The month of reminder

As I said, September is my favorite month, because of all my life I’ve always learned something on September. Now it’s just half way of September and I already had lessons to learn, some were in the hard ways, unfortunately.

I don’t want to tell the details but let me just say I’ve lost quite number of things this month. And to add to the lesson, I’ve lost them because of my own stupidity.

I don’t want to regret anything so I would just go straight to the point that lessons are learned, which are:

I’m not a wonder woman.

I need a break.

To love is a verb.

Surround yourself with happy people.

I’ve spent the last three weekends going back and forth Indonesia and even though the last trip meant to be a relaxing trip, I was still exhausted. And it’s been almost two months since the last time I had the morning run. I think I reach to the weakest period of my body.

There’s a reminder from the Universe that I need to take a break, especially before my long-awaited adventure. I can’t imagine how exhausted it would be to be constantly moving with backpack on for almost a month. Of course when adrenaline involved I won’t be tired at all because of all the extra energy from the dream-comes-true moodlet. =) But still, I guess I need to catch a break.

Physical exhaustion caused my brain to be dysfunctional. Plus, I have so many things in my plate right now. Amsterdam’s host cancelled the reservation, Mount Titlis’ tour, so many museum passes haven’t been booked, Juventus’ tickets, and my wedding. And because I need a break, I have to start believing people and delegate all the problems to Bandi. :p

I think I have spent around 200 hours planning my Euro Trip, reading books, browsing about museum passes and studying the maps and I think I’m ready.

I’m kinda scared actually. I have never been in the place that is colder than 16 degrees and I have never been outside Asia before and I have never been on the road for more than two weeks. And the fact that there will be only me and Bandi, in a foreign land, kinda scares me. I think that’s my exhaustion speaking. I think I need to take a rest.

Another lesson that I want to share is.. that…

Love is a verb

Don’t ever stop loving. Don’t take your love for granted. Love is a verb not a noun. You will never have the love for good. You’ve got to be loving, to be doing it to enjoy it. Love is not constant, it always changes.

To love is to do things you’re proud of, to do things to make the one you love happy. And when you’re loving someone sincerely, you will be truly happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy, right? ;)

Talking about being happy, I have a story about how most Singaporeans are unhappy. Singapore is deemed to be the unhappiest first world country based on some survey I’ve read on the internet. Yesterday I went to a bridal with my friend, Pei and from all of the dress i tried on, it was only one dress that could fit me, the rest were too small, WAY to small. Seriously SO FREAKING SMALL. I know I’ve gained like 3 kg after going back Indo and ate like pig but seriously I’m not that fat.

I joked to the aunty, “Yeah, in Singapore I’m considered super big size.”

She replied to me and Pei, “Ya loh… In Singapore people don’t want to eat rice…”

Pei asked her, “Wei se mek, Aunty?” (why)

She replied, “Because the most important thing is to look beautiful. Don’t need to eat lah! Just look pretty!” with a very singlish style.

Pei and I waited the aunty to laugh because we thought it was a sarcastic comment. Wait… IT WASN’T!!!

WHAT THE FUCK?! I tried not to burst into laugh because what she said was freaking stupid! Hahaha!

Whatever, I left the Bridal and gossiped with Pei. (Anyway my bridal is actually in Bandung. Yesterday I was just trying on wedding dress for fun.)

Wow, no wonder Singaporeans are unhappy. They apparently don’t eat at all. LOL.

What I’m trying to say is… just be happy, and surround yourself with happy people. life is too short to live your life meeting other people’s expectation. Life is too short to be grumpy.

This month is a reminder for me and I’m thankful that I am reminded.

What’s your reminder this month?


May, looking at the bright sides.

34 thoughts on “The month of reminder

    • Idiiihhh apa2an nih? Gimana sih Akismet gue, comment kayak gini mah mestinya masuk ke spam nih?! Grrrr!
      Yawda gue yang milih tempat makan, tapi lo decide lah maw di JP atau JEM? Trus mau makanan apa? Japanese, Western, Hongky, Italian? WHAAATttt

      • kata si abang atapnya si JEM jebol cuy! banjir!!! water pipe burst!!!
        okay sisanya kita lanjut onlen ajaaa hahaha ..

        pokoknya intinya kita makan kan kita happy people! hahaha

  1. Hello, love reading your post.
    I just wrote something on path 2 days a go “SEPTEMBER, I DON’T LIKE”

    unfortunately yes, there’s this lady who has ruined my life, very annoying!

    yes there were few mistakes I made, but then she’s becoming like a monster for me.

    I cried, I lost my appetite, I can’t get rid her out of my mind!

    and after reading this, …

    just be happy, and surround yourself with happy people. life is too short to live your life meeting other people’s expectation. Life is too short to be grumpy.

    I think I have wasted my time! just to think how bad I am in her eyes!
    Now, I don’t care anymore and What you’re saying is true!

    thank you for the reminder

    • Hi Joey,
      Ouch, what did she do to you until you’ve lost your appetite?! Don’t let her go into your head!
      Take a deep breath and let her do anything she wants, it won’t matter to you. :)
      I’m glad this post comes in a perfect time for you. And I’m glad you’re reminded too. Be happy!!! You’re worth itttt!!!

  2. Hang on. You definitely will survive :).

    As for the Amsterdam Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum tickets I perhaps might be a help if you can’t solve the problem otherwise.

    The cold weather – it may be it little less than 16 degrees Celcius around that time- is about as annoying for you as was 32 degrees to me during my visits to SE Asia. I’m sure it will not ruin the pleasure and joy though:).

    PS: September taught me we urgently need the EU to get rid of neo-liberal policies and to start at home X-(.

