Jesse and Celine

This post starts with a conversation with a friend.

Him: Have you watched Before Midnight?

Me: No, I haven’t. Is it good? (So afraid that it would ruin the two pre-quels)

Yes. It is.

(exhale in relieve)

I did re-watch Before Sunrise a couple weeks ago. Tonight I will re-watch Before Sunset to prepare for the finale, Before Midnight.

Yeah, you should.

My favorite is still Before Sunrise though.

No way! I like Before Sunset more!


Before Sunset is more real and they are truly re-connected.

And then we argued for a while… on and on and on about the movie.

Well, I assume everybody has already watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, if not, then you should. NOW. Seriously, NOW. It’s my all-time favorite movie, to be followed by “A Lot Like love” and oh please stop me or I could list out all my favorite Romantic movies.

I’ve always thought that my favorite from these two is Before Sunrise. The conversation was so deep and it felt like they were trying to tell each other as much as they could since they would be parting soon.

Anyway, I watched Before Sunset again the other night and I hate to admit it but I switched my favorite from Before Sunrise to Before Sunset. My friend was right when he said they are re-connected. How did I forget this?

The chemistry between Jesse and Celine had never been questioned since the first movie, when they met in the train to Vienna. The whole movie was beautiful, romantic and epic. I first watched it when I was 19 years old. And then I watched the sequel and I didn’t really like it because it was the reality.

Jesse and Celine met again 9 years after the Vienna night and Jesse was married with one kid and Celine was a slightly-depressed neurotic environmentalist.

The weird thing is… now that I watched it in my almost 30 age, I love Before Sunset better, because it’s more real and they no longer live in a fantasy and the connection between the two of them are stronger than ever.

This is my favorite part:

I guess when you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times.

OH GOD that’s so true. When I was young and naive I believed that I would connect with a lot of people and god I couldn’t be more wrong! Now that I got older, I knew that it was only FEW PEOPLE. And how I should have treasured them.

And there was a saying by Jesse (but I couldn’t find this quote in IMDB but more or less he said, “I read a research about a pattern of people’s character. There are two oppsoite guys and they are given a surprise. One is given one million dollars lottery and one is suddenly became paraplegic. Sure they change at that moment, but after 6 months when they already get used to it, they start to become themselves again. One is still a happy optimistic guy now living with a wheelchair while the other one is still a sad miserable asshole, just having a new Cadilac.”

And then I thought God, That is so true too!! I have met some pessimistic people and no matter how hard I tried to change their perception about how to be grateful and stuffs, in the end they will turn back to the oldselves.

There is although a thing that I don’t agree… which is they seem to be perfect to each other, until they cannot be happy or connected with other people. Yeah it’s true that Jesse is (unhappily) married and Celine has a relationship but they still long for each other. And Celine said, “The concept is absurd. The idea that we can only be complete with another person is evil!

Which is true that is evil. But were we really created only for one person?

I always thought Bandi was created specially and customized for me, but Was I for him? I don’t think so. I always think I was created for certain number of people because of the way I connect with more than one people.

Because if the concept was right, then what happened if that person died, Would I be miserable for the rest of my life? PURE EVIL, right?!

Anyway the movie was inspired by the director’s own story, but this one ended tragically. read here.

Yesterday night, I finally watched the sequel which is Before Midnight and I enjoyed every single word of their conversation. Again, I could relate my relationship with Celine and Jesse. Celine is now a 51 feminist wife and a mother of cute twin girls. Apparently Celine and Jesse are not married but they have twin girls because she was accidentally got pregnant (that makes more sense now because I always thought she won’t ever get married) They fought about Jesse wanting to move back to Chicago (They live in Paris now) because Jesse doesn’t want to miss too many things with his son, Henry. This is the first time we see Jesse and Celine fighting.

Let’s start with Bandi laughing meaningfully when Jesse criticized Celine about her control freak, Celine was complaining about all the house chores she has done and Jesse talked back, “Because you never let me!” And Bandi snorted.

