Let me introduce you to the kiasu society…

This is just gonna be a very short post shouting my frustration about kiasu people.

What is kiasu, you ask?

Kiasu is literally translation of “scared of being lost.” In this context often used for people who go follow certain trend just because other people do that.

If you went to Singapore, you would likely see so many queues, usually in the food stall. Is the food guaranteed to be delicious because of the long queue?


Kiasu people tend to follow crowds. They don’t have identity or personal preference. They just follow crowds.

I have never been bothered about this until… TODAY!

I planned to have lunch at McDonald’s this noon, because obviously I want the cute minions. But they were SOLD out in the first 10 minutes because apparently people started to queue since morning and the queue was damn long!

I saw it before my very eyes some people who didn’t even know what minions are or even knew there was a movie named Despicable Me went to buy three sets of happy meal. They just wanted the minions! To take photos of them and then upload it to facebook and maybe after that they will never touch the minions again.

I WANT THE MINIONS! I want to play with minions!!!

Don’t be so kiasu until you make other people’s life more difficult, lah!!!

If you think I’m exaggerating, let me ask you to go to Tim Ho Wan, or Sushi Express, or go to McDonald’s in Thursday 11 a.m. then you’d understand.

Look how kiasu he is? Does he have 20 children for god's sake!

A friend sent me a photo. Look how kiasu he is? Does he have 20 children for god’s sake!

The Queue for Happy Meal at McDonald's today.

The Queue for Happy Meal at McDonald’s today.

This also could apply to Liverpool vs Indonesia all-star football match. I read it in soc-med that a lot of real liverpool fans couldn’t get the tickets because A LOT OF KIASU people went to buy the tickets and I could bet that THEY CAN’T MENTION EVEN ONE FIRST NAME from the liverpool team. They bought the ticket just so they could take a photo, checked in on facebook and then live-tweeting during the whole game, without even enjoying the game.

I HATE THOSE PEOPLE!!! I HATE THEM!!! I hope they get kicked in the nuts (for guys) and get the most horrifying stomach cramp ever in their periods (for girls)!

I don’t understand why they would do that.

Are they satisfied by the feeling of exclusivity? importance? Feeling that they get it before other people? Is it because they don’t have life? They don’t feel important themselves they need to do those things to make them feel important?

Why are they so scared if other people have something that they don’t have? That’s fine if you don’t need the things, isn’t it?

I even see a kiasu person buy things just because she saw her friend bought that. In the end she didn’t even use the thing. Wow. Just wow.

It amuses me how people could be so insecure about stupid things.

Whatever, this made me so angry so it deserves am angry post!!!

P.S. talking about Minions, anyone here playing Minion Rush? I would love a challenge! =) add my game center ID: MAYELLOW or my facebook for a minion rush challenge! =) It’s more fun with more people. Right now I’m stuck at 477,452 while the number 1 score at my board is 1 million something. Tsk, I was thinking to unfriend him. Hahahaha.


May, the angry minion.

37 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to the kiasu society…

  1. disini malah udah ganti happy mealnya. what is up with that minion sih? despicable me 1 aja gak seheboh itu.. i guess their marketing is really do a greaaaaaat job

  2. buset gila banget. ternyata yg blindly following trend bukan cuma di indo ya, tapi di singapore juga (well, understandable since banyak orang indonesia juga yg di singapore. tsk).
    i never think of that before, but i guess you’re right. akibat banyak yg ikut2an akhirnya malah yg beneran pengen malah ga kesampean. so silly

    • Eh gilaaa gue merasa Sporean tuh lebih parah daripada Indo deh De… beneraaann! Lu liat aja disini yang nenteng branded bags hampir semua orang. Peer pressure karena kalo ga pake branded bag belum gaul. Bela2in nggak makan demi bisa beli branded bag lohhh.
      Parah banget orang sini mah de. Seriusan. di indo ga ada apa2nyaaaa

      • iya ya banyak branded bags itu gara2 peer pressure juga ya. mngkn karena tingkat ekonomi disana kurang lebih sama, jadi berasa banget pressure nya. ato pada dasarnya orang2nya pada takut tampil beda ye? hahaha.

  3. You must have the most wonderful, the most entertaining anger in the world at your disposal :))))))))))). And a huge talent to put it in words.

    Indeed mankind appears to be a herd species damned by a tendency to copy cast and a tendency to hoard up.

    ( But the flipside of human stupidity is that the marketing of some branches is really evil. They use to target children over here. The kids get bombarded by ads on TV showing a piece of trash they get for free if their parents shop in …. . So I think it’s crazy but kind of sweet also if I once again see my wife coming home with a supply of food which is enough for next decade only to make sure she can make our granddaughter happy with all that give away crap that went with the purchases).

  4. ihhh..setujah banget ci..bencik banget de sama orang2 yg begitu..
    ditambah lagi maksa2 orang buat ikutan kiasu kayak dia..
    males banget ga si ci, hellowww orang punya pendirian sendiri kale..
    punya barang yg ga kita butuhin ato kita mau cuma buat dibilang exist doang buat apaan,kan kasian orang yg bener2 mau..

