Eight days to the big adventure!

The countdown is getting closer and I can’t believe it’s eight days to the D DAY!!! OH MY GOD!!!

As you guys now, I almost cancelled the trip because something bad happened last Sunday. I know I didn’t tell the detail of the story (I intended not to) but I can assure you nobody (friends and family) is hurt. I just lost some things… which can be paid by money. I must suck it up and move on.

I won’t let material things ruined my optimism for my Europe Trip! WOOHOO!

Let me update you everything. First of all, let’s talk about budget.

Total damage for the Pre-trip

Let me tell you the most important thing for planning Euro Trip: BUY MUSEUM TICKET ONLINE. Seriously, I’ve read it from any guidebooks and travel forums and everybody said the same thing. If you need to pay extra € for the booking fee, PAY IT! It’s worth saving you hours of queuing.

The pre trip budget is paid for:

  1. Air tickets
  2. Train reservation + Europass
  3. Lodging fee
  4. Any tour booking, theatre booking, excursion etc
  5. Visa (both UK and Schengen)
  6. Travel Insurance
  7. Museum passes, museum tickets. (Most of great museums in London are free! Horray!)

Here comes my final pre-trip budget. All in Singapore Dollars, however I put remarks for the things purchased in Euro or Poundsterling. The total budget is for one person.

Pre-trip Budget
Name Amount (SGD) Remarks
Air tickets (SIN-europe-SIN) $ 1,372.00
Fare London – Paris $ 85.00
Air tickets (Rome-Athens) $ 85.00 55 Euro
Air tickets (Santorini-Athens) $ 249.70 Return, 145.64 eur
Eurorail Pass 15 days $ 761.00 From raileurope.com.sg
Train Reservations $ 669.00 for reservation only
Hotels/Hostels $ 882.00 except Parma
Mt Titlis $ 185.00 Paid online (US$140)
UK Visa $ 159.00
Schengen Visa $ 98.00 60 Eur
Travel insurance $ 116.00 NTUC income 25-27 days
London’s Les Mis $ 49.00 29 Gbp
Rijksmuseum $ 25.00 15Eur
Van Gogh Museum $ 24.00 14Eur
Anne Frank Huis $ 16.00 9.5 Eur
Paris Pass Museum (2days) $ 65.00 39 Eur
Neuschwenstein castle $ 23.00 13.80 Eur
Academia Firenze $ 17.00 10.50 Eur
Uffizi Firenze $ 17.00 10.50 Eur
Villa Borghese $ 21.00 12.5 Eur
Vatican +Sistine Chapel $ 25.00 15Eur
TOTAL $ 4,943.70

Kindly take note that Paris Museum Pass and Neusch-something castle are not paid yet. They accept payment on the spot. We also can’t purchase the Juventus ticket before the trip starts because the ticket opens 10 days before the game. Bandi said that he will find internet connection and buy it once the ticket opens NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. LOL. We haven’t booked any hotel/bnb in Parma because there are none to be seen online! Hahaha. We will just try our luck going there and walk in to the Bed and Breakfast. If we can’t find any, we’ll just sleep at the station, LOL.

Bandi’s cost of course is cheaper than me because he refused to pay that much money to enter museum. He kept complaining “ohhh this one month will be the month when I visit the most museums in my life…” or “You will pay 10 Euro just to see David? That’s ridiculous! Can I wait outside?” and the blah and the blah. I was so fed up with his complains so I finally told him let’s just split up because I don’t want to hear his rants when I browse the museum.

I will post here my budget for lodging and I must say I’ve done a pretty good work because it’s surprisingly under-budget! You can see yourself which city is expensive and which is not.

