Back from wonderland, reporting from real world!

Well… Well… I don’t know what to say. I honestly don’t have any mood to write because I have so much other things to do. My laundry basket is super crowded; my work is… well what do u expect? After a month, I have a lot of catching up to do; house chores; skype-ing with Strawberry; photos to copy and sort, trust me it will take hours or even days to sort the photos! And the only possible time to do them is this weekend but alas, I have to go to Bandung for my wedding prep. I already bought the ticket long time ago and when I bought that ticket I guess I thought I was a wonder woman with an always-full energy bar.

I have a loooot of thing to say and dozen of interesting stories to share but the mood is just not there. I still think to find the right format to write the Europe adventure, whether it is sorted by destination, by type of place, or by day. I even think to just pack it up in one post, you know as long as all the stories are still fresh in my mind. One post for the ultimate adventure. Sounds so interesting, right?

I do keep the journal during the trip so I could always copy it from journal. :p Just kidding. I kept a journal so I could read it years from now and look back with smile. =)

However one thing for sure, I won’t write the detail itinerary and the budget and all the technical thing because I already wrote it before and the trip is not overbudget nor underbudget. It is exactly like I visioned. :)

Bandi and I were so lucky to have good weather during the trip. At first Bandi still checked the weather forecast everyday but on the third week he didn’t do that anymore. When I asked him why he said, “It’s gonna be sunny wherever you go.” Awww… But then he didn’t mean to flirt, he meant it literally.

We had rain once at Versailles but the timing was just excellent. The rain started to pour just after we finished our picnic lunch at Versailles Garden. And even though it was raining (more like drizzling actually) we still went to the Marie Antionette House. The rain even made the walk more romantic.

I felt so lucky because usually the weather forecast mentioned it was gonna rain but then it was sunny in fact. Some moments were even extreme like the rain stopped when I was about to go out from house. Seriously it was like the whole trip was blessed by the universe. =)

When we were hiking in Cinque Terre, it was starting to shower but then I taught Bandi to sing “rain… rain… go away! Won’t you come another day? Little honey wants to play… Rain, rain go away!” and we sang it together and changed the lyric for fun, minutes later the rain totally stopped and the sun shone. Turns out, positive attitude could really change anything, including weather! I’m blessed.

Anyway… I really don’t know where to start… The most questions were “how much you spent?” and “where is the most unforgettable place?”

The first one was already answered in my previous posts and the second one… Hmm, I can’t choose! All places are unforgettable in their own ways. I think I will make a posting about this later.

Hmm… what else?

Actually I don’t know where to start. Why don’t you guys give me idea how to share my Europe adventure? Or ask me something! Anything!

Even the most unimportant things like…. “Did you take shower regularly?” or “Did you change clothes regularly?” which by the way both are answered no. :p

Give me idea! Ask me anything!

Request for “waiting the whole stories on your blog” seems so much, doesn’t it? I could post like 100 posts for two months. Wouldn’t it be boring?

Just ask anything laaaaahhh!


May, who has abandoned the blog for a month.

33 thoughts on “Back from wonderland, reporting from real world!

  1. cepat sekali waktu berlalu yaa, udah sebulan aja,, tau2 u udah balik hehe… g ga nanya apa2,,cuma minta fotoooooo hehehehe.. welcome home… nyuci mah kasih tukang laundry ajalha hihihihi..

  2. Welcome back May! Post tons of pictures please, I know the ones in IG don’t cover most of it, then you can write little story for every pictures *demanding*

  3. Welcome back May :)
    Gak nyangka ya udah 1 bulan aja lo trip ke yurop. Oke, my quick question: setelah lo keliling yurop, ntar bulan madunya kemanaaaa? :D

  4. wuiiihh welcome back! pasti berat tuh masa2 abis liburan, apalagi liburan panjang. kaya dari dunia hura2 kembali ke dunia nyata hahaha.
    gw mau tanyaa.. jadi lo bawa si brownie ya?? trus gimana, ko ga ada foto2 bareng dia? keputusan yg tepat ga bawa si brownie? hihi.
    trus lo jadi ninggalin baju ga? sama belanja belanji? hihihi
    btw i enjoyed following your photo on path and instagram, serasa gw lagi ikut2an liburan hehehe.

  5. Good, you’re got home safe and sound. And obviously the two of you are worn out ( of course!!), but happy with one huge lifetime experience now ( great, that was the point after all) :) .

    I’m looking forward to follow up posts of yours. And maybe in one them you – be it intentionally or accidentally – will reveal
    – if and what experience did to some extent really change your ( and Bandi’s) perspective on life
    – what – in the course of these four weeks- was the ultimate proof Bandi and you are really made for each other
    – where, if you will ever revisit Europe, will you go a) for sentimental reasons, b) for re-experience the joy of beauty and c) to explore still unknown territory (Berlin, Prague, Barcelona, Copenhagen ?).
    – what did you dislike or loath most :).

