The Ultimate Packing List

For all the travel bees, this is worth to read! =D

Along with promoting to travel as much as you want, I also want to promote to travel as light as you can.

The three words you always have to remember are:

Cheap | Light | Happy

The only thing that should not be cheap is your backpack, whatever inside it supposed to be cheap. Why? Because you probably will leave it somewhere or throw it away in order to keep being light. As long as it’s cheap and light, you will be happy.

As far as I remember, whenever Bandi and I went for traveling, we only bring one 45L Backpack and 15L Daypack. Only those two bags for the two of us. No matter how long we went, we always packed for 4 days. Every 4-5 days we would do laundry. (Last time in Phnom Penh, we paid US$2 for a maid in our guest house).

For the European adventure, I bought another 45L backpack and we eliminate the daypack, simply because we would enter so many museums and bringing daypack would cost too much trouble, so I would stick to one sling bag for each of us.

So, what are my packing list for 26 days in Europe?

Whether you're going for 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months, pack the same thing.

Whether you’re going for 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months, pack the same thing.

Each one person will be needing these for the outfits:

  • 1 winter jacket
  • 1 trench coat (me)
  • 2 sweaters/cardigans
  • 3 blouse (long sleeve preferred)
  • 2 dresses (me)
  • one long pants (jeans)
  • 2 leggings
  • 1 short pants
  • 3 socks
  • 6 panties
  • 2 bras
  • 1 shawl
  • 1 gloves
  • 2 hats (supposed to be 1 but I just love hats)
  • 1 set of long john
  • 1 set of pajamas
  • 1 comfy shoes
  • 1 boots

And now for the toiletries… I divide the toiletries to two waterproof pouches. One is for shower essential and one is for after-shower essential.

The shower Essentials:

  • facial foam
  • bath gel/soap
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • mouthwash
  • dental floss
  • razor
  • shaving foam (for Bandi)

The after shower Essentials:

  • Body lotion
  • face cream (day and night)
  • toner or thermal water (this is optional but I can’t leave without thermal water)
  • Some light make up; I bring eyebrow pencil, concealer, lipstick, pencil eyeliner.
  • perfume (I bring 3 sample bottles consist 1.2 ml each)
  • bobby pins and hair bands
  • feminine pads/tampons

For the medicine, it is really up to you what to pack because everyone has different needs for medical matter. For me, I must pack Mylanta for my gastric problem, my anti-allergic pills, anti-nausea pills (antimo), Tolak Angin (Indonesian must have this), vitamin C (60 pills), primrose oil capsule (50 caps) and some cold&flu pills.

The other important things not to be missed:

  • Maps. (hard copy or soft copy)
  • guidebooks
  • poncho / raincoat
  • umbrella
  • charger of every electronic things you pack with
  • camera + tripod
  • memory card
  • detergent
  • eyeglasses
  • empty water bottle

And don’t forget the most important things; your documents! All the documents must be copied to hard copy and soft copy. The soft copy needs to be stored on dropbox/icloud/etc and preferably shared with your closest friend.

The list of important documents:

  • passport
  • Identity Card (I bring my Singapore IC with me)
  • airline tickets
  • train tickets
  • museum passes/booking papers
  • hotel/hostel booking papers
  • insurance phone numbers –> write it on a piece of paper and put it on your phone

That’s pretty much everything. I wish I’m not that lazy to convert the list to pdf… but I am. Hahaha. So I think if you need the list you could just copy paste my list. =)

One more awesome tips for packing is… the air-proof plastic bags to pack your clothes!!!

I don’t know what is it called exactly because I bought those plastic is DAISO and all the things in Daiso were written in Japanese. But it’s like this:

suck up the air with vacuum .

Or some of the plastic could be used with only hand press.

I didn’t use vacuum at all actually. I just pressed it or sat on it and locked it up. You can buy it online I guess. Trust me, it saves more space!!! I think you can buy it on ebay too. See more infos here.

So, 36 hours prior to the departure time…

everything is packed and triple-checked. All I need to do is relax and stop worrying. =) Everything’s going to be fine.

However, I still have one problem left… I’m still considering whether I should or should not bring Brownie with me.

To bring or not to bring, that's the question.

To bring or not to bring, that’s the question.

I always mostly bring Brownie to travel. Not because I’m a freak kid who has to go with the stuffed animal wherever I go, okay? I bring Brownie because it has sentimental value for me. It’s a gift from my maid of honor and… I LOVE IT. I love taking photos with Brownie because the photos would be automatically cute. And I always thought Brownie is like Bandi. He is a calm, kind and patience boyfriend and he likes to drink beer. =D

Bottom line is, I like bringing Brownie, but it would cause me more trouble of course because it’s a long trip.

What do you guys think? Should I bring Brownie? PROS and CONS please…. =)

P.S. The giveaway is still open!!! details here!


May, stretching her back.