No City Date in Date out Nights Price Total
1 London 12-Oct 14-Oct 2 $ 0.00 $ 0.00
2 Paris 14-Oct 18-Oct 4 $ 98.00 $ 391.00
3 Amsterdam 18-Oct 20-Oct 2 $ 104.50 $ 209.00
4 Lucern 21-Oct 22-Oct 1 $ 134.00 $ 134.00
5 Munchen 22-Oct 23-Oct 1 $ 87.00 $ 87.00
6 Venice 24-Oct 25-Oct 1 $ 86.00 $ 86.00
7 Firenze 25-Oct 26-Oct 1 $ 60.00 $ 60.00
8 Parma 26-Oct 27-Oct 1 $ 112.00
9 Turin 27-Oct 28-Oct 1 $ 67.00 $ 67.00
10 Cinque Terre 28-Oct 30-Oct 2 $ 115.00 $ 230.00
11 Rome 30-Oct 1-Nov 2 $ 57.00 $ 114.00
12 Athens 1-Nov 2-Nov 1 $ 96.71 $ 96.71
13 Oia 2-Nov 4-Nov 2 $ 144.70 $ 289.40
21 $ 1,764.11

*) I stay with a friend in London so I put zero and the $112 in Parma is just budgeted price.

The on-the-trip budget

We prepare for €40 (S$65) a day for food and total of €400 for transport such as tram/subway/metro/bike/gondola. We prepare 250GBP for London (3 days). If that’s not enough, there’s a mini magic called Credit Card. LOL

Enough with the crap, how much is the Total Budget?

The total Budget would be S$7,000 per person for 26 days in Europe. If you think that’s expensive, think again. That covers 16 cities, the chosen cities. I picked every city by heart. I know the history and I know why I go there. And that also covers all the museums I want to visit and the Les Mis show I badly want to watch.

If you want to cut the expenses, you could choose to travel by airplane. Budget airplane in Europe is now so various and cheap! I personally prefer to travel by train simply because it saves time and it brings me right to the city center. And don’t forget the feeling. The feeling like you’re in the Before Sunrise movie. (pardon my dramatic side)

If you plan to visit less cities, I think plane could cover most of the big cities. But cities like La Spezia (CInque Terre), Hohenschwangau (from Fussen), Parma and Lucern are better visited by train.

The Final Itinerary

This is the most complicated itinerary I’ve ever made in my entire life! I’ve spent one year of reading books, browsing forums and calculating the best and cheapest way possible, well I admit I got carried away reading European history :p. I think I’ve invested around 200 hours doing this itinerary. I’m very well-prepared about all the infos and Europe history. Well, it’s fun so I won’t complain. The least fun thing was probably counting the budget and actually paying it. LOL.

So here it comes…

Date Day City Vessel
11-Oct Fri Singapore Qatar
12-Oct Sat London
13-Oct Sun London
14-Oct Mon London Eurostar
15-Oct Tue Paris
16-Oct Wed Paris
17-Oct Thur Paris TGV
18-Oct Fri Paris Thalys
Brussels No RV
Brussels Thalys
19-Oct Sat Amsterdam
20-Oct Sun Amsterdam CNL
21-Oct Mon Basel
Lucerne Eurocites
22-Oct Tue Lucerne 2166, ICE 370, Eurocites 2261
23-Oct Wed Munich NO RV
Munich CNL
24-Oct Thur Venice
25-Oct Fri Venice Frecciargento
26-Oct Sat Firenze Frecciargento
Bologna Frecciabianca
27-Oct Sun Parma Notte Italia
28-Oct Mon Turin Train 511
La Spezia
29-Oct Tue La Spezia
30-Oct Wed La Spezia Frecciabianca
31-Oct Thur Roma
1-Nov Fri Roma Easyjet
2-Nov Sat Santorini
3-Nov Sun Santorini
4-Nov Mon Santorini
5-Nov Tue Singapore

*) No RV means No reservation so we can hop on to any train. But we probably will skip Bruges, because there will be not enough time. But let’s see later.

Actually my real Itinerary looks like this:

Yeah, I love planning. Judge me!

Yeah, I love planning. Judge me!

I even browse about the weather forecast, you know just to make sure if I should cover my backpack. I will put this itinerary on my phone but if you ask me, I must say I know it by heart, every single detail. LOL.

You can also see the tabs on my excel which breakdown every details of the budget, food choices and an itinerary template for visa application. Yes, I’m a crazy planner. If you would like to have this itinerary, just let me know I would be glad to send one for you. :)

For the food choices, it looks like this:

Break down for certain areas in every city

Break down for certain areas in every city

What can I say, I don’t want to ever waste one meal with the bad one. First, it would be wasted calories, second it would be wasted Euros! LOL. But seriously my boyfriend fiance is such an annoying food critic, his mood could change if he ate a bad food. The man can cook so I don’t blame him. Nah, just kidding, Bandi can eat anything, but we prefer to eat the good ones in Europe. Afterall not everyday you’re in Europe. :)

My mistake, your lesson

Here are the things that I’ve learned during the planning. I hope my mistakes could be your lesson.

