bajunya, makananannya, seru bangeeeeet Maaaaay. Pas ngeliat di IG aja ngeces mulu. Ish itu beneran kece yaaaaaaaa pemandangannya, kakaaaaak. Ihik, sukurlah pas berantem makannya MacD, gak asoy makan yg enak-enak pas berantem hahahaahahaha. Dan kenapa kau mengira Alte = Old hahahaahaha kau kira kalau New apa *kebayang aku terdampar di tempat yg bahasanya bener bener asing*
    Dan I loove the part “What was the ultimate proof that Bandi and I were made for each other?”
    Datangpun kami pas kau merit *biar gak diundang, kita salaman di parkiran aje*
    dan oke, okeeee….gak alesan ya bahwa ada 3 krucils itu gak bisa jalan-jalan? Gak alesan juga duitnya? Baeklaaaaaaaah!!!! Baeklaaaaah kita semangat, kakaaaaak!
    Btw buset deh udah di luar sana masih ngomong setaaaan, tuh kebanyakan nonton Conjuring kaaau

    • MAMAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! *kayak adegan film2 gitu*
      Kenapah aku gak bisa komenin post2 kamuuu?!!! AKu kan gataaaalll!!! Iya iya gue taw lu maw nahanin duru buat ga bales komen, tapi kan yang baca jadi gatelll!!!
      Hahaha komen lo disini amburadul banget susunannya hahahaha. Ihhh meskipun makannya mekdi itu mekdi termahal dalam hidup gue, makanya si Bandi makin marah lagi. T.T
      Kalay New itu ternyata Neue soalnya pas gue samperin yang New pinakothek nya ada tulisan Neue di depannya. SHoot!
      Aku undang tapi angpaonya mesti pake Euro gimanaaghhh biar aku balik eropa lagii hahahahaha *shameless maksimal*

  2. Ah mayyy speechless nihhh.. Aku baca bener-bener dari awal sampai akhir dan melongo sampai ke akhir postingan. Super sweet dan super seru banget perjalanan kamu sama Bandi. Yang jadi favoritku adalah scene di Paris, Santorini, Italy, mmm.. London.. Lucern.. ah semuanya May! :))

    Thanks for sharing ya May. Postingannya bakal aku bookmark untuk bekal kalo suatu saat kesampaian liburan keliling Europe juga hihi. :D

  3. This is factually the longest post I’ve ever read indeed. It’s only because of these Bahasa Indonesia parts (which I can’t read, and could skip) I will be in time for my appointment :).*

    It’s a long but good read, for actually it’s a love story.. With Europe ( which I like) and with each other ( which Iike even more :).

    (I only disagree with you on Firenze/Florence. Hope we’ll meet again and I will be able to make a case for one of the most interesting and artistically rich cities worldwide).

    *I hate missing the jokes though.

      • That the “next door’s” splendour ( and diving opportunities) between Banda Eceh and Raja Ampat deserves priority, stands to reason. And eventually visits to Prague or Berlin as well. But my modest mission should be to convince you Firenze obviously kept some of it’s great charms hidden when you were there.. and make you regret it :).

  4. iiiissssh aku yg bacanya aja rasanya seseeeek may… $ 3000 (benar2) melayang gitu ajaaa??? eeeh kalo train tiket gk sama dgn eticketnya pesawat yah kalo ilang bisa print lagi?

    Aaaaah tapi yaaah apapun yg terjadi tapi yg katanya emang udah harus terjadi yah bakal terjadi, daaaaaaaaan aku hanya bisa berucaaap IRIIII TO THE MAX!!! liat foto2nyaa kakaaaaaak , keren2 semuaaaaa :)

    • Iya nin, waktu itu aku sampe ga bisa tidur ga bisa makan… mikirin duit, tapi ya udah, duit masih bisa dicari meskipun nabungnya juga tahunan. Gapapa. relain aja, yang penting memories nya. =)

  5. Mayyyyyy.. Gue seneeeeeng banget baca cerita soal Van Gogh Museum, trus pemandangan indah dari castle yang seriing gue liat di pilem2.. Semuaaaa indahh dan luar biasaa.. Apalagi foto2 kalian berdua.. Dan meski dalam big fight pun kalian tetep bisa makan mc D..haha.. Dan yang surprise memang soal Lo Han Kuo nya.. Asliii.. Gw minum hampir keselek, soale pas baca itu gw jugaa lagi minummm..hahaha.. Gilakk.. Bisa gitu yah…Foto2nya bener luar biasa.. Segala suduttt ga ada yg ga cantikk keknya yahhh..

