Happy-go-lucky bridesmaids and a guessing game

I’m gonna talk about marriage and wedding and I swear to god as much as I don’t wanna talk too much about this because people will unfollow me (LOL), I don’t have any other interesting to blog. But I had to because of the “post a week” pact I made. Anyway… I have been busy booking BnB and preparing documents for visa application next month for the Euro Trip. It’s getting closer and I’m getting more excited and I’m getting broker! :D

The haze has faded and now PSI level comes back to normal but we don’t wanna get our hopes too high though because the haze now is being shifted to KL and probably would come back here again if the wind blows back south.

But let’s talk about the interesting thing. The REAL aftermath of my engagement. (not the oh-I’m-over-the-moon-fairy-tale-happy-one.)

I’ve only been engaged for 3 weeks and already it’s everyone’s wedding. I don’t complain. Because I really love how my friends are so excited about Bandi and I getting married, how they self-appointed themselves to be bridesmaids (yeah I have shameless friends) and they even already started choosing dresses (I don’t even choose my wedding gown yet!) But seriously, I love my friends who all suddenly became wedding expert (google involved) and troubled themselves for me.

Afterall, I do my wedding for them. For the people who actually care about me and Bandi. =)

If you asked, my dream wedding would be this.

Only Bandi, me and the sea.

Oh how I wish I could be that selfish. How I wish I could be careless about everyone. I would just go to Santorini and be Bandi’s wife.

But yeah, you guessed it right. As a Chinese, being the first grandson from his grandpa makes Bandi’s wedding very important for his family. And again, you guessed it right. I will be just a smiling doll on my wedding with people I don’t care about (and I don’t even know).

Again, I must not complain. Because I did complain to my mom (OMG I love my mom so much, she’s so cool about everything!!!) and my mom gave me pointer of how Chinese people loves wedding. It’s like their ego-booster if they succeeded to marry their child/grandchil/niece/nephew/[insert anything].

My mom on the other hand is so cool about everything. She said she’s okay with everything I plan and she talked mostly about how my wedding gown would be. Awww, mom, why so cute?

When Bandi’s Mom came 4 days after the proposal (bet she doesn’t want to delay even one day to discuss the wedding) Bandi and I told her that she could have anything she wanted for the wedding, we won’t protest.

Bandi said, “I only have one condition. I don’t want any Shark Fin’s Soup on my wedding. If I found out there would be Shark Fin’s Soup, I’d pack my bags back to Singapore. I swear to god.”


And I swear I didn’t even bring up the Shark Fin issue at the first place. It was all his idea! I mean, yeah I didn’t want Shark Fin OBVIOUSLY but I didn’t know he would dare to talk like that to his alpha-female mom! Hahaha.

His aunt objected at first, saying that Shark Fin represent wealth for the Chinese and Bandi only replied, “then you can have your wedding. I won’t be there.”


Cony Aww

I always think I have the best possible. A guy who loves me unconditionally. But now, it’s even better! A guy who defends animal and loves me unconditionally!!! WHAT A PERFECT MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! LOL LOL

Anyway Bandi knew that I hate chinese tradition and that I compromised so much to do this so yeah, I get to have my own wedding. MY WEDDING. hahahaha. Not the Santorini wedding of course, because I want my friends to come and party with us.

I won’t post details about my wedding like vendor and stuffs because not only there are a lot of wedding blogs out there you can trust more than me haha (and trust me you won’t find my wedding applicable LOL) but because my maid of honor and the three bridesmaids do most of the work. Hahaha.

Sometimes it’s sad to be away from all my friends. Maybe you all will think I’m weird for loving my friends more than my family. Well, there are different kinds of love. I love my family too, duh!

But friends are the ones you picked. You chose to be with them and made effort to always keep in touch. Let me talk about my three bridesmaids. One of them is my cousin, Renny. We’ve been bestfriends since I was one day old. And the other two are Fenty and Tannia whom I’ve been friends with since I was ten.

We’ve been friends since Fenty was still super fat, Tannia’s hair was still like lion and Renny was still crying about everything. LOL.

Ok now I have an idea for a GAME and I promise this involves a gift!! Yaiy!