  • Buying a Europass doesn’t mean you can use the pass to take any trains you want. You still have to pay reservation fee for the inter-country train and for inter-city train in Italy, France and Swiss. The reservation for overnight train cost around €100 and the reservation for intercity train cost €8 in Italy and €20 in France (TGV or high speed). If you want to take Thalys of course it costs more. What I did was… I counted both scenarios. With and without Europass. The prices between those two are actually about the same, but with Europass you get the first class, so I chose Europass.
  • Browsing every possible transportation in every city. Example: in Paris there are so many choices of Metro card and it’s quite confusing. There are Paris Visite card, carnet tickets and Navigo something… Paris also have so many metro lines which are divided into zones. Different price of the Metro card will cover different zones. What I did was… I READ A LOT. I listed out the places I will visit and find out what zone (most touristy places are covered in zone 1-3 while Versailles is on the zone 5) so I choose the carnet tickets which cover zone 1-3 and buy the individual Versailles ticket. If you’re confused, don’t be. Just read more. It’s good to know before you’re actually arrived. However I will double check by asking the metro guy again. Hahaha.
  • Sort out your museums! This is important! Except London, most of museums in Europe costs a lot of money. You could buy museum pass if you want to visit a lot of museums but if you only want to visit one or two per day, I advise you to buy individual ticket. The only city where I buy a museum pass is Paris, simply because I want to visit a lot of places! But I already sort out my priorities by highlighting the paintings’ location. So I won’t waste time wandering around in Lourve which can be explored the whole day and won’t even finished. It’s also best to browse the museum’s website to know more and to really think about if it’s worth your money. Make sure you know what do you want to see in each museum. And to save up some $$$ download the museum guide app on your smartphone (I did!) so you don’t need to pay extra €5 for the multimedia guide.

The airbnb experience

I booked all my lodging in airbnb, except hotels in Greece. I must tell you that airbnb has the best customer service ever! So here’s the case… 3 weeks before my departure date, my host in Amsterdam cancelled the reservation because he needs to be out of town. I have paid total of $147 for the reservation and thankfully it’s refundable. The problem was… it was so hard to find the cheap and available place so close to the departure, so I booked the more expensive place which costed me $209. Later on airbnb emailed me with an apology that my host cancelled the reservation. Actually it wasn’t even airbnb’s fault but I guess they’re feeling responsible. To compensate that, airbnb gave me $65 extra to cover the difference cost of my previous host and my current host. WOW! I didn’t see that coming! Isn’t it a very sweet gesture? So basically I didn’t pay anything else anymore.

I emailed back to airbnb and said that it’s the best customer service I’ve ever received and the fact that they wanted to go extra mile just to make sure everyone has a great travel experience. That’s very kind and sweet. I promised them to write something sweet on my blog so everyone will know that AIRBNB IS AWESOME!

KUDOS for Airbnb customer service team! =)

Shopping for Not-so-cold Wear

Not only I was good at cutting budget for the trip, I’m also good at saving as much money as I could for this trip. LOL, so shameless, but seriously, I know where to shop cheap and good in Singapore. That’s the other reason why you should bribe me Syomai the next time you come to Spore. LOL.

So here’s what I shopped for our trip:

All in 100 bucks!!! Woot!!!

All in 100 bucks!!! Woot!!!

Of course I bring another jacket and a shawl but actually I don’t bring so many clothes. How many I can bring with that backpack, huh? Darn it!

And for the fiance…

Not even 100 bucks!

Not even 100 bucks!

Bandi actually bought another pair of shoes which are hiking boots but I ddin’t put on the tab because it would ruin the cheap price I try to achieve. Haha :p

Where did I shop, you ask?

Well, if you want to shop cheap, go to EXPO on the weekend. But before you go, make sure you check their schedule of warehouse sale first. If there is “John Little” or “Robinson” on the schedule, then it’s a shopping paradise! All items could be discounted until 80%! Some FOX shirt/pants were $5 each!