    Tapiiii… Yang bikin gue merindiingggg adalah tak lain dan tak bukan adalah JUVENTUS STADIUM!!! Ahhhh Gelakkkk… Mayyy!! Kerennn bangetttt ituu sumpahhh.. Del Piero!! KYaaaaa.. Trus gue pen nyuri kaosnya abang Buffon!!! Pengeeeennnn…huhuu.. Ehh tapi dikasih si aa ganteng tifosi Juventus yang pake jaketnya itu juga bolehh dehhh… Someday gue pasti kesana!!! Pastiiiii!!!.. Dan yessss.. World Cup 2006 juga ada cerita menarik May, tau gak wktu itu kan gw lagi magang di Bandung. Trus ngekos ditempat yg ga ada tivinya… Dan apa yg terjadi? Gw ketokkk kamar penghuni lain ut numpang nonton..hahaha.. Syukurnya sih diijinin.. Untung Italy menang.. Kalo gak pasti lgsg berasa malunya..hihihi..

    Puassss bangett baca postingan ini May, bakal disimpen.. kalau2 nanti gw kesana.. *Big Amennn*

    • Ameeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!! Universe hear hear! Semoga suatu saat lo nyampe ke Turin dan masuk Juventus Museum plus ke stadium yah py. waktu itu lagi ada match so Bandi ga bisa masuk ke stadiumnya. But he said someday he will be back and watch the match live. :) Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  6. hahaha seru banget meiii. gue suka banget neuschwanstein ama rome, udah ngiler dari dulu pas nyokap gue bawa pulang buku2 pamflet dari kota itu (gue demen kota2 yang penuh arsitektur indah sih). thanks buat sharing pengalamannya. bakal berguna kalau suatu saat nanti gue mau travel ke europe.

  7. Ahh May.. kalian ber2 itu sweet bgt sih.. apa ya, gw sampe kehabisan kata2 mau komen disini. tp ini beneran post terpanjang dan terlama yg pernah gw baca. lama bgt bacanya karna setiap kata dan setiap fotonya dihayati dulu. tp emg bener sih may, orang baru akan percaya kalau itu bisa terjadi waktu liat orang lain udah ngebuktiinya. akupunn begituu jadi semakin semangat nabung!!! hahaha.

    walaupun rasanya perjalanan masih jauh, tapi gw yakin may kl suatu saat there will be my turn!! :)
    btw kalau foto ber2 gitu kamu pake tripod ya berarti? terus itu yg gatal2 karna ga mandi gimna? kulit gw juga budug sensitif bgt nyebeliin.issshh

    • Yang di London sih difotoin sama temen gue Mar, some places juga ada orang lain yg fotoin. Tapi kebanyakan yah pake tripod dan timer. ;)
      Pas gatel2 yah obatnya cuma mandiii! Sabun sempet habis trus kita beli sabun batangan gitu. Saking pelitnya makenya dipotong2. Hahaha. :p

  8. Finaaally full stories nya udah keluar =) asik banget May photo2 nya juga bagus2 banget
    May itu foto menara eiffel dari mana paling ok ?
    trus yg overnight train itu bisa sekamar ma Bandy ya, pilih nya yg tipe apa ya yang bisa mixed gender ? takutnya kepisah gawat gw tidurnya =)