    • Welcome back May! :)) so exciting to hear all your stories. My questions are pretty much the same like Colson has! sorry I do not mean to be a copycat but really..I have the exact type of questions for you in my head! Plus, what was the most delicious food you tried during your trip! :p xx

  6. Hai May :)
    Bentar…bentar…jadi ini maksudnya dirimuh baru pulang euro trip gitu yah?
    Sebulanan gituh? Backpacker kah?
    Secara nantangin untuk ditanya mandi tiap hari apa kagak..hihihi
    Whoaaa…akyu iri sekaliiiii…

    Baiklaaah..akan nongkrongin blog ini buat nungguin poto potonya di publish :)

  7. Welcome back, May! gue sempet mampir instagram loe dan liat-liat foto loe dan Bandi yg super duper happy!
    Question: What is your craziest (happy) moment during the trip? for example: skinny dipping in santorini? ahahhahaha
    and which continent that you will conquer next…

  8. Welcome back May!! *tadinya mau nulis Welcome Home* haha :D

    Mayyy mau nanya:

    1. Selama jalan2 pipisnya gimana? Kayak yg di gambar2 gitu yah? Ada kek tempatnya ditrotoar gitu?

    2. Waktu di Pesawat mau pergi tidur ga sih? Kan biasanya saking excitednya gak bisa merem malah kan? Tapi kan perjalanannya lama yahh :D

    3. Di Santorini emang beneran bau tai keledai itu ga sih? Kan katanya krn memang itu jadi transportasi disana jadi banyak ee nya..hehe

    4. Apalagi yah? kek nya banyak gitu dikepala..haha :p Tp itu aja dulu deh..

    Pokoknyaa senang dirimu sudah kembali dgn luarbiasa! :D

  9. hola!! hahaha .. semua udah bilang welcome back! gw bilang apa ya?! ga mau ekstrim ceritanya!
    pertanyaan gw ada dua, yang pertama ada oleh – oleh buat gw ga?!! HAHAHAHAHA ..
    yang kedua, jadi kapan kita bermakanjepunria lagi sambil denger cerita loe?
    sekian terima kasih!

  10. Yey… Welcome back..
    Meskipun uda liat banyak foto2 di ig ama path, tetep dunk request satu postingan full photo :p

    Hm, mau nanya apa ya..

    1. Abis pigi sebulanan ama bandi, nambah lg ga kebiasaan2 buruk dr bandi yg km akhirnya tau?

    2. Pas ke munich, sempet cobain resto yg aku kasi tau ga? Kalo sempet, enak ga? :p

    3. Truus, pas pulang rumah, rumahnya berdebu ga? :p

    Itu dulu deh… :p

  11. wuiii cepet banget ya sebulan udah lewat ya may….
    gua demen banget ngeliatin foto2 lu di IG. gua sampe bilang ke esther, kalo ntar someday kita mau ke eropa, gua mau nyontek itinerary lu. huahahaha. :D

    aduh mau tanya apa ya… lha gua gak pernah kesana, bingung juga mau tanya apa may. gua pengen tau semua2nya. hihihi. gak nolong banget ya. :P

    gimana kalo postingnya per destination? setuju ama keven, gak usah rush. 1 destination at a time aja whenever you have time. :D

  12. You’re back! You had so much as I could see on your IG account. Two questions from me:
    How did you feel when you visited the museums?
    Please do share your culinary experience. Which cuisine of the countries you visited, became your favorite?

  13. hohoho, selamat datang kembaliiii…!
    Pertanyaannya cuma 1: sempat nggak, berantem sama Bandi? Dimana, kapan, kenapa, trus gimana baikannya. Plisss, pliss, jangan bilang nggak, ya. Nggak seru dong, kakaaakkk… Muahahaha…

  14. Yg paling pengen gua denger lengkap mungkin soal kesulitan2 yg lu hadapi di jalan ya May. Masalah kendala bahasa dan budaya. Masalah transportasi dari satu kota ke kota laen, adakah hal2 menarik yg terjadi di bus/kereta? Dan terakhir…tentunya soal SANTORINI!!!! TELL ME ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT IT PLEASEEEEE *gila*

  15. Tambahan :
    1. Barang apa yg you wish you could take it with you to Europe, but you didn’t
    2. Barang apa that you take with you to Europe but in the end you never used it at all

  16. wahh ngilerrr ada yang abis jalan2… makanannya enak2 kaga? :D *penting
    btw, u merid di Bandung May? emang kalian ada yang asli orang bandungkah? *pertanyaan ga nyambung

  17. Welcome back, May! Ooh I don’t really care what format you write your stories in, I will read them wholeheartedy ;)
    I enjoyed peeking your instagram from time to time and saw all your romantic photos, and beautiful places you went to. Although I must apologize that I didn’t end up participating in your postcard giveaway. I don’t go to IG a whole lot and also,I tend to be forgetful. haha.
    So inspired by your journey. If you don’t know where to start, how about listing your 10 favorite moments? And then 10 least favorite moments? Maybe that could help getting the words flowin’.
    Glad to see you back!

  18. Selamat datang kembali May, lah kl km bingung mw cerita apa, aku juga bingung mw nny apa…. Gimana kalo cerita semuanya, satu kota / post ;)
    Jangan lupa tips kulinernya ya May :)

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