Then for the cheap Crocs and Charles and Keith, you just cross over the road from EXPO to Changi City Point, a mall that has so many outlets inside. I can guarantee all the items are super cheap! Hahaha.

The everyone’s trip

This trip is my childhood dream which honestly still feels surreal right now. I remembered people kept saying I dreamed too much (because I grew up in a middle class family so traveling is not so common) but I kept saying that I believe in dreams. Dreams are what keeps us alive. People change, I change too, but the only thing that remains the same and forever is that… I ALWAYS TELL EVERYONE THAT DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Have faith because faith can move mountains.

And I feel so overwhelmed by all my friends’ sweet words about my European dreams. They are looking forward to this trip as much as I am. I know I won’t have any free time to play with my smartphone, I’m a socmed whore in my normal life but I usually ignore my phone when I travel, however I will try to spare half hour a day before I sleep to blog or post pictures/videos in instagram. I will bring everyone to my trip, with me, with my stories, with this “Dream Comes True Adventure” =)

If you follow my European journey on my instagram (@jaunemai please do follow!), please please don’t comment “Envy” or “jealous” because I don’t like that. My mission is to spread happiness and show everyone that dreams do come true. I don’t spread jealousy.

#bayeuropeadventure is on the making

#bayeuropeadventure is on the making

Come to Europe with me and my dreams! Hang tight and enjoy the ride!


May, packing her backpack.

P.S: Was thinking to make a giveaway, to send something from Europe. But let’s see how high the excitement for this post first, ok? =)

90 thoughts on “Eight days to the big adventure!

  1. Hi May

    if u don’t mind, could please send me the excel of the itinerary only ? u could erase all the other private things …. =) looking for inspiration for hopefully next year trip, plan to go to amst, bruges & london only.
    enjoy ur holiday to the max.
    thkssss =)

  2. Hebat banget May planningnya! 2 taun lalu gw dpt business trip ke Italy dan 2 days before leaving ternyata baru dikasi tau gw bs extend 4 hari. Langsung lah kelabakan ngeplan dan book lodging. I didn’t even book the train n museum tickets, beli on the spot semua. Lihat David EUR 10 worth it kok ;)

      • Engga tuh, yg gw musti ngantre cuman liat Last Supper di Milan, sama galeri Borghese. Yg Borghese gw sampe ke tempat2 lain dulu, trus baru balek lagi ke sana krn dpt slot yg 3 jam kemudian ehhehehe. Gw baru nyadar gw cukup hoki setelah ngeliat planning lo segitunya. Kereta jg gw beli on the spot, lebih mahal kayanya jatohnya. Tapi ya yg penting ada, namanya dadakan. N now I’m planning Japan trip in less than a month. Hahahhahaha…

      • Oh iya, kirim postcard ga repot kok May, gw sering kirim2 kalo lg jalan2. Tinggal beli postcard pinggir jalan, terus clingak clinguk aja ada kantor pos ga, di train station biasanya ada. Prangkonya 2 EUR buat ke Asia. Tp biasanya nyampenya setelah lo pulang ahahahhaha… 3 mingguan lah.

  3. envy!!! jealous!!! huahahaha *langsung dihapus komennya ama may* :P

    gile bener itin nya kumplit banget, dan ngebaca effort lu sih salut banget dah. gua rasanya bikin itin paling lama tuh cuma pas liburan ke seattle & canada selama 10 hari kemaren ini. itu pun di seattle nya gak bener2 bikin itin karena ada temen yang ngajak jalan. nah bikin itin selama di canada gitu aja gua udah pusing banget lho. apalagi kalo mesti bikin itin 26 hari kayak lu gini ya. pingsan gua kayaknya. huahaha. kayaknya someday kalo gua ke europe udah pasti gua bakal minta dikirimin itin ama lu dah. :D

    tentang travel online ngasih kompensasi karena bnb nya cancel, itu kita pernah kejadian juga tuh. booking hotel buat ke carlsbad lewat expedia. hotel bintang 2 (hampton inn) seharga $100-an. eh 2 hari sebelum hari H, hotelnya cancel karena peraturannya harus booking min 2 malem. gak ngerti kenapa bisa tau2 begitu. anyway expedia nya responsible jadi kita dipindah ke holiday inn (bintang 3), di 2 bedroom suite (harganya kayaknya $300-an) dan dikasih $100 credit buat next booking. kita gak mau dong ya… kita minta di hyatt yang bintang 5 dan harganya $450-an. huahahaha. dan dikasih dong! tetep plus $100 credit. huahahaha. so far selama di US, itu pengalaman nginep di hotel termahal. :P

    anyway, ngebaca tulisan lu ini keliatan banget lu seneng banget. so glad to hear that. apalagi after incident passport dan yang the last one, gua ikutan happy that everything works out. :)

    have fun yaaaa… have a great vacation!!! :)