    • Foto menara Eiffel itu ok dari mana aja, nanti pas lo kesana di depan menara nya ada kayak blok2 gede gitu, nah itu spot emang dibikin utk foto dari bawah menara. Trus di belakangnya ada park GUEDEEEEEEE banget, nah silahkan muter2 dan cobain angle nya satu2. Hihihi.
      Soal overnight train kalo beli berdua mah ga mungkin kepisah karena tiketnya satu utk berdua. Jadi tiket overnight train itu beda sendiri, dia itu per order, bukan per orang, tenang aja ya, ga mgkn kepisah. ;)
      Iya mixed pastinya. Yang overnight train gue dr Munich ke Venice dalam satu kabin gitu cuma gue ceweknya, yah tapi ada bandi juga so gapapa. Kalau udah malem gitu gelap banget juga jadi ada privasi. Gue sih orangnya cuek dan di Europe nggak terlalu gimana gitu kannn so pas bobo pun gue sempet lepas bra juga hahaha. Gue nggak bisa bobo pake bra kan. :p

      • hihhihihi siap2 memory card ama tripod deh =) yg pasti gaya sepatu lu ma bandi itu ok banget hehehe
        he eh buat gw juga mendingan mixed drpd gw tidur sendiri sekamar ma cewe2 yang gue ga bisa bahasanya … legaaa deh … gw ampe cengar cengir sendiri di kantor baca bra lu hahahaha tapi emang enakan gitu kok
        May full story nya ada part 2 nya ga ???? ga keberatan kok

        PS. foto paling ok yg di santorini.. tapi yg lain juga bagus banget

      • Hahahaha kagak ada part 2 nya lauraaa. Ini aja ngetiknya berminggu2 udah maw pengsan. Hahaha. Nanti kamu yang bikin cerita gini habis euro trip kamu gimanaaa? Kapan berangkatnya lau?

      • next april May, pas2in kekeunhof … soalnya sebenernya dulu yg blm pernah amsterdam hehehe.. tapi dulu itu ikut tour .. sucks deh .. jauh banget dari crita lu pergi kemarin hehehe

      • Hahahaha iya gue juga sering sindirin si bandi “lho kok gak taw jalan? Katanya pernah ke paris… Oiya dulu mah ada bus yang anter2 yaaaa?!” Lololol
        Yah gimanapun experience nya pasti beda lau. I hope you enjoy to the max this time!!!

      • Itu Hush Puppies, belinya kayaknya 2 tahun lalu waktu dpt bonus. Hahaha. Waktu beli gue ngomong ke diri sndr, “ni boots bakal enakeun banget buat gue jalan2 ke eropa” hahaha emang omongan tuh doa ya

  9. may, kalo 2015 uda punya baby, tetep dilanjutin ga plannya? hehehehe… #kepo

    gua suka deh cara lu mendeskripsikan setiap kota, kayaknya setiap kota punya ciri khas sendiri… dan banyak banget foto2 yg berasa kayak lukisan…. feel like.. I wanna go there hahahaha… dan van gogh, ngingetin gua sama jaman kuliah dulu hahahaha… tiap disuruh ngafalin lukisan, nama lukisannya van gogh yg paling bisa gua afalin… ciri2 di lukisannya gampang kebaca sih hahahaha…

    • Hush ah Melll kalo bisa jangan punya baby dulu. :p
      Ntar lah masih belum planning soal baby. ;)
      Gue skrg ngerti kenapa great artists itu banyak yg dari Europe krn emang tempat mereka tinggal itu bener2 cantik, no wonder lukisannya cantik2 juga ;)

  10. DONE reading.. :)
    Love it.. Sumpah jadi pingin balik kesana plus nambah Santorini…
    Dan rollz kecipratan postcard dunk kemarin… Senengnyaaa… :p

    kalo kesana bawaannya kerja mulu padahal kan pingin juga masuk2 ke museum gituu…
    Cari waktu ah buat backpack kesana :p

    Btw, meskipun rollz uda stay di Jakarta, tapi kalo taun depan ke Surabaya bilang2 ya, sapa tau pas lagi ada di Surabaya.. Ato kalo ga, kalo mau nanya2 tentang Surabaya, rollz siap bantu, jangan lupa mampir bromo dunk :)

  11. Kita juga sangat ter inspited ngeliat foto2 kalian… buagus2 bgt!

    wakaupun wmmang eropa itu tempat foto yg paling bagus, tp asli lho foto2 kalian itu mantep bgt, terutama yg pas ciuman pas sunset di santorini iyu. Amazing.

    emang pst nyesek bgt ya pas tiket kereta yg 3k itu ilang… tp emg bener yg lu bulang, pengalaman yg lu dpt itu bnr2 priceless!

