Wednesday on Friday Night

Yes! You got it right!

I’m talking about watching Wednesday singing a love song with Lucas in Friday night!

It’s the dark-soul skinny little girl from The Addams Family, wanting to get married to the love of her life, Lucas Beineke and in instant I fell in love with this Broadway musical. YAIY!

The most famous and bizarre family in musical!

I was so happy when Bandi said he would love to accompany me to watch this. I know he’s not a fan of going to a theatre. So far he’s done that only for me and he always fell asleep even before intermission.

At first I didn’t have the heart to ask him wasting his money again for theatre unless it’s special occasion. So when Phantom of the Opera announced to come to Singapore, I tagged along with friends to watch it. But nobody seemed to want to watch The Addams family because it comes from comic and it’s not an award winning musical like Phantom of the Opera obviously.

I have never watched broadway musical before. I watched Laskar Pelangi musical and it was AWESOME! Then I watched some musical like into the woods played by local people. It was quite good but never once watched a broadway quality musical.

AND THEN there was 40% discount promotion and Bandi told me, “Do you want to watch The Addams Family?”


So last Friday when the day finally came I was super excited!!! I met Bandi at Marina Bay Sands around 7:30 (the show was on 8pm). I was a little confused because everyone was bringing Phantom of the Opera posters, buying Phantom of the Opera merchandise etc. I knew that Marina Bay Sands Theatre also held Phantom of the Opera which was opening last week but isn’t it weird that nobody seemed to be exciting for Addams Family.

After I came back from the toilet Bandi asked to see the tickets and BAM! I did a very stupid mistake.

It was written Grand Festive Theatre, Resort World Sentosa.

(I know, I know, I was so stupid I deserved to be slapped.)

Bandi was furious I could see from his face. He asked me, “How did you not know it’s in Sentosa?”

“Well, I only read the Grand Theatre so I figured it was in Marina Bay Grand Theatre…” (Why are they so freakin NOT CREATIVE naming all the theatre with same names!)

I showed Bandi my cutest minion face but (obviously) it didn’t work.

Bandi stormed out from the Theatre (yeah the amazing thing is, we managed to get into the theatre!!! Weird huh?) and found taxi. By the time we rode the taxi it was 8 pm straight. It’s almost impossible to make it.

The taxi driver promised me to reach Sentosa in 12 minutes and holy cow he kept that promise!

Bandi and I both ran like mad cow to the Theatre and yeah, we missed it. (OF COURSE, DUH!)

We missed the first act. We were let to go in when the second act started. After that it was pretty much awesomeness. =)

I have never seen Bandi enjoyed musical before (unless Laskar Pelangi because he’s a hardcore nationalist) but we did have a great time watching The Addams Family. The lyrics are rhyming and beautiful, the songs are catchy, the characters are funny and the sense of humor is so dark and witty. And the choreography oh my!!!! SUPER AWESOMENESS.

This post might be a little exaggerating because this is my first broadway musical, and I must tell you, I AM HOOKED!!! I want more!!!

Here are some of the images taken from internet:

Pugsley loves to be tortured! I know, bizarre right? XD

The whole family was playing “Full Disclosure” game.

Morticia (Wednesday’s mom) did the final dance with all the Ancestors.

I love how this simple story could be so meaningful and no matter how weird Morticia and Gomez are, they love each other. And that love conquers all.

There is also one scene between Morticia and Mal talking about marriage and I found it to be true. Morticia said that in marriage, there should be no secrets ever. You have to share every thing with your spouse. ( I agree)

There is one more memorable scene between Wednesday and Lucas when Lucas refused to run away with Wednesday. Lucas is the kind of guy who thinks logically and Wednesday is so impulsive. She said “your problem is that you’re not crazy enough” and Lucas replied, “I can be impulsive… I just need time to think about it first.”

I laughed on that moment understanding that Lucas is so like Bandi. He tries to be more impulsive and it’s fun to see that but in the end, Wednesday would listen to what Lucas says. That you need balance in a relationship. You can’t be too crazy and you can’t be too dull.