  5. i didnt even mac did another huge promo again… guess they didnt learn from the hello kitty incident. yes, what can i say? singaporeans are horrible… and do any of the people in the q look like they look the minions? no..

    i am new to your blog and loving it. :)

    • Honestly They did learn from the hello kitty incident. Now we are allowed to order the minions online. But it will be delivered around December. This is a good thing for me because I truly want the minions while for the kiasu people is definitely a turn-off. LOL

      • december???? crazy. by the way i like your blog. first time to it. :) stumbled onto it today.

        yes i have not watched the cartoon. was it good? i watched the preview and laughed madly.

      • Well did you watch the first one? If you like the first one, there will be a chance you like the second one. It’s basically the same but they exploited the minions even more. I guess they don’t have a minion bill or act to stop the minions exploitation. LOL

      • hahaha no i have not watched. I tend not to watch cartoons so much till i catch it after and i absolutely love it. I loved ‘up’.

        shall catch this then!

  6. goshhh…. saw a whole bunch of adults eating happy meal each thursday since the minion giveaway started … but funny thing is.. i don’t see them happy about it while they chew on their fries and munch on their corn and cheeseburger or maggot’snugget…cuma buat dapetin plastic toy yg in the end bakalan gathering dust gethuuuuuu..amit2

  7. buset parah banget 0_o. berarti bikin trend di singapore menguntungkan banget dong ya :)), disentil dikit aja langsung pada heboh. Yang 20 biji itu loh, ya ampun =))

  8. wtf itu beli minions nya niat amat sampe pake troli.
    waktu itu gua pengen juga beli happy meal tapi setelah liat kualitas mainan nya (cat nya ada yg berantakan) jadi ga pengen lagi. yg di singapur begitu jg ngga May?

    • Oi jel semua minions produsennya satu kok. Made in china semuanya. Kualitas oke buat yg hasilnya matte. Yang lu liat cat berantakan mgkn yang Stuart kali, yang bisa nyala. Emang itu bahannya beda sndr krn maw dibikin rada transparant krn dia kan bisa nyala. Yang lain oke kok. :)

  9. Wuahahaha aku brrti termasuk kiasu nih, hahaha beli happy meal demi minions itu :D nontonnya trailer doank :D hihihi
    begitu pasang poto ama minion, adekku yg jelas2 gak suka animasi langsung jatuh cinta dunk, pgn koleksi minionnya doank :) Kiasu banget brrti yah … wuahahahahaha

  10. sebagai orang yang pernah tinggal disana dulu, rollz ngerti koq rasanya… nyebelin banget emang.. dulu aja di saat anak2 perantauan seperti kita bener2 save money, mereka bisa2nya ngehambur2in duit. Dan ketika kita punya something, mereka selalu beli barang yang sama kayak kita..

    btw, itu mau beli minions sampe harus beli happy meal setroli ya… ckckck…

  11. Buset deh itu antrian kiasu society panjang amat yak May? Gw akuin emang si minions ini LUCUnya ampun2an (gw sempet terobsesi pengen pakein anak gw kostum Minion utk Halloween hahaha),tapi bok gw males bgt disuruh antri sampe segitunya.

    Hmmm.. membuat gw jd mikir2, apakah gw suka kiasu ya? Dulu mungkin ya,semasa muda hahaha. Kalo soal baju2, sepatu gitu dulu apa2 pengennya ngikut trend. Padahal yg namanya trend ya, ada yg cucok di badan ada yg enggak.. dulu mah keknya asal trend trus pengen beli, sebodo amat cucok apa enggaknya, haha. Sekarang mana sanggup gitu, gak ada duitnya, haha.

  12. Gilaaaaa, May!!! gue baru liat ada yg beli happy meal pake troly?!?!?!?! *faintz*
    itu sih udah bukan niat lagi tapi emang kiasuuuu…waakakkakakakakakkaa

    gue binggung knp cuman minion nya mcd yg laku ya? bukannya barang2 minion lain banyak juga di pasaran?

  13. Eh gw pikir di sini udah parah, tapi ngeliat foto-foto lo…di sana kok lebih gawat sih ke-kiasu-an-nya *bahasa apa ini*.

    Gw suka banget sama Despicable Me 1, tapi juga gak gitu-gitu amat loh sama Minion, wong gw emang ga demen mainan. Heran juga kenapa mendadak Minion bisa se heboh itu. Gw sih terkagum-kagum sama marketingnya. Haha

  14. gelllloooooo!!! Ini serius ya sampe begini?? Sampe bawa trolley segala??? Ngaruh apa ya kaya gitu? Soalnya disini tiap McD cuma punya 1 jenis minion. Jadi, kalo lo beli 1 atau beli 30 ya dapetnya juga sama aja. Atau… ini kah yang pada jualan di ebay??

    • Iyeeeee ini tuh buat dijualin lg di ebay! Kampreto banget kan! Skrg mcd hebat deh, dia juga ikutan jualan online, so orang2 yang ngejualin di ebay jadi ga laku krn mcd jual murah $4.50 plus voucher happy meal. In your faceeeee kiasu people!!!

  15. Di sini juga cepet sold out sih. tapi kayaknya nggak seheboh gitu ampe beli segtu banyaknya. Gue cuma beli 1 aja buat Madeline, itu juga sama dia cuma dimainin bentar.

  16. wow, segitunya ya May. Apa yang ada di pikiran orang orang begitu ya? Apa mereka begitu karena temenan sama orang yang seperti itu juga, atau orang seperti ini malah gak punya temen samsek?

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