  12. So very well written. I hope u dont mind me bookmarking this for my reference. I did my europe trip last mid oct early nov (19 days trip 3 countries only around 5 cities without prior plan – not very ambitious and solo). I feel your excitement in your writing. And strangely enough, i felt the same way like you felt about venice but towards paris haha (dont kill me, everybody think i’m weird haha. I know i am, especially having a french best friend here where i live who had equipped me with all the infos even buying me paris lonely planet and to see how he was sort of disturbed when i said i didnt feel paris made me feel so so guilty haha). Maybe because i was traveling alone was too tired from prague. but rodin and l’orangerie was by far 2 of the 3 best museums i’ve visited during my trip. The monet oval room was incredible and derrain’s work is breathtaking. but berlin. Omg. A city so full of stories and personality. I feel berlin like you feel paris. and the jewish museum. One helluva museum! Spent more than 4 hrs there.. Thank you for such a beautiful post. Keep writing.. -silent reader

    • Haha, yeah I guess everyone has their own Paris. For me the most romantic city on earth is still Bandung though, but of course it’s bias. :p
      I hope someday I will visit Berlin too, been hearing great stories about it. =)
      Thank YOU for reading. ;)

  13. waawww, sungguh inspiratiff cerita kaliaannn
    berrarti suatu hari gw pasti bisa juga yah hihihihiii
    gw sukaa banget yang si castlee neuschwenstein nyah, gilak kerennya luar biasa, apalagi yang pas di balkon ituhhh *pengsan*

    mak 3000sgd *pengsan lagi* tapi bener May, duit itu bisa dicari :D

  14. Epic trip and ditto post! Now I concluded there is May’s and Bandi’s life before and after the Europe trip :-) Good choice of Chez Dandoy. Their waffel is the best. Can’t wait for another travel adventures of yours May.

    PS You have inspired me to write about travelling with kids as I have travelled much with G starting from when she was 2 weeks old until today.

  15. woowwwww…cetarrrr bangett May pengalaman jalan2 ke yurop nya…pokoke fotonya keren2 dahh….banyak yang pemandangannya kayak di kartu pos atau lukisan gitu yaa….

  16. I spent my sunday evening to read this post *ini gw yg lemot atau too excited yak*
    anyway,ampe lupa mau komenin yg mana aja.kebanyakan. pokoknya semua keren. Semoga someday bisa ke Europe (how bad u want it jo? )
    santorini, Cinque Terre, Burrano dan ludwig’s castle favorit gw!
    another point after reading this: there is no way u cannot make it, with kids or not! hahhhh!!! true may true! Its about how bad we want it.Right??
    btw,bawa tolak angin ga may? thata my savior kalo berpergian.
    thank u for posting this. Inspiring :)))
    *ayo nabunggg!* :)

  17. May!!!! gue baca ini post sambung menyambung selama 2 hari!!…kakakakakkakakaka….
    giilleeee….itu jembatann di Mt.Titlis…ccrraazzyyy!!! gue kyknya gak bakal berani nyebrangin itu jembatan,….ngeri bok!
    Tapi foto-foto nya keren-keren!!!
    Gue baru tau kalo Italy tu jorok juga yah? image nya beda euy….

  18. panjang kaliii postingannya may and thank you for sharing all the useful details!

    ini emang agak lebai, tapi pas baca awal postingan ini, gw sampe terharu gt baca kisah tiket lo yang hilang dan bandi yang tetap optimis dan ngeliat semuanya dari positive side. :”)

    bandi is a sweet guy and you are a funny, sensitive and kind hearted woman. you two make the sweetest couple ever!

    btw, foto2 dari sesi photoshot bakalan di sharing pas elo kawinan gaaa?? penasaran!