42 thoughts on “The Ultimate Packing List

  1. may, gw tipe yg ga bisa light pack kayanya… dan ngeliat list yg lo bikin jadi terkagum2 hahaha. serius. Karena kalau pegi 3 hari, gw kudu bawa atasan min 4 dan bawahan 2. Jadi kalo sebulan satu rumah gw bawa kali ya :p

    klo bawa brownie, boleh dititipin bandi ngga? atau dikempesin juga? Kalau ngga dibawa ya gpp jg sih, tapi kalau dibawa trus diajak foto jadi lucu-lucuan aja sih jadi ada koleksi brownie around the world entar. itu doank mgkn klo menurut gw hehe.

  2. tosss!! aku juga kalo traveling packing-nya menganut azas cheap-light-happy :D jadi pas tiba2 gak muat, gak sayang mau buangnya *ya agak nyesek dikit sih* hihihihi.

    Brownie-nya bawa lumayan buat jadi bantal kalo lagi di pesawat atau kereta :D

  3. iya plastik kedap udara itu emang berguna banget. kalo travel mau bawa banyak emang kudu pake gituan. dulu pas pindah kesini buat bawa baju dan bedcover. divakum bisa ngirit tempat banyak. hehehe.

    tentang si brownie… menurut gua mendingan gak dibawa deh may. daripada kalo sampe ilang di jalan gimana? apa gak nyesel ntar…

      • haha gak bermaksud gitu sih.. :)
        tapi namanya lagi jalan2 gitu, you never know what’s going to happen kan… :)

        anyway intinya kalo menurut gua mendingan gak dibawa gitu daripada daripada… hahaha
        just my opinion. :D

  4. hebat packingan loe! ya kita beda tipis packingannya, ntar kapan ah gw mau sok berbagi tips packing gw juga .. sok bener yeee!!! hahahaha :)

    loe bawa bantal kepala ga? apa loe ga butuh? kalo iya, bawa si bantal instead of brownie. kalo ga bawa dan loe perlu *mengingat itu long flight* kau bawalah si brownie buat jadiin bantal kalo mau .. ngerti ga? koq gw baca komen gw sendiri agak bingung ya! hahaha :)

    gw pribadi lebih menyarankan si brownie titipin gw aja sini di singapur, loe bakal traveling jalan sana sini daripada ntar kececer but if you think you’re responsible enough dan teliti ya sok atuh dibawa …

  5. bawa gua juga dong may! hahahahahha…

    kalo gua travelling sih bawaannya dikit juga, cuma tetep kudu sedia space yg banyak… biasa titipan emak gua bisa lebih banyak dari baju gua hahahaha… ga mau dibeliin, takut jadi anak durhaka hehehe…

    brownienya bawa aja may!

  6. Gw tiap packing pasti pake kantong kedap angin May, belinya di toko Jepang yang di Kota Kasablanca, yang harganya semua 22 ribu, kayaknya Daiso dech. Gw lupa. :P
    Nah, tentang si Brownie…bawa aja!!! Kecil doang. Ntar lo foto dah si Brownie di tempat2 highlight negara2 yurop. Kalo gak salah, udah lumayan banyak traveller yang bawa boneka kemana-mana and take them picture.

  7. Really fascinating. Perfect planning. Perfect packing. But “light” is a relative concept obviously. Probably your back and spine will have doubts :).

    By the way: don’t leave Brownie behind. If you do you will for the rest of your life be haunted by her sad eyes holding this betrayal against you Lol.

  8. Gw ga pernah kepikir bawa detergen kalo pergi2 kemana2 loh! haha. tapi emang gw ga pernah pergi ala backpacker sih.. kalopun travel low budget pasti tetep bawa baju sesuai hari (repot yeee).
    itu kantong yg bisa di vacuum emang guna banget ya kalo perlu space di koper/tas, gw pake itu juga tuh kalo travelling jauh2 (dan rentan overweight hihihi).
    brownie bawa ajaaaa… kesian dia ditinggall.. ntr nangis lohhh.. ntr lo nyesel ga ada foto2 sama dia di europe hahaha. kalo bingung bawanya, lo kempesin aja masukin kantong itu juga hihihi *tega. *eh bisa ga sih?

  9. Bawa! This is your dream trip, of course he has to come! Btw… Gue bukan light traveller hehe… Nggak pernah bisa tuh cuma bawa segitu apalagi perginya sebulan!

  10. I am a light traveller… Dan biasanya sebelum pergi juga sibuk ngempesin baju2 :p
    Btw, si brownie dibawa aja… nanti seru bisa potoin brownie dimana2… *jadi inget pas kemana2 bawa si danbo :p*

  11. no brownies. leave him at home. kasian kalo dia kotor kena debu segala macem (kcuali klo dia dimasukin ke koper ya) ntar dia batuk2.

    ditulis oleh ndutyke yg lagi batuk pilek.

