Effortlessly Beautiful


This is a repost I made back then on June 2012. I feel like bringing this post back to the current timeline because I had done something terrible that I’m not proud of. I just want to remind everyone (and myself) that we don’t need to feel insecure (even though you’re on PMS) of what other people said. This post brings smile on my face, I hope it does the same to you. =)

Growing up, I’ve never been the pretty one. I grew up okay, with crooked teeth and pimples on my face. My skin has always been tanned because I was always out, playing basketball or chasing kites. I was so freakin happy, I didn’t realize I was physically unattractive. My mom never taught me how to take care of my skin or how to do hair and stuff and my sister went off for college. I was growing up with so many guy friends and not so girly girl friends. I never had boyfriends until high school.

I fixed my teeth with braces and tried to comb my hair everyday (Yes I was so carefree I didn’t even comb my hair sometimes) when I reached puberty and I was hopelessly having major crush with a guy in high school. Anyway I never feel beautiful. I only know and feel that I am a very cool girl that guys like to hang out with, talk about football with and of course they would chase my friends instead of me.

Comes to think of it, I’m so thankful with the way I grew up. I never overrate beauty. I always believe it’s what’s inside that matter, that physical appearance can  deceive you. Unfortunately I was taking it too seriously by never taking care of my body, which is wrong. It is true that physical appearance can’t tell who you really are, but it is good to look presentable. But beauty is another thing, it is what’s inside. It is the way you laugh and the way you appreciate what really matters in life. And if no guys could see it, then he’s probably not the one.
I appeared to be a little cynical about love back then. (Come on I was teenage and having fun with my girlfriends was all I wanted.) So having a boyfriend never came across my mind. Seeing so many heartbroken stories and facts that guys were assholes and jerks, I thought I would never meet my prince charming. Until I was 20, there were still no prince charming coming with white horse, but deep down inside I still believed in love like fairy tale. Everynight I was daydreaming and creating love story plot. It changes everyday, but the prince would always the same. The guy who will see me the way I am.
Meeting Bandi was a lifechanging moment of my life. I finally understand the feeling of being beautiful without even trying.

It’s true that make up could make you look pretty, but does it make you feel pretty? I admit I wear make up since I was in college, once in a while. Whenever me and my girls went clubbing or attended a party or special events. Make up does make you look presentable, and yeah realllllly make you look good in the photos. But wearing make up every single day of your life is sad. That way, make up is not something fancy to boost up your presentation points, that way, make up is a mask that you wear everyday because you don’t love the way you look originally. When you’re wearing make up to gym, you know you have a problem.

I can’t judge that everyone who wears make up have a low self esteem. I know for some people doing make up is hobby, while some others do have a problem with self esteem.
So since we talk about beauty  I believe we must have stumbled on make up pep talk. Ok, so beauty is overrated. Why do girls want to look pretty? They are either want boys to notice them, or they want to take photos and post it on facebook.
Let me tell you the moment when I feel pretty the most. It was drizzling and i haven’t showered since morning. I was so tired of working my temp job attending ticket counter. At first I didnt know anyone staring at me from afar. But then I realize Bandi has been standing there (I dont know how long) waiting for my shift to end. He smiled at me when I looked at him. He has this look on his eyes that I can’t describe with words. I felt so beautiful by the way he looked at me. He stared at me like he never see a beautiful girl before. This may sound very stupid, but in my life til date, I never feel prettier than that moment. I wanted to describe more about the moment, but I stopped on my keyboard just now, didn’t know what to type. The bottom line is, I felt so beautiful just by the way he looked at me. It’s something magical and unexplainable. (I know unexplainable is not even a word. So, see? no words can describe I have to make up a word!)
And anyway, since that day, I always be effortlessly beautiful.
After that moment, I never have issue with my self esteem, with my pimples or my crooked teeth. When people comments about them, I just said, it’s how I look, like it or not.
When shallow people I met preach me to buy expensive skin care, or push me to lose weight or ask me to stop playing under the sun because I’m so tanned, I never listen to them. I only smile and nod and sometime say “you think so?” so they won’t feel rejected.
But the truth is, there is only one person out there whose thought of my beauty I really mind. And I know in his eyes, I will always be beautiful no matter what. So why bother of what other people say?

Beauty is overrated. Magazines and E! make people think that being beautiful is about fair skin, perfect hair, flawless make up and skinny body. Well people have to start differentiate between beautiful and presentable. If you’re an actress, of course you have to look presentable so people will enjoy seeing you and adore your beauty. But do we expect normal people to be that expensive-pretty too? No way we cannot afford that silliness, financially and mentally. We’re normal people! We just need to find someone who sees us the way we are. And then, we will always be effortlessly beautiful.

Remember what Dr.Seuss said, …for those who mind dont matter and who matter dont mind. :)

Someday all the pretty girls will be old and wrinkly and all the botox in this world can’t save their perfect faces. But you could always have that guy who always sees you with that sparkling eyes, timelessly.

He will see you, in your late seventies, just as beautiful as when you were twenty. No matter what, you will always be effortlessly beautiful in his eyes.
Once you’ve found that guy, don’t ever let go. He’s the one.
I have always been a believer. Love is what changes my life from a sucky cynical crap to what I am now (still the same crap. LOL)
Written with smile,
May.16th June 2012

25 thoughts on “Effortlessly Beautiful

  1. Enjoyed reading this very much. Can’t agree anymore! I personally love playing and experimenting with makeup just cause its kind of like painting a blank canvas. In some ways it’s fun to see what makeup can do to enhance your features. But at the same time, I’m very lucky to have a boyfriend who loves me for who I am with or without makeup.