Celine was complaining about how she must pack her bag, the girls’ bags and Jesse would only do his. And Jesse shouted, “Because you wouldn’t let me pack their bags.” Bandi snorted again. So yeah, apparently I am a feminist neurotic control freak just like Celine.

And then Jesse said, “I am fully committed to you and the girls. If you asked me a list of your annoying habits, I could come up with thousands, but I LOVE YOU unconditionally.” And Bandi grinned at me. That’s what he always say and I always annoyingly question it like Celine.

And then Jesse did some cute thing (I wouldn’t tell for the spoiler) and Celine snapped, “This is what you do. You’re being cute, get into my panties and then BOOM! I’m moved to Chicago.”

WTF! I snap at Bandi too, “Is that what you do? You’re being cute and I fall in love with you and BOOM! I’m moved to Palembang? WTF! That’s so true! And I’m marrying him! Oh MAN!!

And then there was a very funny part when Celine was so scared that she would become a submissive housewife and Jesse replied, “Oh please, it would be easier to put your head in the oven than turning you to be anything submissive,” SUPER LOL.

Oh I love them, I love Jesse and Celine.

However, I enjoyed the movie and I love the conversation between these 8 persons having dinner about the fact that people still believes in Romantic love nowadays. It’s true that the love might not last as long as in the old century but the most important is, romantic love still exists. It doesn’t matter how long it will last, how did you do it (with skype or whatever) but to know that people do love passionately and to live with it.

The idea of loving someone itself calms me down.

In my world where people got married because they “have been in a relationship for certain time” or because “they are in certain age” or because “Her goal is just to be married.” (and may I highlight one more time that there are no correlation between marriage and romantic love.) I still do believe that romantic love truly exists. It might be a funny place but I have found some true romantic love from the bloggers friends whose blogs I’ve been religiously reading on. The ways are surely various but the feeling must be the same. Like when you can’t stop think about someone ALL THE TIME. I mean it, all the time.

I’m thinking about Bandi all the time. I just can’t stop. I’m crazy.

I may be neurotic but I dare to love. That makes sense why I love you like crazy. Seriously CRAZY. (hey, because I’m neurotic right? funny pun?)

But seriously, I AM SERIOUSLY UNDOUBTLY SCARILY in love with you, like CRAZY.


May, neurotic and in love.

The movie marathon set me up in the romantic mood.

The movie marathon set me up in the romantic mood.

26 thoughts on “Jesse and Celine

  1. Hwaaaaaa I love them, too!!!!!
    Seinget gw, gw ga pernah nonton Before Sunrise *atau mungkin gw pernah nonton tapi sepotong-sepotong doang*. Tapi gw nonton Before Sunset dan sukaaaaaaa banget. Gw amazed banget sama setiap dialog mereka. Penulis skenario nya keren banget sih, sutradaranya juga!!! Dialog-dialognya terasa mengalir semua, real banget, ga ada yang dibuat-buat, absurd, tapi manis in some way.

    Dan mereka akhirnya merid?!!! Whoaaaaa

    Sedih nih… ga yakin nih film bakal diputer di bioskop sini. Dan lagi ga yakin juga gw bisa nonton dalam waktu dekat haha. Harus download nih sepertinya! Haruuuuuus

    • Iya mereka married krn si Celine nya hamil in the first time mereka ML gak pake condom. Hahahaa, gue ngakak abis.
      Download aja Din, gue juga download kok, krn di amrik udah diputer lama. Jadi agak basi. :p

      • Oh udah lama ya? Gw baca soal ni sekuel juga baru-baru sih. Gw pikir masih baru.
        Mmmm first time, ga pake condom, dan hamil? ‘lucky’ banget ya :p

  2. I still do believe that romantic love truly exist —> me too hahahaha… cuman kalo gua kepengaruh….errrr…serial korea kayaknya wahahahahahaha….

    gua belom nonton semuanya… seno kayaknya punya deh dvdnya, nanti pinjem ah hehehehe…

    • Harusss nonton kalo gitu Mel. So different from Korean drama lah. No offence, di Korean drama kan sudah dibiasakan pria dicintai karena tajir-ganteng dll hahaha. I think that’s so NOT romantic. Xp