I will tell short story about the three of them and you must guess who is whom from the photo. This is a guessing game of how you should never judge the book by its cover. For those who guess it right will get a gift from me. haha. Now this post sounds not so boring anymore, eh?


She’s a pre-school teacher, loves kids so much. Awkward in front of men, especially the one she has a crush on. Currently single and (seriously) looking. She’s witty, clumsy but would love to do anything to help me. She’s the most creative one among the four of us, thus she’s in charge of decoration (of course will get scolded by Ulen- my maid of honor because Ulen has OCD) and yeah, Renny is messy. She holds the record of losing her wallet, she mastered the art of blocking credit cards and reporting lost items to police. LOL. She’s independent, strong and a gym freak.


She’s a flight attendant and the smartest one among the four of us, used to be working for one of the big four of public accountant firm for her brain. Her love of traveling (and of course her good looks) brought her to be a flight attendant. She’s an excellent scuba diver and like all other divers, her favorite spot is Raja Ampat. She was one of the diver when Indonesia team made the world record on Indonesia’s independent day in Wakatobi. She’s very close to her mom she tells her everything. She’s the queen of karaoke and everytime we went for karaoke she was the last man standing. Currently single but not looking.


The one who called couple of places in Bandung to ask for quotations when she knew I was engaged. Thanks to her, I got my dream venue and is in the process of booking it. She is the shy one, the girl next door that you would love to have as a friend. Currently busy with work, boyfriend and adjusting her independent life. After 26 years, she finally lives alone by herself and she loveees every second of it. She has the prettiest hand writing among four of us and even though she had a very good grade at school, she’s the slowest one to catch our fast and rapid conversation. So, she must scroll and scroll and scroll up on our whatsapp group chat. She’s one of the strongest woman I know. =)

Here’s a pic of me and my three bridesmaids.

We've been friends since we were ten. =)

A, B, The Bride to be, C.

Here’s how to WIN the Game:

You just need to guess it who is whom in the comment. Example: “A is xxx, B is xxx, C is xxx” and don’t forget to mention why you guess it like that. Mentioning your reason may increase your winning possibility because if there are so many people guessed right, I would choose the one with the most logical (or not) reason.

The possibility to win is also increased if you tell your friend about it by Retweeting this post or promoting it on your blog. =)

Anyway tonight there will be a confederation cup match of Italy VS Spain. You all MUST PRAY that Italy will win, because if Italy wins the match, there will be TWO WINNERS. hahaha! I’m serious.

UPDATE: Italy lost through penalty shootout. So, there will only one winner. T.T (You guys didn’t pray enough)

What you’re gonna win:

If you’re a man, you’re gonna win this!

A Sephora do-it-all Gel! Useful from head to toe!

A Sephora do-it-all Gel! Useful from head to toe!

If you’re a lady, you’re gonna win this!

OPI Mini Nail Lacquer Set

OPI Mini Nail Lacquer Set. Choose any mini OPI set you want. =)

For the OPI Set, I would ask again what kind of color you like, whether it is neon, pastels or different shades of red so I could buy exactly what you like. (I try my best to find it, don’t choose the one from three years ago lah.)

Terms and Conditions: The game will only be valid for a winner if there are at least 15 contestants. (So, please do tell your friends.)


Who could join the Game?

EVERYONE!! Well, as long as you are residing on earth. :p (Unless of course people who know them, so please please don’t spoil it!)

When the game ends?

The game ends on 30th June. If until the end of June there are still not enough contestants (15 guessers) then it is considered void. But if there is enough guessers, I will announce the winner on Tuesday 2nd July.

Any other Question?

Just drop me an email or ask me via twitter! =)

Good luck!

So, that’s a wrap for my happy-go-lucky posting. I hope you all enjoy my first game-giveaway. Haha.

Yeah, it turns out I didn’t talk much about the wedding, did I? But don’t worry, I will bitch about the wedding planning sometime. LOL.


May, looking for the lucky winner.

