And the Weezy Award goes to…

So I received an award! Yay! It’s called Weezy Award, an award that shows friendliness. Aww, isn’t that sweet. Your favorite bitch gets a friendliness award! LOL.

This is the first time I’ve ever received this kind of award. Actually I didn’t know anything about bloggers giving each other award, but I think it’s fun so I would like to follow the rule. So here’s the rule:

1. Make a “note” to the person who give this award.

2. Nominate 3 (or more) friends that you think they are close/good/kind/etc. to you.

3. Give a note to each of them.

4. Tag this award on those friends you chosen.

5. You can tag back if you want. 

*NOTE: The more you received this award, the more it shows that you are friendly and like to be their friend. :)

Well, that’s easy! And fun!

First of all, I have never thought about friending people from the internet before. I was skeptic about virtual friends, that is why during my first seven or eight years in my blogging life, I seldom replied any comment. It wasn’t because I was unfriendly, but I always thought people on the internet must be a serial killer or a weirdo. And then I thought, HOLY CRAP, I’M A PERSON ON THE INTERNET TOO!! I AM ONE OF THEM LOL.

Nah, I was kidding lah. Back then I had a life and then now I don’t.

LOL LOL I was kidding again.

Anyhow, I enjoy this past one year of my blogging life. My stats have been increasing like craaaazzzyyy and it feels so good to know people love your writings. :)

And the best part is… I get to know new friend and read their stories too (this is probably because I’m nosey LOL)

And don’t forget.. I want world peace…

Enough with the speech. (so much for inner miss congeniality, May?)

Here’s a note for Pauline or known as #undecided as her virtual name.

Hey you! Thank you for the award and yesssss, we are like virtual twins!!! I remember the first time I visited your blog and it was your blog with Pink. I’m not much for a beauty products so Pink’s entries weren’t for me (but I enjoy her writings about trips! LOL) and then I read your post and found out you love dogs… so much. And I was YAY!!! ME TOO!! And then you love writing fiction, YAY ME TOO! And I read your fictions and it was aweeesome! And you love Pizza hut above all of the skinny pizzas out there, Me too! And you had the rough relationship with your mother in law, ME TOO! And the weirdest thing was… that you have a mixed feeling about baby. And guess what? ME TOO! And not so many people would admit that. I would looove to meet you in person someday too Pauline! Trust me, the feeling is mutual! I believe someday we’ll cross path and finally meet up in person.

I’m sorry I made you worry and I am so grateful that you think about me. I can say I am okay now (at least much better than last Monday) and I WILL be totally okay very soon. =) I guess I will recover faster if you ship Jerome here. :p

Okay! So, now I have to nominate three (or more bloggers) for the Weezy Award, and the Weezy Award goes to….. *drumroll please!*

The first would be Dian or known as Candella as her virtual name.

Dear Dian…

I think you’re a very funny girl and I enjoy talking to you. It’s like I’ve known you since primary school or something because the way we talk to each other is like old friends. I was so touched when you sent me a birthday present. I mean, who would’ve gone all the troubles sending stuffs overseas to a stranger you’ve never met! But you did and the gift made me happy. =) I think you’re honest and outspoken, the way I like a girlfriend should be. You’re annoying sometimes but I can handle it. LOL And anyway, I don’t have the 3D acnes anymore. Those dark days are behind me and hopefully never again! *knock on wood* now my life can be saved with concealer and some hot gossip from you. LOL. And yes, I really wish someday we can meet in person and be those weirdo friends who met on the internet. Hahaha!

The second would be Wu.

Dear Wu…

I know this award is silly and you probably are too busy to repost it but I seriously have to nominate you. You’re one of the awesomest person I’ve known on the internet! I love all of your posts, seriously! I even read it twice sometimes, because you write everything beautifully. I like how you tell stories… like when you tell me about how your hubby proposed to you inside the car. Somehow I could get the romantic vibe from it. It was like I was there watching you two. I like the way you think towards social issue. I’m still shaken by the society sometimes but you look very tough and you know where you’re standing. I feel like I can count on you. I know it’s weird but I feel that way. You told me I can always email you anytime I want to swear about the world. That’s sweet. :)

The third would be Keven.

