Five things to bitch about… instagram

Hey-hoooo!!! After months of my error unfix-able instagram, I finally created a new account of instagram and enjoyed stalking people’s photos. Somehow you feel like knowing them just by stalking their instagram. Instagram is like a modern version of photo album. Do you agree? =)

This makes me remember why I joined instagram at the first place. It is fun to browse people’s online photo album. Do you remember when we were kids and we went to our relative’s house and they showed us their photo albums? it’s like a very nice personal gesture. That was the traditional instagram.

I love instagram, but yeah, since it’s me… I also find things to bitch about. Again, my bitching post is not suitable for people who are over-sensitive. I don’t want anyone to NOT AGREE with me. If you don’t like it, suck it up! Haha!


1. Don’t post something like this…

Photo 11-7-13 3 18 46 PM

when you were actually marrying a rich man.

That doesn’t make sense! You’re NOT A RICH WIFE! You’re freaking rich because you married a rich man! Oh and just because you posted this photo, we would think you weren’t into his money. YEAH RIGHT. Because you quit your job and went shopping around with your his credit card after married show your affection as A RICH WIFE. Bravo. Bravo.

And… Don’t post something like this…

Photo 25-6-13 6 02 29 PM

When you are obviously in an unhealthy relationship, when everyone knows your boyfriend is cheating or the ones that annoyed me the most, people who got married after 3 months relationship. If you agree with Oprah, YOU’LL TAKE SLOWER PACE. Or you just simply don’t read.

It is your freedom to post anything you want, as much as you can say anything you want, but don’t be the opposite of what YOU ARE DOING lah, it looks damn stupid you know!

2. The spammers in the comment.

Such as… “Sis, dilihat barangnya di IG kita @whyshouldicare”. Yeah I understand you try to sell, but it’s annoying. And I didn’t marry your brother. (LOL I know this joke is so old.)

When I stalk some celebrity’s instagram, the spammer is HORRIBLE. They talk shits and argue in the comments when the celebrity himself doesn’t even read it. Geez.

3. Syahrini’s hashtags on her instagram

Photo 11-7-13 3 21 05 PM Photo 11-7-13 3 20 43 PM

This is partly my fault because of my keponess I browse Syahrini’s instagram, but yeah, I admit it, IT WAS AN ENTERTAINMENT! Hahahahahahaha!

Uncle Robert also agrees!

I also sometimes feel sad to those who put like 50 hashtags on her photos. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s too much, it’s like a girl wearing too much make up and scream “Look at me! Look at me! Please look at me!”

4. A selfie video.

Why? Because it’s awkward!!! Seeing a selfie photo these days (I admit I did that too back then but now?) is already awkward. A video? Really?

It’s like you trying to shoot some selfie…. in front of hundreds of people. AWKWARD. JUST AWKWARD! Please don’t do that agaaaainnn!!!! (Unless you’re Cristiano Ronaldo)

5. #like4like

SERIOUSLY? Who started this???? You must be tied with sharks and cobras while riding the fastest missile and thrown to the most dangerous volcano (like El Macho!) Haha! (Spoiler alert! oops, too late.)

It is common to follow back people who follows you, just to see what they’re up to, and you are free to unfollow them anytime you want. But liking people’s photo just because they like your photo? Isn’t it stupid? It’s like you’re a person who cannot decide what you like or what you want.

But seriously, who started it? Isn’t it the stupidest idea ever? LIKE FOR LIKE? So everytime I like your photo, you will like my photo back? Geez… shits people do to be famous.

But yeah yeah yeah, it’s your instagram you can do and post anything you want. If I don’t like it, I should not follow you. YES THAT’S TRUE.

This is only me, bitching.


Hmm, so what’s next for bitching, ya? *gosok gosok dagu*


May, back to stalking.

25 thoughts on “Five things to bitch about… instagram

  1. jadi acc instagram loe itu tetep yang gw follow apa ada baru lagi? haha gw agak lemot nih! hahaha :) gw ga follow syahrini tapi tetep suka kepo-kepoin!!! hashtags doi sih juara abissss ya bok!!!! seng ada lawaaannn … salut gw ma dia! niat banget buat eksis! ;) saingin dia donk may! apa kita bikin lomba hashtags gawl geto! HAHAHA ;D

    • Oiyaaaa!!! Lucuuuu bikin lomba hastags yuuuu!!!! (Ini serius)
      Instagram gue yg bener namanya @jaunemai
      Kayaknya yg lama udah gue delete deh
      Udah lama itu kejadian rusaknya

  2. hashtag yang menurut gw paling eyuh adalah saat ke bali, lalu post foto di instagram dengan:

    #asiangirls #girls #bikini

    pardon my “ngeres” mind, tapi ituuu kesannyaaa kan….

    ahh sudah lah..

  3. errr… aku aja udah termasuk maniak hashtag insta.. tp begitu liat punya syahrini,,,,
    aku ngerasa aku masih bisa dibilang normal wuahahahaha!!!! /plak

  4. 2. yeah, gua juga benci banget ama yg begini… dan gua juga males banget dipanggil sis… hahahaha…

    3. emang instagramnya entertaining banget ya hahaha… tp gua salut sih ama syahrini, uda dicaci maki sana sini, dia tetep tampil heboh… tetep nunjukin itulah dia, terserah kalian mau ngomong apa hahahaha…

    5. ini sama kayak…..folbek ea kakak… huahahaha…

    • Ember syahrini lumayan mental baja loh! Tapi kadang gue bingung dia tahan mental apa ga taw kalo dia dicaci maki, since dia tersangat lemot. Hahaha

      Oiyahh bener!!! #like4like is the new folbek hahahahha XD

  5. huahahaha jadi kita gak boleh bitching about your bitching ya? :P

    si syahrini emang sengaja kayak teriak ‘look at me’ dan dia berhasil kan.. semua orang jadi follow dia… termasuk esther juga tuh. huahahaha.
    dan juga termasuk para hater yang suka menghina2 dan menghujat dia… tapi tetep aja follow. :P

    tapi masalah spammer sih emang paling menyebalkan tuh…. semakin di spam ama orang2 jualan kayak gitu, gua semakin gak mau ngeliat jualan dia apalagi beli lho….

    • Ga boleh man, itu ntar jadi inception. Hahahhaa :p
      Bener gue jadi males deh liat jualannya kalo begitu. Kayak nyoret2 album orang lain buat kepentingan pribadi, kayak nulis di bilik wc: “butuh teman mesra? Call ke xxxx” hahahha

  6. instagram apa sih kakaaaak…
    *guyur aja orangnya..

    wah gue masih kategori baik2 aja insta dan hastagnya*sombong.. kadang gak gue hastagin karena pada dasarnya gue cuma numpang ngedit.. *pemalesbukapotosop

  7. you forgot 1 thing……: ABG bule yg demen ninggalin komen di akun IG beken: “Give me shoutout pls?” ->> pas di-cek, fotonyaaaaa gak ada yg apik. pose narsis standar -_________-

  8. Hahahahaaha….baru baca postingan yang ini… kalo soal serfie uhm…biasa aku juga suka tuh tapi biasanya cuma mau pamer rambut baru… maap aku narsis… :D
    tapi soal hastag ya….aku pernah gara2 mau nyindir para hastag-ers… aku nulis lah #gaktaumaunulisapa #pusingah #capcay #blaarghh hahahahaa… tapi ternyata ga ada yang merasa tuh…jadi ya udin… :D

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