    • Awwww, thank you for the kind words tan. You’re pretty cool yourself too! =D

      Umm, I don’t even know apakag kawinan gue akan ada foto2an gitu. My wedding is super simple you won’t notice it is actually a wedding. HAHA!

  19. Wow…. bagus banget itu foto”nya >,< Rata" tempatnya romantis yak… Apalagi yang pas di eifell…
    Most beautiful buat aku yg Lucern………..

    Btw, ini yang foto"in pas lagi foto bedua siapa yah? pake tripod kah ? Kalau dijadiin foto prewed bagus juga tuh ci :), kayak foto prewed berstory gituh…

  20. gw juga salah satu yg inspired by you two!!!! Bukan karena ga percaya kalian bisa, bukan sama sekali!! Tapi cerita dan foto-foto kalian (yg saking panjangnya sampe bikin gw nyicil 3 hari) bikin gw inget lagi betapa inginnya gw ke Eropah *terlanjur ke-distract sama urusan kawin dan per-bayi-an*. Udah gitu pada saat yang deketan, banyak blog yg gw baca juga cerita soal Eropah, dan lagi…. mendadak ga sengaja nonton Before Sunset yang diputer ulang di Warner TV

    That’s it! Alam semesta udah menyatakan gw harus ke Eropa!!!

    Tapi ya gw ga se-cool pasangan Asia yang lo ketemu itu sih. Rencananya Raka mau ditinggal aja :p

    So, give me some suggestions! kita berdua tertarik sama culinary, coffee (and wine), suka seni (but not really in to museums), dan suka bangunan2 cantik…. cuma punya waktu 2 minggu…

    lo suggest ke mana aja???

    • O iya ada yang gw mau tanya lagi…
      lo bawa tripod kah??? Foto-foto berdua itu apa minta tolong orang di jalan? *pentingbanget*
      Trus selama di sana pake bahasa apa sih? denger2 orang Eropa banyak yang gak berbahasa Inggris?

      Trus gw juga tadi mau komen soal tiket lo yang terbang. Ya ampun gw pas baca sampe ikut nyesek. Kayak bohongan aja dan kebayang sakitnya kaya gimana. Tapi lo berdua pasangan yang luar biasa!!!! :D *lempar confetti*

      • Soal foto, iya kita pake tripod, unless di london itu yg fotoin temen kita. :)
        Ada bbrp juga yg difotoin org tapi hasilnya ga akan se”liar” kalo foto pake timer lah. Hahahaha
        Selama di paris + brussels campur lah French dan english, di amsterdam semua bisa english, di german rada kacau soalnya zero german gue, tapi masih bisa survive lah.
        Di swiss juga bisa survive krn kita ikut local tour pas ke titlis.
        Di italy campur2 english dan italiano.
        Pd dasarnya gue bisa dikit2 french dan italian yah kalo buat naek bus/train dan pesen makan mah bisa. Yang penting mah pede aja. Kalo ngomong inggris juga mereka ladenin cuma yahhh biasanya pesenan lo acak kadut jadinya hahahah. :p
        Semangattt din!!! Kalo soal makanan pasti cepet belajarnya

      • Oooh okeh. Kalo gitu gw akan pede2in aja bermodalkan english pas2an.
        Eh 2 mg bisa dapet bnyk tempat jg ya? Tq may!
        Ah iya kita juga sukaaa bangetttt musical n theater. Any recommandation? London yah? Haha

    • First of all, don’t get your hopes high ttg culinary eropa. I can’t give so many recommendations.
      Buat coffee and wine, even the cheapest ones taste great!!!! You won’t be disappointed!
      Dua minggu, i will say paris, lucern (titlis of course), munich (neuschwenstein castle), amsterdam and brussels, rome and cinque terre. Kalo lo maw repot skip cinque terre and go to santorini instead.
      In paris, make sure you go inside Orsay museum! MUST MUST MUST.
      Fix your destinations dulu habis itu bisa bikin train trail nya lewat mana. :) good luck dinnaaaaaa!!!