35 thoughts on “Happy-go-lucky bridesmaids and a guessing game

  1. Gw mau jadi yang pertama nebak!! A is Fenty, B is Renny, C is Tannia. Soalnya… ehm… gw kenal sih sama mereka, hahahahaha^^ Kaga deng.
    Fenty – Actually she’s the one left, jadi gw taro dia di satu2nya space yang tersisa.
    Renny – Mukanya paling cocok buat jadi preschool teacher. Menurut gw…
    Tannia – Soalnya temen gw yang jadi pramugari juga potong pendek gitu. Biar ga usah cepol cuy…

  2. Walo gw biasanya paling ga bisa nebak2 orang kaya gitu, nih gw coba tebak, siapa tau kali ini feeling gw bagus hahaha :
    A. Renny – keliatannya paling clumsy di antara b3 gitu. trus keliatannya sporty2, jd gw assume dia yg gym freak. walo sebenernya ga ada potongan pre school teacher hehe.
    B. Fenty – soalnya dari bertiga, mukanya yg paling keliatan pemalu ya dia. bener2 kaya girl next door
    C. Tannia – soalnya mukanya cocok jadi pramugari sama dan keliatan pinter hehe. masih model2 auditor deh.

    sbenernya si gw ga yakin sama tebakan gw hahahaha.

  3. aku tebakkkk :)

    kiri ke kanan yaaa dari foto :)

    paling kiri : si mba pramugari alias Tannia, karena dia cantik hahaha
    kiri kedua : renni, badannya kurus, mungkin karena dia rajin olahraga ya :)
    ketiga kiri : may……gak usah di kasih alasan hahaha
    dan yang terakhir fenty. Mungkin karena dia paling sesuai dengan semua yg kamu deskripsikan :)

  4. A Santorini-wedding is pretty close to perfect in my book also indeed :). It reminds of our own one, way back in the roaring sixties. Almost as simple and intimate. Though not on the beach ( it was a castle) and a crowd of twelve guests.

    As much as I would like and as tempting as it is, it’s impossible to take part in the game; the information is misleading. Two of the bridesmaids-to-be are being described as shy, but all three ( I mean four including you) ladies just look just gorgeous and awesome and quite the opposite of shy. I got lost by beauty and dizzy from possibilities by mere looking at the picture… :)

    By the way this is really worrying: “I don’t have any other interesting to blog”. What about Eloise? Missing in action? Eloped with a lover? Engaged in shady Paris affairs? What’s happening with her for Christ’s sake????? Shouldn’t we launch an amber alert?

    • OHMYGOD!!! You had a Santorini wedding!!! That is sooooooo awesome!!! Oh I wanna see pictures! Please please bring pictures when I meet you at Amsterdam later. Didn’t know you’re a romantic, Sir! :)
      Err, about Eloise. Don’t worry, I’m still writing once in a while but still not sure about the ending so I didn’t want to publish the chapters first because it would be confusing if I change it again later.
      Thank you for reminding me about Eloise, and yes, She’s still alive, and not engaged, not even close. hahaha

  5. Asik asik….ikutan ah tebak tebak buah manggis….

    A is Renny
    Karena pas baca kepribadiannya, gw merasa agak mirip gw, dan tampang-tampang yang cocok dengan kepribadian kayak gw itu adalah tampang si A. *loh*
    Eh tapi bener… menurut gw sosok yang berpotensi keliatan messy adalah si A. Lalu…karena ada soal gym freak, liat dari body nya harusnya agak sekel, menurut gw antara A dan C. Tapi si C ini potongan rambutnya ala ala flight attendant, jadinya gw pilih A deh.

    B is Fenty
    Mukanya rapi, bajunya rapi, gak heran kalo handwriting nya juga rapi. Dan sorot matanya, paling cocok kalo di deskripsikan sebagai girl next door yang rajin belajar, rada lola…. lemah lembut di luar, tapi kuat di dalam. Lalu…body nya bukan tipe gym freak deh kayanya. Kurang sekel. haha.

    C is Tannia
    Ini tebakan gw yang pertama. Pertama karena potongan rambutnya. Kedua karena make up nya. Make up nya nggak menor sih, tapi terlihat seperti biasa dandan, keliatan dari alisnya yang rapih. Most people nggak terlalu perhatian sama alis soalnya. Biasanya yang perhatian sama alis itu kerjanya di bidang perhotelan, sekretaris, atau ya flight attendant *sotoy*. Terus dari potongan body nya yang keliatannya lumayan seksi atletis, either dia si A yang gym freak atau si C yang hobi diving.