  3. Ah May, although I am not much for romantic movies, I appreciate your sentiment. It is sweet and to love someone with all your might (or as youngins call it nowadays “like crazy”) takes a truck load of guts. Wait, make that a million trucks load of guts with a giant heaping of courage on top. The more you give the more you have to loose, but the more you give the more it shows how selfless you are. It is a great quality to have in a person, and I think that this type of love isn’t limited to just a romantic partner, but also relevant to other forms of interpersonal relationships (parents to children and vice versa, siblings, pet owners and their pets, etc).
    This post is such an inspiration, girl :)

    • That’s true. I guess we can love crazy to our siblings and pets and parents, just not romantically, aye? :p
      Sometimes I correlate love with worries. When you love more people, you’ll get more things to be worry about and that’s bad news but hey, I think it’s all worth the sweat, right? =)

  4. I’m a big fan of drama movieeeee dan udah pernah tau film ini tapi belom sempet nonton. Okey langsung suruh si Mas download deh terus nonton hehehehe

  5. Just like my Mom. She never let me do any chores but every now and then she would complain why we never helped her hahaha. Anyway I was head over heels with this movie ever since last year and I have Before Midnight, I just haven’t found the subtitles yet for the movie (after the surgery, my ear got a little problem, I couldn’t understand what they said)

    Anyway I damn agree that marriage and romantic love are two different things. And Im glad that I have found mine. Guess what she did for me on the day of surgery? =)

  6. I love to read ardent yet exploring declarations of love like this awesome one, especially if it’s within the framework of a review of a (very European) American, shamelessly romantic, indie movie (okay, a sequel of movies).

    BTW: you’re absolutely right about the quality of these “Before” films as well as about connecting in my opinion. I’m afraid that life usually is dynamic and there is no guarantee that soul mates of today will or can be soul mates tomorrow without putting a lot of effort in the ‘connection’.

    • Yeah I think so too that soul mates also need commitment of keeping in touch. But, I’m also not 100% sure because sometimes it’s easier to re-connect with certain people. So again this is confusing.
      Are we or are we not created for one or some people only?

      • Since the only purpose of human life is life, the answer is NO! I don’t believe we are born earmarked to mate with one or some specific other person (s). Unless “some” equals a number between one million and one million and a half :).

      • I don’t believe too. But again the purpose to live itself is so absurd. To live for everyone has so many different meanings. Some people live to love, some people live to achieve great things while some other just want to live simply in the village.
        Take Jane Austen as an example. She’s probably a hopeless romantic. She has written great love stories but the only person she loved wasn’t with her in the end. Is it considered life fulfilled?
        What is life itself?

  7. gw juga belom nonton nii.. gapernah nonton sama sekali malah hahaha. jadi pengen nonton..
    ah may.. lucu banget si ngeliat dirimu yg crazily in love with bandi.. cerita cinta lo sm bandi juga bisa tu dibuat novel hahaha

    • Nonton!!! Nontonn!!! Gue semalem ntn “something borrowed” gara2 baca post nya dina yg ttg kalian berdua trus gue ngebayangin lo berdua gelo kayak si darcy dan rachel kali ya. Hihihi :)

  8. belum nonton semuanyaaaa, tapi sama kayak lo, udah ancang2 mau nonton before sunrise ama before sunset dulu :P. Tapi quote yang kedua itu dalem banget loh T-T, “I guess when you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times.”. Jadi makin penasaran :9

  9. aku udah lupa deh May, udah lama banget kan ya :( trus nontonya juga sambil lalu hehehe. kemaren sempet ada lagi di tv, nonton lagi sih tapi yah gitu gak kelar nontonnya huhu. kayaknya mesti nonton ulang. beli DVD 3 bijik dong yaaaa

    • Yes, i think you’re right. I was a little unsure actually with the conversation inside the byzantine church. Celine said about the girls kept asking about whether they are married, and I got the idea that they are for the sake of the girls.
      Now this seems more like Celine. :)

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