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  22. Hahahahaa akhirnya kejawab juga berapa kali lo berantem sama Bandi… :P
    Btw, this is awesome post May…speechless bacanya. Keren pisan lah! ;)

  23. tadinya gw lagi kerja dikantor, tapi baca tulisan lu jadinya males lanjutin kerjaan gw deh. maunya menghayal lagi di eropa aja. lol!

    foto sunset kissnya itu loh. keren!

  24. Ya ampun May, panjang bener postingannya! Gue bacanya aja sejaman sendiri, kepotong-kepotong pula. Lo nulisnya berapa lama neh?!?

    But it’s a fantastic story! Gue bacanya jadi ikut berpetualang gitu. Keren!!!

  25. Just saw your post about Italy after doing my morning run. OMG. My husband is a very big fan of Juventus also, he even want to name our future son something that related to Alessandro del Piero, LOL. I’m going to show him this post because i know he’ll be very envy with Bandi hehehe. It’s always been his dream to go there, but we haven’t had the chance yet. But as they say, “jodoh gak akan kemana”, so i know we’ll be visiting there soon, someday.

      • And yes, he smile the whole time he saw the picture, and then he promised me that he will take me there sometime soon *dancing*. He even read the whole post and saying things like, “we can do this, we must do this yada yada yadaa…”. If we finally doing this, then it’s all thanks to this post, your post.

        Btw, we are currently living in Manado, which are on your next adventure trip around Indonesia. So come here soon, we’ll show you guys around. There are so many beautiful place and good food (if you like spicy things).

      • Omg!! I’m quarter Manado!!! My grandma is from Manado!!! I will seriously go there and contact you!!! And you have to bring me around! It’s a promise! Wink wink!

  26. May!!! less than a month! *Norak*. Haha gw baru mempelajari lagi nih posting lo. Trus baru memperhatikan coat sama boots lo kok lucuk sih. *jadi pengen ke hush puppies* Trus coat yang ijo itu tuh fotogenic sekali jadi naksir. Haha. Italy ga dingin ya? Bisa hotpants gitu. Btw gw masi belom konek nih, tiket kereta kalo online bukannya bisa print ulang ya?

    • Jaket nya beli di Paris looohhh Akkkk *norak juga*
      Yang bisa di print ulang cuma Italo kalo ga salah karena dia ada electronic ticket. Yang lain ticket nya fisik, alias print di travel agent gitu dan tiket asli. Jadi begitu hilang…. HILANG LAH semua termasuk harapanku. Hahaha.
      Tapi mungkin skrg udah bisa e-ticket kayaknya yak? Gak tau juga, habis belum ke Europe lagi *ngarep*
      Hooh Italy panas…. karena gue hot sih… XD
      Sabar Dinnn sabaaaarrr!

      • aku juga naksir coat nya ^^ krn mungkin basically i love green–blue-tosca color :D
        baru baca ini krn dikasi link temen.
        so inspiring, krn aku jg mau melakukan hal ‘gila’ ini, keliling eropa, 27hr, 13 negara, 1 backpack yeaayyy, finally bs ke eropa wlpn masih dalam tahap perencanaan.
        tp at least hampir semua tiket pesawat antar negara sudah book dan bayar :D dan penginapan sudah confirmed juga
        plus dengan baca ini aku terinspirasi utk beli plastik vakum, krn emang niatnya bawa kaos agak banyak, dimana sebagian udah berencana bakal aku buang disana. walopun dah coba isi2 ke backpack dan muat, tp dengan plastik itu bisa lebih padet lagi huhuuu

        well, i love ur story, love ur writing, easy, simple, inspiring, and the most important thing is honest. even for the worst case scenario. or maybe i love all of this because more or less ur story is just like mine. i am a crazy planner, i write all the route and time and put a lot color on my excel, LOL

        thanks xoxo

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