My blabbering in Septemberollercoaster

September is undoubtly my favorite month of the year. I didn’t have any particular reason but it just happened to be and every year I always get nice surprise from universe. I wonder what it would be this year. Thus I created the term Septemberollercoaster long time ago. If you happened to hear it from anyone but me, they copied from me! LOL

September is also Bandi’s birthday month. I always cook a special meal for him every year and this year I’ll cook his favorite seafood nasi goreng (as he requested). I bought a nice white wine on purpose from Changi last weekend because I planned to cook him poached salmon but then he specially requested for Seafood Nasi Goreng. I was shopping for extra squid to make his favorite side dish: Calamari! Well… I guess white wine goes well with squid and shrimp too. :p

However we’ll have the special meal on Bandi’s birthday’s eve because we will fly to Jakarta on his Birthday (this weekend) and he wanted to spend his last birthday partying with his buddies, which I told him also served as bachelor party (because twice in one year span is wasting money). He agreed on that and I told him I give him one night pass to do whatever he wants, unless one condition: one person must stays sober and drive them safely.

I, on the other hand, will fly to Jakarta to have my first bridesmaids meeting. So excited! Last weekend Bandi and I went to Bandung, to test food from 3 different venues. My stomach almost exploded because I ate 4 courses each venue! Thankfully we fell in love with one of them. It was like love at the first sight and Bandi fell deeper once he tasted the Fillet Mignon. Yum! It’s so good that one big fat word: VENUE from my wedding checklist is checked! (Oh yeah and that Bandung trip costed me 1.4 kgs weight gain, Super shit!)

I realized today that we’ve been engaged for 12 weeks and the wedding planning has been progressing smoothly. I’m so grateful that I have the awesomest support system I need. Bandi and my four bridesmaids. Everytime I felt down because of the things I wanted were too expensive, Bandi would always calm me down and helped me to find the cheaper alternative or to cut budget from other aspects. He loves to talk about our wedding too and sometimes he gave funny ideas (which obviously turned down instantly by me. LOLOL) But I know he loves planning this wedding with me. He admitted it that this is fun.

And now… updates about my Europe Trip! Everything is done! Every tickets, every bookings that we can do now are done. UK Visa is already attached nicely on our passport and we will apply for Schengen Visa a week after we comes back from Batam (a week after Jakarta trip). Yep, this month we do trip to Indonesia every weekend three times in a row. Didn’t really plan it, just sort of happened that way. We would go to Batam with group of friends, eating, spa-ing and singing karaoke til dawn. Indonesians who live in Singapore will know how much we love Batam for cheap saloon and spa! We won’t be able to have all the luxury in god-damn expensive Singapore!

Talking about expensive, SGD exchange rate to Rupiah has hit the highest. It’s 9,200 this morning and as much as I’m happy about it, I’m concerned too. You know, because mom has been yapping about all the unstable prices in Indo. (And that affects me A LOT) When I was in Bandung I bought a bottle of Nu Green Tea and I handed over Rp.5,000 note to the seller and he said, “It’s Rp.6,000” I was like, WTF?! Since when life in Indo became so god-damn expensive! Why is the price of everything has increased but not my salary?! Xp

Yeah I’ve been concerning about money more lately. Maybe because of the Euro Trip and Wedding would cost a lot. Hey, it doesn’t mean that before I never concerned about money because I was super rich, NO. You see, if you know me in real life, I have never been concerned about money, ever. I’m a happy-go-lucky girl with no future plan of anything. LOL (Please don’t think I’m proud of this) I’m just that kind of person who never gives a shit about money. I mean, yes I invest and I save some but not making it as a serious goal. Most of the things I enjoy doesn’t cost much $ and I don’t shop a lot. Back in my college time I could survive with Rp.50,000 for a week! I just eat indomie and hang out everyday with my friends. Ah… Good times.

Nowadays, my extra money is spent for mostly airplane tickets. And whenever pressure comes from my mom about money, universe just happened to give extra to me (seriously). If I happened to have money, I would give to her, if I didn’t have extra then I couldn’t give. That simple. The point is… I try my best in life that money doesn’t take so much place in my mind. But it’s been waking me up lately that I need to pay a lot of things and I started to worry. Damn it, HAVE I FINALLY TURNED INTO AN ADULT? Lol

But yeah, Europe Trip costs a lot, which I don’t complain because I have a special saving for this and this is my dream but then I didn’t think Bandi would propose to me that soon so now we’re also planning a wedding and of course it costs a lot of money too. It’s been ten months since I was in a real holiday trip but then I can’t complain because I know I’ve been saving money for the mega adventure. No pain no gain. :p

Well, I don’t know what to blabber anymore. Tonight I’m going to Marche to celebrate my roommate’s birthday and this whole week I couldn’t maintain my diet and been eating like crazy. My abs is no longer fabulous. Oh… it’s gone too soon… too fast. A moment of silence, everyone…

Guess this has bored you enough to curse on me? Please comment anything to make me feel that this post is not that boring. Anyhow, also wish me luck for my upcoming Jakarta trip because I will be spending two nights sleeping with my mom and I hope everything will be alright. =p


May, The happy-go-lucky Sanguine.

Here's a bonus photo of the best Ramen Soup I've ever eaten, you know just to make sure this post doesn't suck that much. :p

Here’s a bonus photo of the best Ramen Soup I’ve ever eaten, you know just to make sure this post doesn’t suck that much. :p

52 thoughts on “My blabbering in Septemberollercoaster

  1. Pertanyaan gw, lo spend berapa May untuk Euro Trip? I really want to know. Hehehe…kali gw ada rejeki ke sana. Kalau yang gw pernah baca dari blog traveller, dia spend 14 juta for 2 weeks.