    • Huwahahaha, minta ditabok lo man, bukan di-delete!
      Eh buset, dari mestinya nginep di Inn jadi nginep di HYATT?!!! Hoki parah lo!! Untung lo nggak pake “nggak enakan” kayak si bandi. Hahahaha.
      Yeah, after all the bad news, I can only go up. =)
      Thank you yah man, it means a lot to me. =)))

  4. Generous culinary budget I see :-) Nothing beats a typical Parisian breakfast consists of crusty baguette & croissants bought in a bakery around the corner for just € 4,-! Good choice of yours choosing de metro carnet ticket. It is cheaper. Just enjoy it no matter what! I follow you on Instagram.

  5. may, gw boleh ikut didalem tas lu ngga? hahahha…
    seru ya pasti bisa jalan2 sebulan gitu. Gw kmrn ngeliat acara tipi ttg Paris juga jadi ngiler, dia ada rekomendasiin pake museum pass itu supaya bisa short cut juga klo pas masuk2 tempat yg antriannya kaya uler. Ngga sabar tunggu liputan lu nanti. Have fun yaaa!!!

  6. angkat topi dulu, angkat topi dulu…

    AJGil may, aku padamu banget dah gw. Teliti efektif efisien sampe ke printil2 juga elo perhitungkan dongggg. Gw contek ya may *muji2 trus niat buruk* hahaha. Have fun ya cantik, foto2 yang banyak biar bs ditampilin di layar lebar hari H nanti. hihihi.

  7. Sekalinya bikin itin pas ke indo kemarin, itupun berantakan parah, hahahaha…. rajin banget kamu may… tapi ke europe gak mampir ke Sweden sih :( Sweden itu juga di Europe loh *ngingetin* hahahaha

  8. si gelo! excelnya nyaingin orang lagi mau audit!! hahaha ..
    gw siap ngelike poto-poto loe di ig dengan catatatan gw suka potonya! HAHAHA dilempar udon gw sama dia!! kalo masih ada butuh apa2, baju misalnya .. jaket anti angin mau? gw adaaa .. dan kece pula hahaha .. ga penting!! scarf gw banyakkk … just lemme know …

    gw mau bilang gw iri! HAHAHA .. si remon musti dicuci otak biar mau bawa istrinya ke Europe lagi hahahahaha ;)

    enjoy may! and bandi too!!!!

    • yaaahhh folder nya mas remon juga nyaingin salesman door-to-door yang nawarin pil pelangsing~! XD
      Jangan gil, jangan dipinjemin gue, ntar gue ilerin loh. Gue suka ngiler Gil! *loh?*

  9. Madam,

    Amazing :).

    Reading this meticulous planning I know for sure
    1. You’re next job will be at NASA to plan the human colonization of Mars
    2. You’ve already made you’re pick in what A’dam kroeg (pub) you will drink and in what restaurant you will have your dinner the twentieth of October ( only forgot to tell me :)).

    By the way I use to be like Bandy – given the choice between the Louvre and Paris St Germain I would have chosen the football match. But tell him that since my wife converted me, I know I was wrong – Picasso beats Pirlo, Mondriaan beats Messi and Rembrandt beats Ronaldo.

