Keep your passport safe

Let me update about my Euro Trip.

So, everything is ready and booked. UK Visa is at hand. Schengen visa is scheduled for next Tuesday, after that I’m pretty much just waiting for the day to come.

And when I thought everything went smoothly.


Hmm… What could have happened to me, you ask… Not to me actually… But to my deary cutie boyfriend.

I accidentally washed his passport.

Yes. His passport, including the $159 UK Visa is freaking wet and damaged.

Bandi has a bad habit to keep things in his pants pocket and forget to take it out before he throw the pants into laundry basket. I always check his pants pocket whenever I do his laundry but yesterday is an exception. Why? Because We both have been so busy that we didn’t have time to do laundry for the past 18 days!!! Can you imagine how awful our laundry room is? It was so damn messy and dirty. So yesterday I needed to do 4 loads of laundry and I didn’t bother to double check his pants. I was so physically exhausted too because I only slept for total 7 hours since Saturday.

The other exception was this: Bandi usually give his passport back to me after we pass immigration. Bandi has a habit to give all the important documents such as tickets, hotel vouchers and passport everytime we travel. Yesterday was an exception. I didn’t know why he didn’t give his passport back to me after we passed the Changi Immigration counter.

And then BAM! That was pretty much how we both were responsible for the damaged passport. We ended up hair-drying the passport last night. I nearly cried but then Bandi said if I cried, he would get more upset. So we decided to sleep on it and contacted KBRI (Indonesian embassy) this morning. Bandi did actually. He must change his passport and paid $63 for it.

It turns out that damaged passport costs double from passport renewal. So, make sure not to EVER WASH YOU PASSPORT, guys!

He also needs to re-apply the UK Visa. I really really hope everything is going smooth this time because I can’t afford any more mistake since we don’t have any more time. Or else, I will go to Europe by myself and I don’t want thatttt!!! =(

I was so pissed last night but then I feel much better this morning and kept encouraging Bandi to stop worrying. Let’s just pray for the best and be thankful that this happened one month before the trip, not one week or one day before the trip.

Bandi told me that he can pick up the new passport next Thursday. This calms me down because I read awful things online about how difficult it is to make a new passport when your passport is damaged. Thank goodness for the good work of KBRI Singapore. =)

Lessons learned. The first thing after a trip, KEEP YOUR PASSPORT SAFE!

Sometimes Bandi and I left our passports unattended on the table or inside the bag because sometimes we use the passport too often and too lazy to keep it. This is a bad habit we must change. And a lesson for everyone.

Nah, I don’t wanna rant anymore. I’m not in a perfect mood right now so I don’t want to write things I don’t mean. I’m still upset with the fact that we must waste more money and that I miss my bestfriends already. =( I had a really REALLY good time last weekend with them and I’m so sad that I won’t be back to Jakarta til next year.


May, feeling blue.

Bonus Photo from my very first Bridesmaids Meeting. (Minus Tannia who couldn't fly home)

Bonus Photo from my very first Bridesmaids Meeting. (Minus Tannia who couldn’t fly home)

29 thoughts on “Keep your passport safe

  1. I’ve seen similar tiny catastrophes happen all the time. This careless behaviour involving wallets, official documents, mobile phones and keys isn’t a personal vice. It’s generational :). The young, younger and youngest generation that is. This carelessness also proves Bandi and you are still; really young and vigorous :).

    Perfect timing tough.

  2. ya ampun may!!!! kok bisa2nya ya.. tapi ya emang shit does happen sometimes ya. mau gimana lagi… moga2 segera kelar urusan re-apply passport dan visanya ya…

    emang kadang ada aja kok yang gak kepikir bisa kejadian. yah kayak kita waktu mau pergi vacation bulan juni kemaren yang tiba2 lemari besi keganti passwordnya, gak bisa buka, padahal semua dokumen di dalem sana, mana perlu buat bikin passport emma. hahaha.

    yah emang kadang2 kita mesti disentil biar next time nya lebih ati2. at least kayak yang lu bilang, ketauannya sebulan sebelum berangkat, bukan seminggu atau bahkan sehari sebelumnya ya…

  3. walah.. ada2 aja sih may.. moga2 cepet beres ya. harusnya si visa kalo uda pernah apply dan di approve lebih gampang dapetnya.. cheer up dear! anggep aja buang sial sekarang supaya ntr euro trip nya lancar hahaha

  4. Oh dear!!! Bisa kebayang stress n pusing n kawatir n frustrasi nya. Iya semoga semua lancar from this point on yaa.. Ada2 aja… Stay calm & eat sushi May! ;)

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