    • Glad you enjoy reading this. Yes, I agree that putting make up feels like painting. =) And you’re very lucky that you’ve found the one. =)

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  3. When my guy and I don’t see each other, we talk via Skype and I used to put a bit of makeup on before we video called. Then I realized I was being stupid, and he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway so I stopped and he still compliments me. Here’s hoping he keeps thinking the same thing. :P I don’t feel the need to put makeup on every single day, but I still do just because it’s fun sometimes. Loved this post. :)

    • That’s true. I must admit too that putting make up is fun. :D
      However it could go wrong when make up starts to be the needs.
      Don’t you feel it too, when you love someone, you think he’s the most handsome guy on earth?! I think it works both ways :)

      • “Think”. :D He’s like my own Neil Patrick Harris, only not gay. Hahaha. :)

        That is so true; I guess it really does depend on your level of self confidence. Some people with acne prone skin I can understand their ‘need’ to cover up; sometimes you just can’t accept that you are flawed. Lucky are those who see differently! :)

  4. May, thank you to wrote this: “When people comments about them, I just said, it’s how I look, like it or not.”
    Last nite I just did a chit chat with my best friend bout how people comments about my t-shirt, my skirt, and my hijab. In this modern era, I still surrounding with kind of that people :| Sad but its true.
    I need to be more cuek, I think. But still…sometimes I am so clueless how to be cuek to respond that negative comments :|
    Don’t ask bout my husband’s respond. He said: You are beautiful for me, with no make up. That’s enough for me! – but sometimes, this words is not enough for me. Period.

  5. beautiful itu masalah confidence aja sih kalo gua bilang. selama kita confident dan feel comfortable, pasti kita merasa beautiful/handsome.

    gua selalu merasa keren dimanapun gua berada. baik pake sendal jepit sekalipun. huahahaha *pede abis* :P

  6. Iiih keceeeee badaaai niih tulisan :)
    Setuju tuh sama mas arman, cantik atau gknya kita emang tergantung dari rasa percaya diri kita dan pembawaan kita ke lingkungan sekitar.
    yah seperti kata2 kontes kecantikan itu mey beauty is behavior :)
    btw, dulu sempet main layangan jg mey? kalo gw SMP main gundu/kelereng :D dan pastinya bau matahari banget hahaa

  7. hahahaha……suka dong postingan ini :) dulu aku selalu mempermasalahkan kaki aku yg gendut jadi gak bisa pake rok mini/bikini sekarang mah cuek hahaha. trus dulu waktu smp aku sempet sebel ama hidung yg pecek cuman lama2 dipikir capek banget yaaaa…….ya udah sekarnag nikmatin ajalah hehe. Toh yang penting kita PD jaya ya kan May, kalo sekiranya gak pantes baru deh aku simpen hehe atau pakai di rumah aja

  8. Hm…. kalo aku sih suka make-up tapi pure demi kesenangan sendiri. Itupun make up area mata aja. Rasa seru aja coba-coba warna. Kalo buat Ridson sendiri mah dia ga peduli. Soalnya waktu pertama pacaran sama dia mah diriku sangat macho…hahhaha… lebih kayak cwo daripada cwe, berantakan pula.
    yang sedihnya karena semua orang bilang aku sekarang berubah feminim karena Ridson. Padahal murni karena aku sendiri yang merasa sudah saatnya jadi cwe, toh waktu itu karena udah kerja. Malu juga di kantor kalo tampang kayak preman. Cuma rasanya kesal dengarnya kalo orang-orang bilang gara-gara cowonya tuh… ato Ridson hebat bisa mengubah Yuli. Aihhhhh…. gengsi ihhhh…. maap ye ga segitunya… :D

    • Ngerti banget yu! Pasti kesel digituin. Tapi ya udah lah ya, anjing menggonggong.
      Aku juga suka makeup-an kok. :) it’s fun.
      Tapi yah jangan sampe obsessed lah kayak cewe2 korea yang kalo maen di pantai habis nyebur lsg benerin make up hahahaha

      • Hahaahaha…malah rasanya aku belum bisa jadi cwe beneran deh…soalnya biasa cwe kan suka touch up…kalo aku mah ya… make up cuma sekali…sampai pulang kantor ga di touch up lagi… udah ga peduli sebagaimana tampangku… :P

  9. I love this! I am about to go on my feministy rant again about how these severely misguided notions of beauty are perpetrated by the patriarchy. And most don’t even realize it. Beauty comes in many different forms and they all should be equally celebrated. Because when it comes down to it, it is about our choices as women. The patriarchy wants us to keep depending on it for self validation. The only way to change this is to just be happy and own what we have proudly. Make up or no make up, tanned or fair, curvy or skinny.. they are all equally beautiful. We women should be able to choose to do what we want with our faces, our bodies.. because they are ours and nobody else’s. I also think its important to support other women for their choices even if we disagree. Us ladies must stick together, ya know? ;)
    So, bravo for your great attitude. As long as you are happy about it, that’s all that matters.

  10. Sukaaaak sama tulisan ini May. I found mine, lelaki yang pas aku mau dandan bilang “Kau udah maksimal di mataku, santei aja” yang bikin nyaman dan ngerasa menarik bahkan saat jadi ikan paus pas hamil 9 bulan. Dan kayaknya karena merasa dicintai dia deh, aku selalu merasa aku lebih cantik setelah pacaran dan menikah sama dia daripada pas single dulu hahahaha

  11. May, this guy told me I am beautiful and smart, and I was like “do you put your contact lens right?”
    So I rejected him few times, just because he is the perfect guy for me. He’s kind, a typical of a family man, mature man (has his own company). He’s just too good to be perfect…now he’s just starting with another woman and I kinda regret that I rejected him. Any advice, please?? (I perceive you as a love expert, and fyi, my love life is suck hahhah) thx, May ^_^

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