    Sekian analisa superlogis dari saya. Doakan saya menaaaaang!!!!!! *pentingbanget*
    *btw lo tau sekel gak ya?* lalalala

    • Omaigattt apa pula itu statement “mukanya rapih” emang ada yang mukanya berantakan? Matanya dibawah idung trus mulutnya muter? Bwahahaha
      Tau lahhh masa gue kaga ngerti sekel! Grrr penghinaan!

  6. Errr…gak jago sih nebak-nebak orang gini, apalagi ada peribahasa don’t judge book form its cover *alaaahh*, tapi marilah kita coba saja sapa tau bener :D
    A : Tannia
    B : Fenty
    C: Renny

  7. Ikutan nebak yaaaa…
    A Tannia, kalo demen diving biasanya kulitnya ga pucat hehee…
    B Fenty, keliatannya anak baik-baik hahhaa…
    C Renny, penampilannya cocok sebagai preschool teacher

    bagus banget ya santorini itu..

  8. Mw nyobain nebak ah :)
    A : Tania ,soalnya kulitnya sudah mulai mangkak kebanyakan diving :) hihihi piss. Udah gitu kebanyakan FA kalo pas free gitu mereka gak suka banyak dandan :)
    B : Fenty, keliatan dari raut wajahnya orangnya agak lola gitu :) hihihi, maaph! Dan kebanyakan orang kaya’ Fenty ini orangnya lemah lembut, kalo ngomong pelan dan diatur gitu.
    C : Renny, she looks so messy as you described :) tapi cekatan dan cerdas :D
    Tapi ciyus yah, mereka itu imyut2 banget siiih! Jadi kepikiran mw bikin kuis serupa :P , idenya kereeen!

  9. Hhhmmm… tebak2 buah manggis :)

    A : Renny karena terlihat strong dan bodynya kaya’nya suka ngegym

    B : Tannia karena penampilannya udah ciri2 anak FA banget :) *sotoy :p

    C : Fenty karena emang terkesan cewek mandirinya :)

  10. aaaaak me juga baca santorini wedding itu dan terngeces ngeces.
    Nyokap dulu bilang, ya sudah menikah memang sekali dan mungkin ga sesuai keinginan kamu ( private garden wedding ), Siapa tau nanti ada rejekinya, anniversary ke 10 rayain aja lagi hahahaha.. anjrit mamakkk.. ya amin deh mudah2an bisa ya di rayain lagi sesuai keinginan :p maunya sih 5th year juga uda di rayain hahahaha *dikeplak tonce

    Bandi ngertiin u banget ya may. Dan jawaban bandi ke tantenya macho man banget ahahaha.. and yes you are A PERFECT MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! :D

    Mau ikutan nebaaak :
    tadinya nebaknya C tannia dan B Fenty, tapi kok rasanya deskripsi Renny cocok sama B, trus jadi ragu A apakah tannia wkwkwkwkwk aaah saya ga pintar nebak-nebak karakter orang. Mesti ngobrol dulu, baru bisa kira-kira apa ya karakternya * ga ahli :p

    A Tannia
    B Renny
    C Fenty

  11. Iikkuutt!!
    A.Renny-krn kyknya fun loving, mischiveous yg bakal sejiwa sama anak muridnya.
    B.Fenty – kelihatannya shy
    C.Tannia – feeling ajah…

  12. Gw mau ikutan nebak tp yg punya pola sama udah ada huhuhu tapi biarin deh kiri ke kanan : Tania, Renny, May, Fenty :)
    Btw gw juga liat yg weddingnya chizu itu walaupun itu cuma buat promosi… tapi gimana klo abis kawinan di Indo lanjut ke santorini buat honeymoon dan sok Elope2an ceritanya hehehe… Kayanya seru sih ;)

    • Iya si cheesie itu asik bangeg wedding nya meskipun promo ttp aja bagussss yaaaa! Trus rambutnya pas di santorini yang do lakinya dong hahahaha. Penasaran gue sama mukanya hubbynya !! :D
      Pasti jepang banget :)

  13. Oooh,playing Sherlock, me likey! :D
    Gonna try my luck at them beautiful OPI polishes.

    A: Renny – you mentioned she’s your cousin. Amongst three ladies her face resembles yours the most. Also, she seems to tan pretty well, the same as you (and I mean it as a compliment! I would kill for a gorgeous tan like that, girl). And she appears to have some type of fit build to her – the sign of someone who works out regularly. Her body language and demeanor, at least to me, say “strong and independent”.

