A letter to Universe

Dear Universe…

It took me two days to finally have accepted the fact that what happened to me was indeed not a nightmare. It was unfortunately real, which I later call as a lesson, sadly I must learned it the hard way.

What happened was a proof that you control every single thing in my life. The air I breathe, the water I drink in, the wifi signal, everything! And oh, the wind… Don’t forget you control the wind, and the rain, and apparently my window handles.

I have lost some things because you meant it to happen. And the first thing I must remember is… when you meant something to happen, it will happen no matter what. Sometimes, I, as a human, forgot that you had a better plan for me. I would just get angry and complain. How could the documents put secured inside a box got carried away by the wind? If I told people about this, they would think I used the “my dog ate my homework” excuse. And don’t start with the insurance company.

But again, I know you did this to me because you have a better plan.

I have always asked you for a life that is so interesting if it was a movie, and you did give me the Oscar winning one.

It wasn’t a sarcasm. I meant it. It’s just the way I talk.

Dear Universe…

Thank you for the lesson. I can assure you that the learning is in progress. For now I haven’t really understood the purpose of the lesson, but fear not, I eventually will.

Thank you for only taking the least important thing in my life, my belongings that could be measured by money; and keeping the most important things in my life, my future husband and my friends safe. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to have such supporting and comforting friends and a wonderful man who would go upside down for my sake and whose only mission in life is to make me happy.

Dear Universe…

I will never forget what happened last Sunday, the day I lost something and gain back my consciousness that I’m truly blessed, that nothing… nothing could break me, because people around me kept me strong.

I will always remember that in this life, some things that were meant to happen will happen no matter what, and that’s never my fault or anyone’s.

I will always remember that I can always find the money I’ve lost but I can never  find back the time I’ve lost. I can never turn back time.

I will always remember that no matter how difficult the circumstances are, there is always a way.

There is always a way and I’m going to find it. Because I’m a believer.

Dear Universe…

You didn’t make me reconsider about marrying him. You just made me wanting to marry him more.

There’s saying about “the darkest hour is just right before dawn.” I guess you’re so kind to let us walk through our darkest time hand in hand. It was dark but at least I have the love of my life holding my hand.

With that kind of intensity, I guess it would be one hell of remarkably beautiful sun-rise.

Dear Universe…

I hope this letter doesn’t sound like complaints, because it is truly not.

It is a thank you note for trusting me that I could stand tall against the hurricane. Yes, it is a long and winding road to the dream comes true, but nothing can turn me away. I’m a believer.

I will be the most optimistic girl you will ever know. I will stand tall against all odds. After eveything we’ve been through, I believe you know me. =)

Sincerely yours,

A girl who will always have faith in you no matter how hard you shake it.

26 thoughts on “A letter to Universe

  1. I very much liked your post but I do disagree that every single moment in our life is planned out for us. I am a Christian and don’t even believe that. We are all born with freedom to choose. We usually have a hand in most of the things that happen in our lives. Good post though.

  2. Gw baca surat ini di Path lo & wondering, what was actually happen? Apakah gerangan yang ilang?? But Im glad that you’re taking it in a positive way. Faith is keeping you away from negativity which leads you toooo….. jerawat 3D hehehe^^. Be strong May :)

  3. what happened may? gw juga baca tulisan serupa di path lo.. but you are really a strong woman, you know.. to be able to write such a positive post like this, out of your chaotic problem.. (which i only assume – since i dont know the exact problem).
    thanks for sharing this may! i truly admire your positive way of thinking. cheer up miss sanguine! everything’ll be just fine :)

  4. To keep your cool facing minor or major personal catastrophes is great. To put the minor or major personal catastrophe in a positive perspective is good. To thank the loved ones who carried you through the minor or major personal catastrophe is the right thing to do.

    But you did swear and curse like a trooper first, didn’t you ?! That’s an absolutely necessary precondition for recovery.

    PS: I seriously hope it doesn’t have any significant impact on your Europe trip.

    • Yes. I did swear and curse and broke down and cried. And yes, it has something with my Euro trip, jerry…. :((( that’s why I was very upset. But I didn’t give up.
      I’ll tell you everythint later in Amsterdam. Because why? Because I’ll FREAKING BE THERE!!!!!

  5. Apapun itu, kalau kau bisa ngelewatinnya dan berbesar hati, aku yakin bakal bikin trip ini jauuuuh lebih berharga ya Mai *kirim virtual hugs dan piutang traktiran di Kingsley kalau kau ke Bandung*

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