If I were a food blogger

First of all, I sincerely apologize for those who are on diet. I, myself, wrecked my diet too for doing this thing (and I’m not even sorry!) But if I’m going down, you’re all going down with me. Muwahahahah! *evil laugher*

I never label myself as what kind of blogger. There are food blogger, beauty blogger, fashion blogger, design blogger, DIY blogger, artsy blogger, etc and I think I’m the kind of dramatic blogger. LOL. I love to write dramatic things and philosophical things, epiphany, dream comes true and stuffs like that.

Today, I wanna have fun by being a food blogger for one day. Fortunately yesterday I went to the event called World Street Food Congress 2013, which is a perfect event for me to be a food blogger. Who doesn’t love street food? And from all around the world! Yum! There are 10 participating country which are: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, Mexico, USA and Denmark for the total of 37 street food stalls. Hungry already???

The list of the food in the entrance, who doesn't want to go in?

The list of the food in the entrance, who doesn’t want to go in?

I remember I read the article about World Street Food Congress about three months ago and Pak Bondan (a street food culinary expert from Indonesia) promised that he would bring the best of street food vendor from Indonesia to this event. I WAS BOUGHT instantly. I must go to this event. Period.

The event finally came, unfortunately during my no-fries diet because of my cough. But the hell, I thought, this event only comes once in a blue moon, so f*ck coughing!

I went there with Bandi and my friend, Frida. We were so exciting we kept talking about it all day. The event itself costed $28 per entry, with $8 for admission fee and $20 turns to be a food voucher. (But trust me it’s not enough so Bandi purchased another $20).

First stop, Kue Pancong.

At once I knew that the man who cooked the kue pancong is originally from Indonesia, probably Bandung. I was so freaking happy that the food congress does really bring everyone from their country so the food is totally original!

Original Kue pancong makers!

Original Kue pancong makers!

Kue Pancong is a cake made from coconut and sprinkled with sugar. As simple as it sound, this tastes heavenly good.

Bandi and I, loving the kue pancong.

Bandi and I, loving the kue pancong.

Next stop, Nasi Kapau.

Holy mother of god! No words can describe how happy I was to see this stall. Happier I was when I saw the namecard that this stall was brought from West Sumatra, the original home of Nasi Kapau. OH MY GOD! Could this be any better!!! Bandi was undoubtedly queuing in line at once and he, with his charm, flirted with the Nasi Kapau Lady so he got extra rice and super extra chilly!!! YEEHAAWW! (You know how we, Indonesians like to flirt with food seller to get extra things, right? Haha)

The amazing Nasi Kapau!

The amazing Nasi Kapau!

The Nasi Kapau contains rice, beef rendang (which is very tender oh my) with crispy fried cassava, sayur nangka (cooked jackfruit with curry), and loads of green and red chillies!!! We ate and we ate and OH MY GOD HOLY GOODNESS! This tasted like heaven!!!! My friend Frida actually captured the moment when Bandi and I ate the Nasi Kapau but I’m too embarrassed to post it here because it looked like I hadn’t eaten for a year. Haha. Pardon my extreme love for Nasi Kapau.

Bandi kept mumbling, “Oh my god…” and “holy shit!” while eating, I feel like he’s having sex with the Nasi Kapau and I was the third wheel.

Anyway, Nasi Kapau is basically Nasi Padang, FYI. Because some of my friends didn’t really get what Nasi Kapau mean. (WTF?) They are just slightly different with the way they were cooked but for me it’s the same lahh!

Another Indonesian main dish: Nasi Manado.

Even though this doesn’t taste as good as Nasi Kapau, it’s still one of the best of course. (Come on, we all know it’s all going downhill from Nasi Kapau, ok?!)

Nasi Manado.

Nasi Manado.

Originated from South Sulawesi, Nasi Manado contains rice, spicy cakalang fish, extra pork satay (because again, we flirted with the seller LOL), bakwan jagung (corn fritters), and sauteed eggplant with some leaf I didn’t know (tasted so good!)

And Frida came along with this: Soto Tangkar with Sate!

Savoury Soto! Yum!

Savoury Soto! Yum!

Soto tangkar is well-known in Jakarta as soto betawi, tasted similar too. The different of Soto Tangkar from any other Soto is that it’s cooked with coconut milk and oh my god, tasted so freakingly delicious.

Finished with the Indonesian food, we went hunting internationally.

All the way from Thailand: Hoy Thord

A zing taste of Hoy Thord!

A zing taste of Hoy Thord!

I don’t really know what is exactly Hoy Thord, so forgive me if I explain incorrectly. For what I caught from my taste buds, it was some kind of Oyster Omelette (but not the Singaporean kind of Oyster Omelette) with lots of beansprouts and some big prawns. It also had a strong taste of lemon and the sauce was a little sour.

What’s the verdict? I love it. But this comes from me, a girl who who worships Thai food and will eat anything cooked by Thais. Haha.

All the way from India: Indian Fried Chicken.

Herbs Fried Chicken!

Herbs Fried Chicken!

I didn’t remember what was the exact name of this dish because it wasn’t so special. I didn’t find the Indian street food appealing because in Singapore there are a lot of original Indian restaurants (and I love Indian food) so I didn’t really crave for the Indian food. This was brought by Frida and I took a bite and I didn’t really like it. It tasted like Shilin snacks. LOL

All the way from Mexico: Shrimp Tostada!