    • Hahaha, Jerry!! You’re one funny man! Sometimes I can’t differentiate when you’re serious and when you’re joking. I will be free on 20th October. We’ll meet up any time you want on Amsterdam Central Station ok? ;) I can’t waiiiitttt!!!
      If I told Bandi about what you said, he would be, “NO FREAKING WAY.” Hahaha. He’s a lost cause Jerry. XD But for me, I prefer enjoying Rembrandt while clinging onto Ronaldo. Hahahaha

  10. Ahhh may, jadi ikutan seneng bacanyaaaa. Baca post mu jadi buat yakin kl ga ada yang ga mungkin. Jadi makin semangat buat Eurotrip, pasti kesampean nanti!! :D
    Have a wonderful holiday!! :)))

  11. Lengkap banget deh itin nya, mantap!. Thn lalu 2 temanku datang boro-boro bikin itin semua on the spot mahal-mahal dong parah deh btw disini sdh dingin, angin kenceng banget klo malam sdh dibawah 10 derajat c, siapkan jaket, penutup kepala, syal.

  12. Salut banget sih kak May bikin itinnya lengkap bangettttttttttt huaaaaa… Envy hahaha… Belom juga brangkat udah gak sabar nunggu cerita2 pas liburannya hahaha… Semoga someday kesampean jg deh Europe Trip :D Anw have a nice trip ya kak :=)

  13. wihhh tinggal 8 hari! kalo gw sih uda ga konsen kerja, apalagi mikirin resign hehehehehehe. *jadi nyambung yg di twitter.
    as usual, itinerary lo lengkap banget ya. tapi berhubung baca itinerary lo ga sehat untuk mental gw (jadi pengen ke europe takutnya kakakk), jadi ga gw baca hahaha.
    eh mauuuu donk giveaway!!! *bancikuis.

  14. Hormat Senior!!.. Gw juga demen banget bikin itin, kalo mau traveling bbrp bulan sebelum udah penuh ni otak sama segala sesuatunya.. Tapiii.. Gak sampe detail jam nya..haha.. :D Kudu belajar lebih ini sih.. Mayy.. Daku ikutan excited ut yurop trip mu ini.. Krn ini juga impian yg belum terwujud bwt gw..*ngumpulin receh*.. Pokoknya pasti mantengin ig mu.. Dannn.. Kalo mau bikin GA.. Boleh dong rikues postcard yah :D hihihih…

  15. Itin-nya detail banget daaahhh, juaraaaa!!
    mupeng liat belanjaanmu maaaayyy, itu messenger bag-nya lucuuuukk, sepatu crocs-nya juga aaaaakkk!!!

    btw rikues postingan tentang tempat2 belanja murah yang biasa kamu datengin di Spore dooonks, ntar kalo kesana dibawain somay deeehh *kedip-kedip* :D

    • Iyah ntar guide yang buat Visiting Spore itu bakal aku update buat tempat belanjaan dit. Wah, kalo sogokannya syomai sih aku temenin aku belanja pllus muter2 spore diiit!!! *gampangan*

  16. aaaahh santoriniii…my dream…!!!!
    bawa aku, lipattt saja aku di kopermu,,

    gila itu yg food choices manteb banget,may. sampe diplanning mo makan apa dan dimana..
    detil abis..

    nanti klo one day gue ke europe, g intip2 lagi nih postingan elu..

  17. Maaaaaaay keren bangeeet, ih persiapanmu nih kuakasih jempol sekeluarga, ada 10 jempol nih. Jaga kesehatan yaaaaa, aku sih yakin kau akaaaan menikmatinya. Sebenernya aku iri hati melebihi iri hati sama toned abs mu. Hahahahaa

  18. Huaaaaa ikutan exciteddd!!! 8 hari lagi ya may.. klo me yg pergi, bisa ga tidur lhooo daku wkwkwkwkwk mungkin saking girang akhirnya kesampean ke europe :d

    Ckckckckck saluuuut liat itinary u may, detil bangeeet

  19. envy you…
    *siap2 nangkep sandal kalo dilemparin sandal :p*

    btw, rollz nunggu laporannya yang ke santorini… sejak tau santorini pingin banget kesana… pingin deh pergi sebenernya sebelum merid…

    btw lagi, jangan lupa poto2 bareng yang banyak, bisa buat prewed sekalian :p

  20. May coba ajarin aku cara jadi org yg sangat well planned dong… Hehehe. I’m the farthest thing from being organized :P
    I am liking and bookmarking this post, for if someday we get to travel Europe. And also, to learn how to make a detailed itinerary :) this is awesome, lady. You can probably charge people to plan their vacays for them, hahaha. I know I would definitely be interested, lol!
    I’m glad you overcome your hurdle and decided to go and have a grand ole time. You will have a spectacular month, and yes I will definitely be participating in the giveaway should there be any.