    • Sebenernya budget itu flexible, nggak tergantung seberapa lama lo di Europe nya. Let’s say gue mau stay 4 minggu di Europe tapi cuma di satu kota aja, pasti lebih murah drpd gue stay 2 minggu tapi pindah2 kota. Karena harga train itu sangat mahal. Naik plane lebih murah tapi gue nggak mau naik train kalo nggak nyebrang lautan karena nggak suka waste time di airport.
      So far gue udah keluar S$4,000 buat pre-trip, which are: ticket Sing-London dan Athens-Sing, Rome-athens air ticket, Athens-Santorino return air tickets, Eurorail pass, semua train tickets antar kota, overnight trains dua malam, UK Visa, Travel Insurance, Bed and Breakfast 20 malam dan hotel 3 malam. Gue siapin duit sekitar S$2,300 buat makan dan masuk2 museum disana. Gue bakal bikin post perincian nya. Gue merasa paling mahal beli tiket kereta sih. Budget selalu bisa di-press asal mau compromise. =)

  2. rupiah melemah terus ya…
    sedih juga sih denger rupiah melemah, karena kita ada properti di indo yang berarti kalo di dollarkan jadi berkurang nilainya. huahahaa.

    asiknya ya jalan2 ke indo mulu… :D
    dan congrats udah dapet wedding venue nya :)

    • Gue juga nggak taw nih mel, ada pantangnya nggak sih kalo di kasih taw in ke temen? Xp
      Rumah lo di jkt dimana? Sejujurnya setiap gue ke jakarta gue suka nggak tidur sama sekali, karena maen sama temen2 gua dan gue ke jakarta biasa cuma 2 atau 3 hari. Abis buat maen aja dan buat pergi nyalon. :p Gak pernah bisa keluar dr daerah jak-bar dan jak-ut situ.

  3. yey… congrats buat wedding venue nya…
    wah sayang ya naek 1.4 kgs abis mayo diet… rollz juga bakal ni mayo diet abis lamaran… kalo ga ntar pas lamaran ga makan apa2 dunk :p
    well, have a nice trip to jakarta… :)

  4. lo beli air ticket antar negara disana pake budget airlines kah? worry gak sih kalo tiba2 skedulnya diubah / delay / amit2 cancel kayak budget2 airlines disini. bisa kacau kayaknya semua rencana..
    btw postingan lo kayak postingan gw nih, UUD. ujung2nya mikirin duit hahaha

    • Yg ke jkt kebetulan dpt garuda murah cuma 900rb hahaha. Biasanya naek budget airlines lah so far selama ini (and i use budget airlines A LOT) ga pernah delay sih. Well, maybe just my luck. :)
      Hahaha iya worry soal duit tapi then diingetin sama my bestfriend utk nggak boleh worry. Gak guna juga :)

    • Sorry nyamber: FYI, Di Eropa delay masih kejadian karena alasan teknis atau cuaca (misalnya badai salju jadi pesawatnya ngga bisa mendarat). Schedule yang berubah seenaknya airlines seperti sering kejadian di Indonesia itu sih belum pernah setahu saya (saya sering terbang dengan low budget airlines seperti Transavia, Ryanair, Easy Jet & Vueling) karena kalau sampai kejadian airlinenya bisa bangkrut wajib bayar ganti rugi ke penumpang sesuai peraturan dari Uni Eropa.

      • Oalaaah gue baru sadar pertanyaan si mel itu soal tiket di sana. Anyway untungnya gue cuma beli dua tiket pesawat, sisanya naek train semua. Moga2 ga delay. Gue rome-ath naek easyjet, sdgkan santorini naek aegean. :)

  5. halo halo cuma mau bilang blog postingan kamu ga ngebosenin koq! HAHAHAHA .. basa basi banget gw ngomongnya!!!

    loe bakal berapa lama sih nek peginya? 4 minggu? loe bakal ke Athens ya .. wiii .. kasih tau gw whether it’s overrated or not yeee .. just be mindful sama pickpocket ya may!! ipod gw lenyap aja donk hari pertama sampe di Europe huhuhuhu .. sekian komen ga penting gw!
    tapi beneran, postingannya ga ngebosenin koq ;)

  6. Wedding preparationnya udah mulai, seru! Dan yang paling penting venuenya udah dapet & udah book I assume. Sekarang preparation untuk Europe Trip. About the gained kg’s? Do not worry, you’d gain more when you travel around Europe. There are many staffs to try :-) And I still owe you one mail. It’s coming your way. I’m jotting the words in it to describe my reply well.

    • Don’t worry. No rush. The mail is not effectively needed until… at least um, 30 years, 40 years from now? :p
      Yes it’s booked and so excited about it!
      The food around Europe?! That’s the point of every trip!!! =D

  7. oh ke bandung yaaa May pestanya :) asikkknya
    selamat ultah untuk Bandi ya :) semoga sehat2 dan bahagia trus apalagi mau pergi jalan2 n nikah. ahhhh semoga dia ngelamar lu lagi yaaa disana hahaha *tetep*

  8. Gara2 kabanyakan komenin komen orang gw sampe lupa mau komen apa hahaha.
    Btw gw jadi baru ngeh kalo wedding lo sam eurotrip deketan ya. harus keluar duit gede dlm wkt bersamaan.. Kl gw jd lo si kayanya bs gw undur salah 1 hahahaha

  9. hihihi mana bosen baca ini. Seruuu. Danmembahagiakan mendengar naik 1,5 kilo huahahaha. Selamat deh ya nanti di Medan. If Bandung can add 1,5 kilos to your abs, Medan at least can give you another 3 kilos (ini kok ya sirik jadi kayak nyumpahin hahaha)

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