    B: Fenty – She has a shy, reserved smile amongst all four of you. She wears a floral printed top – a safe choice for people with reserved personality, preferring not to “stand out in the crowd”.

    C: Tannia – You mentioned she used to have lion hair. Her hair looks very sleek and well kept, the sign of someone who takes extra time and care to make sure her hair looks just the way she wants it to be. (And a natural demand of her flight attendant profession,of course). Outgoing smile, sassy demeanor – all the markings of someone who works regularly with people and/or customer service. Good looks. Single and not looking – as made clear by her choice of top (LOVE IT) , to me it says “man repeller”. In a good way. Just in that “I know I’m hot and you can’t have me.” :D

  14. A: Tannia
    B: Fenty
    C: Renny
    Alesannya… kalo A: Tannia soalnya kalo flight attendant gitu kan biasanya tipe yang pede gitu orangnya, dan entah kenapa aku dapet aura itu dari fotonya heheh
    kalo B:Fenty soalnya… err… keliatannya dia yang paling ‘slow’ diantara semuanya? habis mirip sama si Ami *temenku* yang rada lelet dan suka ketinggalan pembicaraan gitu sih ce hwahahaha
    kalo C:Renny soalnya sisanya *plak* eh bukan, sebagai sesama guru sekolah minggu *ahem, gaya aja, belom tau kalo ntar ternyata salah* sepertinya dia yang paling mirip guru sekolah minggu wahahahaha~ dan keliatannya kaya tipe yang clumsy gitu deh XD

    /ini kalo tiga bridesmaidsnya baca ntar aku bakal diapain yah/

  15. ikutan ah…

    A : Tania… keliatannya paling tinggi, flight attendant kan biasanya tinggi2 hehehehe…
    B : Renny… mukanya keliatan sabar, pre school teacher kan kudu sabar2 hehehe…
    C : Fenty… alasannya….feeling aja sih hahahaha…

    gua uda mengubur jauh2 wedding model kayak gitu, bahkan jauh sebelum gua punya pacar… secara gua anak tunggal, ya ga mungkin juga emak bapak gua ngasih anaknya married di pinggir pantai hehehehe…

  16. A: Fenty karena B ama C udah ditebak duluan. :D
    B: Tania karena tampangnya cocok jadi teacher
    C: Renny karena tampangnya cocok jadi flight attendant

  17. ci, ikutan nebak ya, kali aja lagi hoki..:D

    A : Tania..Soalnya dia yang paling tinggi dan suka scuba diving yg artinya bersahabat sama sinar matahari, kulitnya yang lebih coklat dibanding yg lainya..peace ya ci..:D
    B : Renny..Kelihatan orangnya periang, jadi pre school teacher kan mesti riang gembira selalu, biar muridnya juga happy..:D
    C: Fenty…Dari mukanya kalem banget gitu orangnya, paling cocok jadi the girl next door..

  18. Ikutt. Ikutt.. ikuutt

    A. Fenty: Soale keliatan anaknya asik. Pasti semua orang seneng bergaul sama dia. Dan keliatan dia itu mandiri orangnya.

    B: Renny: Wajah kalian mirip2, dagunya sama2 lancip. Dan keliatan dia kalem jadi cocok jadi guru :p

    C: Tania, soale keliatan rambutnya yang di lurusin. Kan katanya sebelumnya kayak Lion :D Trus difoto dia agak tanned gitu kulitnya, pasti dia suka ngetrip. :D

  19. Ikutaaan…
    A. Tania: soalnya agak gelap (cocok sama ciri2 scuba diver) dan tinggi (flight attendant)
    B. Fenty: mukanya cocok sama ciri2 kalem, shy, dan nelp2 vendor hueuheuheuhehu
    C. Renny (namanya sama kaya gue uehhueuhehu): bajunya tipe yg dipake sama org2 kreatif :p