    • Hi Jerry,
      Thank you for your kindness. Don’t worry about the museums tickets, I will buy it online. =)
      About the cold weather, sigh… this would be a big challenge for me because I’m not built for cold weather, you see, I’m a daughter of sun and beaches. :p But I’ll forget the cold weather eventually because it’s Europe!!!

  3. Shallow banget sih pemikirannya…There are more important things in life than just being pretty. Life is larger than that! Kayaknya itu berasa hidup di tempurung ya May…Duh bayanginnya aja gue megap megap. Anyhoo, September ini gue belajar kalau kesehatan tuh penting banget dan gak ada yang namany quick fix yang lasts long. We live in an instant world, semua serba cepat dateng cepat berlalu kadang kita sendiri menjadi manusia instan dan superficial juga. Ga punya waktu buat bener2 take time to evaluate your own health, social life dan personal growth. Gue bersyukur kemarin di ingetin dari terapis homeopatis gue dan training di tempat kerja dua hari yang lalu. Hey hey, it is almost your Europe trip!!

    • Iya sama pop, gue juga lagi diingetin soal being healthy nih pop. Lately gue pegel2 dan sakit pinggang, kemungkinan asem urat yang naik, gue ngeri banget. Pengen check darah, dan ujung2nya keluar duit dan waktu. If I could just control what I eat better. Haishhh

  4. Take a little time to love yourself, girl. Rest well so you can conquer Europe in tiptop shape. :)
    That auntie’s comment is so worrisome, namely because I know a lot of women think that way and they genuinely believe in it! To think that many great women have been fighting the war for gender equality.. and some are content to be treated as the lesser, second class citizens.. and worse even, to succumb to the unhealthy ideas of beauty only to gain validation from the male species. Urgh. *pullingmyhairout*
    My reminders this month are 1)exercising is important and I should be far more disciplined about it.. I was on a 1.5 months of running hiatus then went for a 5k race. I was reminded again of the truly addictive feeling of the runner’s high after the finish line. So now I make sure to schedule runs a few days a week.
    2) don’t spend too much time worrying about other people’s opinion. Some people you cannever please no matter how much effort you put into it. In the end the only person stressing is yourself. It’s like that famous adage , “be who you are and say what you mean, because those who mind don’t matter,and those who matter don’t mind.”

  5. Eating nothing in Singapore is like a mission impossible for me! The country is one of culinary destinations in the world. I never knew Singaporeans are not happy. Reading this helps me understand why Singapore doesn’t end high on the annual happiness index. As for your Europetrip, just enjoy it. Everything will be fine. You’d adjust to low temperature (mostly around 10-12 degree by the time you are here) after a couple of days. If you are lucky you can see the typical brown goldish autumn colour tones.

    My reminder this month is being there for my loved-ones.

    • I figure “being there for your loved ones” could also be done virtually? Since you live half way across the globe from your family, it would take more effort to be “there” for them. But then again, it’s not an excuse because distance is not an issue, aye? =)

  6. I heard that from my friend who was working in Singapore. One of the reasons why he still haven’t found a girlfriend (even though he’s handsome and hardworking) is “Because Singaporean women doesn’t know how to be happy”

    At first I thought he was just made that up but after I read this article, I think what he said starting to make sense. He still want Indonesian woman, even though he live in Singapore.

    Anyway, about what you said about have never been in a place colder than 16 degrees, I will guarantee that it won’t be a problem. You will enjoy Europe in late Autumn and it’s the most beautiful season. You picked the best time to go there, girl. Yes, maybe it will be colder than Bandung, but don’t worry. You will survive. Nah, you will LIKE it.

    Everything will be okay, you and Bandi can work out any problems together =)

  7. Haha.. g yg pernah merasakan hidup dan kerja di Singapore, walo cuma sebulanan tapi sukses bikin g setres.. they don’t eat and they work like crazy..Dari cara jalannya yg pada kaya pake super speed aja keliatan kok kayanya idupnya pada ga nyantai amat..

    Eniwei, do take a break may..
    Klo body n mind lebih relax, mo ngapa2in lebih enak deh. *pengalaman pribadi *

  8. Maiii kau ke Eropa dulubaru fitting? hihihi yah makanan di eropa gak macam di indolah ya, dan kayaknya kalori masuk sama dengan kalori keluar deh dengan aktivitas liburan. Jadi kayaknya beratmu malah bakal turun. Ihihihi jelas mereka nggak happy kalo nggak makan. Lah setauku orang jadi pemarah kalo lapar, loh. Hahahaha aduh *pukpuk orang Singapur yang gak makan (tapi cantik) ihik*

    • Hahaha, badan aku mah begini2 aja ndang, naik turun nya gampang jadi kayaknya final fitting yang bakal paling matter nanti. =) feeling gue juga gitu, kayaknya gue malah bakal mengurus balik di Eropa. We’ll see aja ntar. hihihi

  9. eh betul wanita wanita sini tak suka makan…padahal baru masukin sushi sebiji ke mulut langsung bilang ” omg i’m so fat! ” kadang uda masukin ubi goreng ke 5 baru mulai ngomong ” aduh, bakalan gendut ne ” .. reminder gw bulan ini – gw berasa gw beruntung bukan cin pur! hahahah

  10. jadi inget temen gue, May. Dia orang Eropa yg tinggal di SG dan satu kantor sama gue. Pas doi kawin dia nemu bridal shop yg bisa jaitin baju pengantin lumayan hemat di kantong, tapi tiap fitting selaluuuu ajaaaa dimarah2in sama auntynya kalo si temen ini harus lose weight, harus ngecilin pinggil, ngecelin paha dllnya. Padahal yaaah…temen gue itu udah kuruuuuus. Utk ukuran eropa dia tuh petite dan langsing tapi buat singapur masih kurang kayanya.

    Agak2 mengerikan ya pressure buat (terlalu) kurus di sana.

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