    • Mana bisa diajarin Wu, ini mah bawaan orok alias nerve gue emang udah begini. Kayaknya lo mah tipe yang kayak Bandi, yang meskipun udah gue ngomongin baik2, teriakin, baik2 lagi sampe gue ancem2 tetep akan lempar kaos kaki semau jidat… Hmm… I feel your hubby….
      Actually pernah ada yang asking me for a quotation untuk bikinin complete itinerary buat si tetangga sebelah, tapi karena dari 3 kota yang mau dia datengin ada satu yang belum pernah aku datengin so I doubt it… Kadang kan yang kita baca di internet nggak semua nya true, tetep aja harus really experience dulu kan. Lagian dia juga minta aku ikut jadi guide rombongan gitu. Well, aku nggak punya cuti. T.T
      I hope it would be one damn spectacular month like you wished. =)

  21. Gileeee…. very very very well planned!! Gw pikir gw udah paling well planned masalah beginian. Ih buset, lo sampe jam-jamnya bok… Itu excel lo berharga banget yah pastinya. Jangan diapus ya Mei. Ntar kalo gw ada rejeki mau ke Europe, I’ll ask you to share the file, hihihi^^.

    Akhirnyaaa…. menghitung hari!! Woohooo!! Gw ikutan gembira & gak sabar loh May, ngeliat usaha & kegirangan lo disini.

    Anyway, will you send me any postcard from there?

    • Jam nya cuma tolak ukur lah, kagak akan gue ikutin. Kan biar tetep keep track aja, tapi kalo udah terbawa suasana yahhhh ikutin aja. Hahahah.
      I hope I will find a post office and do it yah ;) I still have your address. =)

  22. Whether you decide to do a giveaway / send something from Europe or not, I’m VERY excited for you!! After all the hard work & unexpected things you had to go through, you deserve to have a blast in Europe. Have fun yah May!

    Btw your itinerary is hugely impressive!!! gilaaaa… never in my life have I ever done an itinerary that detailed – and you called me a sick woman??? =p

  23. hi there! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and enjoying it.. you’re extraordinary, one of a kind :)

    will follow your instagram and promise won’t say ‘jealous’ or ‘envy’, haha.. Have a blast in europe! enjoy every single minute of it, especially london’s les mis and neuschwenstein.. they’re super awesome!

  24. May! Gue ikutan excited sendiri ngeliat itinerary, dan semua file excel lo, dan takjub juga. Gue bikin excel buat education plan-nya Madeline aja nggak serumit itu hahaha…

    Can’t wait for your big adventure! Udah follow instagram lo, can’t wait for the pictures!

  25. may!! wow bngt dehh itinerary.nyaa.. terakir gw bikin itenerary itu ke bangkok sama temen2 gw. itu aja yg kyk.. “yahh.. liat deh abis dr tempat ini di dket2 sana ada apa” ahahaha..
    lebih parah lagi pas gw ke vietnam.. *my super random trip with super random people yg akhirnya bikin kita deket* itu kita ga ada itin sama skali.. hahaha.. cuman tau tempat2 mana yg hrs d kunjungin, tanpa ada detail lain2nya.. haha..

    wuihh.. ke paris bisa practise your French donkkk mayy.. hahaha..
    mau gw pinjemin kamus kecil buat jalan2? hahaha..

    • Haduh Jen, gue udah 3 bulan kali nggak pernah practice at all. Lupa semua jen!!1 Lagi males juga nih. Makanya harus ngeles kita biar nggak males. Kalo belajar sndr pasti gue skip mulu. Tuh modul udah karatan kayaknya :p

      • muahah.. iya mayy.. emang semua bahasa kudu ada practice.nya..
        maybe we should meet up and practice our french..
        gw kbayang gt kalo kita ktmu:
        “bonjour may!! ca va?”
        ” tre biang ”
        muahahha.. *centil.com*

  26. Your itinerary spreadsheet looks AMAZING! I’m going on a similar trip and am a HUGE planner…I was looking for a place to start, I would love to get a copy of your itinerary as a template!

    P.S.- I read your blog post following your trip…looks like everything went smoothly (for the most part) and you had an great time!

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