Dear Keven…

Hey you, I know this would be the hundred times to say this but thank you for finding my blog years ago and never stop reading it. =) That caused us to finally get to know each other and met in person. I enjoyed talking to you. The chemistry was obviously there. You’re a good guy, Kev. You’re honest, kind and sweet. You don’t care about what other people say, you do things your own way. I still remember I read your story about that frog you couldn’t kill. I was so touched because I never had the heart to do that too. =) I hope we can meet again someday!

And I would love to add the forth one to Jerry.

Dear Jerry…

In this opportunity I would like to thank you for always reading my blog and always commenting. I so appreciate it because I know you’ve been reading my blog for soooo long and you’re not bored yet. :p I never thought I would meet you in person, because of our geographical distance but then I guess, it would come true in two weeks. ;) I can’t waiiitt! Thank you for your kindness too to offer me and my fiance a tour around Amsterdam. It would be one legendary tour, hosted by a true Amsterdam-er, born and raised. (I don’t know if they even call it Amsterdamer LOL). Even though your age is like three times older than me, you always talk to me like a friend and you respect my perspective. You’re one cool man, Jerry! =D See you soon, Omm Jerry! :D

So, phew! I’ve done my Weezy Award task. I hope I’m not that lazy to make a 100 or 500 notes to every blogger I know, but unfortunately, I’m that lazy. :p

But every blog I visit and every blogger I know has their own special story and I always love to hear about it. What’s your story?

P.S. Sorry if I worried everyone on my latest post. The fact is I had a very rough time since Sunday night because I lost something very valuable for my Europe trip. I almost had to cancel my Europe Trip but then Bandi and I decided to just go the hell with it. I don’t want to mention the thing I lost and how much I lost for now because I don’t want any relative to know the amount. The way I lost it was unthinkable and weird but thankfully everyone is okay. That’s the most important thing, that everyone is okay. =)


May, bouncing back up.

11 thoughts on “And the Weezy Award goes to…

  1. ” Aww, isn’t that sweet. Your favorite bitch gets a friendliness award! LOL.” –> yes indeed, it is really sweet, even hilarious hahahaha.

    But i agree, i used to think i never want to meet up with ‘friends’ i know on virtual world, but with you it’s different, and after meeting you for real, it’s like we have been friends before because you are such a friendly person. (jadi inget gw belom nulis tentang ketemuan kita di singapore – basi banget LOL )

    anyway, glad that you and everyone is ok.. dont worry, you will get your lost thing back somehow in the future, maybe in different shape or case… at least it’s what i believe :) and also glad that you seems already back to the cheerful miss sanguine :D

  2. Oh May, you just made my day.. I’m so glad I read it first thing in the morning!
    Thank you dear. It means a lot! I’m still waiting for that vent-about-the-world email. :-)
    I always your posts too. Might not always comment (I’m trying to be better about it, hehe), but I do enjoy your writings! :-)

  3. Yours is a true entertaining, candid and very eloquent blog indeed. The award is appropriate and well deserved:).

    Thanks for you kind words – no bred and born Amsterdammer would ever call this provincial boy an Amsterdammer. Lol

  4. “…but I always thought people on the internet must be a serial killer or a weirdo. And then I thought, HOLY CRAP, I’M A PERSON ON THE INTERNET TOO!! I AM ONE OF THEM LOL.”

    wakakakakakakakkaa,….exactly my thought!

  5. Huahahahahaha^^ Ciyuuuuuusssssssss???? Awww… thank you!! Amongst all the people you chose me??? Ah, sudah gw duga elo emang cinta sama gw May (this must be the “annoying part” that you dont like from me).

    Jadi, gw dapet apaan nih?? Masa begini doang May?? Branded bag from Europe maybe?? (another anoying part)

    Thanks maaay… *apus air mata*. I really mean it!! I wish we can meet in person too!! I really wish and I believe that wish will come true :)

  6. Lovely note, May *British accent* LOL. One more thing, we both have a Jerome in our lives. Me, my dog. You, your fictional character hahaha… Anyway, have fun with your trip to Europe. I expect to read tons of stories about it, okay! Just followed you on IG as well. *hugs*

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