I already had my eyes on this dish since the first step inside the food arena but because it had a very long queue, I skipped it for other stalls. When the euphoria turned down, I went straightaway and ordered the Shrimp Tostada. The Mexican lady asked, “which level of hotness do you want?” and I answered cockily, “the highest you can get.”

She laughed and shouted something in Spanish and one of the crew rang some kind of noisy bells so I screamed along with them. LOL.

This is the lady who made my super hot Shrimp Tostada.

This is the lady who made my super hot Shrimp Tostada.

So I brought back the Tostada to my table and took a bite. HOLY SHOOT! I LOVE IT! And yeah, It was freaking hot! I felt like my mouth was about to explode.

A mix made in heaven.

A mix made in heaven.

The tostada was actually cold tacos consist shrimp, sour cream, (god knows how many types of) chillies, nuts, avocado and other herbs my tongue couldn’t catch. All I knew was it danced synchronously in my mouth and it was amazing.

Now I’m definitely craving for more Mexican food!

All the way from Copenhagen, Denmark: Porc Sandwich.

Busy kitchen in Danish Stall!

Busy kitchen in Danish Stall!

This is the one dish I didn’t really get. First of all this is the most expensive dish of all, which is $14 while the other ranged from $8.50 to $12.00, second of all, the combination just didn’t work for me while Bandi loved it.

Porky Pork! 100% sinful!

Porky Pork! 100% sinful!

The sandwich contained a slice of tender pork, slices of fresh apples (yes, you heard it right, apple!), sauteed beet, pickles, and roasted pork skin. The Danish lady told us that this sandwich mean to mix the fatness (like pork skin) and fresh healthy ingredients like apples and beets. For me it just didn’t work, but again worth trying for experience lahh!

All the way from the USA: Smothered Chicken with Mashed Potato.

Shaking butts while cooking!

Shaking butts while cooking!

These two guys were literally cooking while rock-and-rolling. They put a radio on and cooked like there was no tomorrow. Oh I love how Americans act sometimes, like they just didn’t care.

Anyway, this is our last stop in the Food Congress, simply because my stomach would really explode if I didn’t stop eating. Thankfully the last dish turned out to be my personal favorite. I then asked Bandi to find the recipe and cook one for me later. (Bandi is better in cooking American food than me, so yeah, it’s not because I am lazy, ok?! LOL)

Surprisingly good!

Surprisingly good!

The smothered chicken is a comfort food so yeah it’s definitely fattening. It is actually cooked chicken with savory gravy and mixed with mashed potato.

I didn’t try any of the dishes from Malaysia (no points to try it here), Singapore (come on, should I?), Vietnam (I don’t like Vietnamese food), and China (because the stalls weren’t really appealing). I did try a tester from Malaysian Mee Siam (noodle) though and err, it wasn’t that good. :p

Anyway, sorry for the bad quality photo, I forgot to bring my camera and there were no good lighting because it was an outdoor event with a dim lighting. *excuses*cough*excuses*

Happy tummy, happy soul!

Happy tummy, happy soul!

Last night I surely had a very good night sleep with my happy tummy. =) Bandi was really really happy I could tell. I always knew that making him happy is easy, just get him a good food. Oh how I’m so lucky to have a guy that’s easily pleased. LOL.

So, how’s my one and only food blog post? I think I know why I shouldn’t be a food blogger, because it makes me hungry again and it would really really ruin everyone’s diet and also the fact that I could only explain “OH MY GOD” for all the delicious food I ate. But you really should see me eating. Haha.


May, already hungry again.

16 thoughts on “If I were a food blogger

  1. tadi pagi-pagi belom sarapan liat fotonya di Instagram, skr lagi laper sore-sore gini liat postingan lengkapnya. Puas lo nyiksa gue maaaayyy?! *laahh?!* :D

    Tetep suka selera lokal deh, Nasi Kapaunya kayaknya enak banget itu, sambelnya banyak pula nyum nyum, melipir ke warung Padang deh pulang kantor *lemah iman* x)))))

    oh iya, flirt with the seller to get extra thing, hahahaha kebiasaan org Indonesia banget emang yeee :mrgreen:

    • Yang kayak gini gini lahhh yang merusak moral bangsa!!! Langsung ke asumsi tanpa background check terlebih dahulu, dapat mengakibatkan provokasi dan kerusuhan nih… Ckckck.

      Calm down di, gue melakukan ini demi kebaikan lo di, biar lo makin kangen singapore HWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. “Food, glorious food” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly7PONiKGUs.)

    All that tasty food which no doubt is a treat to the tongue and the eyes and yet I feel sad. No worse, angry. It is a crying shame. Denmark as the one representative and only of Europe!!! Where’s Spain? Where Italy and France? And the worst of all, where are my own freaking “patates frites with”, “frikandel”, “kroketten” and “maatjes haring” ?????

    I want to charge the organization with gross negligence :).

  3. Whoa, I missed this post on my reader. It looked like you had an excellent culinary day May! Street food rules. Is this event always organised in June? I got to get there someday.

    • Haha I’m not really sure Lor, you can check it on the website maybe you google world street food congress, all i know is they go around every year so you have a chance to attend it on Denmark, nearer to you, right!

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