I love how I bring the craziness into the relationship and how Bandi calms me down. I love us. =)



“Right and wrong, who’s to say which we should refuse. All we know, love survives either way we choose. Here you are at the edge, go ahead and fall. Don’t resist, I insist. Love still conquers all.”



15 thoughts on “Wednesday on Friday Night

  1. Every who loves theatre, I love (see, I’m a theatre fanatic myself. Though I have to admit musicals are not at the top of my list ). And it’s great the Addams family turned out to be a real treat :).

    However I’m worried about this: “in marriage, there should be no secrets ever”. I agree it is a strong vote of confidence to say that. Of course partners should be honest and trustworthy. A marriage can’t be build on lies.

    But perhaps it deserves a second thought. Perhaps truth-radicalism is counter productive. Perhaps a single little secret wouldn’t do any harm. Depending on what it is, what context and circumstances, telling literally absolutely all of one’s acts and thoughts to the partner, may unnecessarily harm a happy marriage. I think even in case of secrets, intelligence, including emotional intelligence, that is ratio (is it sensible to reveal the secret? ) and empathy ( does this specific secret unnecessarily potentially harm the partner? ) should prevail.

    (Btw: For some incomprehensible reason your short comment on my blog, as well as my reaction, mysteriously have disappeared :(.)

    • Hmm i see your points there, Jerry. In the show itself Gomez turned out to keep secret from Morticia about their daughter’s intention to get married. Morticia was heart broken but in the end forgave her husband.
      I know it is very radical to say “never keep secrets ever” but I think in the end it’s the individual preference for either keeping or telling secrets. Both are not wrong as long as it is executed right.
      For me, I’m bad at keeping secrets from people I love. Not only Bandi, but also close friends. So “keeping secrets” which I did for protecting them turned out to be backfiring and hurt them even more.
      And I prefer the truth that hurts than not knowing at all.
      But I guess small little secret is fine as long as it doesn’t concern my life. However “not telling” is different from “lying”. :)
      P.s maybe my comment goes to spam folder?

      • What I had in mind was that there are relevant and irrelevant secrets and that I think one should be careful with revealing secrets which could unnecessarily harm the partner or relationship. I guess we don’t always have the right to hurt others. It’s different of course when opening up to the partner probably could only harm oneself.

  2. selalu iri ama orang2 yang pergi2 nonton broadway show… gua pengen banget nonton, dan disini sebenernya banyak, tapi gak bisa pergi… abis gak ada yang dititipin anak2. huahahaha.

  3. samaaaaa aku juga sirik. Ih aku pengeeeen banget nonton opera, pasti keren banget. Kmrn aku liat di witter temen sma yg nonton Phantom itu,bawa pulang topeng setengahnya itu loh. Huhuhu yang ini juga keren ya Me, ih semoga kapan kapan punya kesempatan nonton deh.Laskar Pelangi juga dulu kelewat *lupa kenapa*

  4. si matt dari kapan pengen nonton theatre hehe, aku yah takut bosen May kayak bandi kayaknya aku ini hihihihi. kalo dia tau ada di sing, pasti di usahain nonton tuh, secara di medan sepi hiburan dan hidupnya tertekan ketakutan hahaha

  5. Ihh kok bisa sampe salah tempat gitu may?? pantesan bandi ngamuk hahaha. Tp si bandi si masih sabar loh, msh bs nikmatin show nya walo pake acara salah tempat.kalo gw mah bs keterusan bt sampe pulang haha. trus untung jg singapore kecil ya,.coba lo salah tempat di jkt, alamat ga bs ntn sm skali tuh hehehe.

    • Deaaaa masih tanya kenapa salah tempat? Yah krn gue dodol lahh X(
      Huaaaaaaaa (insert sticker line nangis2)
      Iya untungnya deket dr MBS ke sentosa. Coba kalo ke changi wahh bye bye deh

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