  20. loh loh loh… ternyata dari ber4 lo yg kewong duluan yaa.. wahahahhaa

    yak ikutan,
    Renny (B): keliatannya paling kalem aja jd cocok jd preschool teacher. Kayaknya paling sabar ngurusin anak2 TK
    Tania (A): abis kulitnya paling gelap gara2 kebanyakan scuba? dan kayaknya cocok buat jd flight attendant, gayanya asik
    Fenty (C): kliatannya paling lemot *maap* nangkep pembicaraan orang hahahaa

  21. Tadinya males, lama-lama pengen ikutan juga… karena gw punya khayalan bego sendiri…
    So here are my answer:

    Tannia (A): Kalau lihat dari posturnya sepertinya dia lebih sering olahraga dan kulitnya lebih tanned. Hampir sama tingginya sama May (lo kan lebih tinggi dari gw), jadi sesuai kriteria flight attendant.
    Fenty (B): dari wajahnya sepertinya dia orang paling friendly diantara kalian, and dia pasti orang yang selalu ada dan tipe yang mau mati-matian demi bahagiain teman terdekatnya.
    Renny (C): So Renny adalah yang ini, just because postur tubuh yang agak atletis dan putihhh.. so definitely lebih senang nge-gym daripada berenang. Not mentioning print bajunya yang bikin distract yahh hahhaa…

    Welll hopefully benerrrr yaaa ahahhaakkk…jika tidak, maaf kan, asli! ini antara 2 temen lo bener-bener nihh bikin kederr…pasti ada yang kepribadiannya gak sesuai dengan penampilannya yah..kalo iya, demmmm gw salahh tebak dong ;))

  22. Ikutan nebak yak hehehe…
    A is Tannia because she looks like the fittest one of them all (toned arms and all – must be fit to be a diver and a flight attendant, right?)
    B is definitely Renny LOL. She is the only demure one on the photo and pre-school teachers are supposed to be demure, right? LOL.
    C is Fenty – just because :)
    And btw I must say that what your fiancee said to his mom about Shark Fin’s Soup is badass!! You’re one lucky gal :)

    Ditunggu bitchin’nya soal all the wedding prep. I was there, I could vouch how annoying (Chinese) parents are (especially). LOL.

    #Undecided from http://www.pinkandundecided.blogspot.com

  23. Ikutan nebak ya mbakkk, hehehe

    A is Tania, cantik dan tinggi (cocok sbg Flight Attendant), kulitnya gelap dan bodynya yang agak2 atletis kayanya tanda karna suka diving, gayanya asik menandakan kalo dia suka travelling dan the queen of karaoke hehehe

    B is Fenty. Dari berempat itu terlihat dia yang gayanya paling kalem, dan memang kelihatan polos-polos lugu yang biasanya suka agak lama loadingnya hehehe. Dan dari pembawaannya di foto itu terlihat kalo dia yang tulisannya rapi.

    C is Renny. Gayanya di foto terlihat kalo dia itu tipe cewek yang seru, kreatif, dan clumsy. Dan sangat keliatan kalo dia tipe cewe yang gampang akrab sama anak kecil. hehehe

  24. Huaaaaa aku barupulang dari Medan kemarin dan no bw di sanaa huhuhuhu. Ya sudahlah aku relakan *halah macam bakal menang kalo tadinya ikut* giveaway kali ini. Seru banget sih May, bridesmaid mu sahabat-sahabat sendiri. Gak papa deh ngejalanin non-Santorini’s wedding yang penting sama org yg dicintai dan di tengah-tengah orang yg dicintai *meski disesaki orang orang kurang dikenal juga hihihi, kan mereka mendoakan kebahagianmu juga*
    DAn aku ngikik sendiri baca komen tebak tebaknnya. Bikin lagi dong tebakan seru macam begini

    • Huwahaha, maaf nih yah dang, rules adalah rules. Dan rules are made for breakin. (LHO?)
      Eh kaga deh, bisa dirajam massa ntar.
      Aku juga belum ada waktu untuk menganalisa siapa yang menang nih. Hahaha. Seru yaaa, mungkin ntar maw bikin game yang lebih heboh lagi.

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