  12. Bring him with you. I have a fluffy bird which will follow me to many new places. From business trip to honeymoon. He is a gift from my hubby n he holds a deep sentimental feeling. Brownie also very functional. Can be sayang sayang and serves as extra pillow at the same time. Anyway, have a save trip!

  13. Ga usah bawa lah, May. Mending space si Brownie lo isi siomai aja!! hihihihi^^… Anyway, cuma nanya nih, May, gw bingung jelasinnya, but I’ll try:

    Day one: arrived in place #1, all stuffs are still neatly inside the vacuumed zip lock bag. Lalu lo mandi, ngambil pajamas, etc etc, kan berarti lo buka dong. Dengan kata lain, that particular packet is getting bigger now.
    Day two and so on: pelan pelan semua kebuka satu persatu. Nah pertanyaan gw, by the end of the trip, gimana cara lo mastiin semua barang masih bisa cukup masuk ke tas lo? Soalnya kayanya gw liat tasnya udah gemuk. Gw tau kaya detergent gitu pasti bakalan abis atau ditinggal. Tapi kan juga ada barang belanjaan… ya kan??

    Im not challenging you here. I seriously curious. Soalnya gw juga mau jalan-jalan niiii… hihihi^^ And I am learning to be as organised as you do.

    • Pertanyaan yang bagus, Nona Candella! *menjentikkan jari*
      Jadi gini, si plastik kedap udara itu ada 5 biji.
      1 –> buat jacket dingin (buat gue ke mt. titlis sih)
      2 –> buat semua baju bandi. yep serius, cukup loh!
      3 –> buat semua baju gue.
      4 –> buat piyama, long johns, kaos kaki bobo, handuk (back up-an doang)
      5 –> buat shawl, cardigan, sweater, topi, socks pergi.

      Jadi pas sampe sana, udah dipastikan shawl, sweater, jaket, dan topi nempel di badan kan? So satu plastik udah ilang dan bisa gue lipet utk nantinya dibawa balik ke Sgp.
      plastik nomor empat itu cuma dibuka pas bobo, pagi2nya abis bobo gue masukin lagi trus gue kempesin lagi.
      Plastik nomor dua dan tiga itu nggak apa2 dibiarin berantakan karena space nya ada kok.
      Plastik nomor satu itu nggak akan kecoel2 sama sekali. (cuma dipake di swiss aja, dan mgkn maw gue jual ke flea market ntar kalo ada)
      Semua toilettries gue itu dalam botol kecil dan multiple, jadi setiap minggu bakal berkurang satu botol. (tapi itu juga kalo gue rajin mandi ya) trus gue ada lipet daypack satu lagi yang ukuran 15L just in case.
      Soal belanjaan, gue udah janji ga akan belanja sama sekali, unless gue mau let go salah satu baju gue. So let’s see nanti aja. Kayaknya ga akan belanja juga sih mengingat gue bakal broke habis ini. XD

      Emang kedengerannya ribet, tapi once lu get organized, semuanya bakal jadi kayak habit gitu, lo bakal taw taruh obat dimana, taruh softex dimana, dll. Si bandi juga udah gue ospek dulu selama dua hari ini, “obat maag aku dimana?” “kantong pinggang sebelah kanan!” “pintar!”; “payung dimana?” “backpack kecil aku!” “pintar!”
      Hahahaha, yah gue emang rada freak tapi beginilah… *kibas rambut*

      • aih gila may! lo kepikiran hal2 sedetail itu! sampe ada ospek buat bandi dulu hahaha. well prepared nya pake banget ini mah. top abis…

        @dian.. lo mau jalan2 kemanaaa?????

      • Nah nah… pertanyaan gw sebenernya lebih ke ini loh May, pas lo pertama pergi kan semua lo kempesin pake vacuum (cleaner??) machine gitu, jadi kan kempesnya maksimal tu. Waktu lo disana kan kempesinnya manual kan, jadi ga kempes maksimal gitu loh. Nah dengan begitu kan jadi lebih… apa yah… makan tempat (walopun bedanya ga banyak sampe gimana, I know).

        Mungkin, sebenernya gw salah nangkep yah. This is more about being organised, not so much about the space saving. Am I right???

        @Dea mau melihat duniaaaaaaa… Beda destinasi, tapi sama kaya May, something that I’ve dreamed of since young!!

      • Gue ga pake hand pump di. It’s easier utk ngempesin nya than you thought kok. Dia ada kasih kayak pin gitu buat nutup zip lock nya, leave 1cm of hole then lu kempesin deh (it’s kinda fun doing it) trus tutup deh. Taadaa!

      • Eh…. gw baru buka link-nya. Jangan-jangan lo dapet hand pump-nya juga ya?? allrite!! It’s all make sense now!!! Baiklah… silahkan lanjut jalan-jalan :D

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